tagMind ControlI Didn't Mean To Turn You On

I Didn't Mean To Turn You On


(This is the third in a series of stories, the first of which is 'Simply Irresistible' and the second of which is 'Addicted to Love'. You probably won't have any difficulty following this story on its own, but you might want to read the other two first.)


Lara felt like someone had poured glue into her brain. All her thoughts felt disjointed, slow, and foggy. Dimly, she wondered how she had gotten here, wherever here was, and why she was naked. She looked around, all her movements slow and heavy, and wondered why the rest of the cheerleading squad was with her and why they were naked too. Then she spotted Melvin Horsteth and she practically creamed herself.

Melvin looked different. So different that she at first wondered how she even knew it was still him. But wondering was too hard. It was just easier to watch him, and his godlike, well-toned, athletic body. She wanted to be commanded by him so badly, but he was talking to some other man, a handsome-but-not-nearly-as-handsome-as-the-absolutely-perfect-in-every-detail-Melvin type of man, who had a goatee and wore an Armani suit. The man was asking Melvin, "So...what do you want for your third wish?"

Melvin said, "I want--" Suddenly music came from the jacket of the other man's suit. Lara recognized the music from before her life as Melvin's slave, a tinny digitized version of a song from a Disney musical. "You ain't never had a friend like me," it sang as the man pulled out a cell phone.

"One moment, Mel," the man said. "Won't take a sec. I have to take this." He flipped the cell phone open and put it to his ear. "Go," he said. He listened for a moment. "Beni," he said, "why do you call me with these things? If it's Janice Muncie, she's not due for her follow-up for another twelve months. For Baal's sake, I just finished with her not three days ago...a what? Wish conflict? With who? How? I see. I see. Alright--hold on, Beni." He took the phone away from his head and flipped it shut. "OK, Mel. I'm afraid I'm going to be called away for a little bit, just a minor issue with a previous client. Don't worry, the third wish is still entirely valid. Just think of this as time to review your plans in your head, mull things over, perhaps think about what you want for that third wish, or..." He caught sight of the way Melvin was looking at the cheerleaders. "Or that, yes. Back soon."

The man vanished. Lara smiled vacantly as Melvin walked towards her.


Janice Muncie opened her eyes cautiously, and looked around. The shouting and screaming had stopped. The hands clutching at her body had vanished. Everything was calm and still again.

Instead of Susan's mansion, she was in a small room, sitting in an overstuffed armchair. The walls were painted sky blue, but the paint was old, and cracked in places. Soft music played over louspeakers, but the sound was crackly and faint, and she couldn't recognize the tune.

And, of course, Mikal was standing there.

Janice looked at him, words tumbling over themselves in a rush to get out. "Please," she said, "they won't leave me alone, they won't go away, I can't stop them, make it stop, please make it stop!"

Mikal sighed. "Alright, let's pull out some of those neurotransmitters, shall we?" He gestured, and Janice suddenly felt the waves of panic fade away as though they'd never existed. Instead, she felt calm, almost sedated... "Now," he continued, "can we get the story from the top?"

She nodded, almost smiling with the ease at which she recalled the story. "I found your bracelet, and when I rubbed it, you appeared..."

Mikal nodded. "Granting you one wish, which you used to make yourself so beautiful that anyone who looked at you would be consumed with lust for you. Yes, I was there. That's not the part I'm interested in. I want to know what happened in the three days since I left."

Janice said, "Well..."


It was hard to look away from the mirror, Janice thought to herself as she showered, washing the scent of heady, fevered masturbation off of her body. Hard, hell. It was damn near impossible. She'd wanted to see how her new body had looked, but when she gazed into the mirror, she was so unprepared for how fucking gorgeous she was. It was all she could do to keep from ripping her clothes as she'd pulled them off her body, masturbating furiously, wanting nothing more than to fuck herself so hard, over and over and over...she'd just spent the last three days at home, alternating between eating, sleep, and masturbation.

That was just how Larry would feel, she thought. And Carol, and Gina, and Bobby, and all the others who she'd heard laughing at the office party. And especially Garry. Garry, who'd seen her under the mistletoe. Garry, who'd made the joke about needing vodka, not mistletoe, before he'd think about kissing her. Garry, who'd made them all laugh. Garry, who she'd thought was her friend, even if she knew he was married and that he was out of her league anyway. Garry, who lived in her apartment building. Garry, who was about to get the surprise of his life...at work, though. At least at first. She wanted an audience for his reaction.

Her clothes were all too baggy to fit her anymore, but it wouldn't matter once Garry saw her. It didn't matter if she was wearing a burlap sack and some paper bags for shoes. He was going to go mad with desire for her. They all were. She slipped past the mirror with one last effort of will, pulled on a shirt and some jeans, cinched the belt a few notches tighter, and headed out the door.

At this time of the morning, the streets were still quiet. She heard the occasional dog barking, but she walked the first few blocks without seeing any traffic, pedestrian or otherwise. She used the time to marvel at the fact that she was walking to work; she'd usually driven, even though it was just a couple of miles, all the while swearing that she'd get in better shape so she wouldn't have to take the car such a short distance. She looked down at her trim stomach and smiled, fighting the urge to slip her fingers into her pants. Who needs exercise when you have a magic genie?

Then she saw the jogger. He was across the street, heading the opposite direction from her, but when he saw her, he veered off in her direction as though pulled by a magnet. He ran up alongside her and slowed to match her pace. "Hi," he said. "My name's George, what's yours?"

She gave a tiny little smile. This was what it was always going to be like. Men falling all over themselves just to be nice to her, admirers everywhere. "Janice," she said. "Nice morning, isn't it?"

George nodded, but something about the look in his eyes told her he wasn't really listening. "Yeah. Listen, my house is just a couple of blocks up this street, and I was thinking maybe you could come in for a little bit of breakfast?" He licked his lips, but Janice could tell he wasn't hungry. Not for food.

"Some other time," she said. She couldn't wait to get to work and see if Garry did the same thing.

"Well, maybe if breakfast is out, you could just stop in there for a few minutes, and, y'know..." He looked a little flushed, now. A bead of spittle had gathered on his lower lip. "Talk."

Janice rolled her eyes. Was this what all pretty girls had to go through every day? Maybe she'd been better off out of it, then. "Not interested," she said, trying to stay polite but firm.

He put his hand on her arm. "Then, um, maybe, we..." His eyes looked glazed and feverish now, and Janice felt a tremor of fear in the pit of her stomach. "Maybe we could just go behind those bushes over there and fuck?"

Oh, god, she thought. All she could think to say was, "No!" She pulled her arm away and started walking faster.

He kept pace. Then he grabbed her arm again, harder this time. "You don't understand, Janet. I really need to fuck you. Right now."

She pushed him off of her. "You didn't even remember my name!" she shouted.

He grabbed her again, this time around both arms. "Who cares about your name?" he shouted. "I just want to fuck you!" He started dragging her off towards the bushes.

"No!" She pushed away at him, but he just seemed to have a crazy grip. "Help! Police! Fire!" She really wished she'd taken a self-defense course all of a sudden, but who was going to rape her?

This man right here, that's who. He was dragging her shirt up over her head as he pulled her off the street, panting like a madman. Maybe he'd have a heart attack before...no. She wasn't going to be that lucky. She yelled again.

Salvation! One of the lights came on in a nearby house, and a man walked out still wearing his pajamas. He saw the two of them struggling in the early dawn light, and headed over. "What the hell is going on here?" he shouted.

Janice managed to get out, "He's trying to--" before the jogger covered her mouth with his hand. He pulled her close to him.

"I want to have sex with her," he said, "but she's playing hard-to-get. Bet that makes the sex even better, though..." She felt him rubbing against her through their clothes, and she felt sick.

"Well, forget it, mister!" the man said, grabbing at George's wrist. "She's not having sex with you," (thank god thank god thank god thought Janice,) "she's having sex with me!" (oh god oh god oh god thought Janice.)

"Like hell!" George said, shoving her to the ground and charging the other man. The two of them grappled, and Janice took the opportunity to get back to her feet. Maybe she could just slip quietly past them...

"She's getting away!" one of them shouted.

Janice started running.

The next few minutes were a nightmare. Well, the beginning of one, anyway. Both George and the other man kept chasing her, shouting about wanting to fuck her, telling her not to be such a tease...they made so much of a racket that other men looked out their windows, and once they saw her, they joined right in. Soon there was a half-dozen drooling men chasing her down the street, and Janice had no doubt that when they caught up to her, every single one of them would have rape on their mind. She couldn't run to the police--she'd just get raped by a policeman. She couldn't keep running forever, not when she just kept attracting a bigger crowd...

Suddenly, a car pulled up alongside her, and the door opened. A woman in her mid-40s sat in the driver's seat, beckoning to her. "Get in!" she cried, and Janice didn't have to be told twice, not with the mob behind her. She jumped into the car and slammed the door, and the woman accelerated away.

"Thank you, oh god thank you so much," Janice gasped out in tears. "They would have, they were going to..."

"Ssh, dear," said the driver, taking several lefts and rights in quick succession to lose the crowd. "It's OK now, you're safe now. I'm Barbara, and you are?"

"Janice," she sobbed. "Janice Muncie. I'm sorry, I'm just a little freaked. Those men back there, they wanted to rape me, oh god...it was terrifying."

"I'll bet," Barbara said. She pulled into a deserted alley, hugging the wall on the passenger's side, and went into 'Park'. "You know what would relax you? A massage. I'm really good at giving massages."

Janice saw the look in her eyes. She opened the door, but it only moved about an inch before clunking against the alley wall. "Thanks, but no thanks."

Barbara unbuckled her seat belt and pressed her hand against Janice's crotch. "You could show some gratitude, dear. I saved you from those men who wanted to rape you, the least you could do is let me lick your pussy a little."

Janice hit her as hard as she could. It wasn't hard enough--Barbara looked a little woozy, but still very much ready for love--but it left her dazed enough that Janice could push past her and open the driver's side door. That meant pressing right up against her, though, something Barbara didn't seem to mind. "Ooh, that's it, baby," Barbara said as she ran her hands along Janice's breasts. "Rub me like that, I need it so bad, who cares about my husband, nobody ever made me feel like you..."

Janice pushed her out of the car, but Barbara's hand was entangled in her all-too-loose shirt. The two of them engaged in a brief tug-of-war, and desperation won out over lust. Janice's top ripped open, exposing most of her chest (her old bras simply didn't fit anymore), but she got the door closed and locked while Barbara staggered backwards. Unbowed, Barbara pressed her face up against the glass and waggled her tongue. "Your tits, they're so magnificent, I've never seen anything so wonderful..."

Janice slammed the car into drive and put her foot down on the accelerator.


From then on, things got worse.

She racked up the car about seven blocks away, her driving erratic and crazed due to paranoia about being spotted by other motorists. A policeman stopped to help, and wound up cuffing her hands behind her back and telling her about where he was going to put his nightstick. She managed to kick him in the crotch and run for it.

She passed a bus stop just as the bus was pulling up, and that added about twenty more men and women to the chase. She managed to lose them after several minutes of ducking through alleys, hurdling fences, ducking into parks, and generally putting her new, perfectly fit body to the test, but she snagged her jeans on a fencepost at one point and shredded one leg (not to mention scratching herself pretty badly.) The rest of her shirt had gone when one man got a little too close and managed to grab it. As she hid in some bushes next to an off-ramp, she could still hear them searching for her, moaning about wild sex and passionate fucking and something about a schoolgirl outfit, whips, and cottage cheese. As the voices neared, she decided to make a break for it.

And that was how she looked when she stumbled in front of Susan's limo. Dirty, sweaty, handcuffed, topless, and with her pants just tatters. And yet somehow, still beautiful.

When Janice felt herself pulled into the car, she felt a sense of total relief spread through her. She looked into the eyes of the woman in the backseat, and knew that this woman, this amazing woman, would also want her. But to Janice, that made perfect sense. She was so beautiful, so perfectly self-possessed, so utterly charismatic, that Janice felt like it was only natural to give herself to her. Anything this strange, exotic woman wanted, Janice would give. And if that meant sex, then so much the better. Janice had never felt so filled with the need to submit to anyone, let alone another woman.

"I'm Susan," she said, "and oh GOD I want to make you mine." She reached out and fondled Janice's breasts. "I'm going to make you my favorite pet, dear, put you through your paces every day. You've got such a magnificent body, and I'm sure it's capable of so much pleasure, and I need to find out right now...Home, Allan. Don't worry about the speed limit."

Allan looked slightly resentful, like he wanted to be back there with the both of them, but Susan must have had him well-trained, because in minutes, they were pulling into the garage of a beautiful mansion just outside of town. Janice barely noticed. Susan's fingers were all over her, making her forget the horrors of the last few hours, making her forget everything except ecstatic pleasure. Susan practically dragged her into the house, the two of them barely made it to a couch before they started tonguing each other all over, every part of her body coming alive and it just felt so good, so perfect, Susan wanted her pleasure and she wanted to please Susan, and they were both just cumming so hard, so fast, so long, so many times...

Finally, Susan got herself under control a bit. "Oh, my, girl," she said. "That was...impressive. I didn't even find out your name."

"Janice," she said, without moving. Every muscle felt sore now, the pain and exhaustion mingling with the afterglow. "Janice Muncie. I...I think I love you."

Susan sat up, still wobbly. "Fine by me," she said. "Expect to be doing this daily, because--" Then they both heard the pounding at the door. "Don't worry about it," Susan said. "I get plenty of visitors. People always want to make me happy." She smiled. "That was my wish. People naturally want to please me. I'm the most important person in their lives."

The pounding grew louder. "I got a wish, too," Janice said. "I don't think I thought it through enough."

"You did? Well, what a coincidence! I wonder if it was the same--" The pounding turned into a crash. Janice sat up, her heart in her throat.

People were pouring into the room. Everyone who she'd seen all day, all the men and women who couldn't stop thinking about her, couldn't stop looking for her, they were all here. They flooded into the room, lunged for her, their hands grabbing at her, rubbing her, pulling at her. Susan was screaming at them to stop, and then suddenly everyone was screaming because they wanted to stop to please Susan, but they wanted to fuck Janice because she was totally irresistible, but they wanted to stop, but they couldn't stop, but they wanted to stop, but they couldn't stop, but--


"Yes, that's 'wish conflict'. It's one of the few things that can actually get me to intervene--when two people's wishes contradict each other. They couldn't get rid of the urge you instilled in them, but they couldn't disobey Susan's command. I teleported you out of it all because it was the only way to sort everything out."

"Is...is Susan alright?"

"She's fine. The second you were gone, the wish conflict resolved itself. But I can't put you back, not without modifying or canceling the wish."

"You can do that?"

"Ordinarily, no. Wish modification is usually a big no-no, and canceling a wish requires finding the genie...and normally you wouldn't see me for a year, by which time you'd no doubt be tied up in someone's cellar or something. But this is a case of 'wish conflict', which overrides several of the standard sub-clauses." He gestured, and an electron microscope appeared. "Would you like to take a look at the contract?"

"Um, no...so I can change the wish?"

"Just this once, yes. I take it you'd no longer like to be so beautiful everyone needs to have sex with you?"

Janice gulped. "No. Just..." she hesitated for a moment, then blurted it out. "Just Susan. She's the only one."

Mikal stroked his goatee for a moment. "No conflicts there," he said at last. "Done." With a flash, they were both gone. Janice, to her new life as Susan's favorite toy, and Mikal...


Mikal reappeared to see Melvin fending off an angry woman in her late forties with a chair. "What the hell did you do to my daughter?" the woman was shouting.

"Ah, Melvin," Mikal said with a smile. "Time for that third wish, and...I see you might have some ideas already. You're a lucky man, Mel. A lot of people don't find out what they really need until it's too late."


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