tagIncest/TabooI Didn't Know

I Didn't Know


I had always known him as a great, open person, one who had lived a full life, fathered two kids and was now, semi-retired, living by himself. My grand mother had died a few years before and it was a great loss to him. I had spent many summers with him and my grand mother on their farm but I never knew the one thing about him that opened my eyes to another world.

I had come up to see him with one of my daughters, Stephanie, Steph for short. The farm didn’t look any different after all the years I had been away as we drove into the yard. He opened the door and came towards us with a big smile on his face, holding out his arms and giving Steph a big hug, maybe too big. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it as he came around and gave me a bear hug too.

“God, it good to see you,” he said, as he ushered us into the big house. “It gets kind of lonely up here all by myself and I was so glad to hear that you were coming up.”

“Well, granddad,” Steph said. “Dad has always talked about the farm and when I got the weekend off, we decided to come up for a visit. Besides, it’s been too long.”

“Well, I’m just glad you’re here.”

He showed us to our rooms and I started to unpack. As I did, I stood by the window and looked out over the land, remembering the fun and the hard work that went into such an operation. I smiled as I looked out, almost seeing the two of us working on the barn that summer and how we had found out so much about one another.

After finishing, I went down and Steph and her grandfather were sitting in the kitchen. I walked in just as he said, “You’ve turned into quite the woman, young lady. You look a little like your grandmother with the shining eyes and the smooth skin.”

Steph was blushing a little as he spoke but didn’t answer him.

“I bet,” he went on, “You have a lot of admirers back home.”

“No, not that many,” She answered, smiling over at him as I joined them at the table.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be shy about it. I bet the boys just swarm around you,” he said. “I know I’d be first in line if I were a little younger.”

Steph looked at him and grinned.

“She had a pretty busy schedule,” I interjected. “She is kept pretty busy most of the time and doesn’t spent a lot of time, socializing.”

He looked at me then back at Steph.

“Well, she should. She has a great body and should be enjoying these young years because they come to a close, much too soon.”

Steph looked at me and I could see the embarrassment in her eyes. I changed the topic and we spent the next few hours bringing each other up to date on what has been happening in our lives. After dinner, I sat out on the porch with him, watching the sun set. He leaned over and whispered to me, quite suddenly.

“You know, I wouldn’t mind fucking Steph myself.”

I looked at him with a horrific look on my face and I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck rising. I didn’t say anything but quickly looked away. He continued.

“She has a great set of tits on her and I’d love to run my tongue over them, hearing her moan under me.”

I looked at him and noticed he had a slight bulge in the front of his pants. He leaned back and smiled, looking off into the distance.

“I wonder if she would indulge an old man before you left?” he asked. “I’d love to feel her cunt around my cock as I pumped her full of come.”

I sat bold upright and turned to him, anger crossing my face.

“I didn’t bring her up here for you to fuck. She wanted to come and see you because she felt that there were only so many more times she would have the chance. She wanted to see for herself, the farm that I’ve told her about most of her life. Besides, she isn’t that type of girl.”

He laughed.

“How do you know? She looks like she had had a few cocks up her cunt. Maybe she likes it, you never know.”

I could feel the redness on my face and I was starting to sweat a little. I stood up and gave him a look of disgust and walked away, heading down to the barn. He stayed on the porch and watched me disappear into the barn.

When I smelt the aroma inside the barn, it brought back memories. I stood looking around the old building, at the old machinery and relics on the walls, remembering the number of times I had been in here. I spent quite a while looking at and searching through all the things I found and remembered.

After about an hour, I went back out and looked up at the house. He wasn’t on the porch and I couldn’t see anyone. I went around to the back and saw the two of them in the kitchen. Steph was backed against the sink as he stood in front of her, his hands fondling her breasts as she tried to wiggle free of him. He had a good grip on her and she seemed to be giving into the groping he was giving her as I heard her moan softly as he continued, circling her nipples with his rough hands.

He saw his head bend down and could see his tongue sucking on her through her shirt as she held her head back, her eyes closed and her mouth open in a silent moan. He hands were holding his head against her as he continued sucking on her breasts. Then she pushed him away from her and started to undo her shirt, slowly peeling it away and letting it fall to the floor. He reached around her and unsnapped her bra, letting it slide down her body until she was bare from the waist up. He then leaned forward again and took her bare nipple between his lips and I could see his tongue circling it, occasionally, nipping on it, making her throw her head back again as she groaned at his touch.

As I stood watching them, I realized that I was getting excited and reached down to rub my hand across my crotch, feeling my hardness starting to grow inside my pants. Now he was sucking on her breasts as she continued to hold his head against her. I couldn’t hear them clearly through the open window but from their actions, I could see they were ready for more. As I watched, Steph pulled him away from her breasts and he looked at her, a smile forming on his lips as she started to undo her skirt. I could see his eyes running down her body as she took her skirt off then her panties. The look on his face was one of lust and wanting and I knew he was going to fuck her, right there in the kitchen.

I moved closer and found a spot where I could see completely into the kitchen and I saw them standing in the middle of the room, their arms around one another, kissing and fondling each other. I could see the bulge in his pants as she rubbed her hands across it while he explored her ass with his fingers. I watched him spread her cheeks apart and run his finger up and down her crack, rubbing her hole softly before probing at it, trying to get his finger inside her.

“Fuck me granddad,” I heard her whisper. “I want your big cock inside my cunt.”

“Oh darling, I want to so badly,” he replied, sighing deeply. “I’d love to put my cock inside you but your father might not like that.”

“Don’t worry about Father. If he finds us, he can fuck me too. He has a good size penis and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have him fucking me. Now, please?”

I blinked when I heard what she had said. Never had I had any thoughts about fucking Steph but obviously, she had. Now he was turning her around and leaning against her, forcing her against the counter. She pushed her ass out at him and he found the zipper to his pants, pulling it down quickly. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor before pulling his underwear down. His large sized cock came springing out of his underwear and it smacked against her ass making her moan.

“Yes granddad, stick your big fuck stick inside me and fuck me hard. I want to feel you inside me,” she pleaded, pushing back against his groin.

He thrust himself forward and I watched his head disappear into her. She moaned as he pushed all the way up into her until his balls were resting against her ass. He grabbed the counter to balance himself, then started thrusting fast and hard, in and out of her cunt as she moaned and groaned. I could hear their skin slapping together as he continued filling her with his length and thickness.

“Oh yes, that feels good,” she moaned as he thrust harder in and out of her. “That feels so good. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a big cock up my cunt. Don’t stop.”

I could see the sweat starting to form on his upper lip as he worked hard at pumping himself in and out of her. Now he leaned back and grabbed her hips, holding himself steady and pumping into her as fast as he could. The noise of their skin slapping together was too much for me and I reached down and unzipped my pants, pulling my hard cock out of them as I continued watching the two fuck in the kitchen.

I must admit, she sure did look good taking all of him over and over again and I watched them as I rubbed my hard cock. I must have moaned because she turned her head and saw me. Without a word, she smiled and let her grand father keep fucking her. I then heard a grunt come from deep inside him as he stopped and held himself against her ass. He grunted a few more times and then started to pull his spent cock out of her. She groaned softly when it popped out of her.

“Fuck granddad, that felt so good. I hope you can fuck me again before we leave,” she said as she hugged him, reaching down and caressing his spent cock.

“Darling, I’d fuck you anytime,” he answered.

She bent over to pick up her clothes. Giving him a quick kiss, she walked out of the kitchen as he started getting dressed again. Did they know I had seen them? I quickly zipped up my pants and retreated back around the side of the house. I went back to the porch and sat down in one of the chairs and waited for one of them or both to appear. Soon after, Steph appeared in the doorway.

“Dad, would you like something?” she asked.

I turned to look at her and I saw a different woman standing in the door. She had a glow to her and her face was alive, her eyes shining and bright and her cheeks a soft glow of color.

“No thanks. I’m fine.”

I watched her disappear and thought about what I had seen in the kitchen. I was starting to grow again as I thought about it but it was short lived as she came out and sat down in the chair next to me. For the next few hours, we spent the time talking until it was time to eat.

After dinner, I made an excuse and disappeared out into the night. I was hoping they would repeat their performance from this afternoon but when I returned, Steph had already gone up to her room. I spent some time with the old man and then retired myself. I had just gotten into bed when I heard a soft knock on my door. Steph quietly opened the door and I could see in the fading light, she was only wearing a thin, see-through shirt. She asked if she could come in. I nodded and watched as she quietly closed the door.

She walked over to the bed and sat on the edge of it, looking down at me, a smile on her face.

“Dad, I have a problem,” she started.

“Really? Anything I can help with?” I replied.

“Well, yes, as a matter of fact, you can.”

I braced myself and waited for her to tell me what was on her mind, all the time, her shirt riding up her thighs until I could catch a glimpse of naked flesh underneath it. She didn’t make any move to cover herself before she started.

“Dad, I know you watched us this afternoon. I saw you and I enjoyed seeing you watch me get fucked.”

I felt my face starting to turn red as she spoke.

“Did you hear what I told granddad?”

“No, I didn’t hear everything,” I stuttered. “I could only hear a few things.”

“Do you want to hear what I told him?” she asked, looking directly into my eyes.

I felt myself getting hard under the covers. I knew what she was going to say but I wanted to hear her say it. I hoped it was the fact that she had wondered what it would be like to be fucked by her father. I didn’t have long to wait as she blurted out, “I told him that I have always wanted you to fuck me and I haven’t been able to get that thought out of my mind every since I said it.”

“But honey, it’s not right for a father to fuck his daughter,” I replied, looking her in the eye.

“I know Dad but I can’t help it. I’ve watched you naked many times when you didn’t know I was there and I’ve listened to you and Mom making love so many times, that I’ve spent many nights fingering myself to sleep just thinking about you being inside me, fucking me. I know its wrong but I can’t think about anything else.”

I didn’t answer but just looked at her. She had that glow around her again and I reached out to bring her down to me to give her a hug. As I did, she felt my erection under the covers. She smiled at me as she lowered herself into my arms.

“Oh Daddy. I love you. I know you love me too and I want you,” she said as her head rested against my chest. “I can feel the heat from your body and I know you want me too.”

I just held her and caressed her hair as she reached down and ran her hand across the bulge in the covers. I pushed her head away from my chest and looked her in the eye.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked.

“Yes, Daddy. I want you so badly. I want to feel you inside me.”

I reached up to undo her shirt but she moved quickly, pulling it over her head and uncovering her nakedness. I froze as I looked at my daughter’s beautiful body as if I had never seen it before. Her breasts were round and firm, her nipples sticking out, ready to be sucked. There was a thin line of sweat on her upper lip and her eyes softened as she lowered herself back down to my chest. I ran my hand up and down her back, caressing it and feeling the softness of her as she moaned softly into me.

After a few minutes, she lifted her head and looked at me. I pulled her to me and our lips found each other, our tongues slithering out to explore each other’s mouths. It wasn’t a frenzied lust that had overcome us but it was slow and soft. I ran my hands all over her back and around her face as we kissed and explored each other. She started rubbing me harder now and I could feel my hard cock against the covers, trying to escape. She quickly flipped the covers back and took my hardness in her hand, rubbing up and down it length as she moaned again and again.

“Oh Daddy, you feel so hard,” she whispered into my mouth. “I want you.”

“I want you too,” I replied back as I pushed her face away from me.

I moved over in the bed to make room for her, holding my arms open for her. She got beside me and swung a leg over me, half covering my hard cock. I could feel the heat from her body against my erection as it twitched slightly under her. She felt the movement too and reached down, grabbing it and rubbing it. I groaned at her touch as our lips met again in a passionate kiss, our tongues exploring each other once more.

“Oh Daddy, I want you. I want you so badly,” she murmured into my mouth. “I want you inside me.”

I quickly rolled her over onto her back as she spread her legs wide open. I looked down and could see the wetness of her, as I reached out to touch her.

“Oh fuck Daddy,” she moaned. “Fuck me.”

I quickly positioned myself between her legs and without another thought, I thrust myself fully up into her, making her gasp and then groan.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so good.”

I started to slowly thrust in and out of her as she writhed under me, sending waves of lust through my body as I looked down at her.

“Oh Daddy, fuck me,” she panted as I continued thrusting in and out of her. “Fuck me like you would Mom. I want to be your wife tonight. I want you to fuck me like you would Mom. I want your cock deep as you can inside me. I want to feel you come inside me.”

I sped up and could hear our skin slapping together as I fucked her harder than I ever had my wife. She felt so good under me and I wanted to come inside her so badly. I could feel the sweat on my body as I continued. She pulled her legs up so they were around my neck and raised her ass a little off the bed, all the time, pushing back at me as I fully thrust up into her.

Finally, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I felt the familiar feeling in my balls as they tightened and then I exploded inside her. I held myself as far into her as I could as I sprayed come deep up into her.

“Oh fuck Daddy. Come inside me. Fill my cunt with your hot come.”

She was yelling and groaning at the same time, coming as I spewed come into her, over and over again. I finished and just held myself against her, wanting to enjoy the hot feeling of her around me as long as I could. My cock started softening and as it did, it slowly started to slide out of her. When it did, she groaned again and opened her eyes, looking at me with a look that I never had seen before. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Without a word, I rolled off to the side and she followed me, throwing her body over me and into my arms. I looked up at the ceiling and wondered why I hadn’t noticed the lust in her before. She was breathing heavily as we rested and I could feel her sweat mingling with mine.

“See, I told you, she liked a cock in her cunt,” he said, bringing us out of our trance.

I looked over and saw him standing in the doorway, watching us.

“See, I told you she would like to have a couple of hard cocks up her cunt, didn’t I?”

Steph sat bolt upright and looked over at him. She then did something I hadn’t expected. She held out her arms to him, inviting him to join us. The smile on his face lit up the room as he slowly walked over to the bed. She reached out and quickly started to undress him. He helped her as I moved over to make room for him. I watched his hard cock appear from in his underwear and then he was naked and getting onto the bed with us.

Steph lay down and opened her legs. He quickly got between them and positioned his head against her opening.

“Darling, I’m going to fuck you harder than this afternoon. I’m going to add my come to your father’s, deep inside your cunt and then I’m going to watch you as you clean me off,” he said as he lunged forward, his hard cock entering her easily and fully.

She gasped as he started fucking her with long, rapid strokes, their skin slapping together and their pubic hair mixing every time he thrust into her.

“Oh fuck yes,” she yelled out. “Come inside me. Fill my cunt with your hot come. I want to feel you come inside me.”

I watched them as he grunted and groaned, all the time, plunging in and out of her. She raised her legs around his shoulders and he worked even harder and faster at fucking her. Soon though, he started to tire and slowed down a little.

“I want this to last,” he said, breathing heavily. “I want to feel your cunt around my cock for a long time.”
“Oh yes, fuck me long and slow. I love the feel of you inside me. You’re so hard.”

After a few more thrusts, he grunted loudly.

“I’m coming, Darling. I’m coming inside your cunt. I’m going to fill you cunt with hot sperm.”

She reached up and pulled him harder into her as he came. He closed his eyes as he came and I felt the bed stop rocking as he held himself deep inside her, spewing come up into her. I continued watching them as they separated. I could see the come around her cunt lips and some of it was starting to run down her leg towards the crack of her ass. I was mesmerized by the sight and watched it slowly ooze it’s way down her. I looked up at her face and she was watching me with half closed eyes. I looked over at him and he was panting heavily as he tried to catch his breath.

“Fuck, you are good,” he finally said to her. “You love fucking, don’t you?”

She looked at him and smiled.

“Yes I love fucking but only with your two big cocks,” she said. “I love the feeling of both of you inside me.”
No one said anything for a few minutes as we all rested. As I looked at the two of them, I felt myself starting to harden again. Never before, had I reacted in this way but here I was, getting another erection, just from watching and listening to them. I realized that all his dirty talk had had an effect on me and I found myself wanting her again. I moved closer to her and leaned down, taking one of her nipples softly into my mouth. Then I felt his head beside mine, his hair touching my cheek as he took her other nipple between his lips. We both ran our tongues around and across her nipples and sucked them into our mouths, mimicking each other.

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