tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Convince Women To Pose Nude

I Convince Women To Pose Nude


I have a talent for getting average prim and proper middle aged women, most of them married, to pose nude. More importantly I convince them to let me play with their tits and pussies and pose them anyway I want –all in front of a filming video camera. These are school teachers, bank tellers, you name it. I just love it. To give you an idea of how I work, I will describe one example that I will call the 'Blonde on the Beach.'

Setting Up

One usually successful strategy is to locate a good spot on a beach. In this case it is a beach in Mexico that is frequented by both Americans and Europeans. This spot is deserted and at the far end of the beach that is quite a distance from the nearest town. Anyone who reaches this spot has to turn around because of a big jetty made of nasty rocks. I set up my camera on a tripod about 300 feet before anyone walking on the beach would reach the jetty, so any women who get out this far have to pass me twice--once on the way out and then again after they turn around. I scope them out as they pass the first time and see how they react to the camera. Then I wait to make my pitch on the way back.

After a few unsuccessful tries I spot a likely prospect. She is about 37 years old, alone, topless (so half my work is already done), a good looking blonde for her age with huge tits who has been out in the sun too long. She appears slightly tipsy --either because she had a little too much to drink, or maybe because she is 'sun drunk,' or maybe she was just being a blonde. To set the stage I ask her on her first pass by me if she were 'Claudette from the agency.' She replies 'No, sorry,' and I could tell from her accent she was American. I moved the camera around in a very obvious manner to make it clear I am filming her as she walks. She seemed a bit upset but too meek to object -- a good sign.

Casting the Bait

On her second pass I have to act quickly so I blurt out a whole sad story before she has a chance to refuse. 'Excuse me madam,' I say, 'but by some wild chance can I convince you to do an audition tape for a European bath oil commercial –it is for a product not sold in the US and the ad will only be shown in Europe. I flew all the way down here to do some audition shots and two of the prospects have not shown up—even though I paid for their tickets. We are looking for someone very attractive like yourself, but not 'super model' material. We want someone who the average woman can identify with. Someone they can look at and say ‘Gee I think I have a chance to look just like that if I use this product’. You would be absolutely perfect---you are very attractive, but still your naturally beautiful looks are attainable for the average woman. Can I interview you on film for the sponsors? '

She stops and replies, 'Oh I don’t know—I must look a mess' as she combs her hair furiously with her hands. She seems more concerned about the way her hair will appear on the film than the fact that she would be standing in front of a camera with bare breasts. It occurs to me that being a blonde she may have even forgotten she was topless!

'No, No' I say improvising quickly, 'that is precisely the idea, it’s a castaway on a tropical island theme –I’d have to spend hours making you up to look exactly as you look now.'

'Well, OK, she replies, ' I guess I can spend a few minutes—do they pay.' She has now taken the bait and I just need to reel her in, but I have to be careful or she can wriggle off the hook.

'Oh, yes,' I assured her. 'This is big time pay —double union scale with standard back-end merchandising (and then I make up a whole bunch of nonsense that sounds good)—but of course first you have to be chosen. Are you interested?'

'Sure, why not give it a try' she responds on cue. Obviously I have struck a chord. She probably has always wanted to be a model. So now I am thinking --let the games begin!! I have to make it look legit so I ask her about herself. She’s a teacher (in was it New York? I don’t recall) working with children with special needs and Yada Yada Yada. (She sounds like she’s in a Miss America pageant which reinforces my idea that she has always wanted to model.) Then it is time to make my move.

The Fish is Hooked

I stutter with false modesty, 'Er… maam… I don’t want to seem forward, but this is a bath commercial for European viewers and.. err… well they have different standards in Europe on …err… nudity. It’s very natural there and …well..er…I have to be honest with you …nudity is expected in a bath commercial because that is the way people normally take baths. It’s nothing out of the ordinary in Europe really-- not like in the US. I just want you to have a fair shot against the other girls and well…they are posing nude for the sponsors.. so I’d strongly suggest you loose the bottoms for the audition tape.

She stares down at her modest bathing suit bottoms and begins to tug them down just a few inches and even then very slowly. So I prattle on an on about how TV in Europe is run by the government and they would not show anything tasteless on national TV, etc. Finally, she tugs her bottoms off and tosses them out of camera range. I now have her standing nude in front of the camera.

The Big One(s) That ALMOST Got Away

Almost instantly after her bottoms hit the ground her hands fly up over her face. 'I can’t believe I’m doing this!' She cries out as she hides her face with both hands. I try to calm her down but then she moves one hand down over her pussy and begins to shuffle her feet to the right trying not to show her face or pussy to the camera as she glides out of range. I rush from behind the camera and gently grab the arm that’s hiding her face and pull it down to turn her to face me and the camera. I use that arm to gently but firmly hold her nude wriggling body in front of the camera. 'Wait a minute, ' I say in a very calm voice, 'take a deep breath and relax, nudity in these types of commercials looks very natural on European TV, and even there they won’t show your face and the rest of you at the same time so no one can even say its you. So come on now .. be a good girl …that’s it. I reach over and slowly push the hand guarding her pussy off to the right so she is once again fully exposed nude to the camera. 'Let’s move those hands away so the sponsor can view their new star in all her glory. OK?.' I tell her, coaxing her gently to expose herself to the camera..

She settles down and the threat of an escape attempt seems to be over. So I press my luck because that is how the truly great pictures get taken. I say 'Oops, seems like I better do a little make up work here! I can understand you weren’t planning to do a nude audition so I’d better take some of those knots and tangles out of your bikini line. It looks a bit .. well …unkempt and unclean. That’s not good for a bath commercial. Here let me help. '

With that I reach down and start pulling on the knots and tangles in her pussy hairs while she stands nude in front of the camera. As the camera runs, I am running my fingers through her pubic hair (supposedly to 'comb' them out) and every once in a while I give a few hairs a swift yank just to see the expression on her face. You can see in pictures, she just stands there wincing and trying to smile while I play with her pussy hair and video tape the whole thing! She moves her hands down near mine but never interferes with my 'work'. Then I say 'OK, We are almost done' as I slip my fingers down a little lower and play around in some damper parts by pretending to look for knots. Meanwhile she just stands there obediently trying to smile while I am running my fingers up and down her pussy in front of a video camera.

Posture Counts

I then get back behind the camera for a few minutes and pretend to be taking light measurements and she keeps nervously looking out for anyone coming, but it does not take long before I find myself back in front of the camera again. This time I stand behind her and say, 'I know you’re very tired, but posture really counts in Europe, and you’re going to have to stand up taller—with your chest out .' And with that, I cup my hands like two grappling hooks around her tits and use them to lift her entire body up from behind until she is standing straight and tall.

As I lecture her on her posture and how she needs to keep smiling, I wiggle one tit, and then the other, to punctuate my points. 'Arch your back, ' I say affirmatively while squeezing her right tit like bread dough and shaking it up and down to drive home my point. 'Now don’t look so rigid and uncomfortable, ' I direct her while clenching the other boob and bouncing it up and down to emphasize the point. In the pictures you can see the indentations my finger tips are making in her massive natural boobs. I am just feasting on her tits and filming all my fun with her full consent. Meanwhile she is trying to smile as she looks down at my hands just squeezing and mashing her massive tits just like a child playing with puddy. All the while I am getting some great pictures of me doing anything I want to my real-life nude doll.

Sun Glasses Block the Inner You

I then ask her to remove her sunglasses so the camera can capture the real her. She says 'you mean that camera has been running the whole time?,' as she hits her forehead with the heel of her hand like the gesture in the 'I could have had a V-8 commercial.' I push her big boobs upward and hold them way out toward the camera while bouncing them up and down in my hands and say, 'Look, if you really want to have a chance for this gig I have to be honest-- you need to show your assets to the sponsors.

This is just the audition tape. The final commercial will be very tasteful but the audition tape has to catch the sponsor’s eye --so it’s a different thing altogether. We need to put your assets on display and give the sponsor’s a good look at what you have to offer them if you understand what I mean. Your breasts are a big selling point for you because they are huge,' I tell her this while weighing her boobs in my hands as if my open palms were a meat market scale. 'Those skinny European girls can’t match these!, I say proudly, 'But you have to realize they have a slightly better figure and they are younger so we need to put your best attributes right in the sponsor’s face. We need to put you on display'

She’s Hooked

Then I wait to see if I still have a plaything. This is a big step and I can sense indecision on her part, but finally after a long pause (during which I never stop massaging her tits-- realizing that any squeeze could be my last), she says in a determined tone of voice, 'OK, you know best how I can get this job, and I really, really want this job -- so I leave it entirely up to you. I have always wanted to be a model so I am going to put myself completely in your hands. If that is what it will take then fine---Put me on display!'

And with that I had her! It was time to relax and enjoy my good fortune. I ran my hands up and down her sides a few times just to get a feel for my new toy. She was all mine to do with as I pleased Then I started to have some fun. I put my hand on her inner left thigh with the top part of my hand brushing well up into her pussy. I stroked down her left thigh until my hand arrived behind her knee and I then bent her left knee and tilted her left leg out at an angle. 'Let’s give them a nice open view of your lower body – a nice wide spread open shot down below –OK?' I asked even though her legs were already spread for the camera. She had a lump in her throat but managed to choke out, 'OK, you mean like this?' and gave me an even wider spread between her legs and adjusted her footing to give the camera a direct shot of her pussy. She was co-operating fully even if it was difficult for her to speak.

I gently slapped my hand back and forth a few times between her inner thighs right up by her pussy –signaling for a wider spread and she instantly gave it to me even though she looked like a cowboy just after dismounting a horse. I had to stifle my laughter. There was no possible reason for her to be standing like that except to give the camera some pink. What a slut my prim and proper teacher had become! 'Hold that, ' I said. I just had to enjoy this pose from behind the camera. Before attending to the camera I just enjoyed the view for a few seconds pretending to check for composure, lighting, etc. Even an exotic dancer would be embarrassed by this pose. I finally brought myself to look into the view finder. Damn! The first roll of film had ended—probably a few minutes earlier. I had lost some of the last shot and would have to go over into the shade and get another roll from my bag. But first I had to enjoy one last glimpse of her posing like a slut for a camera with no film in it before I finally let her know. 'I have got to change film,' I said, 'and its over behind that bush. Why don’t we move over there and get continue out of the sun anyway.'

She was in a trance and moved like a robot. She put both of her hands together on top of her head so I would not be afraid she was thinking of covering up again. I changed film and got back in front of the camera again—playing with her body like a fleshy hot doll and positioning her so I had an excuse to have my hands all over her big-nippled boobs her ass and her pussy.

I got probably another three or four minutes of fun and film in before her squirming signaled that the session was about to be over. I took one last tour of her body with my hands and then played one final outrageous game with her tits. I was tossing them up and down in my palms as if I were juggling two great bowls of jello. All the while she was just quietly standing there looking down at them bouncing around in my hands. Even as the tossing became more like a loud slapping of my palms against the fleshy bottom of her massive tits, she never uttered a peep of protest, but was clearly tired of my fun. I instinctively knew my playtime was over. I then got her suit bottoms back for her, and, of course, like the gentleman I am, I insisted on putting them on for her.

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