tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Exhibit: Car Wash

I Exhibit: Car Wash


I wash my car several times a week, if I need it or not, just for the fun of showing off. You see, I love to show myself in public. As much of and as many times as I can without sending myself right to jail. This is a story of one such visit to a local car wash that kind of got out of control, but man was I glad that it did.

I had just got off work and hadn't really planned on stopping today. I just didn't feel up to changing from my work clothes to the short shorts and half top that I carry in the trunk. It had been raining all morning and promised to clear up and become a real muggy day. So just before I passed up the car wash a truck flew by me and splattered my car with mud. I just can't stand that! So the winds of fate changed my mind and I pulled into a stall in the back. There is only one other stall that is close to this one and it is directly across and about 30 yards away. Not real promising for a good show, especially since it was empty.

What the hell, I popped the trunk and got my clothes any way. While changing in the car a new Mustang pulled into the other stall. Great, a woman was going to be my only audience today. Don't get me wrong, I like to tease the girls just as much, but it is a real thrill to watch a guys eyes pop and his pants bulge. To my disbelief, a guy got out of the Mustang, weird, only women drive the new ones. Further more, he was not bad. Nicely built and of average good looks. Maybe I would get to do a little dance after all.

I waited until he had started up his wash before getting out. Our cars were facing each other so at first I know he didn't see me. I stood up and stretched my arms up and pulled my hair into a pony so that I wouldn't get soap or anything in it. Out angled myself to see if he had noticed me yet. Bingo, he did, and he was staring, not thinking that I could see him. I took a little longer than normal and lifted my arms almost high enough to let my half shirt expose the underside of my breast line. I'm sure he could tell I wasn't wearing a bra. From he vantage point he could not see my cut offs yet, but they let a whole lot of ass show and the front is so narrow that after a few bends and squats my lips nearly envelop the fabric.

Now that I had his attention it was time to play. I walked to the other side of my car and started putting change into the machine, when, clumsy me, I dropped a quarter. I bent over with my long legs barely bending, giving him a good look at my backside. He had move to the rear of his car so that he could watch me without me knowing it. From his distance I'm not sure if he could see up my shirt but if he could, he was getting a full view of my tits. Getting the last quarter in, I pulled the spray nozzle from it's rack and started soaking my car. Actually, it's not a car, I own an Explorer and it's quite tall for me. I had running boards installed so that I could even reach the top. Stepping onto it now I leaned into the side in which I had already sprayed and of course soaked my shirt in the process.

I pretended not to notice and just went on about my business, watching him all the while. he sure was cleaning the back of his car good.

After going around my car twice I was beginning to wonder if he was going to wash his paint right off the rear of his car. About this time I noticed he had gotten into his car as if to look for something and then got out again reaching into his pockets. he had run out of change. Seeing as I come to this car wash a lot, I already knew the changer was busted, always is. He went to it of course and again of course it was busted. He turned slightly in my direction as if in contemplation of asking me. Finally, he was walking over, I pretended not to notice and acted as if there was a place on the roof that I just could reach. I was really just making sure that I was nice and wet.

He announced himself and I hopped down from the running board, making sure to let my tits bounce in the process. Now he was only a couple of feet from me and looking directly at my chest, which I'm sure were showing my tits nicely. He told me of his dilemma and with a big smile I told him, no problem, I always had enough change. I keep my change in the glove box, so I went to the passenger side, knowing the door was locked, with him directly behind me. I gave him an extra wiggle just for fun. Pulling on the handle to no avail, I cursed and told him I forgot I had locked it.

I walked right passed him brushing my left tit on his arm as I did. I opened my drivers door and climbed up. It is near impossible to reach the glove box without actually getting in so while I tried to reach it I wiggled my ass in his face for a moment. Cursing again I turned and plopped into my seat, while leaning backwards over my console to reach the glove box. I was now giving him a nice view of my crotch, which almost certainly had to be mostly pussy lips by now, sure felt that way. Taking my time, I finally got him his change.

This part was solely by accident but turned out fun any way. As I was leaning up, my shirt got caught on something and nearly tore in half, completely exposing my bare titties to this guy who wasn't a foot from me. It was an old shirt but hell, even I wouldn't have believed it could tear so easy. I acted dumb founded for a moment which gave him a good long look and then faked embarrassment. As I was standing up my foot slipped of the running board and I fell right into him. He of course had a nice handful of my right tit and didn't seem to want to let go of it. Truth be known, I didn't either, so did nothing to make him move it. Again faking embarrassment I stepped back covering myself after he did let go and leaned against my car. We both just stood there for a moment in dumb silence, while I tried to figure out how to go further. He finally spoke up and told me he had a spare shirt in his car and left to go get it.

While he was walking away, I was trying to think of a way to show him all of me naked! I was burning up with desire and not only wanted him to see me naked but I wanted him too. I pulled my torn rag off of me and stood there half naked. As I was watching him start back I noticed an oil spill on the ground just behind my car, that was it! I had to accidentally fall into that oil, getting it on my short, then I would have to take them off before I got back into my car. At least that was my plan, spare of the moment or not, I had to try it.

I walked toward him and the oil, with my hands barely covering myself and just as I was going to fake slipping, I actually did slip, not on the oil, but on the soap on the oil. I fell and hit the ground on my ass, hard, scrapping my back on my bumper in the process. It hurt like hell, but not too severe. He ran over and helped me up, cupping a breast into one hand in the process, it was quick but I felt it, and I liked it. He faked being really hurt and he helped me to my open car door.

Just before he hoisted me up into it I told him to wait. I couldn't sit in the seat with oil on my ass it would ruin my seats. I told him I would have to try and take them off first and use his t-shirt as a cover, it really was long, damn it. I had him help me to my rear door and told him to step away why I attempted to shed my short. Couldn't seem to easy could I. When I got my short off my ass, I pretended to pass out and laid down on the pavement. He rushed over and with half slitted eyes I saw him stare at my shaven pussy for a moment before I started to come to again. He then quickly helped me sit up.

I told him that I must have got the wind knocked out of me when I fell and asked him to help me onto the seat. He asked me about the oil on my shorts, so thoughtful, and I informed him if he could keep his hands to himself, that I would appreciate him helping me off with them. He quickly agreed, to quickly, but I didn't care, I was going to make it difficult for him to do that. I turned and leaned on my rear seat and stepped up onto my running board causing my short to lift a little. With my ass in the air and his face mere inches from it, I told him I was ready.

He gently tug at my short, they being wet, and I tensing up every time he tried to pull, turn a little project into a major ordeal. He first was trying to get them off just by pulling on the back, we all know it would happen that way, so he slowly traced around the lip of my shorts into the front. I could now feel his breath on my ass.

While trying to get a hold of the fabric he let a finger or two graze my pussy, which was very hot and wet. Still trying to make it difficult, but not obvious, I moved in the opposite way I needed for the fabric to just glide down, at first it seemed like he would never be able to get them off, but then, with a quick movement on his part he slipped one set of fingers under the fabric between my legs, letting one scrape my clit and tugged them off with one fell swoop. I hadn't been expecting this and released a nice little moan for him in the process.

With that done, I turned and stood on the board letting his shirt fall, covering my naked body. he them grabbed me by the waist and hoisted me into the seat. Again, I wasn't expecting him to be so strong and it caught me off guard so when I came to rest on the seat, I was sitting with my legs apart giving him a near eye level view of my swollen pussy.

I just fell back and told him I had to rest for a moment. He told me that if I wanted to he could finish rinsing off my car while I rested. Wouldn't hear of it, I told him. he had done too much already. He just smiled and told me it was nothing. Still, nothing doing, and after a short rest I would finish myself if he didn't mind his shirt getting a little wet in the process. He informed me that he didn't care, but only if he could stay close to make sure I didn't faint again. I agreed and laid back again, not bothering to close my legs. I could almost feel his eyes touching me there.

For some reason, I must of dozed off, because I woke to the sound of the water hitting my windows. I did notice that he had lifted the shirt to my waist, I wonder why. I waited for him to be on the other side and the quickly but quietly hopped out and waited for him to start coming around the rear again and stepped directly into the path of the water, get a real soaking at the same time. he quickly apologized and I told him it was my own dumb fault for stepping into it. Just then the time ran out and the water stopped. I walked to my drivers door and hopped up to open it.

As I turned and saw him, I hopped back down, looked him straight in the face and removed his shirt. As I stood there naked holding the shirt for, I thanked him for his help, but I just had to go. He took the shirt, never looking at my face really and just watched me turn and hop into the seat. Sitting naked, I looked at him again, with a slightly disappointed look on his face and couldn't just leave. I had to repay this guy for helping me.

Without saying a word I just turned in my seat, spread my legs and waited. He stared at my open pussy for only a second before he had his face buried into me, licking and biting my clit. It only took a few moments before I cam and I mean cam hard. It was the first time I had ever cum so much in my life. When he was done, he stood up and then it was my turn. Completely naked, I pushed him against the wall and undid his pants and sucked him dry, taking every drop he would give, which was a lot! I stood, stroking him still, looking at the glaze on his eyes.

When I thought we were even I turned and was just starting to climb in again when I felt his hands on my hips. He pushed me into the car and with one hand holding my waist and the other locked tight in my hair he bent me over of rammed his cock into my pussy, filling me up! He just started ramming me, hard and fast and damn, I was loving it! When I started pushing into him, matching his thrusts, he just rammed me harder. I mean picture it, he was really fucking me good right there in the car was where anyone could see us if they just walked by. I was in total heavenly bliss. I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me until I just passed out from it. He didn't of course, but he did unload another huge load of cum into me before he stopped. He pulled out and before I could turn around he was already half way to his car.

I just climbed into my car and sat there for a moment trying to catch my breath.

Driving home, completely naked, I got several people who honked at me and one who even took a picture. It was almost as if I weren't really driving, but just letting the car take me wherever. I snapped back to reality when an alarm buzzer for low gas sounded. Shit!

Damn near out of gas. That was the shits, now I had to stop and get dressed so I could pump gas...or did I?

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