I Can See You


Aren't self-service checkouts great? Do you walk round supermarkets when its quiet and drop girlie things in a basket then go and pay when no one is looking. No awkward looks from the cashier on the till. I know I could mail order but private deliveries weren't allowed at work and obviously women's clothing delivered to our house was impossible of course. I had in the past used click and collect at various stores, but it took the thrill out of it.

I hadn't shopped for a while so I'd been planning this for weeks, I'd booked a spare days holiday while my wife was work and drove to the local Tesco's. I like that particular supermarket as the Gents underwear and socks are next to the ladies briefs and tights, so I could study the ladies section via a sly glance sideways from in front of the men's boxer shorts. No suspicious 'What's he doing down here' looks from staff and customers.

I started the shop, a newspaper from the stand at the front of the shop lined the bottom of the basket, ready to hide my purchases from prying eyes. I walked and up down the clothing aisles eyeing up potential purchases, A packet of three thongs, a lacy bra and some sheer black tights. Making sure no one was looking I slipped them into the basket and covered them with the newspaper. Shaking even though I had done it several times I approached the self-service checkouts. I put my empty gym bag on the checkout side and started scanning, Beep and in the bag, two more beeps and my elicit purchases were hidden from view in the bag. A final beep and the newspaper had joined them. A short drive home and I dashed in the door.

Now my wife Yvonne is a (U.K) size 12 so some of her few stretchy dresses fit me as I'm not particularly tall or overweight, unfortunately her underwear is boring and practical. Her normal choice of clothes is leggings or trousers so the dresses get worn just a few times a year and tights purchased when required, hence the need to buy my own.

I drew all the curtains in the house, odd during the day I'll admit but a lot less odd than the neighbours seeing me through the windows. I went upstairs and I tipped the purchases onto the bed and started to undress. Moments later my jeans and football shirt were in a heap on the floor.

I opened the thong packet and picked the black one out and put it on. I got one of Yvonne's sanitary towels and stuck it the wrong way round to stick my dick to my thigh. I'd not tried this detail before, I reckoned it might hurt a bit later when I removed it, but it kept my dick nice and flat for the time being.

I slipped out the shiny black tights and slid them up my recently shaved legs. I shaved my legs in the pretence it would make me faster as an amateur cyclist. "All the top riders do it, it can make you a second faster over a mile or two."

My wife had laughed. "But you commute eight miles to work, hardly the Tour de France, but whatever."

I pulled the tights up and got the wrinkles out. I caressed my silky smooth ankles, I continued up my legs and rubbed my thighs, I felt really sexy. I popped the lacy bra on loaded it with the required number of socks to make me a size D.

I opened my wife's wardrobe and picked a stretchy silver dress, I popped it over my head and pulled it down. I squeezed my feet into a pair of Yvonne's strappy sandals, unfortunately none of her high heels fitted me.

I walked around the house, strutting my stuff. Loving every second. My wife was at work ten miles away. No one to disturb me for hours.

Der-Der. My phone vibrated. I looked at it, a text message. Unknown number. I read the text.

"I can see U."

I started to shake, who was it? A neighbour, had I left a chink in the curtains?

Sweating I texted back. "How"

"I've hacked your C.C.T.V"

I'd installed CCTV a few months before after a few break ins, my wife had said it was pointless and paid little interest in it. Somebody had though, they had hacked my Wifi and were now watching me. I looked at the cameras. I hadn't switched them on that morning, but someone had, a red light blinked on the one in the corner of the lounge. I checked the one in the hall, same again. The password to the wifi was on the kitchen noticeboard for any visitor to see. But how do you gain control of remote CCTV through the wifi? I'd read about it happening but hadn't got a clue how.

I was seriously upset and worried, someone had seen me and gone to the extreme to watch me. It was clearly not going to benefit me. But who was it?

I wrote back "What do U want?"

"To watch U of course. Take the laptop to the bedroom so I can use the webcam on it"

"Why should I?" I asked feeling rebellious.

"Because I will tell your wife. Take it upstairs and put it on the bedside table."

"Y there?"

"So I can hack the webcam. I watched u and your mousey wife having sex last week. God U pair are so boring."

This annoyed me. I might enjoy crossing dressing, but I loved my wife. Yes, she has brown hair and thick rimmed glasses but I was thirty when I had taken the shy 19 year old's virginity. For some reason she had adored me ever since and I loved her back and had never strayed to anyone else.

"Don't call her mousey." I texted back angrily.

"Mousey, plain and boring. That's her. U could get better, not much but a bit."

As I carried the laptop upstairs, watching my footing in my wife's sandals on the stairs, I tried to work out who my tormentor was.

My wife's brother Cliff, he certainly disliked me enough. My Father-in-law had asked Yvonne to look over his accounts for the small building firm he ran. I had spotted that Cliff had been fleecing his dad for a couple of years embezzling nearly fifty K. He had blamed me for it, not his own greed . However whilst he had the reason, he was useless with computers, before we had fell out I had often cleared his laptop of viruses it had acquired after I suspect he had been watching porn. So was it Cliff? I didn't think so.

My oldest friend Barry? one of the few school friends I kept in contact with. We often played practical jokes on each other, but this seemed out of his league. It had been a letter from an STD clinic last time.

My boss from work Felicity? She certainly had the know-how, before she had joined our current employer she had been I.T Director at a now defunct high street retail group. I had applied for the job, Head of Resources but had been deemed under qualified so an outsider had been brought in. She was sassy and bossy, (and the rumour in the office a right goer in bed) but I don't see why she would have targeted me.

Perhaps it was someone else, a neighbour? Another work colleague? Had someone seen me shopping last time and sprung a trap. Perhaps a skilled burglar had entered the house to get the wifi password. My mind was still spinning as I entered the bedroom. I placed the laptop on the bedside table.

The light on the laptop webcam lit up and the room and I appeared on the screen.

"Now get out the pathetic little vibrator u bought her." Came back the text.

I reached into the bedside table and found the toy I had hoped would spice up our sex life. I hadn't wanted to scare Yvonne into not using it, so I hadn't got a large one with ripples or nodules on it just a plain pink five inch one, it had helped get her in the mood a bit more for sex. We didn't get it on like rabbits, once a week had sometimes become twice.

I pulled it out of her pants drawer.

"Now what do U want me to do." I texted back.

"Watch the screen"

On my laptop a video started playing. On the screen a man was on the bed caressing what must have been a ten inch dick. A girl entered the room. It seemed I was watching a dodgy porn film.

"U R the girl, spread your legs."

I lay on the bed and hoisted the dress out of the way. I spread my legs on the bed.

"Now stick them in the air."

I swung my legs into the air.

"Now use the dildo in that tight ass"

I pulled the tights down a little and moved the string of the thong away. When the texts had told me to get the vibrator out of the drawer, I had guessed this was going to happen. I lubed it up and pushed it slowly in. I must admit I had thought about doing this before but had always stopped short. Today was the day it was going in.

As it moved slowly in. a text came again.

"Switch it on you fucking idiot."

I pressed the button and it buzzed into life, the vibrations stimulating my ass, I must admit it felt fantastic. I pushed it further in, it took my breath away, I finally got the whole five inches into my tight butt.

"Now open and close your legs, I want to see you working that dick in you."

I was beginning to worry about who my tormentor was. If all they wanted was to watch me, then everything might be okay, but will they want money eventually to not tell Yvonne.

I clenched my legs together and started thrusting the vibrator up and down in what was minutes ago my virgin arse.

"Arrgggghhh," I shouted. "That is so good." I shouted towards the laptop.

"Enjoying it my Sissy boy."

"Yes, don't make me stop."

"Pull your Pud."

"What the fuck do you mean." I said.

"Wank yourself off." Came the text back.

I ripped off the sanitary towel. "Ouch." I shouted as my now hard dick sprang to attention. I started to stroke it.

"Don't stroke it, wank it hard." I gripped it tight and pulled up and down on my dicks full length.

Both my hands were working hard, the vibrator in my arse and my own pink shaft. I was close to coming, I had never felt anything so intense in my life.

Seconds later cum exploded all over the thong that was beside my now limp dick... "Ahhh..." I sighed, "that was fantastic."

You came way too early sissy boy.

I mouthed to the word "Sorry" at the laptops camera.

"What to do now though" came the text back.

"Do I tell your boring wifey."

"No!" I shouted at the laptop.

"Will she understand?"

"Definitely not." I mouthed back.

"Well perhaps we can try something else. I copied your key. I'm coming in."

I was about to find out who my tormentor was. I heard the door lock click and footsteps up the stairs. Who was about to enter the room to see me dressed up as a girl covered in cum... Was It going to be Cliff the angry Brother in law, Barry my mate or Felicity my boss.. I assume it had to be one of them as whoever it was had a key, and they were the three people I had lent a key to in the last few months. The bedroom door swung open.

Standing in the door way was a woman wearing a gimp mask. An electronically altered voiced squeaked out. "Now I'll sort your cute ass out."

Even though she was wearing the mask I recognised the designer clothes and her red hair styled into a bob cut.. A style that she keeps bragging cost her eighty pounds a time at a well known hairdressers. Underneath the mask it was definitely my boss, Felicity.

Out of her Gucci handbag, something else I recognised from the office, she produced an enormous 12 inch strap on dildo. She lifted her Chanel dress over her head. To reveal black bra studded with diamante's. This woman had class. A Suspender belt held up sheer black stockings. She was however wearing no panties but she did have a harness in place ready. Her brown pubic hair showed around the straps, so she wasn't a real redhead I thought to myself, to be honest I'd always had my doubts. She connected the giant black dildo to the harness. The knee high boots she was wearing were staying on apparently.

"Turn round and bend over onto all fours" she squeaked. I did as I was told.

She squeezed some lube onto the massive rubber cock. "Now get ready, for some pain and pleasure." said the unnatural voice. I don't know why she was wearing the mask or changing her voice. The clothes and the hair give it away. Even her smell was the same aroma from the office.

I felt the tip against my butt, she pushed it in. I screamed it hurt. But I felt the pleasure, "More." I shouted. She pushed harder an inch, then two inches, six inches. Finally after nearly a minute the whole twelve inches were buried in me.

She started banging away at my ass. " The harness is double sided, I've got as much as you in my juicy cunt. I'm fucking you but being fucked myself. Squeal sissy boy, I want to hear you."

I squealed and squealed, the noise made my boss pound me harder, I knew she was a goer as they say but I didn't realise she was so perverted, her boyfriend must be exhausted.

She started to come herself... "Ohh god," she squeaked "I'm cumming... I bet you wish your mousy wife was this sexy."

Even though I was being pounded by a wealthy woman in designer clothes, I still loved my wife. "Don't call her mousey!" I screamed.

"Mousy and plain" she kept pounding me..."Boring... wears leggings and jogging bottoms."

I was getting excited myself and rocked back enhancing the movement of her big cock. Eventually she screamed "oh FUCK a DUCK, that was fantastic. She pulled out of my rear and undid the straps to the harness. Now I suppose you can fuck me. Her vagina looked as though it was dripping with her own juices.

"Sorry I can't, as much as I enjoyed the butt action, you forced me. If I fuck you I'm betraying my wife. I really want to but no.

"Well that's just perfect I go to all this effort and you won't fuck me." Felicity squeaked.

"No I won't betray my wife. You forced me with blackmail, but I won't fuck you. If I haven't done enough for your perverted streak then tell her if you wish."

"Glad to know you are so devoted." Felicity began to take off the mask.

Seconds later I realised I had made a mistake. It wasn't Felicity in front of me but Yvonne. In her own normal voice she asked, "Will you fuck me now?"

My plain mousey wife was in front of me dressed in sexy designer clothes and sheer stockings and looked absolutely gorgeous, the thick rimmed glasses had gone and the brown hair had been dyed red and cut.

Dressed in a lacy bra and a cum stained thong I fucked my gorgeous wife.


Later we sat at the table in the kitchen drinking coffee. "How did you know I cross-dressed and the clothes and CCTV, how did you hack the cameras and why did you want to catch me?"

"Whoah Dave, that's like four questions. Firstly, I know what order the few dresses I own are in on the rail in my wardrobe. Secondly The clothes are mine but styled on Felicity's, we went shopping together yesterday, a while ago I confessed to her, while we were drunk my fears about your habits and that you find me boring so she hacked the wifi for me as well."

"And the final question, why?" I asked.

"Because I love you and wanted to share the one secret you thought you had kept from me. I don't think I will be boring again I quite like my new sexy look including the contact lenses. Don't you?"

My Dick answered this question by poking through the boxer shorts I was now wearing...

"What again already?" Yvonne asked... "Come on then Dave." She took my hand and led me back to the bedroom.

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by Anonymous

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by DianeRedfern12/12/18

Lovely and Sexy Story

Very well told with lots of heart, soul, and best of all - sex. Made my evening darling!


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by BrendaNW12/10/18

lovely story

I used to sneak my girl things into my basket items and use self checkout .. but at some point I just told myself it is my business and I have every right to be myself. I started acting confident ( outwardlymore...

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by PinkPanties4me12/10/18

Great story!

Definitely a good fantasy! My wife and I wear our lingerie together, but this sounds more exciting!

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by stevegr12/10/18

Nicely written

I really liked this story, it was enjoyable. Please write more!

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by vickitvohio12/09/18

short story

I have to say, as short stories go, that was really well written. thanks for sharing it.

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