tagIncest/TabooI Came Over Here For This?!

I Came Over Here For This?!


(Based on a true event.)


"Are you sure you'll be alright?" Dave asked Louis a second time.

His brother and his wife had on two occasions this month alone asked him over for dinner. The first was just a week ago on the sixth, a Friday. Today just so happens to be Friday the thirteenth. Though not superstitious or anything like that, this date just had a bad ring to it for him. Maybe all the skipping school with his buddies to go watch hockey-mask slasher Jason in his teens had something to do with it as well.

Anyways, Pat was quite the cook as Louis had said she is. For one, her beef cutlets were out of this world. They were crispy outside, but the inside was consistently a juicy, medium rare. She even went as far as to make her own tomato dipping sauce for them. She had to make a gallon of it, everyone was in love with it. Hardly anyone was using it to dip; they were sipping it like a soup with spoons!

But fuck all that though! They had a hidden agenda by asking him over, just like he had suspected all along.

Louis needed money...and fast too!

His landlord had recently announced that a renewal of his lease on his little café would come with a thirty-three percent rent hike that was non-negotiable. That was going to be on top of the painful utility fees, employee salaries, and occasional violation fees and so on and so forth.

Oh, and then let's not forget there was the tuition payment for his sexy ass daughter Nicole who went to a private college being a useless Liberal Arts major. Boy, had her parents did try to rethink her choice.

Surely as the older brother here, he would have helped if he could. But in all seriousness, he just couldn't.

Why? He himself just got out of a messy divorce from his bitch of eleven rocky years. The damn judge then awarded her about forty-seven percent of his assets. He was now left with a joke of a balance in his bank account. Thank god they had no kids; otherwise he might very well have to pay that fucking alimony.

"My hands are tied--you've got to believe me man!" he begged for his brother to understand.

"You know darn well that I would if I could, don't you?"

Pat stood and came around over from their spot across the table. "We'll be fine Davy--it's quite alright!"

She pulled him into her side and gave his shoulder a few gentle grips to emphasize her words.

"Hey, what you say we finish up with some nice apple turnovers now?"

Dave liked the sound of that a lot. But first he needed to go pee. He looked at the grandfather clock over in the corner and realized that he had not relieved himself some three-and-a-half hours after leaving the strip club. He had saved his stomach for Pat's food, but then he had filled himself up with the free watermelon and fruit punch that came with the purchase of a lap dance.

He was in a dicey situation in all truthfulness. The holding in of his piss now had him in a semi-erect state too, as the image of the sheeny butt on his dancer Kimberly suddenly popped up in his brain.

"Sounds grand, but i got to make a quick run to the John first!"

And so with that, he excused himself upstairs.

As he got to the top of the stairs, he then remembered that his niece Nicole had stormed upstairs in quite the rage when he again denied assisting her Dad. He figured he would need to see her after using the bathroom and try maybe hopefully to both reason with and comfort her.

When he neared the bathroom, which was the second room to his right, he saw that the door was slightly ajar and heard the shower running. He peeked in and almost had a fucking heart attack.

His rosebud of a niece's peppy tush met his bewildered eyes. She was bent over by the sink and was one leg away from stepping out of her teal gym shorts that had nice pink trim.

Had the water not been running, she easily could have heard his nervous breathing as he gripped the casing of the door looking like a drooling Scooby Doo.

Nicole left the undies at the base of the tub and got in, shutting the half-frosted sliding door behind her.

It was too much, he needed to pee right away or make a damn mess on himself--it was as simple as that!

It took him three knocks on the door before she heard him, and asked "Who is it?"

He cleared his throat and said, "It's me, Dave...i need to pee!"

She let it rip. It was clear she was still mad at him.

"Fuck off, you heartless bastard!"

"Go away and die now--i'm taking a freakin' shower you asshole!"

"Don't you dare come in, you god ugly Monster!"

Dave had no other damn choice. He just walked in, dropped his pants and shot away. The feeling was exquisite. The crackling and bubbling splashing horror created by his torrent on the water in the bowl made Nicole screech.

"Uggggh.....this is PREPOSTEROUS!"

"What the fuck is wrong with you, man??!"

His instinct told him that she may well next yell for her parents. So he quickly reached his free hand around back to gently shut the door.

Suddenly he spotted a spider on the wall ahead of him that had just come out from behind the water tank.


Nicole asked urgently where it was over and over, and so he told her.


Dave was completely mortified at her words. Spiders were like his worst fear--ever!

He was in no way going to admit that and get laughed at.

"I'm peeing, little lady--you don't want a freakin' mess, now do you?!"

It worked!

Nicole shut the shower and opened her door. She must have been a major neat freak or something because she simply just stepped out naked and wet!! She didn't even reach for her towel that was hanging from a chrome hook beside her on the wall next to the medicine cabinet.

She reached over his peeing penis for the toilet roll on the wall and tore a few pieces. She crumpled them and took the spider out in a second. She tossed the paper into the still bubbling chicken broth he was making under him.

He could not see her checking him out, as he still was in this trance from seeing her nude and all.

"Hey--nice cock, man!" he heard her say after she snapped him out of his daze with her fingers.

She got her towel after washing her hand and started drying her hair as she leaned coolly against the sink eyeing him up and down.

"Are you finished, girl?" he cried most upsettingly. "Get the fuck back in there and let me pee in peace!"

"I'm SO NOT finished with you yet!"

He could hear the tingling of the light green, gemstone heart navel ring dangling from her belly button as she waved her feisty finger at him.

She was biting down sexily at a corner of her lip and said, "I can make you rethink your decision about Daddy, you know!"

Dave finished up and flushed the water. As he bent to bring up his pants, he saw her toss the towel behind her and reached her hand for his balls.

He just froze in horror, slamming his back into the wall behind him.

She moved in closer, her face no more than three inches from his now lifting penis.

"You help Daddy and i help you--amazing deal, isn't it?"

His head was a mess of thoughts as he tried to denounce her ways.

His lips on his face couldn't let out a word; yet his other lips were opening and shutting to the focused, gentle tugs she was making on his member.

He finally gathered enough strength to say, "Alright--but nothing more beyond a handjob. Agreed?"

Nicole rolled her eyes at him, and then gave him the reassuring wink he needed.

He smiled back. The two now seemed to enjoy each other's company.

"Say--how's school going for you?" he asked.

She now got one hand tossing his nuts around, as the other made strokes that were defined, yet caressing and loving.

"It's going as well as can be, i guess."

He laughed softly. "That's nice, sweetie!"

She could see he was near from his shaking, twitching, growing moans and harder breathing.

"Hey, listen--where would you like to shoot it?" she asked, rubbing his thigh up and down.

Her motions picked up and her grip was choking tight now.

His hands came down on her arms to remove them from him. He motioned her back to the sink.

"Come on--get down more, Baby!" he ordered briskly. "Let me cum on your face!"

No sooner had she sat down on her buttocks, he laid his throbbing hard-on upon her chin and the blasts came coming like there's no tomorrow.

The two both yelped in almost unison at the hit of each burst on her face and hair. "Ahhh....Oooh!"

Then of course, there were the unaccounted shots that hit the mirror and wall behind them.

The steam in the room and the fragrant scent from the leftover shampoo in her hair really kicked his cum tubes into overdrive.

He had pinned her to the sink with a feverish hold to her neck.

"Haha.....look who's the UGLY MONSTER now, Bitch?!"

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