tagRomanceI Can't Sleep

I Can't Sleep


She was cold. Barely awake and aware of her surroundings, she realized she had no blankets over her and her satin nightgown was twisted around her waist. She had been sleeping fitfully all night, tossing and turning. This was the third time she awoke in the last couple of hours and she had only gone to bed three hours ago.

When she started to toss and turn, he moved to the guest bedroom, both so she could turn on the light to read and he could sleep—he knew when she got like this, she needed to read to help take her mind off of work.

Work had been making her crazy—a new operations manager, two new scheduling clerks, and new computer system had all added up to make her life miserable the last two weeks. She was working long hours and couldn't get her mind off of the office when she got home in the evenings. Tonight was no exception, and now she found herself awake again.

She climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. She was freezing and her neck and shoulders ached from the tension she had been feeling lately. She decided to take a hot bath. She filled the bathtub, lit a couple of candles and lowered her body into the soothing water. The warmth engulfed her and she immediately felt better now that she wasn't cold.

She let the hot water soak her aching muscles, but her mind continued to return to work. She couldn't stop stewing about all the problems they were facing and how it seemed like no one knew what they were doing.

She also worried that she had kicked him out bed. He had been good about her long hours, often having dinner ready or a movie rental to watch when she arrived home. But lately he ended up sleeping in the guest room because she couldn't fall asleep and read late into the night. And then once she finally turned off the lights, she was all over the bed, tossing from side to side.

They had also neglected sex—they hadn't made love in several weeks. She was so tired and distracted at bedtime that she had ignored her own needs and desires. But now as her flesh was warmed by the hot water and she lathered herself with soap, she realized her body missed his touch and his passion and the pleasure he could bring her. She rubbed the bar of soap around her breasts and down her stomach to her pussy. She slid the bar through her hairless mound and began to arouse herself with the soapy lubrication. But she realized she wanted more...

She rinsed off and drained the tub and wrapped a towel around her wet body. She blew out the candles, towel dried her hair, put on perfume, and went to the guest room.

The entire house was dark, but the street light outside their house cast a glow through the window across the guest bed and she could make out the outline of his body under the covers. She could hear his breathing and see his dark hair on the pillow, his body turned away from the door on its side.

She dropped her towel and slid her damp body under the covers and spooned against his back, slipping her arm around his chest. His body jumped with a start, not realizing what was going on. She quickly whispered in his ear, "Sssh, it's okay, it's me," and she pulled him close to her so that her breasts pressed against his back and his ass filled the curve at her waist and hips and pressed against her pussy.

"You okay? You're all wet," he whispered back.

"Yeah, I took a bath. I can't sleep," she replied.

She began to fondle the hair on his chest, running her fingers through the tangle.

"What time is it?" he asked in a sleepy voice.

"I don't know...late." She paused and then whispered, "I can't stop thinking about work. You have to take my mind off of it."

Now he understood what was going on. He felt her damp, warm skin against his body; he smelled her perfume, a scent he was so familiar with; and he felt her gentle touch as she caressed his chest. He rolled over and faced her and realized she was naked, her soft breasts grazing his arm, her legs smooth and pressing against his.

"Lay down," he whispered as he reached his hand around her back and guided her to lay flat on her stomach. He began to squeeze her neck with his fingers, slowly massaging her muscles and skin. She arched her neck towards the bed, exposing the flesh under her hair, and his fingers climbed her spine to the base of her skull, kneading away the tension.

He knelt beside her and used both hands to massage her shoulders. Rising above her, he brought the strength of his masculine arms to bear on her shoulders blades, and she moaned softly as he pressed away the pain in her muscles. He was strong and his broad hands worked her flesh, the tension escaping inch by inch.

He massaged her upper arms, then back to her shoulders and down to her lower back, kneading the muscles from her spine out to her hips. As he worked her lower back, he placed one knee between her legs and straddled her thigh. His knee grazed her pussy as he leaned over her back to center the massage, and she widened her thighs in anticipation.

He massaged hard, but it felt good, releasing all the tension in her back, and she stopped thinking about work wondering where he would touch her next. As if to oblige her imagination, his hands worked their way to her ass where he squeezed her round flesh sending waves of pleasure through her skin to her groin and beyond. He began to rub each thigh, pressing her flesh and moving down to her calves. He bent each leg at the knee and worked her calve muscles, and then her feet.

She was in massage ecstasy as his hands soothed her aching body. She imaged that this must be what it feels like for a professional athlete after they work out. Every muscle in her body was releasing the tension held inside.

Suddenly he began to kiss her calves and slowly move his lips up her leg to the back of her thigh, at the same time spreading her legs. His moist lips sent a chill through her body and she was suddenly aware of her own wetness and the excitement she felt. She wanted him to lick her pussy...to suck her clit...but his mouth continued up her thigh to her ass and he began to passionately kiss her flesh. Then he moved up her back, leaving a trail of kisses and licks until he reached her neck where he began to lightly suck.

The massage had turned into passion and she wanted him inside her. Her clit was beginning to throb and he hadn't even touched it yet. Still on her stomach, she turned her head to the side, hunching her shoulders to keep him from giving her a hickey. He stopped kissing her and asked her to roll over. As she moved to her back, he climbed off the bed, reached for something on the floor, then stood next to her.

Before she realized what he was doing, he had taken the tie from her bathrobe and was binding her hands above her head. Then he knelt next to her head and brought his cock to her mouth, pressing it against her lips. Instinctively she opened her mouth and took him inside.

He was completely erect and his swollen rod filled her mouth. She moved her lips over the length of his shaft to its base and then drew back to the head, lightly dragging her teeth over his foreskin. She rolled to her side and with her bound hands grabbed the base of his shaft so she could control his movement, and she began to let him fuck her mouth.

He moved in and out, faster and faster, and she knew he was going to cum, but she didn't want him to yet so she pulled her mouth away. "I want you inside me," she pleaded.

"Not yet," he replied and rolled her on her back, knelt between her legs and began to gently kiss her nipples, then sucked each one. At the same time he squeezed her soft fullness, massaging her breasts and squeezing each one into a long cone so that more would fit in his mouth.

Finally his mouth descended across her stomach to the smooth area just above her mound. He kissed lightly and then slowly ran his tongue to the folds of skin of her pussy. He parted her with his tongue and licked from base of her opening to her clit and back again. He swirled his tongue inside her and tasted her wetness, her moisture coating his tongue. He covered her pussy with his mouth, sucking her labia between his lips, moving closer and closer to her clit.

She ached for him and she cried out, "Suck me!" He circled her clit with his tongue, deliberately grazing it; then he began to stroke it slowly, pushing back the skin to expose the tip. She twisted her hips, lifting her pussy to him. He surrounded her clit with his entire mouth, forming suction, and began to draw her clit into his mouth sucking hard, then soft...hard, then soft.

She began to moan with pleasure and tightened her legs around his head, then loosened them. He grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her close, tightening his access to her clit. He licked then sucked, licked then sucked. She raised her head and shoulders off the bed and he could tell she was about to cum. He found the exact spot on her clit and applied constant strokes.

She cried out, "I'M CUMMING!" and her pussy burst with pleasure. Her body trembled with each pulse of her orgasm and he could feel her quiver with each wave of desire. Finally she grabbed his head and pulled him towards her. "Fuck me."

He rose above her holding himself up with his arms and she reached for his cock, guiding it into her pussy. After two or three short strokes, he slid all the way inside her, filling her depth with his swollen mass. She was wet and he moved in and out of her easily. She raised her legs wide into the air and clamped them around his ass, drawing his thrusts deeper and deeper.

They kissed, her tongue probing his mouth wildly and sucking his tongue into her mouth. "I want you to explode," she whispered in his ear, and as if her words were a trigger, he thrust two more times and obliged. She could feel his body shuddered from the orgasm and she tighten her legs around his ass, pressing him deep inside her.

Once his pleasure was complete, he crumpled beside her on his back, sweating and panting. He had cum quickly and now wanted to be sure her mind was free from the worries of work. Before she had time to move from lying on her back, he reached for her pussy with his finger and began to probe for her clit. She was wet from their passion and his finger easily slid between her labia and found its destination. At the same time, he rolled into her side and began to suck her nipple.

She spread her legs and he started to masturbate her. "Not too hard," she warned, and he tried to center his touch on the tip of her clit, but after a few moments he wasn't having luck making her cum again. He stopped rubbing and untied her hands. He whispered in her ear, "You do it."

She took her finger and immediately found the exact spot on her clit, pushing back the hood of skin around the tip. With him still sucking her nipples, she finish what he had started, an intense orgasm spreading through her crotch and out through her ass and thighs. As quickly as she climaxed herself, she stopped and turned into him. She reached for his cock to give him equal pleasure, but he was limp from the climax he had experienced only moments earlier.

"I guess you can't cum again right now," she joked. "I'm good. You were fantastic," he replied, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. Within minutes her breathing slowed and she fell asleep, free of her worries for at least this night.

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