tagRomanceI Cruise with Anna

I Cruise with Anna


Sometimes I like to take a short vacation and one of my favorites is to book a cruise through a chain of islands south of here. The cruises usually last five days and four nights, leaving on Monday early in the afternoon and arriving back in port on Friday afternoon. I eat and sleep well and see the sights, but the real reason for taking the cruise is to avoid my lady friends for a few days. My normal sex life is very active and by taking this cruise, I avoid women and remain celibate for the five day period. I'm not as young as I used to be and my sex life takes its toll on me, so I need the vacation to rest up.

The last time I took a cruise, I thought this main purpose would be very pleasantly thwarted because I ran into Anna a few minutes after the ship left the dock. The last time I had seen her before then, Anna had been a very voluptuous woman. When I saw her on the ship, she had lost quite a lot of weight but still had an attractive figure. Another thing I remember fondly about her is that she is always smiling, so that some of her friends call her "Smiles". The "very pleasantly" part is because I love Anna, the way I love all my lady friends, in a caring and sharing way. I am also very fond of Anna and I would expect to greatly enjoy her company under other circumstances. However, I know how much Anna enjoys making love with me, with the enjoyment being mutual, and I couldn't help but think that I might be spending the next four nights eating Anna's pussy and making love in whatever other way she wanted. Although these were very pleasant thoughts, and that would have been a marvelous way to spend a week, it would have played havoc with my expectation of rest and recuperation.

Anna is very fond of me also so when we saw each other, we embraced and I moved to kiss her lips but she turned her head, so I kissed her cheek instead, and she kissed mine. I thought maybe she was trying to keep our relationship a secret, although her husband already knew of me, but no details and he didn't want to know details. Besides kissing, I greeted her, "Hi, Anna. I'm surprised to see you here. Pleasantly surprised. How's your family?"

"They're fine. My husband went to visit his parents and took the kids and he thought I might enjoy a cruise or something while they are gone, so here I am." That made sense, because Anna dislikes her husband's parents and the feelings are mutual. As we walked along the hallway toward my room, (Although we were on a ship, I'm not going to use any nautical terms because I don't know any.) we chatted about nothing in particular. I invited Anna in; she accepted, and I could see something was on her mind.

Seated across a small writing desk, Anna was still smiling but she seemed more serious than she had been in the hallway. "George, you know how much I like making love with you, and I think you like it too." I nodded my head emphatically, not wanting to interrupt. "I see you have a private room here." Again, I nodded my head and she added, "As much as I would love to rip off my clothes and yours, what I really want is to live out a fantasy I have always had." This was sounding better to me and I didn't want to interrupt, except to raise my eyebrows quizzically.

"As you know, I married my husband when I was 18, after we had been living together for two years. I love my husband and my children, but never had any other boyfriend, never, and I have always felt that I was missing something. I really love getting together with you, especially when we go moonlight skinny-dipping, but I have never thought of you as anything but a good friend and a sex object, and I am sure you think of me the same way." I nodded my head; some people might have taken offense at that, but not I. It was true, and I don't mind being a sex object for beautiful women like Anna.

"Anyway, before I even came aboard, I was thinking that this might be a chance to make up for some of what I missed and seeing you here might make my chances even better. Suppose we pretend we are strangers, and meet accidentally, maybe at dinner this evening. You romance me, and take me dancing and walking in the moonlight and stuff like that but no sex, except maybe some kissing and holding hands, until the last night and then we can confess our "undying love" and wear out your bed. I'll be really horny by then and I hope you will too, unless you have someone else on board. Do you have someone else on board?"

"No, I'm by myself. This sounds intriguing. I wonder what the other passengers, mostly married couples, will say when they see two strangers like us together all the time like you propose. Tongues will be wagging because a cruise ship like this, with a lot of strangers suddenly thrown together, is a great place for gossip." The idea sounded great to me because I would get my rest and make memorable love with Anna the last night. A win-win-win situation because dancing and otherwise hanging out together sounded good also, since I knew I would enjoy her company. Not that long ago, I had taken a trip to Hawaii with another of my lady friends, on a similar basis. That had worked out really great, and the love-making on our last night and the following morning had been some of my most memorable ever.

"They assign seats with everybody keeping the same seat for all meals, so I can arrange to have us sitting together and we can strike up a conversation and go from there. You go in the dining room right at the dinner bell and find your seat first, and I will join you."

That sounded like a good idea to Anna too, and she stood up to leave. "How about a nice, big kiss to hold us for a while? The last one until we start playing our game. I'm thinking about how good your tongue would feel in my pussy right now, but I can wait. On Thursday night, it will be in my pussy a lot, and your cock will be there too."

"My tongue will be hard thinking about you and looking at you and so will my cock, but I think it will be fun to develop a relationship. And, you are right that we will have to stay in character after this kiss." Our kiss was everything a passionate kiss should be and our tongues explored and caressed each other until Anna broke it off. She patted my cock, which had become stiff while kissing, and from thinking about what we would not be doing for a while, but what we would be doing, bigtime, after four days.

"This dude will have to wait, but only for a while, and our last night together will be worth it. See you at dinner." After that, she left.

It was a simple matter to track down the dining room porter who would be assigning seats. My story about my powerful romantic attraction to a certain young lady was close enough to the truth to be believable, and the $20 I slipped him was gravy, because he would normally assign seats randomly anyhow. I returned to my room and set up my laptop on the writing desk, mostly to give me something to do while I was waiting for the call to dinner. Wherever I go, I carry it, in case I have a chance and the inspiration to write. After that, I sat down to wait and play solitaire until Anna and I could put our game into action. Her idea was a relief to me because it would have been so much against my nature to have refused her sexually that I probably wouldn't have done it, and I would not have gotten the rest I needed. Besides being a real sweetheart, Anna is a very sexy young woman and I was already looking forward to our last night on board and the days preceding that last night.

Fifteen minutes after the dinner bell rang I strolled to the dining room and looked for Anna. When I saw her, near the far side, and with an empty chair next to her, I pretended to be looking at other empty spaces while I walked in her direction. After looking at a dozen place names that I knew were not mine, I looked at the one next to Anna. "I see we are going to be neighbors," I said to her, smiling.

"Looks like it," she said, also smiling and, after looking at my name card, "Mr. Boxlinker?"

"Licker. George Boxlicker. But since this is a cruise and things are very casual, just call me George," and I sat down on her right.

"Fine, George, and my name is Anna." We shook hands rather formally, both of us staying in character.

On the other side of Anna was an older man and next to him was a woman who seemed to be his wife, judging by the way they were monopolizing each other. The people next to me were obviously also a married couple. Either the dining room porter had really earned his bribe or it was a lucky coincidence because that meant that Anna and I could pretend to get to know each other with minimal interruptions.

"Anna, do you often come on these cruises?" I asked.

"This is the first one ever for me. My ex-husband was too prone to seasickness to even think of going on a cruise. Besides that, he was too busy chasing every skirt in town, the rat, to take me much of anywhere. I have always wanted to take one of these cruises and now that my divorce decree has been granted, I can. How about you?"

"I like to take a cruise a couple of times a year. They are very relaxing and I sometimes get a little work done. Not enough to write the cruises off on my income taxes but enough that I always bring my laptop."

"You bring your computer and work? You must be a real workaholic. What do you do that you have to work on a cruise when everybody around you is resting and relaxing and having fun?"

"I'm an author and I don't have to work when I'm here, and I don't work very much but sometimes I meet somebody and get a story line or a plot or some other idea. I actually spend very little time working, sometimes none at all."

"An author! Really? Do you think you could write a book with me in it?

"Maybe I could write a story where you are somebody's beautiful mistress and the jealous wife kills you and tries to frame her husband, and my lawyer character needs to prove his innocence. Or, maybe the wife kills him and tries to frame you and my lawyer character needs to prove your innocence.

"Me? A beautiful mistress? Oh, George, you flatter me." When she said that, Anna looked me in the eyes with her hand gently squeezing my arm. For the rest of the dinner, we chatted and flirted, keeping eye contact and frequently touching each other. Probably the other people at our table noticed us but nobody said anything. As dessert was being served the social director stood on the bandstand, tapped his microphone and blew into it and announced, "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am very pleased to announce that, for your further pleasure, there will be dancing, beginning at 9:00 o'clock, tonight and every night of the cruise, in this same room. All passengers are cordially invited."

"That sounds like fun," I said to Anna. "Would you care to join me, since neither of us is with anybody else? I'm not a great dancer but I think I can avoid stepping on your feet."

"Why not? I'm not much of a dancer either but I'll be glad to give it a shot. Suppose I go change my clothes and you can too if you want, and we meet back here at nine?"

That sounded like a good idea to me and, after finishing dessert and coffee, I went back to my room to change and Anna did the same. Our role-playing relationship had not yet progressed to the point where I would escort her to her room. Clothing on these cruises is usually very casual but they do like passengers to dress up some for events like dancing, so I changed into the business suit I had brought.

At nine o'clock, I met Anna at the entrance to the dining room/ballroom. She is really beautiful, about five and a half feet tall, with her long, light brown hair and lovely figure. Earlier, she had been wearing very loose-fitting clothing and I hadn't really had a chance to see where she had lost the weight that she mentioned losing, but I hoped she hadn't gone too far in slimming herself. Anna was wearing a form-fitting gown and I could see that much of the weight had come from her waist and some from her hips. Presumably, some had come from her thighs and, to tell the truth, she could have afforded to lose weight from those places. I like a woman to have what I think of as "womanly curves" and Anna still had plenty of those. From what I observed, some of the other men around us were noticing the same thing and I was glad when Anna took my arm and we entered.

Right away, we started dancing together, fairly far apart at first and, after we accustomed ourselves to each other's moves, closer together. Anna had told the truth about not being much of a dancer, and so had I but we enjoyed the closeness. At first, the band played waltzes and two-steps, which was fine with me and with Anna too. I had grown up listening to rock music and enjoying listening to it but I never could see much sense to dancing to it, since dancing is supposed to be hugging set to music. We did as much hugging to the music as we could, and when we were sitting something out, we sat very close, and Anna held my left hand in both of hers, resting on her leg while my right arm was around her bare shoulders. The creamy skin of her shoulders made me remember how soft and delightful the rest of her skin is, especially ..., and then I decided to stop thinking about that, and get some refreshments. The way we had been sitting so close together, other men were discouraged from asking Anna to dance but while I was gone, they became more enterprising.

When I returned with punch and cookies, Anna was dancing with another man and there were two more nearby who seemed to be waiting their turn. Since I have many lady friends, I have never felt I had any claim on any of them, but I felt very proprietary toward Anna that night, and later also. Leaving our refreshments on the small table in front of the chairs we had been occupying, as soon as Anna came off the dance floor, I stepped in front of the other men and danced away with her, even though the next number hadn't started yet. Although I hated to admit it, I was actually jealous and I think Anna knew it but she just smiled and said nothing. For the next two dances, I kept her out on the floor and we only returned to our chairs because the band was taking a break.

Perhaps I had scared the other men away because for the rest of the time that night I had Anna to myself. Two of the couples there had been at our dinner table, and I saw them whispering together and occasionally looking at us, and whispering to others as well. It seemed the gossiping had already started, which was fine with me, and could only make our game more enjoyable.

As the night progressed, Anna and I danced even closer together and it was really fun, holding her against me and moving around the floor together. Finally, she looked up at me and said, "George, I'm really enjoying myself but I'm getting tired. Would you mind calling it a night and walking me to my room?"

"Okay, I'm getting a bit tired myself. Just lead the way." As we left, it seemed like most of the assemblage watched us departing.

We held hands as we strolled past the swimming pool toward Anna's room, and she stopped to ask me about it. "It just seems somehow strange," she remarked, "that out here in this huge ocean, they still have to bring water for swimming."

I agreed that it did seem strange, and then I asked her if she wanted to come here and swim the next day. "Yes, George, I think I would really enjoy swimming with you." Briefly, when she said that, I had a little trouble keeping in character. "It's late," she continued, "so let's both of us get a good night's sleep and meet here for breakfast at 9:00 o'clock tomorrow, and swim afterward.

At her room, we held hands as we stood and chatted, until she turned and unlocked her door. In front of the open door, Anna held her arms out to me, and as we embraced I lowered my head to kiss her smiling lips. She turned her head though, so I just kissed her cheek, and then she said goodnight, went inside and shut her door. I walked back to my room and that night I had very pleasant dreams of Anna. When I awoke, I was looking forward to seeing her in a bathing suit for the first time, even with the many times we had swum together. That thought reminded me of a cartoon I saw once where two men are looking at a sexy naked woman and one of them is saying, "I sure would like to see her in a bikini." After pushing that thought out of my head, I decided I had better not think about sexy naked women anymore until Thursday night, when there would be one in my room.

Anna was wearing a sundress the next morning when she opened her door, and looking delicious. Walking to the dining room, she held my right arm in both her hands, and leaned against me, and when we walked in, it seemed like everybody there stared at us. Apparently, we had already become "an item", which was expected, and added to our fun. After we placed our orders, the man to my right turned away from his wife and tried to strike up a conversation. "I saw you and the young lady dancing together last night. Have you known each other long?"

"No, we just met last night at dinner but it already feels like we have known each other longer. She certainly is pretty and seems very nice, doesn't she?"

"I'll say." Just then, he glanced at his wife who had a petulant look on her face, and he returned his attention to her. Our food started arriving then and, as is usual on cruises like this, it was good and plentiful. I was glad to see Anna eating heartily because, too often, people, especially young women, lose weight and then obsess about getting even thinner. As I waited for Anna to finish eating, I sipped coffee, enjoying the many glances sent our way, usually after conversations that were mostly whispered.

When we left, Anna held to my arm again, giving the people more to talk about. She smiled even more than usual when I told about the brief conversation with my neighbor at the table. "The man next to me tried to start a conversation but his wife gave him a look that could have frozen the whole ocean, so he cut it short. Isn't it nice to be notorious?"

When we reached her door, Anna told me, "Wait her and I'll be out in a second." It was considerably longer than a second but any wait would have been worth it because she had wrapped her gorgeous body in a strapless bathing suit. Even though her long, beautiful hair was contained in a cap, she was still a delightful vision. Just as I had expected, some of the lost weight had come from her thighs which, when I looked at them, made me look forward to the evening and morning my head and my hips would be between them. Quickly, I chased that thought from my mind.

"Anna, you are really beautiful. Aren't you afraid that all the men will want to throw their wives overboard and start courting you?"

She laughed. "George, you are quite the flatterer. Now, let's get you into your bathing suit and swim in the middle of the ocean without touching saltwater." Although she had laughed, my comment was welcome, both to Anna, the new acquaintance and Anna my lady friend.

She waited in the hallway until I had gotten into my swimming trunks and we walked together to the pool, which wouldn't be crowded this early. On the way there, all the men we passed gave Anna the eye, unless they were with their wives, and even some of them were able to sneak a peek. I can't blame them because she is really a beauty, although seemingly unaware of it. Usually, our skinny-dipping is just splashing around in the ocean but Anna is a good swimmer, and enjoyed herself. In the water, I am more of a whale than a porpoise but I enjoyed myself also.

After swimming, we found ourselves some deck chairs and moved two of them together, so we could lie side by side in the sun, holding hands. The chairs were narrow so we were as close as if we had been lying in bed together. Even though this was role-playing and I still regarded Anna as a friend and a sex object, just as she considered me, I found myself developing warmer feelings for her. I was not concerned because I remembered temporarily developing the same feelings for the lady friend I accompanied to Hawaii, but she and I had reverted to being friends and sex objects. When I role-play, I really get into the role.

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