tagMind ControlI Enjoy Her Body Ch. 03

I Enjoy Her Body Ch. 03


I'm driving and I know my time controlling her has to be coming to an end. I'm wondering where I can really use her body and get her a good fucking. I drive by the local boxing gym and decide to go in there and see if I can find someone to fuck her hard.

I walk into the gym, it is 8:45pm and there are two heavyweights sparring in the ring and the manager sweeping the floor. Everyone stops and looks at me. I wonder why, then quickly remember that I'm wearing tight shirt, with no bra, short skirt and high heel shoes.

"Umm, Baby, can we help you with something? I think you might be in the wrong place." the manager says while looking me up and down.

I'm nervous but respond, "hi, this may sound strange but I'm looking for a boxing lesson tonight." I realize that sounded stupid and probably made no sense but the manager looks up at the fighters.

"Boys, you think you are up to giving this hot number a lesson tonight?" he laughs and goes and changes the open sign to close and locks the door.

"Sure, honey, come up in this ring and we'll see what we can show you."

I climb through the ropes and notice the one guy points at her crotch and I realize he must have notice I'm not wearing any panties. Then I notice that they bump gloves and smile.

"Come here," he says and wraps his arms around me and holds her hands up. He is about 200 lbs, in decent shape and all sweaty. He says "Hi I'm Jones, you want to hold your hands up like this" as he raises one arm and I feel his other glove move down by her skirt.

I feel his glove rubbing her skirt and one glove goes on her tits. "Jay, what you think? How's her form?"

Jay, the other guy, is about 185 and solid. He comes over and takes off his gloves. "Let me check" he says. He walks over and grabs her tits and says "oh yeah, I think her form is just fine," as he starts to rub her tits.

I hear Jones taking off his gloves. "This bitch is one fine number" and I feel him slap her ass. It stings but I smile. "Oh yeah, I really like her" he says as he rubs her ass and puts his hands up her skirt. He squeezes her ass check. "Damn, I like a lot."

Here I am in a 110lb. body with two larger men that I've gotten very excited. I wonder if I bit off more than I can handle.

I feel her hair getting pushed to the side as Jones starts to kiss her ears while rubbing her ass. "Damn, I love this ass and need to get a better view."

He starts to pull down her skirt. "No panties, you dirty girl." and Jay pulls her shirt over her head "no bra, you dirty MILF." he says.

Now I'm in the middle of the ring with no clothes on and both guys pull down there shorts. I see two hard cocks. One is ~ 7 inches and the other is closer to 9 inches.

"First lesson requires you to bend over" as I feel her head get pushed down. Jones gets on his knees and I feel him licking her pussy. It feels so good and I moan. He continues to lick her pussy up and down and I feel his tongue moving up to her ass. It's becoming obvious he is an "ass man".

I look up and Jay has positioned his cock right near her mouth. I know what he wants and start to suck his cock. I've never sucked cock before but this is my 3rd one today. I know I will not be in this body for much longer so I can still make her do whatever I want.

I'm sucking Jay's cock, while I feel Jones licking and putting his fingers into her pussy. He is really getting into it and I feel him licking her ass while finger fucking her pussy. I'm wet, horny and just enjoying the sensations.

His licking stops and he stands up. He rubs his cock against her pussy. I feel the head of his cock rubbing into her pussy. It feels good and I move her ass back. "oh yeah, bitch wants hard cock." he says as he pushes his large cock into her.

I moan and start to suck Jay's cock faster as I start to get fucked doggy style. Jones grabs her hips and starts to fuck her faster. I feel another slap on her ass as he continues to fuck her doggy style. Each slap sends a shiver throughout her body.

I'm being double teamed in the middle of a boxing ring by two guys. Jay says "before I blow my load I want to try that pussy." And both guys switch spots.

Now I'm suck the bigger cock and it tastes like pussy. I'm so excited about tasting her pussy I start to lick his cock all over. He pushes his balls into her mouth so I start to suck them. " oh yeah, good girl." he says as he fondles her tits.

Jay, behind me, squeezes her ass and slows down his fucking. I know what is coming next and I feel his cum squirt inside her pussy. He pushes his cock in deeper and I feel another load. "Oh yeah, really nice and tight" he says as he pulls his cock out.

Jones says "ok my turn again" and he goes behind me and he starts to rub her pussy. I feel his fingers going into her pussy and he takes some cum out and rubs it on her ass. I feel his finger enter her ass and he say "Shit, this is tight." as he spits on her ass.

I know what is coming and not sure I want that and I try to move away a bit. "No way," he says and holds her thin waist, "I can't let you go anywhere." I feel him rub his cock against her ass.

Jay starts to rub her tits again and he lies on the ring and his cock is getting hard again. He pulls her head to his cock and pushes into her mouth. I start sucking him off again and feel his soft cock growing her mouth and feel Jones' huge cock rubbing against her ass.

I look up and the manager is standing there with a video camera. "don't worry about me, this is the best lesson we've filmed in a long time." he laughs.

I feel Jones spit on her ass again and pushes his cock into her ass a bit more. I'm sure she hasn't done anal before, since this fucking hurts. I feel his cock head push slowly into her ass. I scream and they laugh.

"Don't worry, it will feel good soon," says and pulls his cock out of her ass. I feel relief and it feels good. He rubs her pussy again a takes out some more cum and rubs it agaisnt her ass. He lines his cock up and this time pushes it in a bit further. "OWWE!" I say and he slaps her ass again real hard and I feel it ripple throughout her body.

I'm not sure if he is fully in but he starts to fuck her ass and I'm moaning and groaning while trying to suck Jay's cock.

Then I feel a wave go over me and I feel lightheaded. I black out and awaken in my chair at my house. The experiment is over, we have swapped back. Oh no, I was hoping to get her home before that happened. I wonder what she is thinking as she wakes up in that position. I look down at my cock and notice it is rock hard and start to jerk off thinking about it.

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