tagRomanceI Couldn't Sleep

I Couldn't Sleep


Dreaming of you next to me in the bed...

I wake up and your arm is over me. I kiss it lightly and move it off my body. Turning over to face you I see how peaceful you are sleeping. I look at you and wonder if you are dreaming of the wonderful lovemaking we had, that put you to sleep so soundly. I lay there reminiscing about the passion we share.

We are both still naked. I snuggle up closer to you so I can kiss your body. You must not have liked the closeness, because you turn over to your back. A little smirk creeps across my lips, thinking, well that's just how I want you. I let you settle back into your dreams before I make a move.

You look so peaceful, that I hate to disturb you, but I am still horny from the wonderful loving you give me. Leaning over, carefully I kiss your arm. Waiting to see if you wake. Not a move do you make. I try another kiss on your chest, not a stir. I think, maybe I can get away with this. Slowly and gently I kiss my way down your body, pulling the blankets over my head to keep you warm. Making my way to your soft cock, I can smell the mixture of juices we made. It turns me on. I reach down to hold your penis in my hand to give it a kiss. It's limp and soft from the exercise we gave it. Kissing him again, to wake him up. Stroking it as I lick and kiss the head. You move your legs and I stop. Still holding on to you hoping that you wont wake.

After you settle down I go back to work on your cock. I start to suck on him like he's a tasty lollipop. You start to get hard. Growing with each stroke of my mouth. MMM I love feeling you grow in my mouth. You start to stir again, but this time I don't stop. You are growing very hard and stiff, just the way I like it. A soft moan escapes your lips. It pleases me to know you are enjoying this, even in your sleep. You wiggle a bit and I continue to suck on your big cock. You're so stiff now that I can hardly get you all the way in my mouth. I deep throat you and a big moan comes from deep inside you. Waking, you sleepily ask, "What is going on?"

I stop for only a moment to tell you, "Just lay back and enjoy, my love." At which you do. I slowly move the blankets back, to give me some air. Reaching down with a drowsy hand, you lend assistance. Now, I can get to your balls. Licking down your shaft to your left sac. Gently sucking it into my mouth, massaging it with my tongue. I pull away from that one and move to the other, doing the same with it. Stroking your hard cock while sucking your balls. Lightly rubbing your juices all over the tip of your head, making you stiffen. Sucking my way back to the top, when I reach the head I give it a tight hello suck. Flicking my tongue on the little slit underneath.

You grab my head and slid my mouth down your shaft to get deep inside. A loud moan from you lets me know how much you are enjoying this. I suck you faster, driving you crazy with lust. "Fuck that cock with your mouth!" you growl. My mouth sucks you hard and soft, making it feel like my pussy is fucking you. You reach down to fondle my breast and I move my body around to give you a better angle. Grabbing my ass with your other hand, you move it closer to your face to play with the clit. Sliding your finger down my slit to my wet juicy hole. Moving your arms underneath me, you guide my pussy over your face. Playing with it just a bit more to spread the wetness around. You lurch your head up to give it a tiny lick, teasing me. I moan on your cock while you play with my kitty. I move my pussy closer to your sweet lips to make you more comfortable. Your tongue finds my clit and plays with it making it hard. "Eat that pussy good, baby."

We're driving each other mad with oral pleasure. My mouth is fucking your cock while your mouth is fucking my pussy. We are lost in the pleasure, feeling each other ready to explode. A loud moan comes from deep inside me as I feel you about to brake lose all your wonderful cum. This makes my pussy ready to flood your face. We both pull our mouths away and use our fingers to play. "I'M GOING TO CUMMMMMMM!" is all I can reply as I suck your stiff hard cock some more. Just as I am about to spray all over your face, you let your load free to slid down my throat. You lick up my sweet nectar as I drink you down.

I unstraddle your face and lay down next to you. You hold me in your arms and we both drift off to sleep.

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