tagInterracial LoveI Didn't Know How To Tell Him

I Didn't Know How To Tell Him


It was over 14 years ago when I first started a new job after being at a dead end job which was giving me an ulcer. I gave my notice there and began my search for a more rewarding job and won't land me in the hospital. After searching the newspaper daily, going on line and signing up with agencies, I stumbled across one in the newspaper that was in of all places my doctor's office and I noticed it was over 2 weeks old, but I thought I would give it a shot. After my doctor's appointment, I went down to my car and gave them a call. Much to my surprise the position was still open and it was only the next town from my house. Today was Friday and we scheduled my interview for early Monday morning. I was asked to bring my recent resume and any letters I may have from former employees. I had it all ready to go and on my way home I decided to take a ride to just be sure I knew where it was and I was right. It would take me all of 10 minutes to get there.

Sunday evening came and I decided to check out my wardrobe for something to wear for my interview. I found a three piece suit (Skirt, vest and jacket) and a white blouse that I bought and never wore. It was black and white and I had a new pair of white and a new pair of black shoes and a handbag and a brand new briefcase that was given to me by a former customer of mine from my last job. He had a brother in the leather business and it even had my initials in script across the front of it. I would be able to bring my paperwork in it among extra pens, a pair of panty hose among other things in it and look professional.

Monday morning came and I was up early and got myself and shave, eyebrows plucked and and shower and a hot oil treatment for my hair which was just touched up a two weeks ago - my best friend's son got married. I wasn't nervous at all and I'm usually a huge worry wart. My hair came out great and I looked smart in my outfit and the briefcase made me look smart and professional. I put on very little make up so I wouldn't look like I was made up. I hardly ever wore it and I was always told I didn't need any with my natural good looks.

I got in my car and drove to my interview. I met with the receptionist who gave me an application to fill out and attach all my necessary paperwork to it. I was sent to a large office with two large desks and a typewriter, and a PC with all the works - scanner and fax too. She returned to get my paperwork and told me that the boss would be in shortly to see me. I check myself out in the mirror in my briefcase and I had to admit that I did look good. I had a good vibe and was hoping that I would get the job.

In walked in this very beautiful lady that was dressed in a designer suit and designer eye glasses and carried herself very well. She shook my hand and introduced herself and asked me to sit down and tell her about myself and my working experience. I was really comfortable around her and I tried not to get all nervous last minute and stumbled on my words. She seemed very impressed with what I was telling her and she read my paperwork and asked me a few things and told me she wanted me to just take a trial run on what the position was all about and how I would handle myself in a simulation of a typical day. I aced it and I knew it and I didn't want to show a cocky attitude. She asked me when I would be able to start if offered the position and I told her as early as next Monday. She offered me the job and also told me that she had a little adjustment in the salary that she discussed with me on the phone and she would be offering me more because of my previous experience. She told me that I was dressed very nice and we dressed up every day but Friday which she treats as dress down day. I took her hand and shook it and thanked her for giving me the chance to work for her.

Driving home I decided that this week I would take to get myself some new clothes dressy and dress down. I called my best friend to share the news with her and she said she wanted to get "the gang" together to celebrate my new position. We made a date for meet on Friday night in one of our new spots. She took care of calling everyone and said we would meet there about 7:30. We had a great time and everyone was so happy for me. To my surprise each of them bought me a little gift to wish me luck with my job. I received a new cell phone and gift cards to some of my favorite stores. I don't know why they did all that but I have to say I do have the best friends and I have one that has been my friend over 30 years.

I was a bit nervous for my first day but I calmed myself with a cup of my favorite hazelnut blend and a couple of eggs over easy with bacon and some rye toast. I got myself in the shower and changed my mind about a dozen times on what to wear. I was driving in and called my best friend and she wished me luck and told me to call her on my lunch break.

What a great office building and the inside was breathe taking. All paintings and artwork and pottery. I was on the 5th floor and I to go to rum 505. I opened the door and the receptionist remembered me and told her she would call my boss and then showed me my office. What an office - it was beautiful and done with great taste. There was vase on fresh cut flowers on the side of my desk and it was from all my friends wishing me good luck. My boss walked and welcomed me again and we started by having a cup of coffee and showed me some assignments that she wanted me to work on.

She then took me around to me my co-workers and get accustom to where things were and get to meet my co-worker. Everyone was really nice and told me to ask for their help if I needed it. We had a cafeteria and the food smelled great. We got a hot or cold meal with beverages (coffee, tea, sodas, juices, etc) all for just $2. As I passed my office I noticed the office 3 doors down was occupied by a very attractive black man. I wasn't introduced to him as of yet, but if they didn't get to introduce us, I would have no problem introducing myself. He must have seen me because he came out of his office and introduced himself to me; his name was James. What a handsome man he was and seem to have it all; he was told and built like a football player, he had a great smile, dark black eyes and skin to match with a pencil thin beard and dimples in both his cheeks and they were deep and sexy. I'm sucker for dimples and black men. I am white and I am always teased by my friends and told that I like "dark meat" and also I had jungle fever.

The morning just flew by as I looked at all and worked on all that was given to me. I decided to take my lunch at 1 and called my best friend and told her about the job and about James. As soon as I hung up, James was coming my way and asked if he could sit with me and I told him of course. We talked about the company, about my job and his and also about ourselves. I found out that he isn't married but had 2 nieces and 3 nephews that he thought the world of. He was going to show me their pictures on our way back to our offices. I told him that I wasn't married and that I had 1 niece and 1 nephew. I didn't have my pictures with me but I would be bringing them in soon. I have to have pictures on my desk and around me because they give me a boast and a lift if I'm having a bad day. I always had my sister's pic and my parents and then I had few group shots of myself and my friends.

We walked into his office and he showed me the pictures and each child was so cute. His brother hand 1 girl and 2 boys and his sister and 1 girl and 1 boy. His sister had a white husband and her children were a mocha color and his brother and sister in law were both black and their children were black and brownish black. There was a picture of an older black woman in a frame by itself and he said that was his mom. His dad took off several months after he was born and end up drinking himself to death. He never knew him. His mother re-married but he didn't like her new husband as he always called him a spoiled brat. He was the youngest and seemed to get whatever he wanted. I told him I was sorry to hear that and he said that he loves his mother and his brother, sister, brother in law and sister in law and his nieces and nephews. Told him I would bring in my pics this week and he said he's looking forward to it.

When I got to work the next day, I was told that James and I would be working together for a while. I was thrilled but who knew if he was knowing that we would be working together. I found myself staring at him and hoping that he didn't notice. We had lunch together almost everyday and worked late every other night. He never tried anything with me and I wasn't disappointed; I was impressed with his manners. We were always working together and I could find myself daydreaming all about me and hoping he didn't notice me staring at him.

It went on for months and I was really starting to get really comfortable with my job and with all my co-workers. One lunchtime I went to the cafeteria to have lunch and as I looked around for James, I felt these arms around me and a whisper of "How's my girl??" I was shocked but it felt so good to have those huge black arms around me. He was like a big black teddy bear and it made me start to get a little damp in the panties. We shared a tray which carried our two salads and diet sodas. We went to "our table" and talked and I boldly invited him over for dinner over the up-coming weekend and he accepted. I gave him my address and phone numbers and asked him if there was anything he wasn't fond of so I don't make it and he said he wasn't big on seafood but he ate everything else. I know he has talked about steak and chicken being favorites with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, collard greens, gravy and loved chocolate cake. I planned my menu around that and made that for him. I tried out the dinner on my best friend and she loved it and I was hoping it would come out just as good on Saturday night for James. I went to the store and ordered all that I need and would pick it up Saturday nice and fresh. I also stopped at the store for something new to wear and then to the liquor store for the beer, wine and JD.

I kept toying with the idea of telling James how I felt about him but I didn't want to spoil our great relationship and friendship. I was so proud how my cake came out and also the cuts of the steak and the chicken pieces I bought. I never made collard greens until I made it the other night and it was good as they are usually bitter but I cooked them in chicken broth which took out the bitter flavor. James was on time at 6:30 as he was at my door carrying a beautiful floral arrangement for me which I thanked him with a kiss on his cheek. That was the first contact I had with him like that and his skin was so soft. I was getting wet again but had to keep myself under control.

I had the bar all set up for him so he could help himself and he also got a drink ready for me too. I had a spread cheeses, pepperoni and crackers set out and a small veggie platter with dip. I told him to put on the television and he said he would rather have some music on. I had a great collection of CD's that carried a great variety of music so I told him to check out the collections and feel free to put on anything his little heart desired.

I went into the kitchen to get my dinner all in order as I had to time it all to come together close to all the same time. I heard in the background my Marvin Gaye CD which "Let's Get It On" and I was thinking about getting on with James but he probably wasn't interested. But why did he come to dinner I thought but fought with my feelings and had to be good. As I got out my marinated steaks and chicken out and placed them on my counter, James came up behind me with a big bear hug as "Sexually Healing" was playing. He kissed the back of my neck and I could feel myself getting lost in his arms. I suddenly felt something and I was sure it was a hard on but I had to be sure. As he broke the hug, I could see that he was sporting a hard on and it was for me.

I turned into him and we kissed as we both stuck our tongues down each other's throat and I was in heaven. We broke the kiss and he was smiling at me and I looked towards his crotch and I saw the hard on and I reached to touch it and he had no issue with what I was about to do. He reached for and I let him squeeze my titties as I felt his throbbing cock thru his pants. I allowed his hands to touch and squeeze my titties as he squeezed them and my nipples were hard as rocks. I had to tell him how I felt I thought and then he took me by the hand and took me into my bedroom where he sat me down and we kissed deeper than before and touched and moaned almost in stereo as I could feel myself ready to explode. He started to take off my sweater and when he finally it over my head, my size 40DDD were right there in his face as I was large but firm. One hand squeezed my tittie until it tingled as he took the other in his mouth where he sucked and nibble on my nipple and then changed placed. I could see the bulge in his pants as he cock was growing and I wanted so badly to suck him off and make him hard and wanted him to fuck me hard.

I stopped before anything further went on and I took James' hand and looked him in the eyes and told him that I was attracted to him and have been since my first day. He told me that he was attracted to me too and that he wanted nothing more than to make passionate love to me right here and right now. We kissed and we touched and we undressed as he spread me acrossed the bed and started to enter me with his huge black throbbing cock. I asked him if I could suck him off and he said he would love it. As he let me get to my knees and take his cock into my mouth I could hear him moaning and with all he licks and sucks in no time he had a full erection and he told me it was time for him to fuck my brains out. Again he spread me across the bed and thrust his cock inside my oh so wet pussy that had exploded. He was entering me and pulling and thrusts were getting harder and harder and then he turned me onto my stomach as we did it doggy style as he grabbed by big white titties squeezed them and then my nipples and I could feel my own cum. He put be on my back again and as he started to fuck my white pussy with his black cock he announced how he had to "cum" and I told he I wanted to swallow some and then wanted him to squirt his hot load all over my face and my chest. His cum was warm and delicious and then he squirt a huge load on my face and my titties. After he emptied I rubbed in his cum and made sure I sucked what ever was on the head of his cock as not to waste that delicious cum.

We fell asleep on my bed as our food remained on the counter and it was uncooked and we woke up about 3 hours later and refrigerated the food and went back into the bed room and had more sex both oral and vaginal. He asked me if he could fuck my white ass and I told him I was a virgin to the ass fuck but asked him if he would lube up himself and my ass really well and then be careful and take it easy with me. He was so lubed and I was too and he fucked me slow and then picked up some speed as I enjoyed he ass fucking I was getting and then he fucked my pussy again an I wanted more ass fucking a before you know it James had come all over me and even came inside my pussy.

I've never been happier and I hope that he is too. Next week we have a 3-day weekend and he is taking me to Las Vegas - hey what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas.....to be continued

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