tagInterracial LoveI Can't Choose Ch. 02

I Can't Choose Ch. 02


It has now been 2 years since I had my still born and once and a while I will go to see my therapist but I am dealing so much better.

Jim and Dwayne are both still in the picture but the strangest thing has happened. I was on a business trip being held in Las Vegas, about 6 months ago and I had 2 free days before I had to make my presentation so I spent it shopping and treating myself as I had shut myself out of the things I loved the most in shopping and dating. Jim and Dwayne have been come friends and we all go out for dinner and dancing and drinking etc. and it is really nice that we can get along.

While on the slot machines in my hotel, this black man sat next to me and something inside me started to stir. He was not like Jim nor like Dwayne and I felt myself attracted to him. I didn't know if I was ready to make conversation because I wasn't sure if I wanted to start another relationship. I sat there and won a small jackpot of $ 250 and I was all except - found money I thought and I didn't have to share it with anyone. I never feel like that greedy person, but I wanted to take care of me this time. I know the guys have been helping me and maybe I should share by getting them something from here or taking them out when I get back but didn't know.

The handsome hunk that was next to me turned to me and said "I wish I could have some good luck, I'm happy for you, my name is Jared". I told him my name is Nancy and I think you will be having some good luck soon." With that Jared put 3 dollars in the machine and he won $1000. I couldn't be happier for him and he thanked me for bringing him good luck. He asked if I was alone or waiting for my husband or boyfriend and I told him I was alone. He offered to buy me dinner and wanted to get to know his "good luck charm" and I figured what the hell and I said, "I'd love to".

He had to wait for them to fill up his machine and give him his payoff, while mine was on a voucher. We went to redeem our money and made our way into the Italian Bistro that smelled like an Italian heaven. We had to sit at the bar as we had to wait for our table. We ordered our drinks and start talking about ourselves and in 10 minutes, I felt as if I knew Jared forever and he told me he felt that way about me. We got our table and we had a terrific and very delicious meal from appetizer to dessert. We ended with an after dinner drink. I didn't feel right having him pay for the dinner because I didn't realize that the place was so pricey. He insisted that he pay and would hear nothing else.

I thanked him with a hug and even got up the nerve to kiss him, right on those full lips of his. He didn't seem to mind it as he kissed me back and even slipped in his huge tongue which he had no idea was my favorite way of kissing. He took me by the hand and we walked around the casino and stopped in some of the shops and were talking and it seemed like we were hitting it off. I was suppose to call Jim and Dwayne and I didn't know how I could do it and not mention anything to Jared. I excused myself and went to the nearest ladies room and placed a call to the guys. They happened to be going out together that night and were very happy I called and asked if I was having a good time and I told them yes. It was very hard to hear them as they were in the club that we always frequented and music was always so loud. I wanted to mention meeting Jared, but hey I just met him so I didn't want to put the whammy on it.

I came out and there was Jared carrying a yellow rose and wearing a big smile. He bought me the flower and and told me that he loved yellow roses and he wanted me to have one. We went to place a few more slots and were hitting small amounts like 50 and 100 dollars and then decided to call it a night on the gambling end. He asked me to join him in his hotel room and told me that if I didn't feel comfortable doing that he would understand. He should only know that my preference is black men over and other and I told him that I would.

He was only 2 doors away from my room. I wonder if I didn't run into him at the slots if I would have seen him either going into or leaving his room. His room was almost like mine but he had 1 king size bed and my room had 2 queens and he had a whirlpool and I had a sauna. We got into his room and we sat on the bed and started to kiss softly and the touching each other and before I knew it he was unbuttoning my blouse and I was unbuttoning his shirt. He wasn't wearing a tee shirt so I so his very muscular chest where he had curly hair sparsely on his chest and had the cutest nipples that looked like large chocolate Hershey kisses. I buried my head into his chest and licked his nipples and the hardened almost instantly.

He opened my blouse to find my black laced bra that fastened from the front which he opened to release my huge white titties that were staring him right in the face. He cupped one with his hand and rubbed his thumb on my nipple while he took the other in his mouth and nibbled on my nipple. He then took the one that was in his hand and squeezed and my nipples were at attention. He started to remove his pants and I did the same with mine. We were both sitting in our underwear; him in his sexy boxers and I had my black lace panties that were the other part of the matching bra.

He slowly put me down on the bed and removed my panties and he was above me now as he was playing with my titties and finger fucking me with his huge black fingers, I felt myself getting really wet and he said he was prepping me. He then removed his boxers and out came his huge black cock. It wasn't overly huge as some stereotypical stories lead people to believe that black men have this over sized cocks and that to me isn't a turn on. If a man's cock is large, it's okay, but I don't base how I feel by the size of their cocks. It was actually bigger than Jim's and Dwayne's in length but they were all thick an juicy. I asked him if he would like a blow job and he said he would.

I went down on him like a hungry who hasn't eaten in days. I sucked and I licked and I nibbled and then playing with his balls that were getting more full as I sucked and played with him. He said he wanted to fuck me so bad so I stopped the sucking and we starting fucking like I have never had sex before. We were at it and he was hard like forever. He sucked and played with my titties as he thrust into me harder with each time of entry. He then flipped me over and asked me to get on all fours. He wanted to do it doggy style as that was his favorite and asked me if I like anal sex and I told him I loved it. He noticed that I was pretty open and not tight and said that I must have had some pretty huge cocks in there as he entered me entirely in about 2 thrusts.

After pumping my white ass with his black cock, he pulled on a put me on my back. He entered my shaved white pussy again and again and then told me he had to cum. He was so full and I told him that I swallowed but I wanted to wear his load. He fed me some of his juices in my mouth while the remainder of his load he shot all over my face and all over my chest and all over my titties.

We laid down and fell asleep and awoke to shower and head over to my room and had another love making session. We spent a good part of the day together and told him I had to be back earlier that night to practice my presentation and he said he would help me that I could read it to him and he would give me some tips and pep talk and I was happy. I haven't given a presentation since I lost my baby Michael.

I practiced my presentation speech on Jared and he gave me pointers on the speech and how to position myself for the people to get the full effect of my presentation.

We ordered room service and we had a nice dinner of lamb chops, mint jelly, glazed carrots and New York style cheesecake topped with fresh raspberries on top. He wanted me to loosen up and we end up having another great sexual experience. He said he would be waiting for my call tomorrow after my presentation to find out how I did. He programmed his number in my phone and mine in his. He said he would lay down with me until I fell asleep and would call me before my meeting that morning.

I woke up to room service delivering a light breakfast of a cheese danish and a cup of hazelnut coffee and orange juice. Jared called as my breakfast was delivered and wished me the best. I finished my breakfast and took my shower and got ready for the meeting. I wasn't as nervous as I was in the past and I knew Jared had put me at ease.

I arrived at the meeting and met with all the people I had to and sat with the people I was set up to meet. It was my turn to speak and I did exactly what he told me and I was so relaxed. I was given many compliments on my presentation and they asked that I meet them for drinks at 4:00 that afternoon. I called Jared and told him that they gave me a lot of compliment and invited me for drinks at 4:00 that I accepted. He told me that he would meet me later on in the casino and we could have maybe a snack or dinner if neither of us had eaten.

The meeting at 4:00 went well and I was advised that they would be using our company and our products for their project and they thought I sold the company to them very well. I could wait to let my boss know and he said he was proud of me and told me to take the next week off and stay there and he would wire me extra money and have my room rented until the following Saturday.

Jared was very happy for me and we shared a wonderful dinner of seafood and steak and went to my room and made love. He had to leave on Monday and I told him my time here was extended by my boss and he said we would have to see each other after this. He was going to ask for a transfer to their New Jersey office and he would let me know if they offer anything there for him. I was thrilled about how he felt about me and felt things for Jared I never felt for the others.

Oh my, the others. How was I going to explain that I met this great guy and I wouldn't be picking either one of them. I finished my stay and headed home and they had a welcome home and congratulations party for me with some of our friends. I told them about Jared and they didn't take it to badly and they still wanted us all to party. They also wanted to meet Jared and make sure he was going to be good enough for me. They liked him and I then had to explain them to Jared and he seemed a little surprised about our "strange" relationship, but wanted to make it clear to me and to them that I was his girl now and would still allow us to all be friends.

Jared and I have moved in together. I got a promotion and a wonderful increase and my love life is back on track. I still have my friends Jim and Dwayne and I am madly in love with Jared. My friends and family have excepted him, well most of them but the one friend of mine who didn't like him admitted to another friend that she was jealous of me.

I didn't have to chose between Jim and Dwayne now that I have met and fallen in love with Jared. I am actually happier than I have ever been.

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