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I Dream of Jeannie


This twisted tale is dedicated to Barbara Eden, the sassiest lady who ever lived!

This episode of “I Dream of Jeannie” was filmed but, for obvious reasons, never aired.


Cast: Jeannie
Major Anthony (Tony) Nelson
Major Roger Healy

Opening Credits…

Scene 1

Major Anthony Nelson was sitting on the couch in his uniform reading the paper. Jeannie entered the fashionably furnished room carrying an apple.

“Here you are master.” Jeannie said, handing the Major an apple.

“Oh, thanks Jeannie.” Tony replied and continued reading as he bite into the apple.

“Would you like an ice cream cone?”

“An ice cream cone? Jeannie, why on earth would I want an ice-cream cone for breakfast?” Tony replied, bewildered by his blonde genie’s inquiry.

“Well, an apple is not enough for a grown man like yourself.” The flawless beauty explained. “You need your energy to maneuver your big rocket.”

“Jeannie I don’t have a rocket! They’re all owned by NASA.”

“Oh, don’t sell yourself short master.”

“What?” Tony was confused.

“Do you want any topping?”

Tony put down his newspaper. “Jeannie, what are you talking about?!”

“On your ice-cream.”

“No! I do not want an ice-cream!”

“Okay, master. I was only trying to help.” She replied sulkily.

“I’m sorry Jeannie, but I’m perfectly happy with this apple.” Tony resumed reading the paper and eating his apple.

“Then I will have an ice cream!” Jeannie chirped. Folding her arms and blinking, an ice cream cone suddenly appeared in her hand. She started eating noisily.

Tony glanced at the blonde vixen and shuffled uncomfortably. Eventually he said, “Jeannie, could you eat quieter please?”

“I’m sorry, master,” she replied, “but this is how I eat ice cream. Jeannie then continued eating, however this time she started deliberately smearing the vanilla ice cream around her mouth.

Tony was forced to once again shuffle around uncomfortably. He then slapped his paper down in frustration. “That’s it!” he exclaimed. “I’m going to work!”

He stood up and Jeannie’s gaze was quickly directed to the contour of a great, and still growing, bulge in his pants.

“Ooh, Master!” Jeannie exclaimed, her face dripping ice cream. “I thought you said you didn’t have a rocket!”

Tony was once again confused. He followed her blue eyes down to his crotch and the situation immediately registered. Ashamed and embarrassed, he quickly picked up his briefcase and used it to cover the front of his pants. Blushing, he hurriedly ran out the door as Jeannie giggled hysterically.

Scene 2

Tony was sitting at his desk looking miserable when his best friend Roger Healy entered.

“Hey, what’s wrong Tony?” he asked. JOKE

“Oh, hi Roger,” Tony said looking up. “Jeannie is frustrating the heck out of me.”

“Yeah, it must be hard having a beautiful woman prancing around your house dressed like a harem girl and waiting on you all day long.”

“You don’t understand. Ever since Jeannie first arrived and my fiancé left me I haven’t…well…you know.”

“Parked the limo in the heated garage?” Roger suggested.

“ Well, yeah and what with Jeannie walking around in that cute little number I can’t help but get…my…it keeps getting…” Tony motioned to his crotch.

“Your shuttle keeps counting down to blast off.”

“Yeah.” Tony admitted.

“Well, she’s a foxy lady. Why don’t you give her a bit of what for?”

“What?! No! I couldn’t do that.” Tony had never considered the option.

“Why not?” Roger pressed.

“Well, she’s my genie. I’d feel like I was exploiting her.”

Roger shook his head in dismay. He’d give anything to give that blonde honey a good fucking. “Always a gentlemen,” he mused. “Listen why don’t you just strangle the noodle?”


“You know, spank the monkey.”

“Oh, well, believe me I’ve wanted to, but she’s always popping up unexpectedly.”

“So do it here then.”

“At work?” Tony was shocked.

“ Sure, why do you think I wasn’t at lunch yesterday?”

Tony grimaced as Roger continued. “Listen, I’ll close the door and leave you to it.” He turned to leave, but thinking of something, quickly turned back. “Oh, here take this.” From his pocket Roger pulled a folded piece of paper and handed it to his friend.

Tony looked at the paper and his eyes bulged. “Do you carry this with you everywhere?!”

“How can I part with such beauty?” Roger replied. “Anyway, give it back to me when you’re done.” With that he left Tony’s office.

Tony cautiously pulled out his semi-hard cock and, staring at the picture, started pumping it. It wasn’t long before he started nearing orgasm. When the boss entered the room. Tony was too engrossed in the very explicit picture to notice. Perturbed, the boss looks over his shoulder.

“I didn’t realize the office was a place for recreation, Major,” he quipped.

Tony stopped dead and slowly turned around.

“Ahh, No sir! I was just ahh…” he fumbled.

“Whatever Major. Just, better put your…thing…back in its enclosure, because the Canadian ambassadors on his way.”

“The…the ambassador?!”

“That’s right, Major. So make yourself presentable.”

Frantically he put his dick back in his pants and stood up.

“Uh…Major.” Tony’s boss said.

“What is it, sir?”

He indicated the picture on Tony’s desk.

“Oh god! Thank you sir!” Tony exclaimed as he quickly stuffed the picture in his pocket just as the ambassador entered.

“Ahh, and you must be Major Nelson!” the chubby ambassador inferred, offering his hand.

Tony shook it nervously. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Ambassador”

“ Call me Canadian, ‘Mr.’ was my father’s name,” he quipped.

“Okay, Canadian.” Tony replied laughing.

Tony’s boss grimaces as he observes the major’s soiled hand shaking the ambassador’s, which prompted Tony to quickly end the handshake.

Scene 3

Jeannie partied down as she bounced (literally) on the small, indoor trampoline, wearing nothing but a tiny 60’s style pink bikini. The living room was covered in sand and there were girls in bikinis dancing to funky music and drinking cocktails.

Tony walked in and stood bug-eyed.

“Oh hello master!” Jeannie greeted him, waving as she continued to bounce. “Come join the party!”

Tony stood, mesmerized by the vision of Jeannie’s cute blonde pig-tails flicking up and down, in synchronization with her pert, medium-sized, bouncing breasts. Realizing his blatant staring, he quickly shook his head to snap himself out of it. And once again poor Major Nelson was forced to use his briefcase to cover his groin. Slowly, he walked up to the energetic Genie.

“Jeannie, get rid of all this now!”

“ Oh, come on, master. We are just having fun!” she replied as shecontinued bouncing. Jeannie loved making Tony feel uncomfortable. It was so easy to do. At that moment one of the seductive bikini girls broke away from the throng of dancers and approached Tony.

“What’s your name big boy?” she inquired huskily, putting an arm on his shoulder.

Tony was quite perturbed and looked anxiously back at Jeannie.

“Jeannie?!” he pleaded.

Jeannie stopped bouncing.

“Oh very well master!” she grumbled, somewhat disappointed. She folded her arms and nodded her head and the room was back to normal, but Jeannie was still wearing the bikini.

“Thank you Jeannie.”

Tony walked toward the couch and sat down.

“Now, Jeannie,” he said. “I’m going to need you to disappear for a while.”

“Oh, master! Why?” she whined.

“I have some important work to do and I can’t be disturbed.”

The nearly naked Jeannie quickly sidled up beside him.

“I will be very quiet!”

“No Jeannie. I’m afraid you’ll have to go. Now hop in your bottle!” Tony said sternly.

Sulkily, Jeannie stood up. “Very well master,” she said, and folding her arms, she disappeared.

Grinning, Tony gingerly got up and turned on the TV. Flicking through the channels he quickly finds something that pleases him immensely - “Bewitched”. After sitting back down, he pulls out his rigid cock and starts whacking off as he stares at Elizabeth Montgomery’s sultry form on the screen. Shortly after she had been ordered back into her bottle Jeannie reappeared behind the couch. She had suspected that her master had used the term ‘work’ rather loosely, as she was well aware of her natural sex-appeal and knew that unless her master was secretly gay he would somehow have to relieve the tension that her presence assured. Her suspicions were immediately confirmed when she found him masturbating on the couch.

“Bewitched!” she thought. “Why, that ugly slut’s got nothing on me!”

Back in her usual pink outfit, the blonde bombshell deviously poked her head over Tony’s shoulder and grinned when she saw his engorged cock.

“My you have a very handsome penis master!” she said out loud.

Tony let out an involuntary shriek and frantically struggled to cover himself.


“ I’m sorry master, but I heard moaning and thought you might be in trouble.” Jeannie lied.

“Just get out of here Jeannie! Go away!” screamed Tony, his face red with embarrassment.

“Oh, come now master,” Jeannie crooned as she moved around to the front of the couch. “Let me have another look at it.”

“What?! No! Now get back in your bottle!”

“Oh, don’t be so shy and modest. I know what will make you more proud.”

Jeannie then folded her eyes and blinked. Suddenly Tony’s cock grew until his hands could no longer cover it. It grew to nearly ten inches in length.

“Jeannie?! What are you doing?!” he screeched, bug-eyed.

“I thought you would be pleased with me master.” Jeannie replied. She bit her lip and regarded her creation with awe.

“Yes, well,” Tony stumbled. “This is definitely one of the nicer things you’ve done for me.”

“Oh, but that’s just the start master!” And with that the supernatural harem girl dropped to her knees and swiftly gripped the monster cock with both of her petite hands and began milking it like a cow’s teat. At first Tony uttered a few half-hearted words of protest, but he soon surrendered to his personal genie’s experienced hands.

“You also have nice hairy balls, master.” Jeannie complimented him as she looked up from her work.

“Oh…thanks Jeannie.” Tony replied, now in full appreciation of the moment.

The fair-haired deity then bowed her head and began sucking on the major’s ball-sack.

Tony was in bliss. He slowly reached down and pulled Jeannie’s head up by her little hat.

“What is wrong, master?” she purred.

Tony pointed to the head of his enormous cock. “How about you try and wrap your lips around this?”

“Very well, master!”

“Without using magic.”

Her jaw dropped “Oh…Well, I shall try, master.”

Jeannie cautiously moved her mouth toward the head of the gigantic prick. This was going to be tricky. Straining her lips, the bubbly blonde stretched her lips as wide as she could. She was beginning to regret making him so big.

With much squeezing, the fat cock head gradually fit into her wet mouth, the second inch slipped in much easier. In a culmination of over millennium of practice, Jeannie began sucking the major’s enormous cock, expertly teasing the sensitive underside with her tongue. With some difficulty she managed to bob her head nearly an inch up and then back down. She soon found a rhythm, as eager to force more cock inside the beautiful genie, Tony began moving his hips up and down in time with her bobs.

He felt like his balls were about to explode but he had to get deeper inside the girl. Coming up with an idea, the Major pulled Jeannie off his cock.

She took a deep breath. “What’s wrong master?” she queried, cleaning the dribble from her chin.

Tony stood up.

“Jeannie, I want you to lie on the coffee table.”

The petite genie obeyed without question.

“No, no. Lie on your stomach…That’s it, now open your mouth wide.”

At this point Jeannie had cottoned-on to the Major’s plan.

“OH Master?! NO! I will not!”

“Jeannie, I command you to open your mouth!”

No longer a man too gentlemanly to act on his burning desires, Tony began to assert his authority. After all, he was the master.

The gorgeous vixen hesitated for a moment, then lackadaisically replied, “Oh, very well, master.”

“Wider.” The major was really enjoying this. “Thank you Jeannie.”

Holding Jeannie’s head up by her hair, Tony then pushed the head of his cock between her lips. Ever so slowly, he then began forcing his ten-inch cock into the blonde beauty’s mouth. When he reached the back of Jeannie’s throat she began moaning in protest, then when he slid it in a bit farther she began gagging. He had a bit over three inches of his sensitive meat inside her now and it felt fantastic. Her gagging throat clasped the head of his cock spasmodically.

With horny determination the Major slowly forced his cock deeper into the supernatural siren’s throat. Jeannie clasped the sides of the table tightly. From her scrunched up eyes dripped a few tears caused by the continual gagging. Chocking on cock, but with her heart pounding, the blonde beauty was breathing loudly through her nostrils. Meanwhile, Tony’s angry pink battering ram slowly edged its way down her throat. He felt it reach the voice-box halfway down her neck and continued pushing, half of his cock now inside her. Jeannie could feel the stiff dick stretching her gullet and continued to choke involuntarily. Like an oversized Adam’s apple, the fat head of the Major’s cock led the way down Jeannie’s painfully stretched airway.

As he continued to drive forward, the magic maid felt the major’s dick reach the top of her chest. With the head and an extra inch of his cock imprisoned inside her trachea, Tony finally had his entire length inside the genie. Her wheezing nose was nestled in the course wiry hair of his pubes. Pulling back to the top of her throat, the major began pumping his dick in and out of the petite blonde’s slender neck. As he did so she emitted involuntary, animalistic grunts.


Incredible relief passed through Major Nelson’s body as he sent a huge load of his man seed directly into his sexy, supernatural servant’s stomach.

Jeannie was forced to swallow his enormous load of cum, although, because his dick was at the base of her throat when he ejaculated, no gulping was required. She felt a sudden warmth shoot into her chest and then travel down to her tummy. Eventually the Major retracted all ten-inches of his cock, leaving a red-faced, wide-eyed genie gasping for breath.

“You know what Jeannie?” Tony said reflectively as he flopped back onto the couch.

Jeannie had rolled over onto her back and lay on the table, disheveled and panting frantically.

“What, master?” she replied, too preoccupied with catching her breath to give him much attention.

“I think you’re going to start earning your keep around here.”

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