tagIncest/TabooI Fucked My Stepmom

I Fucked My Stepmom


Ever since I learned what masturbation was, my stepmom Pammy became my #1 jerk off subject. After every weekend I spent with my dad and stepmom I would come home and my dick would be so sore from jerking it off all weekend. I was in high school when I really started to notice Pammy; she was 37 at the time. I don't know if she would qualify as hot to most kids in my school, but she drove me wild. Pammy is average height with a slender body. Tits were 34B, I knew from always looking at her bras, and also a fantastic pair of legs on her too. I always thought she had the body of Stephanie Seymour, a famous model. Pammy's face was average though and she would always keep her hair cut very short.

So many things about Pammy turned me on. She would always wear very simple, yet sexy clothing. Maybe it would be a tight sweater or tank top, very short pair of shorts, or a nice short skirt to show off her legs. She usually wore loose tops around the house and I would always find a way to see her boobs when she would bend over to do something, I'd even catch a glimpse of her nipples now and then. If she and my dad needed to go somewhere and I didn't care to go, I'd stay behind so I could go check out her panties and bras. Pammy always did laundry so it was a rare to find a soiled pair, but there were some magnificent clean ones in her drawers. My favorite was the sheer black thong. I don't know if she ever wore it, but I used it countless times to beat off, even tried it on a few times. Her ass must have looked so good in that pair. Out of all the time I spent at their house, I can only remember hearing Pammy and my dad have sex a couple of times, and my dad was the one making all the noise.

I only saw Pammy completely naked once, I was 18 and a senior in high school. It was very late at night and I couldn't sleep. The door to their bedroom opened and I just barely opened my eyes and saw Pammy walk out to go to the kitchen. She had absolutely nothing on, not only did I see her perfect tits, but I saw her full bush too. I waited for her to walk back to get another view and then went right to work beating off. Whenever I masturbated in bed I would make sure to get my cum everywhere, I really didn't care if she found it on my sheets, I actually wanted her to. Of course, I would do other things in hopes of her getting her to fuck me, but I knew it would never happen. I'd sleep nude and hope that maybe she would come in and see my morning wood when she needed to wake me up or. I'd always look a little too long at her breasts when she was bending over. If I gave her a hug, I'd hold it a little longer than usual.

I spent a lot of time at their house during the summer before I left for college, I was 19 at the time. I couldn't even tell you how many times I beat off while thinking about Pammy. I had every fantasy too: She would catch me beating off and then take over for me first by stroking me then by sucking my dick, or I would show up when my dad wasn't home and she would be extra lonely and we would fuck all night long, or my favorite...my dad would tell me to go fuck her because he was too tired to do it.

I moved away to college and saw less and less of her, but would still beat off to Pammy occasionally. Even during the few times I would get laid or get a blow job from some college chick, my mind would drift off to Pammy and I would picture her with my 6" dick in her mouth getting ready to swallow all of my cum or jerk it all over her tits and let me lick it off of them.

My fascination with my stepmom almost went away when I got married at 24. I knew there was no way I could fuck her now. Although she looked so damn good at my wedding. She had a very nice dress on showing just a little cleavage. I gave her a nice tight hug and while I was, I started to get an erection. However Pammy gave no indication of noticing, although I knew she had to of noticed it through my slacks.

Soon after I got married I learned some terrible news from my dad, he and Pammy were getting a divorce. It took awhile to calm my dad down as he was heartbroken and I started to believe everything he said about her, I began to think she was a total bitch. I didn't think about her sexually for at least a few months, and then I realized that she was single now. Unfortunately I wasn't. I started to fantasize about her just like I was 18 again, mostly picturing her get fucked by different dudes now that she was divorced. I thought that she might even be hooking up with guys my own age; I'm now 27, which makes Pammy 49. I was beating off 3 times per day thinking about her. Even when my wife and I would have sex, I would be pretending it was Pammy. But never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that I would actually fuck her.

One night I went out with a married friend of mine, Rob. He and I have been friends forever and we both like to still have a little fun with women on the side. Rob also shares my love for older women. We stopped in at a sports bar close to his house to have a drink, watch a little sports, and check out any ladies that might be there. The women in the place were ok; we were having more fun reminiscing about the old times when we were kids. And then something caught my eye. My fucking stepmom Pammy walked in with another woman. Pammy was looking real good, she looked tanner than I remember, and was wearing a sleeveless tight black top, nice pair of jeans, and some black high heels. Her friend was not quite as hot, but I would still fuck her too. She had on a white blouse and black pants. Her blouse was pretty clingy showing off a nice pair of tits. Rob and I watched them both take a seat at the bar and order a drink. He asked me what I thought of them. I said that we she keep an eye on them and maybe make a move later. I wasn't sure if Rob recognized Pammy, he didn't act like it. They probably only met each other once or twice when I was younger.

I couldn't believe my luck, Pammy was here getting drunk and I was already drunk, I had so much liquid courage in me I knew I had to at least try to get in her pants tonight. Rob and I watched them drink a few glasses of wine and then I told Rob I was going to make my move on the one in black. He is more a breast man than me so he was fine with that. I carefully walked up behind Pammy and whispered in her ear.

You are the hottest woman in here, can I buy you a drink?

While we were watching the ladies, the bar had turned into a dance club, and there were a few couples out getting their groove on, and I was hoping that I could get dance and grind a little with Pammy before moving on to bigger and better things.

Pammy turned around not knowing what to think and was very surprised to see me. She threw her arms around me and gave me a huge hug. I could feel her breasts smash into my chest and I assume she felt my semi hardon press against her. I forgot how good she smelled. I sat down and was introduced to her friend just as Rob made his way over.

I bought a round of drinks for everyone and Pammy and I began catching up. The whole time we were talking I kept sneaking peaks of her cleavage, I'm sure she caught me a few times too. I finally asked if she wanted to dance. She was pretty tipsy from the wine so I knew she would want to.

It was a fast song on the dance floor and we danced a little close than she saw another couple grinding and she turned around and shoved her ass right into my crotch. There was absolutely no way she couldn't tell that I was fully aroused. She grinded on me for a minute until I grabbed her and turned her around. At this time I could make out the outlines of her nipples through her shirt. I pulled Pammy close and went for it, I kissed her right on the lips. She didn't move away and actually kissed me back. Soon our tongues were exploring each other's and my hands found their way to her ass.

The song ended and we went and sat down in the corner booth. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I knew what I wanted to do. We sat down and we started making out just like we were in high school. Her hand dropped to my pants and slowly started to rub my cock through my jeans. I had waited so long for this moment, I wasn't going to blow it. I took my hand and started to massage her breast. I could feel her nipple harden while I was caressing it. Her rubbing started to speed up but I did not want to cum here at the bar. I asked Pammy if we could leave and head to her place. We tracked down our friends who were basically fucking each other on the dance floor and let them know that we were leaving.

As we got to my car I went around opening the door for Pammy. She stopped right there and got on her knees. She undid my belt and pulled my jeans down to my ankles. I had the biggest wet spot on the front of my boxers from all the precum leaking out of my dick. Pammy left my boxers on but pulled my cock out. I don't have a very big dick, maybe 6", but it gets hard as a rock. She slowly lowered her mouth and took my whole dick in at once. I still couldn't believe my luck, here I was getting a blow job in the parking lot from my stepmom. Pammy bobbed up and down on my dick. She would pull it all the way out and lick it from the balls all the way to the head. Then she would deep throat the entire thing. I really didn't know what I wanted to do when it was time for me to cum, if I was even going to have a choice. A car pulled into the lot just then and Pammy thought it was too risky to continue. I pulled my pants up and gave her a kiss so I could taste my dick on her mouth.

It took only 10 minutes to get back to Pammy's apartment, but it seemed like forever. I followed her up the stairs to her place with my dick trying to bust out of my pants. I knew that I was going to finally get the chance to fuck the shit out of my stepmom.

We started kissing once we were inside. The first thing I wanted to do was to feel those tits again. I pulled off Pammy's black top and underneath she was wearing a beautiful sheer black bra. She looked so good in that I decided to leave it on for awhile. She undid the buttons on my shirt and pulled that off along with my undershirt. She went for the belt and undid that and pulled my pants down again. This time the boxers came down too. My dick was throbbing from the anticipation of going in Pammy's mouth. She swallowed the whole dick and started to play with my balls. There was no way I was going to be able to last very long. Pammy stopped and asked where I wanted to cum. As much as I wanted to shoot it down her throat so she could swallow it, I've always had a thing about getting my cum on girl's tits. I told Pammy that I wanted to shoot it on her chest. She took off her bra and revealed the beautiful boobs I've always fantasized about. There was no holding back now.

I told her I was ready to cum. Pammy pulled my dick out of her mouth and aimed it right between her tits. She was stroking it hard and fast and that's when I knew I ready. The first shot landed right in the middle of her cleavage. The next shot hit the top of her left tit, and the last shot was a bullseye, it hit the nipple on the left. Pammy stood up and I immediately started to lick the come off her tits. Her nipple was already hard from sucking my dick, and my cum on it made it very slippery in my mouth.

Pammy led me back to the bedroom and quickly took her shoes and pants off leaving herself naked except for the tiny black thong she had on. She turned around and showed me her ass and instantly my dick started to get hard again. We fell down on the bed and started to kiss some more. I moved my hand down to her pussy and couldn't believe how wet the front of her panties were. I slipped one finger inside the panties and then inside her pussy. This was probably the wettest pussy I've ever felt. I added another finger and started fucking Pammy with them. She started moaning a little and then I slipped a third finger insider her. She was moaning much louder now and I was thinking that the neighbors were going to hear us soon. My dick was throbbing in anticipation of being able to fuck my stepmom.

I got directly on top of Pammy and took my dick and slid it slowly inside Pammy, just moving her thong to the side. She began saying my name just how I always imagined in my fantasies. I would slide my dick in so slow and then pull it back out just as slow just teasing her with my cock. Her moaning was getting louder the more I fucked her. I took my dick out and took her panties off, making sure to know where I put them so I could take them with me later.

Pammy then rolled me over and got on top. This has always been my favorite position because I can just lay there and get fucked and play with the girls' tits at the same time. Also, I never seem to be able to come in this position which is good too. She grabbed my dick and aimed it at her pussy and slowly slid down on it. Pammy started to ride me while I had her breasts in my hand. It didn't take long until she found the perfect spot for her. She fucked me faster and she let me know she was close to cuming. I told her not to hold back and be loud and let everyone know how good it was. I know the neighbors had to hear her because she was screaming. She rolled over and let me know it was time for me to fuck the shit out of her and have my orgasm.

I got on top of her again and my dick slid inside her pussy easily. I knew it wouldn't take long. I started slow and worked up to the point where I pounding her. My balls felt so good I knew I was going to have a huge load. I decided the best place to shoot my load was going to be inside her. My moaning was getting loud and I let Pammy know I was going to cum. She told me to pull it out and shoot it on her, but it was too late, I had already made up my mind. I couldn't watch myself cum but I knew there was a shitload of it. I pulled out when I finished and watched it ooze from my stepmom's pussy. Easily one of the coolest things I've ever seen. She asked why I didn't pull out and I told her that I always wanted to cum inside her. She liked that and said she only wanted me to pull out so she could watch it spray all over her.

I offered to get up and clean the mess I made with my orgasm but Pammy just wanted me to hold her and fall asleep. It was hard for me to fall asleep as my dick was still rock hard from finally fucking her and also knowing that my cum was still inside Pammy's pussy. I'm sure she could still feel my cock pressing against her ass as we fell asleep.

In the morning we got up and got dressed. I wanted to fuck her again but didn't want to press my luck just yet. I grabbed her soiled panties and put them in my pocket. I gave Pammy a hug and a kiss and started to walk out. Then she asked me if I could come by again and fuck her again sometime. I told her anytime she wants to be fucked good to give me a call.

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Nussin 18 v. siskon ja 38 v. äitipuolen pillua paljaalla.

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Oh yeah

I wanna fuck so bad

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I got hard just having a fantasy of have a step mom and doing this

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