I Fisted Him, Now You Fist Me


"Oh yeah! Go on, Jessica, shove that big fuckin' rubber cock of yours all the way up my tight, slutty ass!"

Jessica grabbed hold of Deb's hips and started driving it into her bottom with the raw, savage fury she knew her girlfriend always relished whenever she got fucked, cunt or ass.

"Talk to me, stud, tell me you like it."

"I love it!!!" Deb shrieked. "I love it up the ass, I love having my ass stuffed with thick, hard dick!"

Jessica fucked Deb's bottom with deep, smooth strokes, working the full length of the shaft inside so that the rubber balls were slapping against Deb's smooth cheeks, Deb desperately pushing back against Jessica's thrusts, keen to feel every solid inch inside her rectum.

"Deep, deep!" Deb shouted, meeting Jessica's savage thrusts with keen, eager enthusiasm. "Ass fuck me! Ass fuck me! Pleeeease ass fuck me!!!"

"Look at how nice and hard your dick is, stud, you must really be loving it," Jessica whispered huskily in Deb's ear as she reached around and took hold of Deb's strap-on, playing out the fantasy that these two girlfriends were, for the moment, two horny studs with stiff dicks and hot asses.

"I'm a stud who loves to feel it!" Deb gasped, turning to look at Jessica.

"And I'm a stud who loves to see another stud take it!"

"Take it where?" Deb teased, wiggling her rear as she pushed back to take more.

"Take it in the ass!"

"My ass loves it, my ass is in love with your dick!"

"Your ass is in love with dick, period!"

"Let me turn over and you get on top of me, okay stud?" Deb suggested as Jessica pulled out. Then Deb put a pillow under her buns and jackknifed her legs, holding on to her ankles, giving Jessica easy access to her already well-fucked asshole.

"I want to suck that dick some," Jessica said, wanting a chance to chew on some life-like rubber cock, her girlfriend's.

"Oh yeah, blow me, suck my fuckin' dick before you fuck my ass some more!"

"And lick your balls?"

"Yeah, lick 'em!"

"And taste your ass now that I've fucked it," Jessica said, snaking her tongue as deep as she could into Deb's asshole, nicely dilated now.

"Ooooh yeah, I love that tongue, but now I need some more of that big cock of yours, stud," Deb pleaded, tugging at Jessica, who now got between Deb's legs and slid her big rubber cock all the way up Deb's ass another time. And Jessica reached down to hold on to Deb's cock while she fucked her ass, only heightening the fantasy for the two of them of being two studs with stiff dicks, making it.

They looked into each others' eyes and their lips met as they kissed, first tenderly, then passionately, all the while Jessica thrusting deep into Deb's bottom, Deb bucking up to meet the rugged thrusts.

"I love it! I love it like this!" Deb sighed, feeling scorchingly aroused and sweetly tender at once. These were two street-smart Italian bitches from Brooklyn, but they knew how to be tender with each other, as well as rough and nasty. Deb was tempted to reach under Jessica's T-shirt and take hold of those big, firm tits she loved so much. But she restrained herself, remembering that it was she who insisted 'no pussy, no tits.'

They went the rounds, Deb getting on top of Jessica, riding the shaft, impaling her rectum on every one of the thick, solid nine inches. They even got up off the bed and did it standing up, Jessica coming at Deb from the rear, Deb bending way over, hands on her knees, happy to take whatever Jessica had to give her. Which was plenty!

Finally, after fucking her butthole as thoroughly as Deb had fucked Greg's a week earlier, and with the same rubber dick she had used on him, Jessica slowly pulled the thick shaft out of Deb's overheated rectum.

"Oh, man, look at you!" Jessica said, looking down at the gaping hole as Deb reached back to spread herself wide open and give Jessica a better view.

"My ass feels like it's been fucked!" Deb hissed, a lusty grin on her face.

"I'll say!" Jessica enthused, lowering herself and burying her face between her girlfriend's buns, digging her tongue into the open hole she'd just fucked.

"Taste good?"

"I love fuckin' your ass, Deb."

"I want more, I want you to stick your fingers back inside me," Deb said, taking hold of her girlfriend's wrist and bringing Jessica's hand down between her cheeks as Jessica slid her fingers inside Deb's rectum again.

"How many fingers you got in there?"


"Stick in another, three ain't enough," Deb told her girlfriend as Jessica rammed a fourth finger into Deb's dark, humid rectal depths, Deb pushing back eagerly against the fingers, her steamy ass hungry for more rough play.

"Now the thumb," Deb instructed as Jessica slid in her thumb, all five fingers stretching Deb's asshole wide open.

"Mmmmh, that's beginning to feel real good!" Deb purred, grinding her bottom against the probing fingers.

"I'll bet," Jessica sighed excitedly, twisting her fingers around inside.

"You know what?"Deb said, turning to look back at her girlfriend. "You know what I did to the kid? How I fisted his ass? How about you try to do that to me now, Jessica? I wanna feel what that's like."

"You're shittin' me, Deb!"

"No I ain't, I want your whole fist up my fuckin' ass!"

Once when they were making it and feeling extra hot they had tried to fist each others' pussies. Deb managed to take Jessica's hand inside her cunt, and loved it, but Jessica couldn't quite turn the trick when Deb tried to fist her pussy.

"There's a big jar of Vaseline in the bathroom, go get it, Jessica."

Jessica came back with the Vaseline and the two girlfriends stared at each other, realizing the extreme erotic adventure on which they were about to embark.

"Here," Deb said, pulling the Polaroid out of a drawer and getting it ready, "you can take a picture later of you doin' it to me."

"And just how do you want me to do it?" Jessica asked, nearly breathless with excitement.

"I'll get up on the bed and turn over. You just stick your hand into the jar and get it all covered with grease, okay?"

"I'm gonna do this to you Deb, I'm really gonna fist your ass?" Jessica asked in amazement.

"You sure as shit are gonna try!" Deb said, assuming the position as Jessica dug her hand into the jar, covering the hand with petroleum jelly.

"Here goes," Jessica said as Deb bit her lip and Jessica brought her greased hand between Deb's cheeks. She slid five fingers in right away, working them in past the first set of knuckles.

"How's that?"

"Feels great, keeping pushing it in."

Jessica gazed in astonishment as she drove all five fingers past the second set of knuckles, Deb wincing a little now, breathing hard as she endured the awesome intrusion. Jessica couldn't believe the sight, her hand slowly disappearing inside Deb's rectum. She kept pushing, amazed at how she was stretching open her girlfriend, how Deb was able to take it like this.

"Okay, slow down a sec," Deb begged, taking a few deep breaths, concentrating to relax her muscles. This was a first for Deb, taking a fist up her ass, and she knew it.

"Good, now keep pushing," Deb told Jessica, giving her the go-ahead to resume fisting. Deb slowly pushed forward until the widest part of her hand was stretching Deb open, Jessica's eyes glued to the scorching sight like a pair of lasers.

"Oh shit... oh fuck!" Deb groaned, reaching back to run a finger around the rim of her obscenely dilated asshole, Jessica's hand wedged well inside it.

"Here goes," Jessica warned, pushing it in further until, suddenly, her whole hand was now inside her girlfriend's ass, Deb's anal ring tightly gripping Jessica's slender wrist. As a wrist it may've been slender, but it was thicker than any cock.

"Oh man, you got the whole fuckin' thing inside me! You got your hot fist rammed up my slut ass!" Deb groaned, reaching back to run a fingertip around the circumference of Jessica's wrist. "Take a picture, I wanna see it."

Jessica picked up the digital camera with her free hand and snapped off a shot. Then the two of them stared at the image.

"Damn, check it out!" Jessica said.

"Holy shit, look at us, that is so obscene."

"I can't fuckin' believe I'm really doin' this to you, Deb!"

"Well believe it, slut, 'cause you definitely have got your whole fist buried up my hot little ass. So fuck it! Jam it in there, hard and deep!"

"Oh yeah, I'll fuck it okay, I'll jam it in there," Jessica hissed in Deb's ear. She had slid all five fingers into Deb's asshole, followed by the rest of her hand. And now that the whole hand was inside, she bunched it up into a fist, as Deb had told her she'd done when she fisted the kid. And this fist was meant for fucking! Now Jessica stood over a kneeling Deb who was sticking her butt up nice and high as Jessica rammed that fist inside, pumping it in, twisting it around the warm depths. Deb's sighs and moans had turned into shrieks and howls as she endured the savage rectal assault, relishing every moment.

"Oooooooh, yeah. Oh God, yeah! Fuck it! Fist it! It feels so fuckin' amazing! Do it to me, Jessica, do it! Do it! Do it! It's driving me craaaazzzzy! That fuckin' fist of yours in my ass! Pump it! Fuck it! Fist it! Do it! Deep! Rough! Hard! Hard! Hard! Oh God... oh God... oh God!!!! That is just too much!"

"Too much, or not enough?" Jessica growled.

"Not enough, I want more... more!"

"You're a greedy bitch, ain't you, Deb?"

"I'm greedy for your fuckin' fist... you hot, nasty cunt!"

"And my fist is greedy for your fuckin' ass... slut!"

"Use it! Ream out my rectum!"

Jessica just kept churning that fist inside her girlfriend's bottom.

"Deeper, I want it deeper... harder!"

"But I already got my whole fist inside."

"Keep pushing, I want more!" Deb begged, frantic with desire as an awed, amazed Jessica now kept pushingdeeper. Now it wasn't just Jessica's fist that was buried inside Deb, but some of her forearm. She kept pushing past the wrist, stopping after another inch of her arm was inside Deb, Jessica sure this must be her limit as Deb gasped and groaned, the sweating pouring off her sleek body, giving her smooth skin a glossy sheen.

And so Jessica just kept on pushing, working more and more of her forearm up into Deb's rectum until it was in halfway to her elbow.

"Okay, stop," Deb said, reaching back to take hold of Jessica's arm. "That's it."

With half her slender forearm buried up Deb's bottom, Jessica slowly pumped and twisted, giving Deb the most utterly penetrating of rectal massages. Her hand was deep inside her girlfriend's body. Could intimacy have been any more profound than this... or any more depraved?

"This is so amazing, Jessica," Deb whispered, turning to look at her girlfriend. "You're so deep inside my body, so, so deep! I feel so filled. So fuckin' stretched!"

"This is flippin' me out, what I'm doin' to you" Jessica moaned, almost breathless with excitement. "I'm never gonna be able to look down at this right hand of mine without thinkin' where it's been stuffed."

* * * * *

"And where's that, tell me?" Deb begged, wanting to hear it again.

"Up... your... ass...!" Jessica hissed lewdly at Deb.

"That's right, up my fuckin' shithole!"

Deb was breaking out in a serious sweat now, her fingers between her legs, creating a blur as she stroked her own cock, pressing the rubber base of the cock-and-balls combo against her soaked, scorchingly aroused pussy, rubber saying hello to clit.

"Ahhhhh... ohhhhhh... argggghhhh.... I'm cummmmming!" Deb howled, loud enough to wake the dead, as her body convulsed in a massive orgasm, Jessica able to feel the throbbing of Deb's asshole against her forearm.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the spasms subsided and Jessica began to withdraw her hand from her girlfriend's bottom. She did it slowly, enraptured by the sight of more and more of her hand becoming visible as she withdrew from the warm, humid depths. When Jessica had finally withdrawn her fingers, Deb whipped around and took hold of the arm, staring at it. There was a clear line halfway to Jessica's elbow which marked how far she had gotten it in, everything below that was slick with Vaseline.

"My ass feels so good, Jessica. Nobody, nobody's ever been as intimate with me."

"Oh Deb, I'll never forget this. It was the most amazing thing, shoving my fist up your ass!"

"... and now it's time for you, Jessica, it's time for me to do your ass...!"

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