tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Dream of Lucinth

I Dream of Lucinth


Josh was very, very thirsty.

The swarthy, dark-haired young man had been sitting at the keyboard a good five hours this Saturday morning, and no less than seven hours the night before. It was the battleground weekend, and he was determined to finish his point grind before the weekly reset. He'd set aside the time, turned in his term paper and turned off his cellphone, but what he had neglected was his supply of fluids. The one- and two- liter bottles of Gatorade, Diet Pepsi and Mountain Dew had been at best half-full Thursday evening, and now the empty bottles filled the blue recyling bin. Drinking tap water drawn from the American River was, of course, unthinkable.

Thirst parched his throat and made his eyes bleary. Nervous exhaustion compelled him to shift involuntarily in his chair, and as he did so, he felt the disorientation of head rushes. But between the sour taste of the tap water and the sedate montony of his grind, Josh did not feel sufficiently compelled to get up to pour himself a glass of water, much less hike a kilometer down the street to the convenience store to pick up some more drinks.

Defending a node alone against four inexperienced Alliance melee, each with half his health and resilence and none of his skill, his concentration was broken by another head rush coinciding with a monitor flicker. Josh blinked intently. He perceived motion beside his shoulder, at the edge of his field of vision. Then he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders - feminine, light, warm, pleasant. To assure himself that he was, in fact, hallucinating, he slowly turned his chair - and found himself face-to-face with a strangely familiar face.


The young woman who was standing there, in front of him, hands on her hips, exposed abdomen thrust brashy forward, seemed, indeed, to be the female blood elf paladin who he had just been controlling on his screen. Luminous jade-green eyes, smooth, soft skin tanned golden-brown, perfect except for a beauty mark on her right cheek, her mischevous wide smile complimented by her long brown ponytail. Her long, narrow blood elf ears bounced up and down as she seductively shifted her hips side to side, hinting at their potential. She was not wearing her armor; instead, she wore a purple mini-tank and burgundy capris. The strings of her red bra and thong lay exposed on her shoulders and hips.

"That's the name you gave me, honey!", said the blood elf.

"...This isn't real," said Josh with certainty. He assumed this was some sort of prank.

"No, it's not. You're suffering from acute dehydration, and as a result, you're hallucinating." Lucine laughed. She laughed just as a blood elf laughed - forced but comely. Her brash manner was very sexy.

"Oh really? This is just a hallucination? So you wouldn't have a problem with me doing this?" Josh lunged forward, unbuttoning her pants and pulling the zipper down, then pulling the capris down to her ankles, revealing her thin dark-red thong. This too he pulled down, revealing that Lucine the blood elf was, in fact, a natural blonde, and did, in fact, have the neat, tempting, love canal fitting a blood elf girl - a brilliant, flesh-pink narrow slit.

Lucine contined bobbing her hips side-to-side, her smooth, tanned tummy gyrating forward and back, rippling with yoga muscles, as Josh explored her fine pink slit with his ring finger, eliciting a coo from the girl. He could see she definitely wasn't a virgin - blood elf girl, what would one expect - but all the same, the slit was a pristine, brilliant pink, clean and inviting. And she was wet. Really wet. Her love canal was pliant with passion, eagerly awaiting a manhood.

"Oh, Josh, I do have a problem with you doing that. You didn't even check out my boobs first!" Eagerly, without hesitation, Lucine swiftly pulled her tank top over both shoulders in unison and threw it over her back. She then reached behind, unsnapped her dark red bra, and let it drop to the ground.

Josh took in the sight of Lucine's naked body. She had thin, smooth, delicate but built arms and legs - obviously did a lot of jogging and yoga between instances - a cute tummy, and a round butt. A perfect hourglass figure, small curves on her arms, legs and chest, and larger curves on her butt. She had bikini tan lines and firm, perky breasts - softball-sized, pointing just upwards, with compact, orange-red areolas.

Josh reacted to the sight, removing his ring finger, as well as his index finger, from her slight and grasping her shoulders and breasts with his hands and thumbs. He teased her areolas as Lucine continued to gyrate her hips back and forth. Her hands remained there, on her hips, allowing her man to explore her narrow pink slit at his leisure.

"Nice hallucination," Josh huffed.

"It should be, darling. It's YOUR imagination! Now let's see the cock you're rocking!" The blood elf giggled.

She knelt forward and giggled as she unbuttoned his shorts (on his lazy day off, Josh didn't bother doing his zipper, what gamer would?) and pulled them with his boxers down to his feet. "Mmm, nice cock you have." Lucine giggled as she pulled his loose T-shirt over his head.

It was objective fact - his manhood was definitely above-average, a good six and a half inches, wider than average, and warm, vigorous, well-veined, evenly colored, with a crown just broader than its stock. Josh's penis throbbed eagerly, and Lucine gripped it firmly, like a tourniquet, with her thumb and fist, then once the manhood was fully engorged, she teased it with the arch of her ring and middle finger, tugging at its midsection, making Josh's organ throb harder, pivoting up and down with excitement. The twenty-something young man heaved and the organ strained, as if seeking the release of a girl's pink parts. Beads of pre-cum began to appear at the tip of Josh's manhood, sputters of frustrated yearning.

Lucine pointed at the penis. "He wants a vagina!" she declared without modesty, in a cutesy, mocking tone, addressing the thobbing penis and not its owner. Responding to her sexy voice, the thickly veined manhood throbbed and jerked back and forth. "Look at him go!" She tugged the manhood again with her ring and middle fingers, twice, hard, and the manhood wagged back and forth even more furiously. Lucine kneeled, face-to-face with the object of her mirth. With her ruby-red lips she lightly kissed the much smaller lips of the desperate, engorged organ. "Isn't he so CUTE? But don't worry big guy, I know just how to shut us BOTH up!"

Lucine opened her petite mouth wide, revealing perfect rows of pearly-white teeth, sticking out her tongue salaciously, licking the very tip of Josh's manhood. She didn't close her luminous jade eyes as most girls would, but opened them wider, savoring the spectacle of the erection entering her mouth. Her green eyes cast a faint demonic light cast over the length of the manhood as she leaned in...swallowing it up. As it passed between her lips, the penis throbbed one last time - hard - but did not further protest this treatment.

Lucine had no gag reflex. She took it down all the way, teasing the engorged manhood with the back of her tongue, and her uvula, rubbing it again the roof of her mouth. The penis was engulfed in warm saliva from the back of her mouth. She forced herself to gag just as she forced herself to laugh, the spasm further exciting the throbbing organ. Not yet enough to make it ejaculate outright, but eliciting more pre-cum and more desperate spasms. Her blowjob was as noisy as it was slimy - slurrk, slurrk, slurr-rrr-kkk...

She suddenly lifted her head, letting the penis fall from her mouth, giving herself and the manhood a moment to breathe and recover, then just as quickly, her pronounced Adam's apple jerked, she bowed her head and in an instant Josh's manhood again disappeared between her red lips. She forced another gag then gurgled with her throat - "slurrkkk...gggghhhggg..."

As she sucked and salivated on his cock, she wagged her cute pink butt back and forth. Josh groaned loudly as his balls jerked hard, releasing a stream of warm manliness down her throat. Lucine still did not gag - rather she sucked, slurked, swallowed, sucked the penis hard, like a straw in a nearly empty bottle. Behind Josh, the game client had disconnected from inactivity.

"Now...what you've REALLY been dreaming about," declared Lucine. She rose to her full five-foot-eight, brushed her man's torso up and down with the fingers of both hands, then braced herself on his chairback, grabbed his penis with the forefingers of her right hand, and guided the penis into her slit and flatly sat on his thighs, rapidly bouncing up and down, her abdomen and legs doing all the work of pumping his manhood with her tight pink vagina. "Mmm, mmmh, mmmh, mmmh...uhhhnnn...unhhhnn..."

Her curvy pink butt, it seemed half again wider than her torso, slapped and slapped loudly against Josh's olive, black-haired thighs, broad from hiking and biking. The task chair's suspension protested, plastic and metal components cracking against each other. Hallucination or no, this was some really good sex.

Lucine started to howl. "Uhhh...Unhhhhhh...Uhhhhhhh!...Uhhhh!....Uhhhhh!...Oooounnhhhhh! Come on, Josh, fuck me, give me some more fucking! You want to cum, man, come on and come right in me!" Josh was heaving and was about to come, but at that moment, Lucine got up off his dick - let it fall from her love canal - with practiced care so as to neither jerk nor overstimulate his still-gorged manhood, now bright red with excitement, turned her back to him, and guided the penis in her again, this time pounding with not only her legs and abdomen but also her entire upper body. Her ponytail and ears bounced up and down as her cute, heart-shapped ass bounced up and down, her thighs spanking loudly against her man. "Mmm, mmm, mmm..."

All Josh could see was the tanned length of her back, the depression where the length of her back met the curve of her butt, and beneath that, her wide butt, doing its work. Lucine cried out again. "Aaaah! Ahhh! Cum cum, I know you're about to, go ahead and do it!" Josh groaned loudly. "Uhhhhghhh!" He finally gave in, releasing his load straight in her.

He'd been too busy grinding battlegrounds to masturbate for a few days now, so his balls were full of viscous ejaculate which now filled the warm folds of her womanly canal, running in abundance out the mouth of the organ and then trailing down Lucine's trim, toned, gold-tanned legs as she rose from his lap. Lucine stood up and again shifted her hips slowly left and right. Semen trailed down from her love canal; a strand made it to the floor and two more ran down her left leg. But she cupped her fingers into her love canal, gathered the greater mass of it up, brought it to her lips and lustily swallowed it down, with a quick slurrkk. Most of it. A lot missed her mouth and instead soiled her cheeks or dripped down onto her perky breasts, both above and below her tan line.

"Woooooooooo!" hooted Lucine. "That was some really good sex! Wooo! More sex! Mmpppmmh...More sex!" With both arms she swept a mess of rough drafts and library photocopies off the supply cabinet and laid her belly on it, propping her butt up at groin level, the neat brown crown of her rectum and soiled, wet pink slit of her vagina prominent and accessible. Josh got up from his chair, stood right behind her and pushed his penis into her slit. The height of the table was perfect. No stooping and no crouching, just easy pushing and pulling in and out, her narrow hips just the right size for his palms to grab and thrust himself in and out of her. He could feel her heart throbbing, her lungs heaving, her entrails groaning, resounding through her petite body. She was warm, tight, pliant, just the right size everywhere. He ran himself in and out until her vagina just lost enough novelty to tempt him to go for her ass. He pulled out, his penis still wet with her vaginal fluid, and stuck himself right into her ass.

Lucine gasped with surprise - "Ooooh! ahhhn..." - but did not protest. She made a low groan and grunt - "rrgh, rrrrggh, rrrrr..." as Josh labored in starts to push himself into that beautiful ass, so clean it was as if she never used it for anything at all. Deeper and deeper in until his penis was in right up to its base. He leaned forward just a bit now, letting the weight of his hips and upper body do the work, laboring in and out. The warmth and tightness was intense. It was so satisfying to see this cute little blood elf take it up the ass. He had always wanted to see that bobbing little ass, that he had seen shaking back and forth on the screen for so many hours, take him, take his manhood right up in there. In and out, slowly, Lucine huffing and puffing, Josh groaning, and he came, deep within her. Lucine exhaled deeply - "Mmmm..."

He pulled out slowly and gazed at his work: her neat, pink, cute heart-shaped little ass was now a mess of sweat, hairs, and male and female emissions. His penis was still dripping with his and her fluids. Lucine rose slowly and turned back to him, shaking her butt a bit more unsteadily now.

"That...was great, Josh. Perfect ten! But now, you should REALLY get something to drink!"

Josh felt another head rush. Overcome by fatigue and exhaustion, he sat back down in his chair and closed his eyes tightly. Disoriented for not sure how long, he could not resist the compulsion to race to the bathroom and take gulps of water straight from the faucet, then take a long hot shower. The husky, olive-tanned young man patted himself down with a fresh towel.

But when he returned to his room, lucid for the first time in days, he noticed the room smelled strange. It smelled like raspberry-flavored perfume...and the musky scent of fresh sex. And then he noticed, around one of the legs of his task chair were a pair of garments that did not belong to him - a dark red brassiere and thong.

It had been the best BG weekend ever, Josh decided.

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