I Can’t Believe I Did It


* * *

Parting that night came all too soon. It seemed the night just flew by, although some parts seemed as if they would last forever, they didn't and we had moved on to another. Right then, it was time to move onto home where I would screw my husband silly and he'd do me in the morning. I wanted desperately to get to that part. I need it badly.

On the way home, George put his arm around me and leaned to say, "You looked flushed. Good night?"

"You have no idea," I told him and spun him around gave him a kiss that was as passionate as any I'd had that night maybe even more so. I pushed myself up against him and ground my pelvis into his. When I felt his erection, I ground in all the more. He began to grope me and when he started to pull my dress off my shoulders, I grabbed his zipper and pulled it down fishing out that erection. When the cool night air hit his member he came to his senses and looked around in a panic.

"Not here," he said hoarsely.

He grabbed my arm and spun me to face toward our house. He nearly ran as he dragged me there trying unsuccessfully to stuff his hard on back into his pants. Luckily, we were less than a hundred yards from the house. As the door slammed, he turned on me and stripped my dress straight down to the floor. Pulling me too him, he began to attack my already swollen nipples. If I hadn't already been on fire that would have been the spark to set it off. Apparently his imagination had been working over time and every little dirty thought he had, had turned him on. He was easily as hot as I was.

I clawed at his clothes like they were on fire and I was trying to keep him for getting burned. In reality he was already on fire and I wanted to join my fire with his and the clothes were in the way. I discovered later that his shirt needed three buttons replaced, I was so violent taking it off. His pants I just jerked past his hips, boxers and all, as soon as I got his belt undone. Our first time was right there standing up with me against the entry wall.

We had two more in the front room and finally made to the bedroom for number four. After a short nap, we went at it again just before dawn. Finally sated I slept until 10:30. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. I definitely need repair. Throwing on a robe, I removed my make up and brushed out my hair before going in search of George.

He was in kitchen with coffee and a stack of pancakes. He smiled as I walked in and got up to get me some coffee. I sat with my coffee and he retrieved a plate from the oven and dished up two hot cakes for me. We ate in silence. Then he refilled our coffee and suggested, "Let's go to the family room so you can tell me what really happened last night."

"Well, as you know," I said sitting on the couch, "the format was a little different than usual. I think Dan bribed the DJ to play more slow tunes and to start the night with them as well. Once the music started, we went to the dance floor. As we started to dance, he asked me if I was still in the mood I was last time. I told him I wanted to take up right where we left off. I really shocked myself to have said that."

George smirked. "What, you mean you didn't want to start off masturbating him?"

"Yeah, I know, that's what I thought as soon as I said it. Fortunately he didn't take me literally. Instead, he drew me close and put his hand on my butt. He slowly massaged it. When the song ended, he kissed me as before, only this time he went straight to licking my tonsils. Of course, I returned the favor. When the next song started I left my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer, if that was possible. I think he was looking ahead, because we really hadn't done anything near what had gone on last month, yet I could feel the stirrings of his erection already starting. This time he had both hands on my butt and occasionally pulled me into him so I could feel his arousal. I was getting to him and knowing that was getting to me. He hadn't even touched my boob and I could already feel my nipples standing up. I wondered if he could feel them as leaned I into his chest.

"We went several dances that way with the between dance kisses getting increasingly hotter. After about an hour he began to sneak a hand up to my boob while we were dancing and when the song ended, he had us in a dark corner and began to really it work over. I nearly exploded when I felt his thumb circle my erect nipple. The thin material of my dress was all that separated his thumb from my distended nipple. I felt myself get wet. At that moment I was his for the taking. Fortunately the next song started and we began dancing.

"When that number ended, we were in another dark corner and after thumbing my nipple through the material, he began to reach inside my dress. I broke our kiss and said, 'Not here.' As the next song began to play I led him the length of the room to the weight room door. I looked around and no one was looking, so I told him, 'I have to go to the ladies room. Wait for me in here,' as I opened the door.

"He gave me a quick kiss and said, 'Don't be long.'

"'I won't.' I headed to the women's room where I grabbed a couple of paper towels and went into a stall. I used the paper towel to wring some of the moisture out of the gusset of my panties and TP to dry myself. As I stood in front of the mirror repairing my lipstick I asked myself, God, am I really going to do this? Am I going to go meet Dan in the weight room and... and what? Bare my breasts? And then what? Oh God what a slut, I thought.

I marched out and, being careful not to look at anyone, went straight to the weight room door. I paused to see if any one was looking and then turned the handle. Dan was waiting inside.

"'I was beginning to think you weren't coming," he said, taking me in his arms. After he'd kissed me, he said, 'You know you could have come in here to use the restroom. I did a little exploring while you were gone. They have a dressing rooms with showers and a two restrooms. I guess they are for the pool. There's a door out to the pool.'

"Outside, I thought, outside would be perfect. Private but not so private that we would lose all restraint. 'I'm a bit warm. Let's go outside for a bit.'

"'The door is a crash bar and it's locked from the outside. If we go out, we won't be able to get back in.'

I looked around. Though it was dark in there, there was just enough light filtering in from the lounge that I could make out the exercise equipment. Some one had left a towel hanging on a treadmill. I grabbed it and said, 'I think we can get around that. Lead on.' He led me to the outside door. I dropped the towel on the threshold so that the door wouldn't close all the way as we went out.

"'Clever girl,' Dan said. It was just a little cooler than it had been inside, but still pleasantly warm. The flaw in the plan was the light over the door. No one inside would witness what we up to, but the pool was visible from the street. Just a little way to the left were three potted palms about six feet high that would provide cover from the street.

"Once in the shade of the palms, I put my arms around his neck and we kissed. The wait had cooled his ardor a little and instead of the frenzy I would have expected, he was soft and sensual in his approach. It must have been ten minutes or more before he went beyond fondling my butt and kissing my neck. His hand was almost tentative as it slipped lightly up my side stopping at my breast. He cupped it softly and his thumb began stroking my nipple. The passion I'd felt on the dance floor began to return.

"Soon I was rubbing my hips against him and he grew bolder and used his thumb to pull my dress aside as he searched for that nipple with his lips. When he reached it, I nearly screamed in ecstasy. He had a difficult time keeping the material away from my nipple, having to pull it away often. I reached up and pulled the material off my shoulder. As it fell away, he lifted his hand to let it fall and then cupped it again.

"I was going nuts. He kissed me with his tongue so deep I thought he could taste what I had for dinner. He took the initiative and pulled the other side of my dress down. Some how that made me think about just how far this might go, so to slow things down a bit I pulled the other side up from where it was hooked on my elbow. He lifted his head from my breast to give me a questioning look.

"'I don't want to be completely topless outside,' I told him.

"He nodded and went back to work on my exposed nipple. He pulled my hips closer to him and began kneading my butt as he continued to suckle my nipple. I was losing it so badly I was totally unaware of what else he was doing until I felt his finger tips slide off the edge of my panties onto my legs. He had worked my dress up to my waist and was exploring the thin nylon that covered my butt, playing with the elastic around leg openings. He kissed me and again pulled my hips into him. I could feel his erection pushing into my pubes and it felt good. I moaned a bit.


"He backed away a couple of inches and his right hand slipped around front and cupped my mons massaging it gently. I couldn't help myself; I bucked against the attention. I'm sure that he only intended to arouse me more, but that was impossible. When I felt his finger push my panties into the crease of my vulva and come in contact with my clitoris, I pulled him hard against my breast, bucked hard and started an orgasm. I was glad we were not on the dance floor like last month because I couldn't keep from crying out. He of course knew what was going on and worked hard at making it the best orgasm he could. It seemed to go on half the night, but I'm sure that it was only a few minutes. When I could take no more, I loosened my grip on him and took hold of his wrist. He took the hint and went back to just cupping me.


"After a minute, my breathing approached normal, and he let my dress fall back and he straightened up. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him pushing myself against him as if I was trying to merge with him. I broke the kiss when I became aware that his hard on was twitching as he pushed back.


"'You got me off and I've left you in need,' I observed. He only nodded. I knew what I had to do. I slipped out of his arms and unzipped his pants. Reaching inside, I found his throbbing member and struggled to pull it free. He nearly collapsed as I tried. He reached down and undid his belt and button so I could pull it out over the top of his shorts. Once it was out, I stepped to the side and began stroking it gently. He put his left hand against the wall and his right around me. I felt him shudder and he moaned, so I increased my pace. It didn't take long for him to shoot blasts of cum on the wall. Four in quick succession splattered the wall, the fifth fell short and hit the ground the sixth dribbled out and ended mostly on my hand. He nodded when he was done and I released him. He smiled as he tucked himself away and did up his pants. It was then that I realized I hadn't bothered to cover my bare boob. I blushed a little as I pulled my dress back over my shoulder. Then I had to smile at the absurdity of it.

"Here I had just been brought off manually by the man and then pulled his manhood out of his pants, masturbated him and I was embarrassed that I had left my boob bare?

"'We'd better get back inside,' I told him.

"As we went back in, he picked up the towel and tossed it into the hamper by the showers. It was then I realized I'd been holding my hand up because it was covered with his cum. I followed him toward the door to dance floor. 'You go out first and I'll follow,' I told him, 'in case someone sees us.'

"'OK, I'll be to the right a few steps,' he answered.

As I waited, I pondered what to do about the cum on my hand. I couldn't just pretend it wasn't there and I didn't want to wipe it on my dress. After a moments indecision, I simply licked it off. After all, it wasn't the first cum I'd ever had in my mouth. Something about that act turned me on all over again.

Here George jumped up kissed me. "God this story is hot," he said and pulled me to him. It was obvious that I was going to have to pause in my story because George had a pressing problem that I needed to take care of. It was pressing alright, pressing into my crotch, much the same as Dan's problem had the night before. I decided to do that with a blow job, so I could get back to the story quicker. I wanted George to know that what had happened up to that point was only the preamble.

I pulled his robe open and pushed him down on the couch. I knelt down and took him in my mouth. He moaned and put a hand to the back of my head as I swirled my tongue around the throbbing head. When I went down the first time, he twitched and tried not to ram it down my throat, but I could tell that's exactly what he wanted to do. I held him in one hand as I worked up and down his shaft and with the other, I fondled his balls. I knew from experience that the would get him or other men off in a hurry. I wasn't disappointed. As often happens in these situations, I couldn't contain all of it and some leaked out and ran down my chin, dripping on my breast.

When he was satisfied I asked, "Do you want to hear the rest of the story?"

"You mean there's more?"

"Oh yeah, much more.

"When I came out and joined Dan I was relieved that no one seemed to notice that I'd just come out of the weight room. A song had just ended, so Dan kissed me as if we'd just finished dancing to the tune.

"The next song was the first of the faster set. So we went out to get a drink and socialize a bit. You saw us out there. Remember? I flirted with you across the room. We pretty much calmed down over the next hour or so and were ready to dance some more when the DJ switched back to slow songs again. Back on the dance floor, Dan wasted no time heating me up.

"He grinned devilishly at me during the first dance as his hand made a quick pass over my boob, pausing only for his thumb to check the condition of my nipple. Every so often, he'd check their condition and you know what the result of that would be. Of course it didn't take long for him to find something for his thumb to play with and it took longer each time for that 'quick' pass to take place. By the end of the first song I was beginning to breathe a little irregularly and when he kissed me between songs, one of his hands worked over one of my boobs, especially the nipples.

"By the end of the fifth song, he suggested a break in the weight room. We carefully slipped into the room, making sure we were unobserved. This time he sent me in ahead. I think he didn't want to wait for me and he didn't make me wait long either. Once inside, he backed me against the wall for a passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss he asked, 'I suppose you'd like a little more privacy?' I nodded and he took my hand and led me to the nearest changing room which connected with the shower around a corner. There was a light in both the changing room and the shower. He switched on the light only in the shower giving the room we were in a soft glow of light reflected off the wall.

"He smiled and kissed me again. Soon we were necking like teenagers. His hands came to my shoulders and peeled my dress down to my waist on both sides. 'We're not outside,' he commented. I nodded and slipped my arms out and put them back around his neck for a passionate, tonsil probing kiss. The sheer naughtiness of it all made me giddy. Here I was, standing in the semi-darkness kissing a man who wasn't my husband, topless, except for my shelf bra, which did nothing to hide my breasts, rather presented them instead. This last was not unnoticed by Dan. Soon he was sucking first one and then another. His hand wandered all over my bare back, but settled lower when he discovered the dress had an elastic waist band. He reached inside to fondle my pantied butt again. He got his hands all the way down to the thighs and cupped my butt to pull me into his crotch and kissed me. It was obvious he was as turned on as I was; I could feel it. When he broke the kiss and bent down to suck my nipple, his hands moved down and to the side. The result was my dress came down over my butt and hips. After that, it quickly slipped to the floor. I thought, what a slut, now I'm nearly naked with this man who's sucking my tits and exploring my bare body. I was on fire.

"In an effort to level the playing field, I unbuttoned his shirt so I could hold his bare chest against mine. My arms around his neck again, we shared a smoldering kiss. I remember wondering if he could feel the heat I felt in my nipples. He could certainly feel them pressing into his chest, they were rock hard. The feel of his bare chest against them stoked the fire in my groin. My aggressiveness cause him to begin dry humping me as his hands wandered inside my panties to fondle my bare butt. I thought, God, is he going to take my panties off? The answer came back, Probably. I had to be the one steering this so I quickly sat on the bench behind me and undid his pants. This time I simply pulled them down, his shorts and all.

"I looked up at him and said, 'We're not outside.' He nodded as I began stroking him. I was looking at his cock only a foot from my face as I reached up to fondle his balls. My mind's eye remembered the last time I had a hold of this cock and how it had spurted on the wall. I couldn't think it would be good to just let him ejaculate all over in here, so I leaned forward and took him in my mouth. You're a slut, I told myself. Then I argued, George told me, 'I'll leave that up to you,' so hand job or oral is my decision. With that, I made up my mind that he was going to get the blowjob of his life. I took him as deeply as I could and worried it back and forth, then sliding back up, I swirled my tongue around it, concentrating on the under side of the head. Then back down again for a repeat performances. I stroked him as I teased the under side of the head. He hips began to pulse back and forth as one hand went to the back of my head and the other steadied him on the wall. It was then I started to bob my head in earnest. Shortly he said, 'I'm ready,' and I redoubled my efforts. He quickly exploded in my mouth. I'd have thought, given this was his second of the night, that he'd have not had much to offer, but that was not the case. This ejaculation was every bit as large as the one staining the wall outside.

"His hips bucked as he shot each load. I pulled back to keep just the end in my mouth and the hand that and been toying with his balls joined my other hand in an effort to keep him form sinking in balls deep. My other concern was keeping the end of it in my mouth as he gyrated jerkily to keep the cum from splattering everywhere. In the end, I didn't contain it all. Not from letting the throbbing member get out, but from the sheer volume and my inability to swallow fast enough. When he finally stopped, my chin was slick with his spunk. I used a finger to scoop it off and stuck the finger in my mouth. I then returned my attention to that man meat that I'd just taken the offering from. I cleaned up the remaining drips as I milked them out of him.

"He stood, leaning against the wall and looking down at me. 'Let me help you now,' he said and knelt in front of me pushing my legs apart. If he'd been as young as you are and able to hold an erection like you do, dear husband, he could have simply pulled my panties aside and stuffed that glorious tool into me and, at the moment, I'd have been glad to take it. But that wasn't the case, he was only at half mast and loosing ground. He did pull my panties aside, but instead of a penis, his right thumb up inside and he positioned his left at my clit. The two of them each performing a separate, but integral part of driving me headlong to a massive orgasm. The right thumb found a spot inside that I have to believe is my G spot and as soon as he touched it I had no doubt that he'd get me off. His left thumb worked in concert and soon my senses over loaded. I began trashing around so much I'm surprised that I didn't fall off the bench. I think it was the fact he was kneeling between my legs with his elbows against my thighs that kept me on the bench.

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