tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Dream of Enslaving Jeannie

I Dream of Enslaving Jeannie


Nelson strides into his house after a busy day at work, to find Jeannie sitting on his couch wearing a very skimpy harem outfit. It barely covers her breasts and the miniskirt is a see-through purple. He stops dead in front of the door then slams it shut with a bang as he drinks in the sight of her, hoping she doesn't notice he is turning hard just at the sight of her.

Jeannie jumps at the loud noise and looks at him, then rushes over to him with a smile.

"Oh Master, welcome home!" She cries, pressing herself against him, "How was your day?"

"How was my day? Well.... Jeannie what on earth are you wearing??" Jeannie looks at him in surprise then looks back down at herself.

"Oh, you mean this Master? This is a new outfit I made today, the weather is so hot I can barely stand to be wearing any clothes at all! Does it please you, Master?" She smiles wickedly as she twirls around, the skirt raises and he sees she is wearing no underwear. Nelson gulps and tries to look away.

"You can't wear something like that out in public, Jeannie, it's too revealing."

"That is why I am not wearing it out in public, Master, I am wearing it only around you," She shoots at him and walks over to flop back onto the couch. "Besides it shouldn't bother you seeing as you aren't the slightest bit attracted to me, I may as well not even have female bits for all that you notice!" She crosses her arms over her chest and pouts in frustration.

Nelson looks at her in amazement.

"Jeannie, is that really what you think?" He says in a low voice.

She looks up at him in surprise. "Well, yes, Master, I can never seem to please you. You never notice me."

He crosses the room to stand in front of her, "I'm noticing you now Jeannie. And I'm warning you, change into something else, something with more fabric." Jeannie pouts.

"No Master, it's too hot! I will not."

"Jeannie," He pleads, "Be a good girl for me. Get changed, and that's an order."

She pouts up at him, "But Master, I don't feel like being a good girl." She lowers her voice, "I want to be bad."

Nelson groans and grabs her arms tight, drawing her up to stand in front of him. Her eyes go wide and she looks a little frightened.

"Jeannie, this is your last chance... I've tried to control my urges but a man can only take so much, get changed before I do something you won't like."

Jeannie cuddles against his chest, brushing her nipples against his chest provocatively. "Masterrr..." She purrs.

Nelson grips her tighter, his hands bruising her arms, "Jeannie, you don't understand! It is because I have respect for you that I don't... I know you love me Jeannie, and I honestly love you too, you're a wonderful girl..."

"So what's the problem, Master?" Jeannie asks him confused "I desire you, and if you truly desire me then..."

"The problem is me, Jeannie, I have... dark desires. I like to hurt girls and, dominate them. Not in a way that's bad, but just-"

He sighs and drops down onto the couch holding his head in his hands.

"Jeannie, with most women I can control my urges, because I'm not attracted to most women. I have had a few girls who are into what I'm into, who have let me, willingly, abuse them. But with you it's different. I want you Jeannie, more than any of those submissive girls, who I don't connect with or respect, more than any of those proper girls, who I can never desire. I cant control how much I want you, trapped beneath me, whimpering." He looks up into her large blue eyes.

"And that's why I can't be with you, Jeannie. It breaks my heart but I love you too much to hurt you, and want you too badly to not hurt you." He sighs and looks away, expecting her to be horrified.

Jeannie gets slowly onto her knees in front of him, and the sight stirs his loins, she's so beautiful, so sexy.

"Master," She says after a moment, "Would you think badly of me if you learned that I am not as perfect as you seem to think?"

He looks at her quizzically, not understanding her. She stares up at him into his eyes, vulnerable, open.

"Master... I want you to hurt me. I want to be your slave. I don't want candlelight and roses... unless the candles are dripping wax on my breasts and the rose thorns are pricking my back as you take me." She finishes and looks down at the carpet, an embarrassed flush on her cheeks.

Nelson looks at her in wonder, realizing what a fool he's been. Of course she's submissive, no wonder he was drawn to her, why hadn't he realised how truly submissive she was until now? He thought it was just her way.... but then he realised it truly was her way, her heart and soul as well as her desires. None of the submissives he'd experienced had wanted anything more than kinky sex, but Jeannie here, she was a true slave. He reaches out a hand and brushes her neck slowly, caressing the soft and fragile feel of her.

"Master," She moans and gazes up at him, a yielding expression on her face.

"Slave." is all he says, and her heart swells up with light and darkness and love.

"Stand up." he commands her, and she stands up slowly, keeping her eyes cast on the floor. The air between them was electric, and she knows the normal games did not belong here.

Nelson stands up behind her, his erection straining against her skirt, his breath hot on her neck. He runs a hand over her breasts and she whimpers.

"Get into the bedroom," He growls at her, pushing her forward. She stumbles a little then makes her way into the bedroom and sits down gingerly on the edge of the bed. Nelson follows behind her and closes the door.

He comes up close to her and rips her see-through silk harem shirt off her. She cries out in protest but he places a hand firmly against her mouth. "Calm down, slave, I know you can blink yourself another one." He rips her skirt away from her body and gazes down at her, naked. She is a sight to behold, curved breasts and hips, she has silver nipple rings. She also has a bare pussy and a navel ring. He stares at her in lust, loving the way she blushes. He sees her blink her eyes and finds he is naked too. She giggles and he stares down at her until she stops. She looks up at him uncertainly.

"Rule number one, slave, no magic without Masters permission." He tells her sternly.

"Yes, Master, I'm sorry Master!" She cries out, distraught at the thought of disappointing him. He smiles at her tenderly and her smile answers his like a ray of sunshine. He pushes her down so she is lying down, and draws himself on top of her, loving the feel of her soft feminine curves against the hardness of his body.

"Another thing, it is customary for a slave to have a safeword," seeing Jeannie's confused expression he continued, "In case I do something you do not wish me to do, something you don't want and you want me to stop. Its a safety thing."

"Oh but I will always feel safe with you Master, and if it's something you wish to do then I wish to do it to please you!" She says to him earnestly. He smiles affectionately at her, knowing she speaks the truth.

"Perhaps," he concedes, "But still you need a safeword, something you are not likely to call out by accident, something to keep you safe."

"Bottle," She responds instantly and he lets out a soft chuckle. Jeannie frowns at him, "Master, is it not a good safeword?"

"It's perfect," He reassures her and kisses her, his tongue delving into her mouth, claiming her with his kiss.

His hands shoot up to hers, pinning her arms against the bed above her head, restraining her. She wiggles beneath him, making him moan into her kiss as she rubs against his erection. He reaches down with one hand, and catches her nipple between his fingers. Staring into her eyes deeply he begins to pinch it, softly at first then holding it tighter. He watches her eyes as she shows pain then desire. She wants this, he thinks to himself in amazement, until then he wasn't sure.

He pinches the other nipple hard, and is rewarded with her cries of pain. Reaching down to her cunt he finds she is dripping wet with excitement. He places his hard and swollen cock against the entrance to her and pushes in with a rough thrust until he is all the way inside her. He gasps, she is tight but feels like silk, smooth and liquid against him. He feels a trickle run down his balls and looks to see blood. He looks sharply back into her eyes and sees her eyes dark with emotion.

"You are a virgin??" He asks her in disbelief. She nods shyly. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was worried you wouldn't want me. I was worried you would be gentle." She whispers and tried to cover her face with her hands. He pushes them down hard against the bed, hurting her wrists with his grasp. He licks her neck roughly and whispers harshly into her ear, "I could never resist you, slave, You are far too beautiful." And he begins to thrust into her, taking care not to be too rough, no matter what she had said. He bites at her neck, enjoying her whimpers, they turn him on so much.

He begins to pound away at her harder, hearing her moan and pant with desire. He pinches at her nipples till she is crying, tears leaving mascara tracks down her cheeks as he violates her pussy. He pummels into her over and over, going fast hard and deep. Punishing her with his cock, punishing her for making him want her for so long, for being so damned good. He holds her down as he fucks her, pushing her down onto the bed, trapping her with his body as he uses her for his pleasure.

"Master!" she cries out, "I'm... oh god!" And she is cumming around his cock, her tight cunt squeezing him even tighter as she climaxes, shuddering beneath him, making him feel like his cock is in heaven. He fucks her hard, over and over.

He flips her over till she is lying face down on her stomach and he pounds into her, loving how helpless she looks in this position. He feels himself close and slows down, sawing his hard cock in and out of her slippery cunt, with slow steady movements. She is panting beneath him and he raises her up till she is on her knees in doggy style in front of him, He kneels and admires the way her ass is rounded, beautiful and firm. He can see her breasts hanging down, bouncing with each stroke. He pinches them both and she screams in pain.

He feels himself getting close and bangs his cock into her, driving himself deep into her, not caring how much it hurts her. Damn she's tight. He forces himself in completely, his balls smacking against her pussy lips. he drives himself in so deep and fucks her raw, each stroke pushing her down until she is beneath him again, helpless to stop him from fucking her. He feels his balls tense up and pinches her clit hard as he cums, enjoying her screams as she shudders once more around him in climax. He shoots load after load into her tight little cunt, and then pulls out of her and lays down on the bed beside her, breathless.

He pulls her up into his arms and she snuggles up to him, resting her head on his shoulder. She licks his neck lovingly and they lay like that for a long time, both enjoying this new relationship they know will last forever.

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