tagIncest/TabooI Don't Get You

I Don't Get You


Disclaimer: All people depicted engaging in sexual activity are at least 18 years of age. Constructive feedback and critiques are welcome, illiterate flames will be snickered at and deleted. Enjoy!

Dedicated to Jerica. I hope this fits the bill.


"You're what? Run that by me again?"

"I know it's sudden and sounds a little weird, but-"

"A little? You just told me that you're getting married again. To a woman you met three weeks ago on vacation."

"Yes. Her name is Adelaide and she's wonderful."

"Adelaide?" I muttered. "Isn't that a street name or something you yell when you're falling off a building?"

"Be nice, Sean, she makes me happy," dad chided. "She's really nice and you'll like her."

I sighed heavily as I sat at the dining room table. I knew my dad, he wasn't exactly spontaneous, so for him to do this, there must have been something to it. Or he failed his save roll and got ensorcelled. Either way, I knew better than to try and change his mind. "Guess I'll have to take your word for it."

"Oh, you'll get to meet her before we tie the knot," he said easily, joining me in sitting down and drinking coffee. "I've invited her to come and visit, test out the waters before she makes a decision. She wanted to meet you."

"Well, that's good to hear. Will she be staying with us or in a hotel in town?"

"I offered both options and she chose to stay here, see if day-to-day living in a non-vacation environment was to her liking. She's a single mom and we really hit it off."

"She's been married before?"

"Situation not unlike ours, really," dad mused. "Hubby left her soon after her daughter was born, never heard from again."

I paused a moment. "She has a daughter? So, if you get married, I'm saddled with a step-sister?"

"Yup," dad answered cheerfully. "Her name's Jerica."

"Like, Jem and the Holograms Jerica? That lame-ass Eighties cartoon?"

"If you say so," dad replied amenably. "I wouldn't know about that. But Addy showed me pictures of her and she seems nice. She'll probably come and stay too."

"What're we gonna do for two weeks?" I asked, trying not to sound frustrated.

"Well, Addy said she'll find a job in her field here, which shouldn't be difficult for her. If she can, and if we all jive, she and Jerica will move in with us. We have the extra bedroom for Jerica, and Addy would stay with me, of course."

"So we double the size of our family, just like that." I stated flatly, not impressed.

"Sean, please don't be a hard-ass about this," dad said with a firm kindness in his tone. "You know dating has always been hard for me and Addy makes me happy. How can that possibly be a bad thing in your world?"

Well, he had me there. I promised I would reserve judgement until I at least met this woman and her daughter. "So when do we receive our guests?"

Dad looked down at his watch. "What time is it now?"


Okay, dad had been screwing with me, making me panic into thinking they were due that afternoon or something. Things were a little more flexible than that, fortunately, and it was decided that Adelaide and her daughter Jerica would arrive in two weeks. While dad and I ran a tidy household, two weeks would give us a chance to rearrange it so that it didn't feel quite like such a man-cave.

He showed me pictures of her on his phone and from email- she was a pleasant-enough woman, actually rather pretty, although middle-age had given her additional weight that was no doubt a permanent feature on the chassis. Hard to tell from pictures, but I think she was around five and a half feet tall. She had lots of light brown hair, tawny eyes and a good-natured smile.

Jerica, on the other hand, was a marked contrast- she was thin, or at least slender, and obviously hardcore into the goth scene. Her skin was pale, she wore black or dark purple lipstick and eyeshadow, and her black bobbed hair was shorter on one side and had purple highlights (or undertones, whatever). She wore contacts that made her eyes were a vivid violet colour and she had numerous piercings in each ear and a snake-bite lip ring. More than a few tattoos were visible on her nearly alabaster skin.

And unlike her mother, she didn't seem to smile. Not in a single picture.

"Wow, she looks like the life of the party." I muttered.

"Hey, you never know, maybe she just needs time to warm up," dad reasoned. "She's a few months older than you, I believe, not quite twenty-one. And yeah, the whole goth thing throws me too, but how bad can she actually be with Adelaide as her mother?"

How bad indeed. I guess we'd find out.


Turns out that picking them up at the airport wasn't necessary, since 'Addy' had decided that taking a road trip across half the continent to reach us would be fine. Though I was mostly put off by her appearance, I almost felt bad for Jerica, this girl I'd never met, since the thought of an extended road trip with my father gave me phantom pains. Maybe the two of them had a dynamic that made such a thing possible.

Dad and I were sitting on the verandah, waiting patiently, when he received a text message, indicating they were just a few minutes away. I could tell dad was excited, but trying to play it cool. He watched the street intently, a smile on his lips.

Sure enough, some five minutes later, Addy's titanic station wagon pulled onto the street, with her behind the wheel and honking the horn, to make sure we saw them. She was waving enthusiastically as she pulled up in front of the house, while dad stood and began walking down to the curb. There was a hoodie sprawled over something in the passenger seat, leading me to assume that Jerica was taking a nap, if all that honking hadn't woken her up.

The boat masquerading as a car lurched to a halt and Addy got out of her seat, hurried around the front of the car and almost leapt into dad's arms, her eyes shining with delight and her voice cracking with joy. Dad hugged her close, his face buried in her neck. I guess I wasn't really surprised when they kissed one another, deeply. I may not know this woman, but dad was obviously sure he did.

Their glandular display of joy at their reunion over (at least for now), dad put her back down on the ground and waited while I walked over. He had barely introduced me before Addy just hugged me, tight. I could already tell it was a genuine hug, and she'd clearly made up her mind that she liked me. That would make things easier, I imagine.

The hoodie finally stirred and Jerica appeared from beneath it, yawning and smacking her lips while she tossed it aside. Her short, black hair was somewhat askew, but mere moments of looking into the rearview mirror allowed her to put it back in place. She clambered out of the vehicle and walked over to join us. She was wearing skinny black jeans, from which hung small chains and various doo-dads and charms. Big, chunky black boots adorned her feet and she wore an old, white tank-top advertising the group Bauhaus.

Well, at least she wasn't a wannabe or poseur.

"Jeri, darling, this is Rick and Sean," Addy declared as her daughter sauntered up, her expression quite neutral. "Gentlemen, my daughter, Jerica."

"Pleasure." Jerica said, her voice carrying all the enthusiasm of the colour beige.

"Let's get you ladies inside, and then we'll see to your bags," dad said, his arm around Addy's shoulder and gesturing the way. "Sean'll come back out for them. Addy, I found that beer you like and bought a two-four of it..."

Mom was clearly thrilled and excited. Daughter? Not so much...


Addy was actually really nice and it didn't take me long to conclude that I liked her and having her around wouldn't be so bad. She clearly made dad happy, dad made her happy, and she was quite the domestic, offering to cook while they stayed. She also assured my dad that she liked the place the way it looked, and she had no particular intention of radically changing things, should they decide that they wanted to be together. As long as we could accommodate some special things for her and her darling Jeri, she would change nothing.

"Sure, sounds good." Jerica sighed from across the table.

We gave them the grand tour of the place, showing them dad's room and then Jerica's room. It had been dad's office, but he'd moved that down to the basement to make room for Jerica. It made more sense to actually have it down there, we'd just never gotten around to doing it until the ladies made it necessary.

Dad and Addy made dinner for us all and we actually had a pretty good time, the seemingly-unresponsive Jerica even cracking a light smile once or twice. I had a feeling she was secretly happy for her mom, even if she couldn't be bothered to show it. Hey, as long as she wasn't being a pain in the ass about it, what did I care?

It was twilight and dad and Addy decided to go for a walk. They offered to have us along, but we both declined. They'd been gone about five minutes when Jerica got out of her chair in the living room and nodded.

"That's enough excitement for me," she said, dusting off her pants. "I'm gonna go and break in the new digs."

"Okay, I'll take your bags up for you." I said, rising from my place on the couch. I followed her up the stairs and deposited the bags beside her bed.

"Thanks," she said, pulling out her phone. "Hey, what's the wi-fi password?"

I frowned as I tried to remember it. I guess I took a few seconds too long, because she looked at me, unimpressed.

"What, are you waiting for a blowjob before you give up your secret?"

"I- no, I... I'm trying to remember it for you." I stammered.

"Keep on trying, then." she sighed, turning her back to me and pulling her tank-top off over her head. As I'd noticed earlier, she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts weren't large, although she wasn't flat, either. I cleared my throat and looked away as she turned sideways, allowing me a decent view of her rather pointed tits.

"Never seen a girl before?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "Just so you know, I'm prone to walking around topless, so get used to it. Enough changes about to happen without me giving up my personal freedoms. You'd better go, before you nose-geyser all over my floor."

I nodded and turned to leave.

"Except I still need the wi-fi password." Jerica pointed out. "Remember it yet?"

"Oh. Y-yeah..."

I took the small steno-pad off the dresser and wrote down the password with a pencil before leaving and closing the door behind me.

"Nice talk, Plato!" I heard her call as the door clicked shut.


I was lying on my bed, looking at the ceiling, a small light illuminating the otherwise dark room. After leaving Jerica, I'd headed back downstairs and was watching TV in the living room until dad and Addy returned. I told them where Jerica was and her mom remarked that Jerica had no doubt retired for the evening, if she had the wi-fi password.

I was having trouble bringing up the subject of Jerica stripping off her top in front of me (albeit turned away from me), when Addy saved me the awkwardness by addressing it seemingly out of the blue.

"Just so you boys know," she began, sitting next to dad on the loveseat. "Jerica can be somewhat of a free spirit where her attire is concerned. She's not much for wearing bras and she occasionally pads around in a tank-top and panties and nothing else. If she's in her room or dashing to the bathroom, I can almost guarantee she'll be topless or even naked. Just giving you a heads-up, okay?"

Addy clearly didn't see her daughter's cavalier attitude towards clothing as a problem, so dad agreed that he wouldn't let it faze him. I followed suit and concurred, even if I wasn't sure that I meant it. If a girl my age was going to be prancing (or, more likely, lurking) around the house in a state of mostly-undress, that would take some adjusting to. Hell, I'm only twenty, whereas dad's fifty and had just discovered the woman he was sure was the love of his life. No big sacrifice for him.

After a while, I'd excused myself and gone to my own room, which is where I found myself now, staring blankly at my ceiling. Yeah, the whole situation I found myself in was swirling through my mind, but I'd be lying if I said my thoughts didn't keep coming back to Jerica and her tits, even though I barely saw them. This would take some getting used to.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a virgin- I'd been with a few girls, but I had been prepared for those situations, I'd psyched myself up for them. This time, however, I was in the presence of a girl who seemed to think nothing of taking off her top in front of me, like I was a cat or some other domesticated animal she didn't need to consider. Addy's proviso didn't really help in that regard. Expect it, obviously, but I'm not sure I'd be getting used to it any time soon.

Wasn't this girl going to be my step-sister if everything went according to plan for my dad?


We were all sitting around the breakfast table, Jerica having (perhaps predictably) been the last one to join us. She was wearing silky black boxers and another band-themed tank-top. She yawned roundly, while he mother was a bundle of energy. As if the noises emanating from my father's room that first night hadn't been an indication, they coy looks and grins he and Addy kept sharing made it blatantly obvious how their night had gone.

"While I'm not one to declare anything absolutely set in stone," dad said as he sprinkled pepper on his eggs. "Addy and I are pretty sure that we want to get married. Nothing big, just a little ceremony down at city hall, with you two present, and maybe the Masons next door as witnesses."

"Congrats, dad," I said, at least happy to have an answer about how things were likely to play out, even if I still found it weird. "So, when's the big day?"

"Addy still wants to find a job before we do anything official, but there are plenty of good realtor positions open around the city, it's a no-brainer that she'll get one. Then we just need to calculate some finances and move on from there. My estimate? Early next week, if that works for you."

I considered and nodded. They both looked at Jerica, who shrugged and yawned.

"Hey, who am I to stand in the way of torrid romance and budding love?" she asked. "Do what y'gotta do."

That was all the permission and consultation that dad and Addy needed, apparently. I mostly stayed out of the way while their whirlwind of preparation began. Dad managed to get some time off from his job and did most of the leg-work, while Addy made sure she'd secured employment with one of the more prestigious realty companies on our side of the city. I had to admit, I hadn't seen dad this excited or happy in a long time. Not that dad was the moping or sad type, but this was a whole new level and I felt glad for him.

To my relief, there seemed to be no Jekyll and Hyde aspect to Addy, who remained as nice and genuine as she'd been that first afternoon. What you saw was what you got. It was no wonder she was a natural at realty sales.

The only dark spot was Jerica. Not because she was being a bitch or anything, because she mostly just stayed out of the way of all the activity. The problem was strictly mine, and had to do with seeing her in states of undress, which did happen over the course of the next few days.

I wasn't horrified, no. Her body was actually pretty nice to look at, all things considered. But I was trying to psyche myself up for her becoming my legal sister, and the thoughts that were lurking at the back of my mind were complicating things for me. My thoughts could be decidedly... un-brotherly.

Case in point- there was a knock at my door the following day. I open it and my eyes widen as Jerica is standing there in a tight tank and little thong panties. The panties rode low enough to indicate that she was completely shaven. I felt like the swallowing sound I made could be heard in Timmins.

"So, I'm gonna blow my brains out if I don't find something to do," Jerica said plainly, not noticing my stare. "Where's the closest graveyard?"

Another night, I was lying on my side, woken up by a sound. My door happened to be open, the hallway dimly lit by some wall-mounted nightlights. Through my field of vision silently passes Jerica, buck naked on her way to the bathroom. Her tits might be slightly small and pointed, but her ass was something a man would die for just a glimpse of. My head was huddled under my sheets and she left the bathroom door open. I didn't have a direct line of sight, but the mirror on the inside of the bathroom door was now facing me and I watched her plunk down on the toilet to take care of things.

I was still watching wide-eyed from beneath my sheets when she stood and flushed. She then went to the full-length body mirror on the inside of the door and looked at herself. Her hands wandered up and down her lithe frame for a few moments, before coming to rest on her breasts. It was then that I realized her nipples were pierced, each holding a tiny ring.

I stared in fascination while she tugged at the nipple rings lightly, biting her bottom lip. Then, as one hand continued to molest her nipples, another snaked down her body slowly between her legs to her pale, hairless pussy. She closed her eyes as she fingered herself, her ass swaying and gyrating as she masturbated. Barely a minute had gone by before she shuddered and sighed audibly, but not loudly. She leaned back against the doorframe for a moment, pulling her fingers out of herself and popping them in her mouth, sucking on them. Without another word, she returned to her room and shut the door, completely unaware that I had witnessed her personal moments.

My cock was raging hard as I pushed the covers aside and began to masturbate furiously.


Chores were divided up between Jerica and I and while she might have given off an apathetic slacker vibe, she was apparently fairly diligent about getting her shit done. We would take turns with things like laundry and the dishes, while the heavier chores such as cleaning the pool were my domain and she got dusting and composting duty.

In that time, I'd witnessed Jerica in states of undress twice more, although never quite as fully as that night in the bathroom. There was also one night where she caught me pretty much fully naked, as I was leaving the bathroom after a shower. I had a towel loosely tucked around my waist and as I walked across the hall to my room, I dropped my phone. Upon picking it up, the towel fell off me as I rose, and Jerica picked that moment to come out of her room. She stared at me impassively for some seconds, seemingly unbothered by the sight of my naked body, while I no doubt had the look of a deer in headlights. She just clucked her tongue and wandered off down the stairs, as if nothing had happened.

Hey, she hadn't screamed or pointed and laughed. I guess that was something. I resolved to not be so uptight in the future.


The big day finally arrived and we all trooped down to city hall to watch my dad and Addy's connubial fusion. As planned, the Masons next door acted as witnesses and then we all went out for dinner. While my dad and Addy did indeed have a honeymoon planned, they weren't going on it immediately, instead waiting for a at least a few weeks and then jetting off to some place tropical. My dad had the vacation time and it had become a stipulation of Addy's employment.

Dinner after the wedding was fun, with even the great stoneface Jerica cracking a smile or two. I had to admit, she was very pretty when she smiled, although in a creepy goth way. But once you got the makeup off her and saw past the affectation, she was indeed attractive. I guess she was happy for her mom, if for no other reason that it let her live her life free of most interference.

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