tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Dare You... Ch. 3

I Dare You... Ch. 3


There is nothing quite like the hush of a darkened theatre. Every movement causes a rustling noise, and every whisper is magnified. A cough echoes forever. Therefore a moan must be bitten back at all costs.

Her head rested on his shoulder in the darkness. Caught up completely in the storyline, her awareness of him came and went as he fidgeted slightly in his seat, but was suddenly wholly fixed on him when his hand cupped her breast. His lips brushed her face as he murmured her name.

She stayed very still, eyes fixed on the screen but attention dominated by him. She waited silently in the dark for the words she knew would come. She hadn't long to wait before the ghost of his voice reached her ears. "I dare you, baby."

She drew in a shallow breath and waited. His hand squeezed her breast, and his other hand crossed over his body to take her hand, gently placing it over his zipper and the already-hard bulge beneath. Did she hear his whispered plea for her mouth on his cock? Or was she now sliding from her seat of her own accord? She wasn't sure and didn't care. The feel of him under her fingers made her mouth water and her pussy ache.

She knelt on the floor between his legs, her hands silently lowering the zipper of his pants and slipping inside. His fingers gently stroked her cheeks, his eyes never leaving her face. Her fingers closed firmly around his hardness, and as she instinctively licked her lips he clenched his teeth against the groan rising in his throat.

She leaned forward and touched just the tip of her tongue to the head of his cock, feeling it throb in response. Her lips parted, and after a final lingering lick of her lips, she sank her mouth slowly down over his cock.

His hands clenched slightly in her hair as her mouth took him in deeper. Her tongue swirled around his cock, her mouth beginning to suck softly, then a little harder. One hand stroked his shaft as the other worked its way beneath her skirt to slip between her legs, finding the wetness there. She plucked lightly at her hot flesh, sucking harder on his cock.

Her eyes were closed and his were fixed on her face and the sight of his cock disappearing into her mouth. There wasn't light enough to see much but still he could see her lips and his skin glistening with her saliva. He bit back another groan as he felt her teeth lightly grazing him and her tongue sliding along behind to soothe his skin. Her hand slipped easily up and down his wet cock, and her mouth sank lower, sucking him in deeper. The head of his cock hit the back of her throat and she swallowed, her fingers on her clit beginning to rub harder as his hips began to push his cock into her mouth.

She felt herself drawing closer to her own orgasm as his thrusts into her mouth became more urgent. She opened her eyes and looked up at him, smiling around his cock as their eyes made contact. Suddenly she felt his hands on her head gripping more tightly, and she sucked harder, faster, rubbing her clit faster and sinking a finger deep into her pussy.

As his cock began to fill her mouth with his cum, she slammed three fingers into her tight hole and felt the world explode as she came. She swallowed every drop of his sticky load, sucking the last of it from his cock greedily. Pulling her hand back from under her skirt she offered it to him, and he sucked her juices from her fingers.

Slowly she rose and sat back in her seat, as he tucked his cock back into his pants. She looked around suddenly to find the people all around them staring at her, and her cheeks flushed even more with embarrassment. He took her hand and they left the theatre, laughing together. On the sidewalk outside he held her to him and they kissed deeply, then walked slowly down the street, hands clasped. "My turn again," she said.

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