tagErotic CouplingsI Critique Jennifer

I Critique Jennifer


As a moderately successful author, I sometimes do a bit as a guest lecturer in the creative writing course at the local university. I don't get paid anything for this but I like doing it, for reasons both altruistic and self-centered. The writing profession has been good to me over the years and I want to give something back. Besides that, I like to bask in the admiration of the students.

One Friday morning, I was standing behind a desk and speaking before a group of students when I noticed a young woman in the front row who seemed to be looking at me with an unusual degree of admiration, almost adoration. The student had soft, blonde hair framing a very pretty face with green eyes and a generous mouth. She was very large-breasted, and her breasts were mostly covered by a green blouse that had the top buttons not fastened. On the seating chart that I had, her name was given as Jennifer and a quick calculation from her birth date told me she was 19 years old. Since I admire large-breasted women with pretty faces, especially when I am the object of their admiration, I smiled and directed many of my remarks to her.

During the question and answer session that followed my lecture, Jennifer asked if I ever wrote any erotic stories and I answered in the affirmative. She addressed me as "Professor Boxlicker" and, since I am not even close to being a professor and I favor informality, I asked her and everybody else to call me "George". Another student seemed more concerned with grades and asked what, if anything, I had to do with them. Because I have absolutely nothing to do with grades, not even input, I told him so, and that satisfied his curiosity.

When the bell rang, ending the period, I sat behind the desk and announced that I would be available for further questions after class. Jennifer and several others took me up on my offer, but she stayed at her own desk and waited until all the others had left before approaching me. As she approached, I noticed that she was wearing tight-fitting pants and that she had nicely flaring hips and a really beautiful ass. I also noticed that another button had apparently become undone on her blouse and she did not appear to be wearing a bra. When she stood next to me, closer than she really needed to, I saw that the crotch of her pants was damp, and I detected the familiar and very pleasant aroma of fresh pussy juice.

"George", she said, leaning forward and giving me a splendid view of her creamy breasts, because she definitely was not wearing a bra, "my name is Jennifer and I have been trying to write erotic stories but I always get bogged down. It might be from a lack of experience or it might be from a lack of imagination. Anyhow, I have some partial manuscripts and I would really like you to look at them and give me your opinion. Please. I would be really grateful if you would."

"Allright, Jennifer. I would be glad to do that. Do you have them here?"

"No, they are over in my dorm room, but it's just a short walk from here. If you can come over and look at them I would really appreciate it." The neckline of Jennifer's blouse opened a little more and I was able to glimpse her lovely, pink areola, but not her nipples.

"Okay, Jennifer. I can come over and see what you have and what I can do for you."

On the short walk to the dormitory, Jennifer held my arm against her breasts and told me how much she admired my writing and how she had read everything by me that she could find. I told her I was glad because loyal readers like her helped me to prosper as an author. The University has no formal objection to male visitors in the dorm rooms of female students during the day, and with my status as a guest lecturer, they would have no informal objection either.

Jennifer's room on the top floor was large, well lighted and messy, as a room occupied by a group of young people usually is. Jennifer didn't apologize for the mess and I was glad of that because it didn't bother me anyhow. "I have three roommates", she told me, "But none of them have classes today and they are all gone for the weekend."

Jennifer used the bathroom and when she was done, I used it. I noticed there was one bath towel by the shower but no hand towel, even though there was a place for one by the sink, but I attached no importance to this. When I left the bathroom, Jennifer had removed her shoes and she was waiting for me with several sheaves of paper at a study table with two chairs.

When I sat down to the right of Jennifer, she handed me one of the manuscripts and I started reading it. She leaned forward as I read, absorbed by what I might say, and her right hand was on my thigh, lightly squeezing it. The writing was quite well done, and I just suggested a few changes in wording so it would flow better, and some tricks to help her action move logically and gracefully from one locale to another. Jennifer leaned forward to better see what I was pointing out and her blouse opened even more. The only button still fastened was the bottom one, and her nipples were visible and when she moved, her breasts swayed erotically. As she listened, her hand on my thigh moved closer to my crotch and the delectable aroma of fresh pussy juice was much stronger than it had been in the classroom.

When I started reading the second manuscript, Jennifer's left hand undid the last button and pulled her blouse open, completely exposing her creamy breasts with their erect pink nipples. While I was gazing at this luscious sight, Jennifer's right hand was on my crotch, and her fingers were caressing my cock, which was rapidly stiffening from the view of Jennifer's lovely breasts, the gentle touch of her fingers and the delectable aroma of her pussy. I am not very sensitive to hints but even I could see that Jennifer had something in mind besides having me critique her writing.

To accomplish what she had in mind, she got off her chair, pushed the table out of the way and knelt in front of me. Both her hands busied themselves at my crotch, unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping, then reaching in and bringing out my stiff cock and my balls. Holding my cock in her hands, Jennifer leaned forward and licked the tip with her clever tongue, and then she looked up at me and smiled. She licked the tip again, then opened her mouth wider and slipped my cock between her lovely red lips, all the way to my pubic hair. Jennifer stroked my cock in and out of her mouth a few times, then she stopped, took it out of her mouth and looked up at me with a lascivious smile on her face.

"George, would you rather go and use my bed? It's a lot more comfortable for both of us and we can take off all of our clothes.?

That seemed like a marvelous idea and I nodded my head. After rising from her knees, Jennifer led me to the bed. On the way there I was unbuttoning my shirt with one hand and holding up my pants with the other. I held them up so I wouldn't trip over them; I had no intention of leaving them on.

Jennifer didn't intend to leave any of her clothes on either. On her way to the bed, she slipped out of her blouse and dropped it on the floor, leaving her luscious breasts to swing unfettered. When I sat down, Jennifer quickly pulled my pants and underwear down the rest of the way, then she gently took my cock back into her mouth and stroked it in and out while she removed my shoes and socks and pulled off my pants and shorts. As I removed my shirt, I admired her blonde head bobbing up and down.

Jennifer only sucked my cock for a few strokes, then she stood up, barefoot and bare above the waist, and wanting me to finish undressing her, which I was extremely willing to do. After unbuttoning and unzipping her pants, I slowly pulled them down to her feet and then I turned my attentions to her panties. Long ago, I learned that when undressing a woman, remove her pants separately from her panties, because that gives me a chance to caress her ass and hips. On this occasion, besides being a treat for my hands when they caressed Jennifer, it was a treat for my eyes also, because she was wearing just about the sexiest panties I had ever seen, pale blue and sheer, with dark blue silk trimming around the waistband and legs. The panties were even sexier because they were soaked with Jennifer's fragrant juices which her pussy had been producing since we were in the classroom, making the panties a treat for my eyes and nose.

After I pulled the sexy panties over Jennifer's even sexier ass, my eyes had another treat because she has one of the loveliest pussies I have ever seen, with its swollen pink lips and its soft, blonde pubic hair. Jennifer's pussy was so beautiful, and its aroma was so compelling that I couldn't resist. With my hands inside the cheeks of her gorgeous ass, I pulled her toward me and licked her pussy lips, delighting in the soft, wetness against my tongue and especially enjoying the delicious taste.

Jennifer giggled and lightly pushed me away. "I like that but it's my turn first", she said. "I want to suck off your nice cock, and then you can eat my pussy it you want to. I hope you want to because I really like it when a guy does that, especially a guy with a cute mustache like yours."

"Would you rather 69?"

"There's no hurry, is there? I would rather take our time, me sucking you off first, then you eating my pussy if you want to. That way, we can concentrate on one pleasure at a time, and take all day making love. Now lie down."

I had to admit she was right, because that is the way I feel too, so I lay down on her bed, with Jennifer kneeling between my legs, an eager smile on her face. As she had said, there was no hurry, and she was in no hurry to take my cock into her mouth again. First, she licked my crotch from just in front of my ass to the base of my scrotum, happily murmuring as her tongue massaged my soft skin. I keep my pubic hair well-trimmed and shave my crotch and balls because many of my lady friends like to do what Jennifer was doing. The cleanly shaven skin is more sensitive so I enjoy it more and the women, including Jennifer, prefer to lick my smooth skin. "I like it that you shave here, George. Your skin feels really smooth on my tongue and I like the way you smell.

My cock was totally stiff and Jennifer gently rubbed it against her soft cheek as she licked one side of the base of my scrotum. When she licked the other side, she rubbed my cock against her other cheek. Next, she licked up from the base of my wrinkled ball sack, her soft hand holding my cock. One after the other, she sucked my balls into her mouth, and held them gently there with her lips while she licked them. Only after she had thoroughly licked my crotch and balls did Jennifer apply her tongue to my cock.

While the shaft bumped against her nose, she slowly licked the underside of my cock from the base to the tip and when she reached the tip, she licked all around. Only after thoroughly licking and nuzzling my cock against her face did Jennifer start to take it into her mouth, and even then she moved slowly. By no means is that a complaint because, as Jennifer had said, we had all day to make love. First, her lips encompassed the tip of my cock, while she licked the head and prodded her tongue against the slit in the end. Then she took more of my cock into her very skillful mouth and her tongue licked around the ridge and the sensitive place on the lower side between the slit and the ridge. After that, Jennifer took my cock out of my mouth, smiled at me around it and asked "Well? Is there any hurry?"

I was so rapt by what Jennifer was doing that I couldn't speak so I shook my head. "Good," she said. Then she smiled again and resumed slowly taking my cock into her mouth. Once Jennifer's lips had moved past the ridge of my cock, she started making gentle kissing motions with them, adding to the delightful feel of my cock sliding into her mouth. A third sensation was the feel of her tongue licking as Jennifer enveloped my cock in her mouth. This time, she took the entire shaft into her warm wetness, until her lips rubbed against my pubic hair.

For half minute she stayed there, only her tongue active and then she slowly backed her mouth away, her lips making the same kissing motions and her tongue caressing my cock until only the tip was between her lips. Then her mouth again engulfed my cock, her lips and tongue active again, until her lips were once again at my pubic hair. Over and over, Jennifer slowly sucked my cock in and out of her mouth, sending waves of pleasure throughout my whole body.

After one stroke, she took my cock all the way out of her mouth, licked and kissed the head and asked "George, I saw you looking at my boobies before. Do you like them?"

"Very much, Jennifer. You have really beautiful breasts."

"I'm glad you like them because they like you too." Having said this, she held one of the beauties in either hand and, one at a time, rubbed her hard nipples against the head of my cock. After that, Jennifer surrounded my cock between her lovely mammaries and stroked them up and down. The feel of my cock in that soft channel was delightful but, truth be told, I really preferred the wet feel of her tongue and lips on my cock. Jennifer preferred it in her mouth too and, after a few strokes, she took my cock back all the way into her mouth again and resumed sucking it in and out, her lips and tongue once more bringing me close to ecstasy.

For a long time, Jennifer slowly stroked her mouth up and down on my cock, pleasuring us both. Although she was taking her time, making it last and prolonging the immense enjoyment we were both giving and receiving, I could feel my climax building. "You're really good," I told her. "So good that I'm ready to cum."

She gave a quick nod of her head and then started sucking me faster, with her lips still kissing my cock but now holding it tighter. When Jennifer felt it throbbing, she positioned her tongue to catch my cum when it squirted, which it did a few seconds later. The first spurt landed on her tongue, and she swallowed it, tightened her lips still more and resumed slowly sucking my cock in and out of her mouth, milking all the cum still in it. Jennifer continued this while my cock softened in her mouth and than she took it out, licked off everything and smiled again at me.

"That was really good, George. I liked sucking you off a lot. What do you want to do now?"

"Lie here beside me and I'll show you." Jennifer moved up on the bed to lie beside me. "You have a little cum on your lip, right there," I told her. She wiped it off with her finger and then licked her finger.

"I really like cum and I don't want to waste it. Some girls suck a guy off and then spit out his cum or don't even let it into their mouths. I never could understand that." To me, it's a reward for giving good head. Jennifer's attitude toward my juices was the same as my attitude toward a woman's juices.

"I feel the same way," I told her. "And I hope your pussy will be nice and juicy for me. But first, you have really beautiful breasts and I want to suck and lick on them."

Jennifer just has a small bed and there wasn't room for her to lie on it and for me to kneel beside her and do what I had told her I wanted to do, so she lay in the middle and I knelt on the floor beside her and leaned over her. The bed was low enough and I am tall enough that I was able to do this with ease and comfort for both of us. Jennifer lay on her back, one hand cupped under either of her succulent breasts, and I started licking on the nearest nipple, painting it with broad strokes of my tongue and enjoying its firmness.

Jennifer murmured her appreciation as I licked her nipple and she murmured even louder, and cooed her pleasure when I started licking the other sweet nubbin. Both nipples were firm and erect and a delight to lick. I drew one of Jennifer's luscious globes into my mouth and started sucking on its marvelous firmness, and my tongue continued to enjoy licking her nipple. The second mound had its turn then, and I sucked and licked while Jennifer thrust it into my mouth, her upper body squirming in pleasure on the bed. She also showed her pleasure by cooing, and by her pussy producing more of its fragrant juices. Even though Jennifer's breasts were truly a delight for my mouth, and my mouth was immensely pleasuring her, even greater delights awaited both of us farther down her body.

After licking between the beautiful twins, feeling one on either of my cheeks, I nuzzled and kissed and licked my way down Jennifer's body, stopping to twirl my tongue in her navel and then continuing until I reached her blonde pubic hair. Because of her youth and fair complexion, her pubic hair was soft and a pleasure to my tongue so I continued to lick, all the way to her mons and across, and even her creamy thighs. Jennifer knew where my tongue would be in a few seconds and she was anticipating the pleasure so much that her pussy was already humping into the air.

There was only one pillow on the bed and that one was under Jennifer's head, while she was writhing in pleasure so I didn't want to take it. Because I wanted to put a pillow under her ass in order to eat her pussy better, I darted over to the bed of a roommate and swiped the pillow. As I started to slip it under her, Jennifer saw what I was doing and lifted herself off the bed so I could position it perfectly. She really wanted me to eat her pussy, almost as much as I wanted to eat her, and with the pillow in place, she raised her legs, and I placed my shoulders against the undersides of her thighs and moved my face forward so I was just inches from one of the most beautiful and enticing pussies that I have ever seen. Surrounded by her blonde pubic hair, the outer lips were creamy and the inner lips were pink and so engorged as to seem to be pouting. Jennifer's clit was large and inviting, and I looked forward to licking and sucking there. Besides being a thing of great beauty, her pussy was triply enticing from the erotically fragrant juices that were flowing freely, the way she was already fucking into the air and the way Jennifer was already moaning in pleasure even though I hadn't touched her pussy yet.

When a woman is as aroused as Jennifer was then, I like to eat her pussy and bring her to a quick climax, and then continue eating her and take a long time until she cums the second time. I really enjoy seeing and hearing and smelling and feeling and tasting her cumming twice, and I also thoroughly enjoy having my face buried in her pussy for a long time. The woman, of course, enjoys the two orgasms and the long period of being eaten and I especially wanted to give Jennifer plenty of pleasure after the way I had so much enjoyed being sucked off by her.

She gave no indication that she wanted my finger in her ass so I hooked my arms around Jennifer's thighs and rested my fingers on her mons. Usually I avoid touching a pussy with my hands, letting my tongue and lips get all the enjoyment but sometimes, when her pussy is as tight as Jennifer's seemed to be, I will need to use my fingers to open her lips and insert my tongue. I expected to have to do that during the course of bringing her to her second orgasm, but first, I wanted to see if the taste of Jennifer's pussy could be as wonderful as its aroma.

Incredibly, her juices were even more than that. As I sucked them from her pussy, they pleasured my taste buds even more than they had pleased my nose. Jennifer's cooing had evolved into moans, ending in whimpers; her pussy was fucking strongly into my face as I licked her love hole and her thighs had rotated out, presenting her more fully to me. Even though I had just begun eating her pussy, she was ready and anxious to cum. Since I was going to continue to eat her after she climaxed the first time, I had no trouble with her cumming so quickly so I surrounded her love button with my mouth and sucked on it, with my lips forming a seal. Her clit felt good in my mouth and I caressed it gently with my tongue while sucking on it.

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