I Can See You


I can see you.

All these years that window opposite my bedroom stayed dark except when the neighbours wanted to retrieve some of the junk they stored in their spare room. Then you arrive out of the blue and turn my evenings into an obsession - sitting alone in the dark, on the end of my bed, waiting for that light to flick on. Waiting to see how long it will take you to draw the curtains this time. Studying you as I peep from the darkness just a few metres away.

You're older than the girls I used to obsess over at school; maybe not much younger than my mum. But you're so beautiful. Dark brown hair, the loose curls cascading over your shoulders. Bright red lips and eyes heavy with eye shadow; sometimes I get to see your pretty little face 'au naturel' fresh from the bathroom. Sometimes I get to see you remove your top and show off your body - those beautiful-looking tits barely contained by your bra. Once you even kicked off a skirt before closing the curtains. How little am I going to catch you wearing before you end my entertainment tonight? You're pacing around your room, checking your phone. Don't you want to relax a little first? Get out of those office clothes. Show me something that will make sitting here for an hour worth the wait. I can see you, you gorgeous creature. I can see you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

For a young man about to leave for university, you're not too bright. That digital alarm clock of yours illuminates you every time you try to covertly peek through my window.

When my aunt offered me a place to stay she never said I'd be getting a one-boy appreciation society as well as a room.

I can't say I'm not flattered. My soon-to-be ex-husband never appreciated the way I look the way you do. He cared more about how the garden looked. And his fucking secretary, of course.

You're just wearing your joggers this evening by the looks of things. Don't want to peer too much in case you work out that you're not quite as invisible as you think. Still, I can see you're in great shape. So young, barely out of school, and so handsome. You could probably have any girl you wanted if you just went up and asked them, yet you spend your evenings getting your thrills peeping at me.

Still, I remember what it was like to be young, awkward, embarrassed about absolutely everything. So you carry on watching. If the mood takes me I might even give you something to look at...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

You're hovering around your window so much, it's maddening! It gives me the best view but it also increases the likelihood of you pulling those curtains tight and spoiling another perfect opportunity to perv over you.

I like your outfit - tight white blouse and pencil skirt. I can see your dark bra showing through the fabric.

Every time you move I get a little thrill. Observing you; ogling you... I know it's wrong but what you don't know won't hurt you, will it? And it's not like I'm breaking the law or anything - you're the one who's left her curtains open. In just here in my room. Perfectly innocently. With my hand down my trousers.

God, even you scratching your shoulder is making me horny. Just pulling your collar away slightly. I'm actually rubbing my crotch over an exposed clavicle! I'm pathetic. But fuck it makes me feel so hot.

It's because you don't know I'm watching. Every glimpse feels erotically charged. It's naughty. I shouldn't be looking at you, taking advantage of this view I'm afforded. And that's what makes it so damn exciting.

My cock is rubbery, ready to engorge at a moment's notice. I allow myself a few encouraging squeezes through my shorts, but I won't start stroking it unless I see something worth stroking for - I don't want to wank myself into a frenzy prematurely. Who knows what I might miss if I finish myself off too early.

What's so interesting about your phone tonight? You've been staring at it for ages now. You reading messages? Looking at a website? I'm glad it's got your attention, though. It's taking your focus away from the fact that you're stood unshielded from prying eyes. MY prying eyes. Take your top off. Oh please take your top off. Give me something to drool over.

Oh my God! Are you reading my mind? Look at you. Look at you go! Phone in one hand, the buttons on your blouse slowly being unfastened by the other! And you're doing it right at the window! I can see it all unfolding right in front of me! Every pop of every button revealing more of your lacy bust. What an incredible pair of tits. Even securely held in place by your bra I can see they're a sizeable wonder. This is amazing, you're just standing there with your blouse pulled apart, your curvy chest right in front of me. Your round, generous cleavage displayed clear as day!

It's no use - I need to touch myself. My erection is so hard it's throbbing. I've never needed to jerk myself off so urgently in my life. Wow, it's a sticky mess inside my pants - I've been oozing precum in anticipation. My cock has swelled. It feels amazing as I wrap my hand around my warm shaft and squeeze hard up its length, milking it of more precum. I wish it was you doing this to me; your hand covering the end in silky lubrication, sliding your palm up and down over my sensitive helmet.

God it feels great watching you while I wank. I should pace myself, but how can I? Look at that view. Look at those boobs. Please let this be the night she takes her bra off. Oh God, can you imagine...?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

You're wanking yourself under those joggers, aren't you? Randy toad. A bit of cleavage and you're rubbing yourself off already. I can see your arm jerking out the corner of my eye. You'd explode if I did much more, wouldn't you? I wonder. Let's plant myself on the end of the bed here and... what's this? Is that a mark on the top of my breast here? Let's see if I can rub it off with my fingers. Hmmm, apart from making my boobs jiggle a bit, that hasn't seemed to work. Maybe if I lick my fingertips first...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

You're stroking the top of your breast and I'm watching!! This is unbelievable. Every time you flick at whatever you've spotted on your skin your tits bounce around inside their lacy cups. You're driving me into a frenzy here! I want to wank harder and faster. I want to cum while watching you touch yourself, no matter how innocently. I've got to free myself. I yank my joggers and pants down around my ankles. Will standing up risk exposing me? No, it's too dark, she can't see in. And I need to get closer. I need to see as much as I can. God, I'm not going to be able to pace myself at all, am I?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

And I can see how big you are. Jesus, that's a huge cock! And bloody hell if you aren't going at it. It'll come off if you tug it any harder.

You're completely oblivious to how exposed you are, aren't you? I'm staring right at you, you dirty little boy, standing at your window, wanking furiously. The green glow of your clock is showing me everything, but as long as I don't react you don't realise, do you? I've perfected the dead eyed stare after years in a shitty marriage - I'm looking right at you and you have no idea how much I can see: your toned, muscular body; your straining bicep; the frankly monstrous cock that you're currently throttling.

I have to act natural, try not to stare too much. Gosh, but its hard to take my eyes off - a fit young man with a massive erection jerking himself off in his bedroom.

I had no idea my body was so worthy of this kind of attention. I guess I should be disgusted at what you're doing; violated, even. But I'm not. I think I'm quite enjoying this, actually.

Alright young man - let's see how long you can last...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

You're standing up, approaching the window again. This is where the show ends, isn't it? One more glorious glimpse at your semi-naked form and together those curtains will come.

You're getting very close, peering through your window at mine. Better stop moving - cease my masturbatory frenzy for now. Stand still... head back to the bed for an almighty wank when you close the drapes.

Only you're not closing the drapes. You're pulling your blouse out of your skirt and taking the whole thing off! Oh God, don't start wanking again - she might notice the movement. Just enjoy the show.

You throw your garment backwards onto the bed. Now I can see your smooth torso, and the clear heft of your bosom held tentatively in place by your underwear. Go one step further. Please! Take your bra off. Do it for me and I'll be the happiest human being on the planet. Show me your tits. Please God let her show me her tits.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

Stopping your jerking hasn't made you any less visible. In fact I can see the dumbfounded look on your sweet face. Look at you - 18 years of prime beef with your cock in hand like a naughty schoolboy. Are you going to rub it again for me? What if I slip one of my bra straps off my shoulder? Then the other one... My tits are barely contained now. Looking up I can see you're stunned into paralysis. Still no wanking? Oh what the hell, let's give him a treat.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

Your tits are bursting out of their cups and now you're unfastening the back strap! This is it, isn't it? I'm going to see your boobs!

This demands a stroke or two. Slowly. Slowly so it lasts and slowly so she doesn't see me. It's like a private peep show! I'm wanking while a woman takes her clothes off, and its like she's taking them off just for me! She's struggling with the catch. Just take it off already!!

My cock has never felt so hard. Usually it's the act of stroking it that gives it its firmness, but right now this visual stimulation has made it more solid than I thought possible. And it's a joy to touch. No closed eyes; no summoning of imagination. Just a near naked woman obliviously stripping for me. This is the most amazing wank ever. Come on bra... fall. Fall!!

And off it finally comes. Oh. My. God. There they are. Your tits in all their unencumbered glory. You twist around to throw the black lace onto your bed and as you spin back your gorgeous melons bang into each other and jiggle on top of your chest. Back to face me I can take in their majesty. Big, heavy and round. Ds? DDs? I have no idea how you measure them. I just know they look big. They're pendulous but still firm looking and smooth. Your nipples are small and pink with little oval areolas. Fuck me, they're incredible. My cock is crying out for a fast and furious wank, but I just give it a series of rough tugs. Topless, right in front of me. I could stand here with this view all night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

Pulling away on that nice big cock of yours. You're in a stupor; slack jawed in shock. All over a pair of breasts. I was supposed to close the curtains at this point, having given you a big finale to feast your eyes on. But I haven't. Watching you respond to my body like this, seeing you masturbate over me. I kind of like it. My nipples are hard. It's not cold. I think I'm actually getting turned on. Who'd have thought it? I never pegged myself as an exhibitionist. Yet here I am exposing myself, curtains still open. I need to do something or you're going to wonder what's up. What shall I do? What looks innocent?

How about a breast exam? I do it every week or so before bed anyway - why not now?. Looking down at my assets I can see how swollen they look, the skin puckering around the nipples. I'm definitely turned on. I thought it was nervous excitement, but it's sexual. I'll soon find out - my breasts get incredibly sensitive when I'm aroused. Oh fuck. Yup, I'm definitely aroused. Touching underneath my left breast just sent a frisson of erotically charged electricity across my chest. I lift my boob up and cup it, weighing it in my hand, then bring my thumb over the nipple. God that's sensitive - and hard as a bullet. I'm trying to make this look like a practical examination, but I can't help but caress it a little. Time to squeeze it. Ooo that's nice. What do you think, young man? Is it as fun for you watching as it is for me touching?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

You're actually playing with your tits right in front if me! This is insane!! Are you checking for lumps? Touching yourself for fun? Who cares, I'm watching a beautiful woman playing with her massive boobs literally just metres away from me.

That's it, keep squeezing those beauties for me. Look at you go, pushing those gorgeous tits around. This is better than any magazine, any film, any porn I've jerked off to in my life. It's not going to get better than this - I have to cum. I have to wank myself to climax while this display unfolds. Just a few strokes is all its going to take; I can feel my orgasm ready to erupt. You're giving your other boob the once over now... lifting it and letting it fall, jiggling it with your fingertips. A flick at your nipple and my body can't hold back any longer. I'm cumming. I'm cumming big-time. Oh that's bliss... Its pumping out of me like a pressure hose. Fuck, where's it going? I'm firing it all over my window!! I should stop, turn away, spray it somewhere else, but I don't want break eye contact with your pliant tits. Fuck, I'm jizzing all over my window. You're going to see it, I know you're going to see it! But I'm rooted to the spot. I can't look away. You look up, my spunk clear to see all over the window pane. What now?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

Admittedly not as well as before - you've just fired a torrent of cum onto your window obscuring my view somewhat. You dirty boy. You horny, dirty little boy.

I've never watched a man wank himself to climax before. Certainly not over me. Sad that, isn't it? Such a safe, boring sexual history. One man, missionary position every time. And now here I am, teasing a teenager to climax. I feel terribly naughty. And really turned on.

I should shut the bloody curtains, of course I should. Fun time's over. So why am I taking my skirt off instead? Why am I shimmying it down past my hips, making my tits dance as it slides off. And why, for the love of God, am I pushing my fingers down past the elastic of my black lacy knickers and over my trimmed bush?

You've started wanking again. I thought you'd be spent - sore even - but I guess peeping opportunities like this don't happen very often; you want to make the most of it. You have no idea of this, but I've just slid a finger over my pussy, and it's positively seeping. You watching, me stripping... It's made me wet. So wet I can slip the finger inside with so much ease it's almost frightening. Two fingers, in like butter... Oh God that feels nice. I part my labia and a torrent of moistness escapes. What's the matter with me tonight? I've exposed myself and now I'm wet for this little perv. My clit is almost throbbing. I haven't dared touch it yet because I'm frightened how sensitive it might be. Let's find out shall we?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can see you.

And you're fingering yourself! What the fuck?! Standing there, right in front of your window, tits out and hands down your knickers!

I was going to call it a night; retire to bed and count myself lucky. But this is better than anything I could have imagined. My cock should be sated, tired from its recent explosions, but it hasn't gone down. It's still standing to attention, still aching to be touched.

How can it not? Look at this! Your arm extending down your body is pushing your big tits together, and as you rummage inside your knickers and your breaths become deeper they hypnotically heave about your chest like a lava lamp.

You reach your other hand behind you to slip it under the black lace and caress your ass. Eyes shut tight, biting your lip, your body tenses as you pleasure yourself. I've got to do the same.

My cock is a little sore but the sliver of pain through the pleasure as I start jerking off again is actually a nice sensation.

You're hiding your manipulations from me, your panties undulating as your fingers dance inside. I want to see what you're doing down there. Your body tenses again as you hit a sweet spot, and your eyes open. And you look at me. Not near me, or through me, or in my general direction. At me. And you smile. Oh God, you can see me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, I can see you.

Oh don't look so terrified. Do I look like I mind? I'll even beckon you to come closer to your window. That's it, let me get a good look at you. So good-looking, so young. And that penis of yours... wow. Don't stop wanking, it's the reason I'm touching myself. Here, let me give you a little incentive to carry on...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You can see me.

And you don't care. In fact I think you like it, don't you? Beckoning me over to my window so you can check me out. You're staring at me with mischievous intent. Do I carry on wanking? I don't know what to do.

But you do. You hook your thumbs into your knickers and slowly and deliberately lean forwards, letting your gorgeous big tits dangle as you pull off the last of your clothes. You then straighten up and start groping at your own boobs, cupping and squeezing them for my viewing pleasure. You're encouraging me, aren't you? You want me to stroke myself. And so I start again, this time with your eyes fixed on my self-pleasuring technique. You smile as I jerk myself; you like watching too, don't you? Do you think I've got a nice cock? Do you wish you could play with it?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You've got such a nice cock; I wish I could play with it. Hmmm, I'll just have to imagine... Imagine it's your hands molesting my tits, tweaking my nipples, squeezing them together.

Oh, I know what you'll like. Let's see if I can lift one of them into my mouth. Near enough... I can at least run circles around the nipple with my tongue. Hmmm, that's quite nice actually - not the sort if thing I'd do on my own. It's brought a smile to your face though - and a faster stroking action.

Let's take this to the bed, shall we? I've got one last surprise for you waiting in my bedside drawer. It's not just for your pleasure, I might add. It's definitely more for mine. But I think you'll like it...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can most definitely see you.

More of you than I ever thought possible!

As you climb on top of your bed I wonder what further treats you've got in store. I press myself as close to my window as I can to maximise my view, but I keep steaming up the glass with my breath. So I open it. The evening air feels cool on my naked body but I don't care - the clarity of your little performance has just gone up a few notches. From standard definition to high res. I had no idea my windows were so filthy even before I ejaculated over them.

You lie on your back - knees up, blocking my eyeline - before parting your thighs and showing me everything. Your legs create a valley through which I can see a magnificent view: your cheeky face smirking at me, your tits spread like jellies across your chest, and your rosy pink cunt aimed straight at me. You finger fuck it for a while, sinking your digits in then slowly sliding them out again and again. Then you take your moist fingers and circle what I guess is your clit - it's making your body seize up whenever you touch it.

I reciprocate as best I can, wanking with a newfound freedom. I turn to the side slightly so you can get a good view - see how long it is. Ha! That gets a thumbs up - I guess you like that.

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