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I Dream of Jeannie


Roger Healy pulls his car up in front of Maj. Anthony Nelson's house in Cocoa Beach, Florida, on a beautiful sunny Monday morning. For years Roger and Tony have been riding together to the NASA base several times a week.

Roger sees that Tony's car is gone so he figures that he's already left. Roger decides to go inside anyway and maybe score a cup of coffee from Jeannie.

"Good morning Jeannie", he calls out as he walks through the front door, "How about a cup of coffee?" Roger sees no one but hears a soft sobbing coming from the living room.

"Oh, good morning Maj. Healy", says Jeannie rising from lying on the couch; as she is wiping tears from her eyes. "My Master has already left for work but you are welcome to some coffee."

Roger looks at Jeannie's watery eyes and asks, "Why all the tears, Jeannie?"

Jeannie starts to cry again weeping, "I don't know what to do. I can't seem to please my Master. Nothing I say or do is good enough or meets his satisfaction. I think that I am just a useless genie."

"Now, now, Jeannie", Roger says, "It can't be all that bad. Tell old Roger what the problem is. I hate to see close friends like you and Tony having problems like this. Maybe I can help."

Jeannie stops crying and looks up at Roger, "Oh Maj. Healy, you are such a good friend but I don't know if you can do anything to help."

Roger sits down on the couch, next to Jeannie. "Let me be the judge of that," he says, "I have a great ear for listening."

Jeannie manages a little smile and wipes the remaining tears away. "My Master only seems to want me as a housekeeper and a cook. He shows no desire for me as a woman. I am very much in love with my Master and I would do anything to please him. Whenever I try to be sexy, he changes the subject and moves away from me. I have tried everything I can think of but he still ignores me."

Jeannie's tears have now passed and her attitude changes to frustration. She gets up from the couch and paces back and forth across the living room. "I have offered my entire body to my Master. I have told him to command me and I will fulfill his every desire. I have told him that I will give him any pleasure that he wishes for, but still he ignores me. Am I not pretty? Is this not a desirable body?" says Jeannie as she stands, feet apart, with her hands on her hips and her chest pushed forward.

"Well, of course you are desirable, Jeannie" says Roger. In his mind, Roger is thinking something else. "Desirable hell, you're a fucking wet dream." Major Healy has had a major boner for Jeannie since the first time he met her. He has tried several times to get Jeannie away from Tony but his plans have always failed. The wheels of deception are starting to turn in Roger's head once more. With a little luck, perhaps he can slice off a piece of this pie for himself. After all, Tony is his best friend, but that freaking idiot has had more than enough chances to have this babe. Tony could be gay or something but Roger doesn't care.

"Listen Jeannie, I've got an idea," says Roger. "You and Tony are my best friends and it is my duty to help you two through this problem. Tony and I have always been able to talk about anything. Give me a chance to talk to him and I will find out what the problem is. Give me a few days and I will come back and tell you what I find out. Then you can use that information to figure out what you are doing wrong. You'll be able to please Tony then and everything will be o.k. between both of you."

Jeannie runs up to Roger, throws her arms around his neck and gives him a big hug. "Oh thank you Maj. Healy, you are truly a good friend."

Roger is just happy to have her wonderful breasts crushed into his chest. "I will come back Wednesday morning, after Tony leaves for work. I'll let you know then what I find out," says Roger.

"Thank you again so much," says Jeannie. Roger leaves and drives to the base.

Needless to say, Roger never talks to Tony but he does spend quality time devising his plan. During the last few days Roger has found out that Tony has been ordered to attend a top-secret conference. He is scheduled to fly to a secluded base in New Mexico early Friday morning. Tony will be there for a week and during that time he will be restricted to that base and will be out of communication, for security reasons. So here it is late Wednesday morning as Roger pulls up in front of Tony's house. He knows that Tony is tied up in a meeting this morning, so he walks through the front door.

"Oh Maj. Healy'" gleams Jeannie, bouncing across the room, "I've been anxiously waiting for you to come over. I wish to know what my Master said when you talked to him. I wish to know what it is I must do to please him."

Roger walks through the entry and meets Jeannie grasping for her hand. "Perhaps we should sit down and talk about this," Roger says to Jeannie, with a worried look on his face. They both walk to the couch and sit down. Roger now holds both her hands and looks at her tenderly, "I don't quite know how to explain to you what the problem is between you and Tony."

Jeannie moves closer to Roger saying, "Please Maj. Healy, tell me what it is. I will do anything my Master wishes me to do."

"That is part of the problem," says Roger, "you don't know what to do." Jeannie looks puzzled by what Roger has just said. "Tony wants a woman who is experienced," he continues, "Tony wants a woman who can approach him with sexual knowledge and for her to have confidence in that knowledge. The problem, Jeannie, is that you are basically a virgin. You do not have any sexual knowledge, or experience, and this intimidates Tony. He desires you very much but he doesn't want to have to teach you everything about sex or about pleasing him. He realizes that you will do anything for him. Tony just wants you to be able to do it without him having to command you."

Tears, again now, start to form in Jeannie's eyes. Very sadly she says, "This is the most terrible news. I wish to please my Master but I do not know how. He wants me to but does not want to tell me. I do not know what to do. How can I have experience in something I do not know about? Now I will never be able to please my Master. I could just kill myself."

"There's no reason to talk like that Jeannie," chimes in Roger, "there is always a solution to any problem if you think about it carefully." Roger gets up from the couch and walks around slowly stroking his chin. "I've got an idea," he says, "Now you know that Tony and I have been close friends forever. We've worked together, played together, drank together and talked about absolutely everything together. I know more about what Tony likes in a woman than anybody else around. I think I can be of help to both of you in this situation."

Jeannie jumps up off the couch. "Oh, this is just wonderful, how can you help my Master and me?"

Roger turns to face Jeannie, "Before I became an astronaut," he says, "I was a college professor. I was the leading educator in my field. I was the dean of the physical science department teaching 'Sexual Understanding'. I was a pioneer in teaching young women the art of sexual technique. I am retired from that now but I would be willing to teach you; if you are willing to be my student."

Jeannie bounces on the balls of her feet. "Oh yes, Maj. Healy. I will let you teach me. I wish to learn how to please my Master."

Roger has set the hook. Now it's just take time to reel in the catch. He looks seriously at Jeannie saying, "Now I am willing to teach you but we must have a few things straight between us. I will be the teacher and I will teach you to the best of my ability. You must be a good student and follow all my instructions and do exactly what I tell you to do. Most importantly is that you must respect me as your teacher. When I conduct lessons with you, I can no longer be thought of as Maj. Healy, your friend. I am your teacher. In some countries a teacher is called 'Sensei'. This means great teacher. It is a word showing proper respect. During the times I teach, you will address me as 'Sensei'. Can you commit to these terms, Jeannie?"

"Without question Maj. Healy, oops I mean, Sensei," says Jeannie smiling, "I will commit myself to be the best student that you have ever had." Jeannie gives Roger another crushing hug.

"All right then.'" says Roger, "We will start class at 9am on Friday morning. We both know that Tony will be gone for a week and I think the seven days will give me enough time to teach you the course. I will be back Friday morning and you be ready to get an education." Grapping a little squeeze of Jeannie, as he hugs her back, Roger leaves the house and heads for the base.


Friday morning rolls around. It is 6am and Tony is just about to leave for the base to catch his flight to New Mexico.

"I'm leaving now Jeannie," says Tony, "I will be back in a week. I expect you to be a good girl while I'm gone. No tricks and no nonsense."

Jeannie comes into the room briskly, "Oh yes Master, and I will be a good genie while you are gone. I will truly miss you every moment."

Tony grabs the doorknob as he is leaving. "Oh yeah, I'll miss you too, Jeannie. Now remember what I said. Stay here and be a good girl." Tony leaves and drives off to the airfield.

Day One -- Lessons Begin

It's just before 9am as Roger arrives at Tony's house. He exits his car wearing a regular brown suit, shirt and tie. He is carrying a storage box with several items inside. Roger enters the house and says, "School is in session. Are you ready for your first lesson?"

Jeannie comes from the kitchen area, "Yes Sensei, I am ready. I have prepared some coffee and rolls for you this morning. Would you like some now?"

Roger continues into the living room and puts the box down on the table. "No thank you, I may have some later. It is 9am and time for class."

Jeannie quickly puts down the tray of coffee and moves toward the living room. She sits herself on the couch and looks attentive. "I am ready for my first lesson, Sensei."

Roger removes the lid from the box and takes out a movie projector and several books inside. "This course, in sexual instruction," he explains, "will be a combination of lecture, visual aides and working lab sessions. During the next seven days I will attempt to educate you in the fine art of sexual technique. There will be final exams on the last two days to establish your grade and maybe, your graduation from the course. Your duty is to learn everything I teach you and score as high a grade as possible. Are you ready for this challenge?"

Jeannie perks up, she straightens her back and protrudes her chest out; "Oh yes, Sensei. I am ready to learn."

Roger moves to the center of the room, "Good then, let us begin. The very first thing that you must learn about is pleasure. The very essence of sexual activity is based on each person being able to fully experience the wonders of pleasure. "Jeannie, please stand up." Jeannie rises from the couch. "Now Jeannie," Roger says, "I want you to remove all your clothes and place them on the couch."

Jeannie suddenly is very shocked. She starts to move nervously as she stands. Extremely flustered, she shrieks, "Maj. Healy, why would you ask me to do such a thing? I cannot remove my clothes in front of you. Maj. Healy, I do not understand this. Why are you telling to do this? This seems very wrong to me."

Roger interrupts Jeannie's panic. "Jeannie, sit down, right now!" Jeannie quickly stops talking and sits on the couch. "I knew this would happen," Roger says angrily, "here we are with our very first lesson and you are breaking all the rules. We had agreed that I would be your teacher. We also agreed that you would show your respect for me by addressing me as 'Sensei'. So what is the first thing you do? I give a simple instruction to you and you identify with me as someone besides your teacher. You question my teaching methods and rebel. This is just not going to work out. You have no respect for me as your teacher or as an educator."

Jeannie looks down and has a frown on her face. "I am sorry, but I am confused. I was only questioning why you asked me to do something so strange."

Roger takes over the conversation, "I can understand your confusion, and so I will explain it to you; this one time only. I am here to teach you sexual technique. Most often, anything you do sexually, will involve having little to no clothing on. My first lesson is about pleasure. I was in the process of getting you to learn about the pleasures of your own body. This lesson, of course, can only be done properly with your clothes removed. Now, we can either quit right this minute, which will leave you with no knowledge of how to please Tony, or we can begin all over again. What shall it be?"

Jeannie looks up with her big blue eyes, "I apologize for my actions, Sensei. I have great respect for you wanting to teach me. I will not question your instructions or methods again. I am ready for my lesson."

Roger again moves to the center of the room. "Jeannie, please stand up, remove all your clothes and place them on the couch." he says sternly.

Jeannie slowly rises from the couch with her head slightly lowered. She turns shyly sideways to Roger and begins to remove her short red jacket and pink chiffon halter-top. She then removes her pantaloon bottoms and places them all on the couch. She covers her breasts and crotch while still remaining sideways. Roger speaks softly, "Now there is no reason to be embarrassed. I want you to place your arms at your sides, stand up straight and turn towards me." The beautiful blonde goddess drops her arms and slowly turns to face her teacher.

It is a good thing that Roger strapped his cock to his leg this morning. He would otherwise be showing Jeannie his excitement from a huge aching hard-on that is growing in his pants. He bites his lower lip as he looks at her. Standing before him is the most beautiful female that he has ever seen. At 5'-3" tall and a mere 105 pounds in weight, Jeannie's smooth milk white alabaster skin and voluptuous 36C-24-36 figure is the most gorgeous sight he has ever seen. Her beautiful full round breasts are absolutely perfect and accented by pink nipples the size of pencil erasers. She has a small tuft a light blonde hair covering her pubic area. As she stands, a clear two-inch space separates her toned legs where they meet her crotch. Her firm belly, curvy hips and luscious legs are filling his mind (and balls) with searing desire.

Roger clears his throat, "Now you see, that was not so difficult. You should not be ashamed of your body. You have a very beautiful figure. You should take pride in what nature has given you."

A broad smile appears on Jeannie's face. She begins to feel much more comfortable in her situation. "Thank you, Sensei," she says, "you are very kind to say that to me."

"Now I want you to slowly turn around," instructs Roger, "so I can see everything that I have to work with."

Jeannie, in very small steps, begins to turn. Her soft shoulder blades merge to show a gentle slope down to the small of her back. At the base of her spine is a very firm pear shaped ass that would drive any sane man crazy. Her toned leg muscles flowing in her willowy limbs follow his gaze to the floor; this young woman is truly a wondrous sight to behold. Jeannie finishes turning around and once more faces forward. Again Roger instructs, what appears to be, his now calmed pupil.

"Pleasure is experienced at several levels." he continues, "There is the pleasure that you can give to yourself. You may also experience pleasure given to you by someone else. Another pleasure is the pleasure that you give to someone. Always remember though, that the greatest pleasure comes from the pleasure you feel while you are seeing the pleasure someone else feels, while you please them. This is the total circle of the pleasure experience. In order to fully appreciate sex, you must be aware of all the paths of pleasure and ecstasy that you can travel."

"There is one thing that I have failed to mention, Jeannie. When you share sex with someone, and since you are a genie; you must never use your magical powers. Everything you do and feel must come naturally. To use your powers would only falsify and cheapen the sexual experience. Do you understand this?"

Jeannie responds, "Yes, Sensei. I will not use my powers."

Roger paces back and forth, in front of Jeannie, "Now there is one definite problem that I can see here. I know for a fact that Tony prefers his women to have a clean pubic area. I mean no hair, like a baby's bottom. I know that razors and waxes can be very tedious and uncomfortable, so for this one time I will allow you to use your genie powers. You can blink away all that hair, if you wish.

Jeannie crosses her arms over her chest and blinks. Immediately her blonde pubic hair is gone, only to reveal the most exquisite pussy mound and the most lickable pink pussy lips.

"Today's lesson," Roger tells Jeannie, "is about the pleasure that can be felt from the simple touch from someone's hands. I want you to close your eyes. As I touch you, I want you to tell me what you feel. I may ask you specifically for a response or you may volunteer your feelings at any time."

Jeannie closes her eyes and Roger steps close to her. He places his hands on both sides of her face and cheeks and stokes her softly. Jeannie says, "You have very gentle hands. This feels very nice."

Rogers continues to stroke her face and moves his hands to her neck and shoulders. He continues to touch her shoulders with his hands moving over to her back and then to her front. He reaches under her arms, just below her shoulders, while stepping back. As her arms come forward, his hands now come in contact with the bottom of her arms, as he strokes her arms toward her elbows.

"That tickles," giggles Jeannie.

Roger continues up and down the length of her arms moving toward her hands. He lightly holds her small hands and feels her fingers and palms. Moving his hands back up her arms, he moves back closer to Jeannie and holds her arms at an angle away from the sides of her body. Roger now moves his hands around her waist and to her back. He rubs up and down her shoulder blades with his fingertips rubbing on her spine. Jeannie no longer is feeling ticklish as she starts to breath at a regulated pace. "How does this feel?" asks Roger.

"This feels wonderful," says Jeannie, "my muscles are starting to melt like butter."

Roger continues stoking her back and now moving the entire length from her shoulders to her ass. At her hips, he moves his hands to her sides and touches her down along her legs. Jeannie is now starting to purr. As his hands start to rise on her hips he moves them inward to her belly. With his fingers now more spread apart, Roger feels her firm stomach muscles, rubbing them with every movement. His actions are now clearly making Jeannie's body completely relaxed to his touch.

Roger now turns his palms up and lightly cups the bottom of her round breasts.

Jeannie flinches slightly and shrieks, "Oh my!"

He keeps cupping her breasts from the bottom and starts to massage them. Jeannie breathing is now becoming more pronounced. Roger now allows his fingers to glide alongside her pink nipples. As he moves his fingers back and forth, her nipples rub against the sides of his fingers. In no time at all, Jeannie's nipples are hard and erect.

"Oh Sensei," she says, "my body feels like it is on fire. I have never felt anything like this before."

Roger continues to fondle her breasts and stiffened nipples, while her breathing now is becoming erratic. Roger now steps around behind Jeannie and keeps stroking her body from her breasts to her lower stomach. He moves his left hand up to her breast and keeps massaging it and rolling her erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger. His right hand now moves lower and makes contact with her pussy. Softly moving his hand back and forth across her pussy now has Jeannie standing on her toes and her body moving backwards, as it rubs against Roger's body. "I am beginning to tremble," says Jeannie, "my head is starting to spin. I never knew I could ever feel like this. This is absolutely marvelous. Please don't stop."

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