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I Cream of Jeannie


This story is entirely fiction and does not represent any persons living or dead.

* * * * *

Jeannie looked around the apartment. She was alone on her first day in the major's (Tony's) house. He had gone back to work at NASA. No one knew anything about her, or at least the truth about her origins, except for major Healy - Tony's best friend. Being a genie had its advantages, but being cooped up in a bottle for 200 years was certainly not one of them. Anyway, it seemed that most of Tony's acquaintances believed her to be a visiting first cousin. Since nothing physical had happened between them since he had first discovered her on the island 3 weeks ago, she might as well have been just a relation.

Today, major Healy's girlfriend, Denise was coming over for a visit. Jeannie looked at herself in the mirror. She was dressed in her centuries-old Arabian garb. Her legs, encased in a sort of see-through pink gossamers, were long, shapely and totally smooth and hairless. Her dancing days had helped to create strong calve and buttock muscles. Her firm, white, and deeply creased ass jutted out proudly, just coming into contact with the vest that she wore on her upper torso. The red velvet waistline surrounded her hips in an appropriately low belly-dancer fashion, thus displaying her pronounced hip bones and widely sensuous and slightly- muscled stomach.

The entire world it seemed, had never exhibited the female charms as clearly and provocatively as had the lewd sultans of an ancient empire. Consequently, her voluminous breasts were semi-revealed behind a transparent bustier which served to transform the overflowing abundance of ripe flesh into two large trembling spheres indecently displayed (in comparison to normal fashion trends in the late sixties.) on her otherwise thin upper torso. The white globes were pushed up and at the same time compressed, so that the sides seemed to spill out of the hefty cups in a mind-boggling expansion of succulent tit flesh seeking an escape route from their undesired and unfair imprisonment. The bejeweled garment was obviously designed to display the copious formidable bosom as exotically and as enticingly as possible, and as a result, a second deep cleft in her flawless and sensuous body was created.

Jeannie's blond hair was piled atop her head in an overflowing pony tail.

Her blue eyes were large, and oval shaped. Her mouth was wide and pink and accentuated by a full, pouting lower lip that seemed to be begging for something to suck on.

As she gazed in the mirror, she removed her red vest. Her large pink nipples were clearly visible through the transparent bodice. Just then, the door bell rang. No time for a shower she thought, and with a cross of her arms and a blink of her eyes she transposed herself into a freshly bathed and scented female wearing pastel pink lipstick and a one-piece tight yellow mini dress, so typical for the sixties.

"Denise, hi, come in" said Jeannie smiling warmly.

"Thanks for letting me come over," said the young girl. Denise's age was a mystery to Tony and Jeannie, but she was attending the NASA new recruits program and looked to be about 18 or 19 years old. She had long straight brown hair and big brown eyes. She wore bell bottom jeans and a white linen, flower-embroidered blouse. It supported her full breasts and then ballooned out over her stomach. Although Jeannie was partial to men, she had made love to an assortment of women over the last six centuries. As a result her eye took in quite readily the ripe and fresh forms of the young girl. She was stunning. So thin and yet so full- bosomed. Major Healy was lucky.

"Would you like a coke?" offered Jeannie.

"Sure thanks."

Soon the woman and the young girl were sitting by the pool drinking and talking about the two majors. As the sun began to climb, however, they decided to sunbathe. "You don't have an extra bathing suit lying around, do you?" asked Denise.

Jeannie's mind quickly pictured the slim girl in a bikini. "Sure, come on into the house."

As they walked through the sliding patio doors Jeannie blinked 10 or twelve different bikinis into the drawer in her bedroom. Denise was delighted with the choice and went into the bathroom to change. Jeannie quickly blinked herself into a pink two- piece bikini. It was cut low, and allowed most of her awesome breasts to come into view, just concealing the nipples. Her bottoms were low hip huggers, again typical of the sixties, showing off her wide sinuous stomach to the best advantage.

When Denise ventured out of the bathroom, however, Jeannie had to control a gasp. The white bathing suit was mistakenly conjured up from a projection of the future. It had thin straps and the bottoms were cut high and way up over her hips in a fashion hitherto unknown in the 60's. Her legs seemed to go on forever as her super long and incredibly sexy young thighs were accentuated by her pivoting hip bones. Her stomach was so non-existent that her large and barely contained full breasts should have belonged on a woman twice her weight. The overall result was a sexual turn-on unlike anything Jeannie had ever seen in her entire 618 years of existence. If the sultans had seen this seductive temptress, she would have been enslaved for sure.

"Where did you get this outrageous suit?" beamed a delighted teenager.

"I, oh uh,…. a costume party. Sorry. Is it too much?

"Hardly! Too little maybe. Look!" giggled Denise as she turned around to show Jeannie a G-strap that went right up the crack of her cute little ass. Small dark hairs protruded out from the sides. "She certainly is a hairy girl," thought Jeannie pleasantly, "and with the most compact and perfect ass I've ever seen."

"Well, I don't think we'll go out in that today!" Jeannie joked, and off they went to sunbathe by the pool.

As Denise lay sunbathing, she couldn't help but secretly sneak glances again and again at her blond older friend. Jeannie's body was not of this earth. She possessed all the sensuous curves of Raquel Welch with a wide flat stomach and beautiful well pronounced hip bones, but she also was endowed with the breasts of Mamie Van Doren. On further scrutinization, she noticed that the "v" in her bikini bottoms bulged out noticeably, promising either prominent growth of genital hair or protruding full and succulent pussy lips, or both!

Yes her older friend seemed to ooze sexuality out of every pore. Perhaps she could get her to run those long slender fingers over her back with suntan lotion. Denise had kissed her female cousin when they were twelve and had always thought of other girls as sexual beings, but what would it be like to feel her body pressed against the exaggerated curves of this beautiful woman? "This is a one in a lifetime chance," thought Denise. "Jeannie, would you do my back for me?" she asked turning over on the chaise lounge.

"Sure," said Jeannie. "I wouldn't mind at all" she added to herself as she witnessed the olive skinned teenager turn onto her stomach and reveal her taut back and fully revealed brown asscheeks. "She must sunbathe nude ," Jeannie giggled to herself, and at the same time had to look hard to make sure there really was a G-string buried in the dark cleft of her pert little butt. She put some oil onto her hands and began to rub Denise's shoulder blades. Denise immediately arched her back and purred. Her skin was hot and smooth and as Jeannie began to work lower she decided that she would skip the silky brown globes of the girl's enticing asscheeks and work the oil from Denise's legs and up.

As Denise lay there, her legs were naturally parted so that the view of her asscrack and pussy was unimpeded. As Jeannie leaned foreword and began to apply the ointment into the beautiful girl's lower legs, she began to feel a wetness creep into the crotch of her own bikini bottoms. This girl was certainly more sexy then she'd remembered from the first time they'd met when major Healey had introduced them at dinner.

Slowly, she worked the oil into each of Denise's well- formed calves, and with just the slightest bit of pressure was able to spread them apart just the extra few centimeters needed to better observe Denise's hairy snatch. Her asshole was as of yet, still hidden but Jeannie unconsciously luxuriated in the suspense of seeing that concealed treasure.

What was visible, however, was a secretion covering the girl's pussy lips which oozed seductively through a thick black pubic hair growth and had already soaked through the nearly transparent material of her inconsequential bikini bottoms. The curly hair was certainly thicker around the girl's pussy lips and below her cunt then anywhere else, but there was still quite an abundance growing freely from the space below her cunt (her inner wedge) and up the crack of her ass to her asshole. Jeannie's long fingers now worked expertly from the insides of Denise's thighs, just inches from the seemingly alive, hungry and pouting lips of the teenagers wet labia. As Jeannie breathed in through flared nostrils, she caught the unmistakable odor of sweat and unwashed pussy juice. Instead of poking the tips of her fingers right into the tempting sex of the girl, however, Jeannie began to rub oil into Denise's ass. This move caused things to shift away from an innocent massage towards the unmistakable act of a body message – and a seductive one at that. Jeannie wondered how Denise would take this obvious assault on her backside. She didn't have to wait long, however, as the sexually charged teenager made no attempt to cover up an audible gasp.

Jeannie now began to knead the succulent flesh of the girl's obviously sensitive bottom. It was firm and hard, yet amazingly smooth and suppliant with youth, yet at the same time it seemed to ooze an underlying scent of a woman's natural body odour. As Jeannie applied more oil to her hands, she leaned forward and once again breathed in the scent of sweat, sex juice, and a hidden sweating asshole. The odours seemed to hover above the young girl's ass globes like heat over a road on a hot day. The difference was that the layer of air simmering over Denise's adolescent flesh was an aphrodisiac which served to heat up the sex of the genie's own smouldering pussy furnace. She was secreting profusely now as she leaned forward and mashed her big sweltering tit's onto backs of the teenager's slippery thighs, coating her own bikini-clad mammaries with oil. She then sought to gain some sexual relief by rubbing them up and down Denise's well-toned legs, mashing the nipples satisfyingly into the greased-up and sun- warmed teenage skin.

"God Jeannie, that feels so good!" said Denise as she turned around. Allowing her eyes to lock into Jeannies', she thought she knew what was coming next. And sure enough, the older woman leaned forward and plunged her tongue into Denise's wet, waiting and hungry mouth, but as the turned-on young girl sucked on the invading tongue, she grew incredulous as more and more of the genie's long muscle protruded into her mouth in a growth that seemed to be never-ending. It appeared to be uncoiling itself from out of nowhere as it miraculously extended over Denise's own tongue and lodged halfway down the back of her throat. Shutting down her gag reflex, she thrilled to the unreal and wormlike invasion of her mouth. As Jeannie's tongue lodged another inch down her throat, Denise clamped her teeth down on the wet surface and sucked even more of the spectacular and rewarding appendage into her oral cavity as far as she could. Jeannie began to feed the young girl her tongue in a slow and incredibly sexy back and forth motion simulating a penis in a vagina.

They both looked into each other's eyes and Jeannie saw with satisfaction, Denise's incredulous amazement with her dexterous love muscle which she slowly and sexually used to arouse the girl to a never- before ascertained plateau of lust. Densie hummed and chewed on Jeannie's tongue, which Jeannie now withdrew from Denise's mouth in order to lick the girl's chin, cheeks, eyes and the sides of her nose. She then exhibited to Denise the tip of her magically enhanced oral weapon. This she demonstrated in a slow-motion belly dance right before the young girl's disbelieving eyes. Back and forth she waved it, extending and retracting it's length. Then, using just the back side of her tongue, she traced a wet trail from Denise's eyelids down to her panting and expectant mouth.. Using just the tips of her teeth, she began to nip lightly at the full and pouting lips of the incredulous teenager, before sucking them forcefully into her mouth with an urgency born out of a desire to quench her own sexual appetite which was growing more ravenous by the second.

At the same time she brought her left hand slowly up the girl's quivering thigh until her index finger made contact with the rapidly disappearing material of Denise's swimsuit. Rubbing slowly back and forth into the girl's wet slit, the sheer material began it's inner descent into the folds of her wet cunt. Desiring to stretch the material against the girl's upper labia as well, and in an effort to come closer to the region of the girl's hitherto neglected clitoris, she pulled up on the waistband of the bikini bringing the slimy material into contact with the hidden, yet sensitive nub.

Denise moaned, but the sound was short lived as Jeannie, once again plunged her tongue back into the teenager's starving mouth with one piston like motion. At the same time she released the waistband and pushed the bikini crotch out of the way in order to squirrel her long and well-manicured middle finger into the girl's soaking wet orifice.

The effect on Denise was like being hit by a sex train as she exploded into an orgasm around Jeannie's finger. "Ughhh…" she moaned and shivered as she fought for breath around the invading wet tongue which continued to work the inside of her mouth, scraping the roof with a serpent's skill and then recoiling in an impossible maneuver to wash the back of Denise's upper teeth. Denise felt another orgasm approach from the lewd and unexpected assault on her oral cavity. Just before it hit, however, Jeannie brought the thumb of her left hand back into contact with Denise's clitoris, and at the same time brought her right hand around the girl's upper side in order to gently squeeze the large areole and nipple which was now nearly visible through the thin veil of Denise's sheer swimsuit top. At the last second, she squeezed on the thick nipple hard and then began to pull the entire teat into an elongated position. Denise moaned in pleasure and pain at the attack on her chest and sensitive nipples. Not missing a stroke, Jeannie then curled the long and pussy-embedded middle finger of her other hand back, so that it came into contact with Denise's hidden g spot. "Ooohh! God!" Denise hissed, and then stuck her own agile tongue into Jeannie's mouth as her legs trembled and clamped hard around the older woman's captive hand.

She opened her eyes wide and looked at her blond friend in amazement. "You are the best lover I've ever had. I can't believe what you've done to me. And your tongue, wow!"

"Wait till I get your swimsuit off and lick your hairy crack," said Jeannie as she wiggled her finger seductively in the girl's hot pie. "You're gonna love it."

Denise sat up and turned towards Jeannie. As the two girls began to make out again, the young girl's desire got the better of her. She unabashedly reached around Jeannie's broad back and undid the snaps on her bikini top. As soon as this chore was accomplished, the brassiere sprung forward unleashing Jeannie's twin globes of womanhood. Her breasts were phenomenal in size, yet seemed to defy gravity as her extraordinary nipples pointed skyward. The large circumference of the puffy areole rose a good quarter inch above the large white teats, making their dark pink sides highly visible against the sheer white of the underlying tit flesh. They were the most beautiful and enticing nipples and breasts Denise had ever imagined. She cupped her hands beneath them and felt their weight before squeezing them gently in admiration. She then bent down and began to nurse one of the thick nipples into her mouth. Jeannie moaned and put her hand on the back of Denise's head so that she could force more of her tit flesh into the suckling mouth. With her other hand she loosened the string of her own bikini bottoms. The movement caught Denise's attention. She momentarily stopped sucking in order to view Jeannie's revealed pussy. Curley brown hair grew densely between her thighs. The teenager began sucking again on Jeannie's left breast, but this time she moved Jeannie's left leg out to an angle and right leg over her own left thigh so that she could scoot in closer to the warm and enticing female flesh. She then brought her right hand down and squeezed Jeannie's pussy lips together.

Jeannie moaned again as she felt her secretions flooding into the palpitating hand. Leaning back, and drawing the suckling young girl on top of her, she managed to reach up and untie the scanty strings of Denise's nearly nonexistent bathing suit. She slid the brassiere out from between them catching a momentary glance at the large brown areoles covering the broad surface of Denise's well-developed tits. As the passionate girl reached up once more to capture Jeannie's extended tongue into her sweet teenage mouth, the two pairs of tits mashed together. Jeannie's enormous rack bulged out at her sides cushioning Denise's ripe young tit flesh into her own. At the same time she used a bit of genie magic to heat up her nipples so that they bore into the teenager's sensitive breasts like hot pokers. The result was electrifying. Denise moaned into Jeannie's mouth and rubbed her drenched pussy against Jeanni's pubic bone. The material of her bikini, which was now firmly embedded in her crack from her asshole to her clitoris was now stretched so taut that she soon came in wave after wave in a dizzying orgasm.

"I've never come like this before, Jeannie. You get me so hot."

"Me too. I was right on the verge just from kissing you."

"Can't I do something to help get you over…you know.." and Denise began to kiss Jeannie's neck.

"Wait a minute," said Jeannie, "Don't you want to swim first? We've been out in the hot sun for a while and I've been sort of cumming and sweating…."

"You have?…good," said Denise, "so have I." And with that she once again began kissing Jeannie's salty neck.

"Well if that's the way she wants it," thought Jeannie, and abandoned herself to the rampant teenager. Denise, sensing Jeannie's acquiescence, began once again to kiss and lick the blonde's neck. When she came to the bottom of Jeannie's ear she chewed on the earlobe lightly and then began to lick the outer ear with her tongue. Jeannie's moan encouraged her on so that she soon began to stab her tongue as far into the ear as she could. Over and over again she speared her tongue into the sensitive region. Jeannie moaned with pleasure and reached out to caress the now available large firm teenage breast. She traced the wide areole with her finger poking experimentally into the extremely soft flesh. Upon finding the base of a partially erect nipple, she began to flick the thick bud back and forth until it grew hard and erect. "Squeeze it, yea,… hard," moaned Denise into Jeannie's ear.

Jeannie pinched the nipple between her thumb and forefinger making Denise gasp and shudder at the same time. "I'm so sensitive there. Are you?" she asked not waiting for a reply. Instead, she continued kissing down the nape of Jeannie's neck until she came to the white upper slope of a breast. "Mmmmm," she moaned into the soft skin, kissing and licking her way towards the huge pink puffed-up areole that comprised the tips of the genie's exquisite breasts. She had never seen areole like this -they were so beautiful and thick. She lifted the heavy orb to her face and began to lick the sides of the areole. They seemed to rise slightly from the stimulation, like nipples themselves.

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