tagInterracial LoveI Can't Believe He Did This To Me

I Can't Believe He Did This To Me


"I don't want to ever see you again. Remember, no calls, no texts, no videos, no pictures. I'm through with your sorry black ass. How could I have been such a fool." Joan was determined to say good-bye to Jim and this time for good.

"You will be back you cock sucker and you know it. You can't live without my black ass in your life. Next time I won't take you back. You sicken me and don't try anything smart. I know your ways." Jim was angry and wished after he said he wouldn't take Joan back but he would in a heartbeat.

Joan and Jim were having an affair for over 5 years and then she caught him in a lie and he was trying so hard to get out of it but this time he thinks he made a big mistake and he knows in his heart that he is in love with her and depends on her that he is going to go out of his mind without her. She was harsh and hurt and he had to find a way to get her back into his life and in his bed.

Jim is married because it was the right thing to do. He got his girlfriend who is now his wife pregnant with their first child and felt it was honorable to marry her and make it look good for this black man to do right by this white girl. They also had another child 7 years after they were married because his wife thought he was screwing around and he got out of it. He was a good liar and knew the ins and outs of getting his black ass out of trouble.

Joan and Jim met over 6 years ago at a trade show that the company she worked for gave her the responsibility of running the booth at the trade show for them and the same applied to Jim. They knew each other through their jobs but never met each other in person. After finding out that they would be there the same days, they arranged to meet each other and have some drinks after their dinners. Luck must have been on their side as their booths/tables were located next to each other.

Before they headed out to the large room where hundreds and hundreds of other companies would be pushing their products, they text each other and found out too that they were in the same hotel and one floor separated them. They agreed to meet at the bar in the lobby before they would have to get ready for a evening of speeches over a long drawn out dinner where everyone got to meet others.

Joan spent weeks getting all new clothes for this 4 day event and knew she wanted to see if she could get the attention of this "hot" guy whom she believes that they have been flirting with each other. They started off on the right foot and continued by teasing each other and then it even had some sexual tones. They were careful not to let on to anyone in their offices that they were acting this way.

Jim knew Joan was divorced and didn't have any children and Joan knew of Jim's wife and children but they still continued being very friendly. Jim did want to meet her sooner, but she didn't want to make any moves like that while she was still married to her lying and cheating husband. Just because he did, she didn't want to be in the same boat as he was in his ways of women, drugs and constantly lying to her.

Joan picked out this great dress that showed her great breasts that were 44DD. It was red and she remembered that Jim told her that was his favorite color. She wore a small white jacket to cover the "girls" so they wouldn't me the only reason Jim gave her attention. He did mention to her a few times that he loved big tits and she had them. She mentioned once before knowing that he was black that she had always wanted to know what it was like to be with a black man. They had some really odd conversations but maybe they were both curious about each other from those talks or just curious period.

Jim wore a pair of white slacks with a white blazer with a red shirt with the top button opened revealing a gold chain he wore around his neck. He remembers telling Joan how he loved the color red and was hoping that she might be wearing red for him. Jim got to the bar first and within two minutes Joan was approaching the bar and got her first glimpse of Jim and was getting wet in her panties. As she got closer, Jim could see this vision of a big tit woman with a beautiful red dress. As she stood in front of him, he extended his large black hand and she took it in her small white hand and give him a kiss, smack on the lips. "So nice to put a face with a voice. I'm so happy to meet you" said Joan as she saw the heart melting smile on Jim's face.

"Likewise Joan. You are more beautiful than you told me. You told me that you weren't that pretty. How wrong you were."

Joan did that Jim for the kind words and expressed to him that he was so bad himself.

They spent the next hour laughing and joking and and enjoying each others company as they prepared themselves for the next three hours of boring speeches. They also agreed to meet after it was over for a night cap.

As expected, it was boring with a capital "B" but the food and drink were great and they got to sit together for dinner. One of the big companies approached the both of them and told them they really knew a lot about their prospective companies and had offered them jobs with his company for $20,000 a year more, raises twice a year, bonus checks when the company does well for the quarter and 4 weeks a year paid vacation and unlimited sick and personal days. They would also get company cars and all expense paid business trips. It was a lot for the both of them to take in and it seems all too good to be true.

As they approached the bar in the lobby, the decided to buy a bottle and bring it to one of their rooms where they could be more comfortable and be out of the sight of others. Jim offered his room and Joan said the could meet in their room the next night. They discussed the offer they both received and thought about it and talked about it and at the end of the trade show they would have to give their answers.

Jim said that he probably take it because he was in a little financial crisis at home and could sure use the extra cash every month. Joan said that she was thinking of leaving her place awhile ago but said she didn't want to leave and lose their friendship. She never let on to Jim about this but she explained it to him and he was very touched. They loved the idea of the two of them working together and knew that they would get along and how well they could be together as a team.

As the time ticked away, they realized they polished off the entire bottle and they had to be up and on the floor by 9:00 am and it was getting close to 1:00 am. Joan was getting up and telling him that she had to be going, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately. Joan responded and kissed him deeply and didn't want to let go. He kissed her neck and pushed down the straps of her dress and then reached out to squeeze her tits. Joan was getting all wet again and she would allow this to happen to her and then he sat her on his bed and started to undress herself and then she helped him as he started to undress himself.

Before you knew it, they were on the bed completely naked and their tongues tied up and their hands exploring each others body and it was getting hot and heavy fast. They broke the kiss and Joan got on her knees and took Jim's extra large black cock into one hand and cupped his cum filled balls with the other. She looked up to him and he said "Please suck me off" and she began to suck and lick his cock like she has never done before in her life. The huge cock is the biggest she has ever seen up close and personal and is enjoying every minute of it. She deep throat that cock and suck and he moaned with pleasure as she ran her tongue up and down the throbbing and ever growing cock. She could feel him getting longer and wider and then he gently pushed her head away released his cock from her mouth and rolled her underneath himself as she separated her legs that were covered in her own juices. He slowly entered her shaven white pussy with his cock and then started to thrust in and out of her and the rhythm of their love making started.

Both of them were moaning with joy as he pumped in and out of her pussy stretching her beyond where she has ever been before. She was so happy she was in tears and he feared he hurt her and she said "I'm just so happy and I've never been so full before. Don't stop Jim. I love it, I want it and I need it" and with that she came all over his cock and he was still hard and he flipped her over and she was on all four's as he entered her from behind and pumped in and out as she moaned with joy and he was slapped her big white ass as he pumped. He took the time to lubricate his cock with her juices and entered her ass and she gasped but he took it slow as he put a little of his cock at a time.

"I've never had anal sex before Jim. Please be gentle. That's it, nice and EASY..." as she felt his throbbing cock completely fit inside her hole as he pumped and pulled in and out of her ass and he whispered "I have to cum. Where do you want it?" Joan replied, "I want to taste your juices and I want to wear it." No sooner did he pulled from deep into her asshole he turned to face her with his cock directed right at her face as he shot his load and it went in her hair and all over her face and then down to her tits and down her throat and she was smiling as Jim moaned and smiled too.

Jim and Joan both laid on their backs and trying to catch their breaths turned to each other and smiled and hugged. They fell asleep in each others arms to only be awakened by the alarm on Jim's cell that he had set earlier as a reminder to take his medication. They got up and showered together and realized that they had to be out of bed and at breakfast in three hours. They slept together and got up and then Joan went to her room to get dressed and Jim followed her bringing his clothes and they were all smiles all day and breakfast went by fast.

They set up and the day just flew by as they presented their products, broke together for lunch and it was all done for the day at 3:00. After just closing up the area where they were set up until the morning, they had headed back to their rooms and Jim went into Joan's room and they kissed and started to make out and then they were having mad passionate sex again and had to get ready in three hours for cocktail hour before another big dinner but no speeches this time and they would be done by 9:00.

They spent the night in Joan's room talking and discussing the day's events and briefly discussed taking the positions that they were offered with the other company. Jim said he would take it if she was and she said she would if he was. The dinner was great and they met with the man who offered them the position and they both agreed to come and work for him and had to give their present company a month's notice before coming and he agreed to that.

The night was interesting as Joan broke the news to Jim that she has fallen in love with him. She also informed him that she would never, ever come between him and his family and he said that the only love that is in that house is the love he has for his two daughters. He went on to explain that he stays with his wife because of the girls but he knows that I would be good to his girls and he would plan on asking his wife for a divorce. He asked Joan why if she didn't mind him asking why she got divorced. She said her husband was a drug user,liar and a cheat. But what he didn't know was that her husband abused her physically and mentally.

After telling him how he would beat her up and destroy some of her belongings, he promised to make sure he always took good care of her and would never use his hand on her in an evil way. She cried and told him that she would like that.

After the trade show they agreed to see each other once a week and he was going to take the new job and serve his wife with the divorce papers in a few weeks. They both went into their bosses and gave their notices. Joan's boss was very shaken but accepted her resignation and told her that she was always welcome back to work for them at any time. He didn't have any means right now of offering her more money and wished he did. Jim's boss was very upset with him and told him that he would be making a mistake leaving there because he was due for a large raise and promotion but it would not be anywhere near what he was offered. He reminded Jim that he has helped him over the years with things and Jim said he did appreciate it but he had to get his finances back in order and told him of his pending divorce.

Jim's wife did not want a divorce and she fought him and told him that she loved him and to give her a little more time and Joan was patient and reminded him she wasn't going to get in the way and she would wait for him no matter how long it took. Jim's wife dragged him for over five years which Jim and Joan just kept getting closer and their affair was so intense. He spend a lot of time at her place when he told his wife he was working late because had to learn another phase or a new product line and she bought it all, hook, line and sinker.

Several weeks ago, Jim and Joan were due to go away to New Mexico on business and she was buying some new clothes for the trip and got some for Jim. He loved the way she paired her outfits and asked for her help several times and helping him to "match" out some outfits for him. There was one night he said he was going to be late as he had to pick something up from home that he forgot he had until he knew he had to go out and buy it.

After Jim arrived at Joan's, she noticed that he smelled like liquor and perfume and asked him what was the scoop and he said nothing at all and he continued packing. She noticed he had his cell phone with him every step of the way that night and usually left it out exposed and not hidden or on his person as he did that night. It rang and he excused himself saying he had to take this call from his best friend Eddie who Joan did get to meet and knew he had some "women" issues.

Jim finished his call and said he had to go and see Eddie in an hour because he had some money to give him that he owed him and thought he would get it before we went away. I was working really hard on the project we were working on and fell asleep on the couch. Jim slipped back into the house and noticed that Joan was sleeping as he was on the cell and told the person on the other end "I love you too". Joan heard what he said but didn't get up to question what she just her.

She laid there long enough to hear Jim say that they would meet after he got back from his trip. Again she said nothing and this is what did it for her: "I have never enjoyed having sex with anyone like I do with you". With that Joan asked who was on the phone and Jim tried to speak and at first nothing came out and then he said he was speaking to "Eddie" and she reminded him that he just left Eddie and he paused and said that Eddie forgot to tell him something. As he put down the cell and headed to the bathroom, she noticed a text come in and the display lit up and said it was "Mary" and she was floored.

Jim came out of the bathroom and she calmly asked him who Mary was and all he could say was "a friend" and she didn't believe him. She questioned the booze on his breath and the perfume scent all over him and he said that he and Eddie were drinking and Eddie's "latest love" was there too and her perfume was strong. She hugged him and was glad to meet the man Eddie talked so highly of.

It was very unsettling for Joan as she asked him why he smelled that way when he got home too and he stumbled again and said he had a drink with the boss but he didn't know he smelled like perfume. She asked him why he was lying. She knew he was and he was trying to get out of it. She wondered how long has he been going behind her back and seeing another woman or women. "Are you tired of me Jim" asked Joan and he replied "No why do you say that?" Joan replied because she knew that Mary was more than just "a friend".

They began to argue and say very ugly things to each other and she said that she was very unhappy with him right now told him to go on the trip himself and she wouldn't be joining him. She was upset with him and was so hurt. He was cheating on her after telling her lies and she was beside herself. She was taking such good care of him and she would make sure he had the best of clothes, all of the newest for his video game, money in his pocket. She thought that she was sexually satisfying him because he told her so but after hearing him say how great his sex life is now, she was beside herself.

After a few hours he admitted to be seeing Mary behind her back and didn't want to hurt her. She reminded him that he was lying to her and was very upset he would go elsewhere to get happiness when he told her all the time that she was his happiness. She told him to rid of her now and fast or she was leaving him. He insisted Mary was just a friend when his phone rang and it was Mary. She demanded he tell her right then and there that he couldn't see her anymore and he couldn't do it. Joan was so angry and told him to never come back.

After getting all his belongings that he kept at her place, she told him to go to her place now and to take his shit with him. She cried for days and weeks and couldn't get over him. She had to act normal on the business trip when they were together not to cause any waves but she hated him.

What would you do in her shoes?? Please share and I will have a new chapter soon to let you know what the next moves were.

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