tagLoving WivesI Came Home Early & Came Ch. 03

I Came Home Early & Came Ch. 03


I slept for the night on a small couch in my home office. I woke around 9:30 Saturday morning, but when I turned on the cameras, Sharon was nowhere to be seen in the house.

After half an hour with no activity, I knew she was out, so took the opportunity to use the basement bathroom, brushed my teeth and had a quick shower. I surfed for a couple of hours after that to kill time, then heard her come in the front door around 1 o’clock. Mark was with her but no Lisa. She got them each a drink as they chatted in the kitchen.

After ten minutes, Sharon moved the small talk in a different direction. “I have to say Mark,” said Sharon, “Lisa has said some very complimentary to me about you.”

“Oh yeh? In what way?” asked Mark.

Sharon glanced to the front of his shorts, then smiled back up at him. Mark took her meaning with a little surprise.

“Was she exaggerating?” Sharon smiled.

“I don’t know. What did she say?” Mark teased.

“Could I see it? I’m kinda curious.” Sharon took a sip from her glass.

“You’re a married woman Sharon.”

“I know I am. I just want to see it. What do you say?”

Mark set his drink down and undid his shorts. He let them fall, then slid down his briefs as well. Soft he was at least 5 or 6 inches. Standing there in his t-shirt and pants around his ankles, Mark cooly sipped from his drink. Sharon moved closer.

“Mmmm. Looks nice. How big does it get?”


“Mm-hmm. But how big?” Sharon said, playing along with the ritual. She cupped his cock with her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Sharon smiled, “Very nice.” She squeezed him again, then tugged slightly.

“Keep doing that and you’ll find out.”

“Really?” Sharon asked. “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing that anymore.”

On that note she dropped to her knees and slipped his cock into her mouth. She slowly bathed it and sucked, as it grew and grew. Fully erect, it looked like he was bigger than the strap-on Lisa had used on Sharon. Sharon had a hard time getting more than half of him into her mouth. Mark leaned back on the counter and enjoyed her talents.

“Oooh, that’s good… keep going…yeh…mmm…”

Sharon sucked him and pumped him with her hand. After about 15 minutes, Mark’s breathing became very shallow.

“I’m going to come… yeh… I’m gonna… gonna… hmmmm… oooh…”

With that Mark held Sharon’s head gently in place. His knees sank a little as his legs weakened, shooting his come into her mouth. She couldn’t handle it all, and pulled her mouth off as Mark continued to come, over her face and hair. Sharon pumped him furiously as he continued coming, then pulled him back into her mouth.

When he finished, Sharon slowed and then popped him out. She looked up at his glazed face, herself smiling and Mark looking blankly.

“That was fantastic.” he said as she sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She licked him clean all over, then stood up in front of him. She sank her tongue into his mouth right away, something she does with me everytime so that I’ll taste my own come.

Mark went one better, by breaking the kiss and licking his spilt come from her face and neck.

“Mmmmmm…” said Sharon. “Most guys don’t like that… tasting themselves.”

“Their loss.” said Mark.

They french kissed deep with Sharon’s hand stroking his still erect cock. She broke the kiss, “You’re still hard.”

“Well I’m not finished yet.” he smiled.

“Oh no?” she offered playfully. “What are you going to do with it?”

His hands reached to her ass and slowly bunched and raised her skirt. He dragged a finger under the band of her panties, then squeezed her ass. “I’m going to push it inside of you, and fuck you with it.”

“But I’m a married woman.” she teased, throwing his line back at him.

Mark undid the buttons on the front of her shirt, and moved his hands over her naked breasts. “You’re fucking gorgeous, you know that?” He gave them each a kiss then dropped to his knees and pulled Sharon’s panties down. She stepped out of them, as he raised one of her legs over his shoulder. Holding herself with one hand on the counter, she gave her pussy over to his mouth.

He sucked and fucked her with his mouth as she closed her eyes and moaned. He brought up one hand and pushed a finger inside of her. Sharon’s other hand held the back of his head and he fucked her orally. I was surprised that he didn’t finish her this way as he stood up again in front of her. His hands grabbed her ass and he lifted her in the air. Sharon gasped with surprise, but recovered when she realized what he was doing.

Mark carried her over to the wall, then with her back against it, raised her hips to give his cock access to her pussy. Sharon reached down and guided him in.

“Oooh yes!” she squealed as she slid down onto his shaft. He eased into her slowly, knowing she was wet enough to take him. His arms went under hers to hold her level, his hands against the wall. From there Sharon gently rose and sank as Mark pumped his hips, slidinging his cock into her. Sharon was in ecstasy by the time he was fully buried.

“God you’re so fucking big. So fucking big…”

Mark said nothing, as he slowly fucked her. Sharon bounced against the wall as if she weighed next to nothing, taking Mark all the way.

“Fuck yeh! Fuck me… oh fuck me…”

Mark increased the pace and fucked harder, his hips and cock thrusting into Sharon. Her hair was everywhere, covering her face as he pumped.

“You’re so fucking… fuck me… fuck, I’m gonna come soon…” she said wildly.

When she was ready to come, he backed her off the wall and stood in the open floor, feet spread and using his knees to keep her from dropping. Sharon’s back arched and looked as if she would fall back when she came. He slammed her down hard onto him and buried his face into her neck, moaning as he came with her.

As their orgasms eased off, Sharon was all over him, kissing his neck and face. She couldn’t bury herself onto him deep enough it seemed. Without pulling out, Mark eased her to the kitchen table and lay her down. Sharon was panting and sweaty, still in her skirt and open shirt. Mark continued to slowly slide his hard cock in and out of her.

Sharon’s hand came down and rubbed her clit firmly. She grasped the base of his cock as it still pumped her, all wet from both their bodies.

“Fucking shit…” she moaned.

Mark pulled out and dropped to his knees. Still lying on her back on the table, Mark ran his tongue over her ass cheeks and inner thighs. He slid it up and washed over her sloppy pussy, taking in both of their juices. Sharon was panting hard as he sucked, her hand running back between her clit and his hair. She just had one orgasm, but it was like she shifted moved from one level to another. She was coming again within minutes, with her legs thrashing and screaming out incoherently.

Mark held her legs firmly, keeping her pussy pressed to his face as her second orgasm subsided. She was breathing very heavily now, a ravaged mess of sweat and rumpled clothing. With a final lick to her opening, Mark stood up between her legs.

He slid the underside of his hard cock slowly up and down between her lips. “How’s was that?” he asked.

“Oh my fucking god… fucking… god…” Sharon was breathless.

Mark pushed himself slowly into her cunt again. Sharon was slick all over her thighs and ass, her come everywhere. He pumped into her a few times, deep and complete, then pulled himself out and slipped his cock down to her asshole. Sharon made no move to stop him, as if unaware of what he indicating.

Mark pressed himself firmly to her anus and moved the head of his slick cock into her ass. Sharon took a longer, deeper breath and made no move to stop him. He pulled out, then back in. Repeating this as he fucked her ever deeper and deeper.

He spent a long time, working slowly and gently to push himself in. He seemed in no hurry, and this seemed to keep Sharon in a continued state of relaxation from the time of her last orgasm. When he finally had buried his entire cock into her, he stopped as if resting and gently stroked Sharon’s legs and hips.

“You’re doing wonderful. You have a gorgeous body.” he whispered. “You wouldn’t believe how good you feel, hugging my cock with your delicious bottom.”

Mark slowly started fucking her now, quarter strokes with ease and pace. Sharon’s breathing resumed a quickened tempo, as she’d made no complaint of his big cock in her ass. She seemed very relaxed and enjoying it as much as Mark. As he continued fucking her, he increased the strokes until he was fucking her with the full length of his cock. His hands continued to glide over her legs and thighs, gently reassuring her of his intent for pleasure.

Sharon’s one hand began to push over her breasts, the other dropped to her soaking cunt. She masturbated as he continued fucking her. Her breathing quickened as they went on, Mark’s hips moving in slow deep motions, back and forth as his cock rode into her. Sharon’s head rolled on the table as another orgasm neared for her.

Mark quickened the pace as he sensed her impending peak. He began fucking her harder and faster, their hips slapping wet as skin hit skin.

“Ohh fuckkk…” Sharon called out.

“I’m coming Sharon.” Mark announced. “I’m coming baby. I’m coming…” His mind seemed lost now, immersed in pleasure a thousand miles away. His head rolled back as he came a few seconds before her. He was oblivious this time to her pleasure, planting his cock deep in her ass and holding there… then shortened jerks with his hips during his final draining of come.

Sharon’s back arched off the table as she tried to push her pussy to his crotch. Her arms flayed back as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him as deep inside as he could be. She came with a final gasp for air that sounded like it could be her last.

Mark dropped his hands to the table to keep himself from slipping to the floor. Sharon lay on the table with her head turned to the side, almost making weeping noises. I don’t think I’ve ever been witness to a more thorough orgasm in my life.

When Mark finally pulled out of her, his cock was semi-erect and glistening. Come oozed from Sharon’s asshole as he took a seat at the table beside her prone body. He rested his head on his arms inches from her face, and traced her hair back with his fingers. She opened her eyes half way and looked at him.

“Hi” he said quietly.

“Hi” Sharon answered, then smiled weakly. “Fuck. You’re going to have to teach that to Don for me.”

With that Mark slipped to his knees and tongued the inside of Sharon’s thighs, cleaning the wet left from the both of them. He slipped his tongue inside her pussy and sucked her gently and slowly. After a minute he stood again and coaxed her up from the table.

They sat together without conversation and had a drink, with Mark still naked and Sharon with her skirt on and top open. As Mark finished his drink, he got up and moved to his clothes on the floor. He dressed, but had his shorts unzipped as tucked in his shirt and walked over to Sharon. Mark leaned down and they kissed deeply, for the first time. They slowly broke the kiss and Sharon slipped her hand into his open pants. She pulled out his soft cock and slurped it into her mouth, giving it a few wet strokes with her tongue before tucking it back in.

“Thank you.” she offered.

“Thank you.” he returned. Mark zipped himself up and left the house.

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