I Didn't Know She Was A Vampire


She pushed me back on the bed, mounted me, and sat on my face, as if my head was a horse, my face her personal saddle, and my tongue her saddle horn. Never have I wanted to lick a woman, as much as I wanted to lick her. Only, as soon as my tongue made contact with her pussy, she grabbed me by my hair moved my head around, as if it was a kitchen blender. I didn't know my neck could do the things that it was doing without my head falling off.

Generally, grabbing a woman by her hair is something that I've always done and love doing, while forcing my cock in her mouth and down her throat. What's good for the goose was certainly fun for the gander and never have I ate the pussy of a woman where she had an orgasm so fast. What usually takes twenty long, agonizing, and jaw numbing minutes took mere seconds.

"Don't stop. Yeah, right there. Don't stop! Oh, yeah, baby, I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I'm cumming," she said nearly as soon as I started licking her.

Damn, she moved my tongue around her pussy so fast that I had a friction burn on my lips. If I didn't know any better, I'd think my tongue was smoking.


Without taking the time to have an afterglow, a cigarette, or even a drink, I could have at least used some water, before she moved from my head, got off my face, and got on my cock. This woman was sexually possessed. If the Devil is a woman, then I just had sex with the Devil. If what I just experienced was Hell on Earth, then I plan on being bad the rest of my life because that kind of Hell is my kind of Heaven.


I felt her hand reach down and direct my engorged prick in her warm, soft pussy. Once inside, she rode me, as if I was an interactive amusement ride. Always one to take charge, never have I been with a woman who so knew what she wanted and what she wanted was for me to give her orgasms, lots and lots of orgasms. I tried to roll her over and mount her, but she'd have none of that. With her tits flying high, she was humping me, jumping up and down on me, and fucking me at supersonic speed.

"Hold on, baby," she said. "Mommy's gonna take you for a ride."

I tried holding back as long as I could, I tried thinking of the Red Sox, the Yankees, the Phillies, and the Tigers not making the World Series, and but all to no avail. As soon as I thought of Laura Bush sitting front row center with Ruth Ryan during a Texas Rangers game, as soon as I imagined myself having sex with the both of them, I exploded all the lust that I had for Susan in her pussy within a minute or two.

"Oh, my God. I tried holding back longer, Susan, as long as I could, but I've never been fucked by anyone so hard and so fast."

"Shh, lover. You were wonderful lover," she said giving me a long, wet kiss. "Most of the men I've had sex with over the years only last a few seconds. You lasted a few minutes. Thank you. I had three orgasms."

"Three orgasms? You did?" I looked at her, as if she was drunk, crazy, or drunk and crazy, but when she nodded her head to show me a satisfied smile, I knew she enjoyed the sexual ride as much as I did.

"Who's the man? Who's the man?"

Never have I satisfied a woman so completely in such a short time. Wow! Only, after that, every night, sometimes multiple times a day, she wanted sex, sex, and more sex. Just as I never came across a vampire before, never have I come across a nymphomaniac either. I'd sooner believe that she was a nympho before believing than she was a vampire. To be honest, tired of sex and tired of her, I was tired. Not even having the time to have a drink, I just wanted to sleep.

Even then with her sucking the blood out of my thumb, the hot sex, and the blood laden titles of all the songs she played, the books she read, and the movies she watched, I still didn't know she was a vampire, until that day she was leaving me for my best friend, Dwayne. That two timing, back stabbing bastard stole my woman right behind my back. Actually, he stole her in front of my face, when he asked her if she'd rather be with him than with me. The next day, she walked over to me with suitcase in hand. She didn't have much to pack, other than my money.

"It's been fun, Hank, but I have to go. I'll never forget you," she said. "You're a special man."

When she leaned into me, I thought she was going to kiss me good-bye, so I got ready by reaching around her to grab a handful of her ass in one hand and an abundant breast in the other. Ready now to be kissed, I closed my eyes and puckered up my lips. Then, when she ducked her head down towards my neck, I figured she was going to snuggle in for a hug in the way she does, when we spoon and sleep together. A hug, I thought, is that it? All that I'd get is a hug, after all that I did for her by giving her a place to live and food to eat and after all the superhuman sex we had every day, multiple times a day?

In the way that my dog sometimes nibbles at my earlobe, she shocked me, when she bit my neck. At first it tickled. Stupidly, I thought she was making up to me and wanted to make out with me. Stupidly, I thought she wanted to get back together. Stupidly, I thought she was horny and wanted to have sex. Then, when she bit down harder, my neck hurt. I tried to push her away but she was too strong for me. Within a few seconds, she drank enough of my blood to make me woozy and I had to sit down. Even then, after she bit me, I still didn't believe that she was a vampire, that is, until I saw her bloody fangs and her blood red eyes. Wow, that was scary.

Now, a month later, after being bitten by a vampire, I don't feel any different. I feel fine. I feel the same as I've always felt before she bit my neck and drank my blood. I mean, I don't want to bite anyone, in the way that she bit me. I don't think she turned me into a vampire in the way that I've seen others turned into a vampire by just one bite in the movies and on television.

Maybe some folks are immune to being turned into a vampire when bitten. Maybe she was just feeding on me and not trying to turn me into a vampire. Perhaps, with all the excess alcohol that I've consumed throughout my life, I may be one of those people who are immune to being turned into a vampire. With the alcoholic content of my blood, I imagine that I must have a lot of iron running through my veins that may prevent me from becoming a vampire.

To be honest, I don't care to know why she didn't turn me into a vampire. I don't want to push my luck and find out if I'm immune or not immune to becoming a vampire. I hope to God that I never meet another vampire. I mean, what are the odds of being bitten by a vampire again? That day was the last day that I saw Susan, when she pulled away seated next to my friend, Dwayne, in his Ford pickup truck.

"Good-bye, Susan," I said waving my condolences to my vampire lover. "Good-bye my beautiful, vampire. Sorry, Dwayne," I said, once they rounded the corner and were out of earshot.

Good luck to him. Not much of the drinker that I am, I'm sure that Dwayne is not immune from becoming a vampire. After she turns him into a vampire, I just hope he doesn't blame me. I hope he doesn't return to town to bite me. He was the one who stole my girlfriend, after all. If it's anyone's fault that Susan turns him into a vampire, it's his.

Besides, for sure, she's better off with Dwayne than with me. He's a big beef eater. He loves bloody rare meat. He loves barbeque and with barely any iron in his blood, he doesn't drink. I'm sure with all that bloody red beef surging through his veins, without all the alcohol to interfere, he'd make her a much better victim. Just as I didn't know she was a vampire, poor Dwayne doesn't know she's a vampire.


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