I Get Degraded At A Hotel


I nervously walked over to the bed. The ice seemed to have totally melted, making me feel very wet and messy. This feeling only added to my lust.

April grabbed some items from her small bag, but I didn't see what they were.

I bent over the bed, with my legs spread about two feet apart, sticking my ass out as I waited for her to begin.

I heard a squirting noise and then another, the second resulting in a cold liquid squirting onto my anus, that still was a mixture of thong straps. I could feel April rubbing what was obviously lube very thoroughly around, and into my anus. She did this for much longer than necessary and even though the lube greatly lessened the discomfort of the thong, it still felt rather annoying. Even though, I began to breathe hard as I felt April's fingers slide around my hole, slipping ever so slightly inside me occasionally. She slowly worked the rest of the thong into my ass.

As I felt the last of the strap pushed into my hole I felt even more degraded; now I had the entirety of April's panties in my ass. Not only that but she was going to leave them there, for who knew how long as she used me as her personal play thing. (Or at least I hoped that was how she saw me)

After she got the thong pushed in me she rubbed my now unobstructed anus for another moment and then I felt something else press up against my ass. She toyed around, pressing slightly against my hole, twisting and gyrating the object into me.

This was making me crazy! I wanted whatever it was inside me. I didn't know if she was just teasing me or if maybe she thought she needed to work it in slow. I that was the case I knew better. I have had my share of practice with anal toys and did not need this precaution. I tried to be sneaky and stick my ass slightly out to press the object into me without her realizing what I was doing.

The object didn't go any further since it seemed April pulled the object back to match my movement. She was now pushing a little harder against my ass, but it was still not enough to drive the object in. I decided to try again, only this time a little harder. I had now all but convinced myself that April was doing this out of misplaced concern. I waited until she was gyrating the object towards me and I pushed back against it. I moved a little more than I anticipated and the object, now obviously a thin, slick, dildo, slid into my eager ass.

I gasped slightly, enjoying the feeling but slightly disappointed that the dildo was so small.

April laughed and said in surprise "Did you really just push that thing into your ass?"

I blushed terribly, again not knowing what to say to this.

April continued, realizing I couldn't speak "You did, didn't you? I think you like actual anal as well as just looking at it don't you Nikki? I want an answer this time."

I cringed at this. I had no idea how to admit this to her. Finally I just nodded and said "Y-yes."

Again she laughed and said "So this little thing is probably doing nothing for you is it?"

As she said "this little thing" she emphasized her words by pushing the dildo all the way in till I could feel the butt of the dildo dangerously close to sliding into my ass.

I gasped slightly again and I shrugged at her question. I was inwardly hoping she had something bigger in store for me even as I felt my anus trying to close around the end of the dildo.

April chuckled a little then said "You are a dirty little perv aren't you?"

She slapped my ass firmly as she finished her statement and to my horror, as I flinched from the sting, my anus clenched and the little dildo got sucked right in.

April exclaimed "Holy shit! Did your ass just eat my dildo?"

She burst out laughing and slapped my ass a few more times.

I could feel the dildo inside me, and while I was not worried that I couldn't get it out as much as I was humiliated by the ordeal.

She calmed down a little and said "First my panties, then my dildo. Maybe we should just keep feeding your little hole and see how much it can take?"

As April laughed at her comment I was a little worried but a lot turned on by this statement. I didn't know how safe it was to keep pushing things all the way in my ass. I had heard horror stories of emergency room stories that I did not want to see happen to me. But my lust was willing to risk it if that was what April wanted. I could just imagine holding my position as April found various objects to shove inside me. The idea was disgraceful and delectable at the same time.

April finished chuckling and said "No, I can't have you losing my toys in that never-ending ass of yours. Give it back and we will just fill you with something a little less likely to slip in. But don't worry, you can keep the thong, I don't want that back."

I was relieved but a little disappointed to hear that I could push out the dildo. I was also a little nervous about how long she would make me hold this thong in my bowels. April grabbed some more items from her bag as I began pushing the dildo out of me. I pushed ever so slightly, just enough to get the end of the dildo to push out but not enough to cause an embarrassing situation.

Just as the end slipped out April grabbed it and pulled it out. In almost the same moment she pushed something else in. I immediately knew what it was; it was a vibrating egg. I could feel the cord hanging out my ass.

Just afer she had pushed the first egg in she followed by pushing in another, saying as she did so "Since your ass likes to swallow things whole, we'll give it something that I know I can get back...plus this should make thing interesting."

As she finished her sentence she turned the eggs on and I shuddered at the feeling of the eggs vibrating against each other inside me.

As I moaned slightly in pleasure I felt something else push up against my anus.

April pushed the new object inside me quickly this time saying "Since we both know how impatient you are to have your ass filled let's just get this in here."

This object was a little bit bigger than the dildo and as it reached its widest point I whined a little because of the forceful insertion. Though once the widest part was in it quickly slipped in and I realized the object was a butt plug as my anus clenched around the tapered neck of the plug. I gasped out more loudly now as the semi-large plug dove all the way into my ass pushing the vibrating eggs out of its way as it did so.

As April stepped back to admire her work I agonized over the idea of touching myself. I was so horny now and I wanted to cum so badly! In the end I could not bring myself to degrade myself that badly in front of April.

After a moment she said "That still seemed very easy to get in. Since you are such an anal slut, I suppose I will have to bring much bigger toys next time."

She made me feel so humiliated with these words, even more because I knew they were true. I could take more in, I had bigger toys than this at home, and now she knew what I did to myself.

After worrying over my degradation for a bit April suddenly pushed my ass forward unexpectedly, causing me to fall forward onto the bed. Just as I fell she said "Well since you are enjoying this so much I will have to come up with another punishment for you."

She then quickly straddled my lower back, facing my ass and said "Now be sure to hold that plug in tight."

I barely had enough time to form a confused thought before she began to spank my ass with what I later found out to be the back of her brush.

As she spanked me she said "You have a lot to be punished for, so be prepared!"

She laughed as she traded blows from cheek to cheek.

I flinched at every stinging strike. She made little noises as she spanked me and each strike was harder than the last. As she punished me I could fee April's wet pussy rubbing against my back as she assaulted me, and even though my ass was beginning to really sting from the abuse, and my dignity was all but completely shattered, I found myself growing desperate with lust.

The combination of the vibrating eggs, the punishment, and the continual degradation was too much for me to resist any longer. I slowly sneaked a hand down under me and began reverently rubbing my clitoris as April landed blow after stinging blow. The hits were definitely hard enough to hurt but not to the point that it was unbearable and soon I was working myself into a frenzy.

As I started to shiver and gasp April noticed what I was doing however and quickly pulled my hand away saying "Were you really masturbating as I spanked you?! Holy shit girl, you are perverted!"

At this point I could not take it anymore! Thought it was more humiliating than anything I had ever experienced I broke down and begged "Please April just let me cum!"

She just laughed and said "If you cum, it will be by my doing. C'mon flip!"

She grabbed some straps off the ground that she had gotten from her bag and pulled my right leg to the opposite corner of the bed, causing me to flip onto my back. She secured my leg to the corner with the strap and then did the same with my other leg, and then my arms, binding me into a spread eagle position.

I then watched, upside down, as she pulled a belt from her bag. She walked over and said "Since the brush to your ass wasn't punishment enough for you let's try something else."

She then kneeled above my head close enough that I was looking straight up her shirt at the bottom of her tits. She began to slap my tits with the belt. Needless to say this hurt much worse than the brush. She had only hit me a few times before I was squealing a little.

I quickly noticed as she adjusted her position a little. She spread her knees just a few inches, but enough that I caught glimpses up her skirt as she leaned to strike my tits. I am not a lesbian by any means but I began to imagine her forcing me to go down on her. Before I knew it, even with the whipping of my tits, my humiliating fantasy was driving me nuts again, and since I was bound I couldn't do anything about it.

She seemed to be moving more and more forward with each strike and I was staring right at her pussy when April caught me.

I suddenly realized she had moved back a little and was looking at me as I followed her crotch back with my eyes.

She smiled at me as I blushed deeply and she said "Do you like what you see?!"

I looked away, my mind racing. What could I say? I just laid there, bound, helpless, and silent.

She suddenly hopped off the bed, slipped her skirt off and took her place again; only this time her legs were a little more spread.

I quickly averted my eyes away from her pussy and squirmed under my bondage, fresh thoughts of my forced lesbian fantasies in my mind.

April scooted a little closer and said "Go ahead, look... I said look at my pussy Nikki."

I did as I was told, embarrassed, and so very horny.

April smiled and said "So do you like that?"

Again I didn't know what to say so I just shook my head.

She giggled "No? Then why were you staring at it? Huh?"

I was stuck, I could not think of a single excuse of why I would appear to be staring at her pussy.

April continued, spreading her legs even more and moving forward until her pussy was right above my eyes, only inches from me "C'mon Nikki, tell me what about my pussy has you so mesmerized? I thought you were strait?"

I began gyrating my hips ever so slightly, wishing there was something to grind up against. I stuttered out nervously "I, I am st, strait. I, I, I don't know why..."

I could not think strait. A part of me wanted this fantasy of mine to happen. I wanted April to push her crotch down on me, force me to pleasure her with my tongue as I lay here helpless in my bindings. Just thinking of it was making me crazy again.

I suddenly realized that April was leaning over me, lightly rubbing my labia with her fingers. My hips jerked towards the pleasant sensation seemingly on their own.

She began to rub me softly up and down my slit.

I began to shiver again; I could feel myself drawing close to orgasm just from this light touch.

In response April eased off a bit and said "So Nikki, I must say I don't believe you. I think you want my pussy, I think that is why you can't stop looking at it."

Because she was leaning now, her pussy was even closer now; right above my nose. I could smell her odor, not bad but not pleasant either. There was no doubt in my mind that I did not 'want' her pussy. I was actually a little grossed out by the thought. But that made me even hornier. The thought of being forced to perform such a degrading and unpleasant act made me so very hot!

I finally decided in my swirling, lust filled mind, that I should just be honest. I stuttered out in humiliation "It, it's true. I don't, I'm not a le-lesbian. I don't want to, to eat your pussy. If, if you made me do it, I would, well, I would be humiliated. But the thought, the thought of that, of being forced to do it... Well you know..."

I could not believe I said it and I immediately looked at her to see her reaction.

April just smiled at me and said "You are a real slut, you know that Nikki?"

Before I could say anything she scooted forward and set her pussy down right on my nose.

She then began grinding her crotch up and down my face as she said, slightly gasping "Though I must say you make a perfect slave."

It was disgusting, her juices were all over my face, and her odor was much more potent now. It was strong, again not really bad just too much. It made me want to gag a little. To make matters worse, as she slid down my face, my nose slid between her ass cheeks.

April then slowed down and focused around my mouth as she said "C'mon slut stick out that tongue."

As she said this I jerked in pain and surprise from her striking my pussy with her belt. It was not especially hard but it still stung like hell all the same.

I stuck my tongue out through closed lips as she began pressing my tongue between her pussy lips.

Another strike hit my pussy and I jerked and yelped out a little into April's pussy.

April gasped a little and said "Oh yeah, there you go, open that mouth."

She struck me again, and again. Each time I lurched against my bindings and cried out into April's pussy as I ate her out.

I began licking her more furiously, just like I wished was happening to me. I found if I used a lot of saliva it watered down the taste, making it much easier to continue.

As April got more turned on by my performance, she began whipping me faster and faster.

My pussy was screaming in pain, as was I on occasion, but as a strike hit me just right, it threw me into an orgasm. I began to shiver violently and lurching in pleasure and pain from every following strike. I found myself biting April's pussy lips as each painful strike drove me deeper into my orgasm. In the end I was half screaming/half crying as April sat firmly on my face. I had panties, two vibrating eggs, and a butt plug shoved deep in my ass. I could hardly breathe from April's crotch and ass blocking my air, and the constant whipping of my pussy hurt like hell. But through all that I had the most amazing, humiliating, and painful orgasm of my life!

April came shortly after I did and I came a second time after that, though not as hard as the first. We went to sleep and the next day my ass and pussy hurt so bad that I could hardly walk. During our long drive home April kept making me flash truckers as they passed. When we made it back to Utah April made me promise this wasn't just going to be a one-time thing.

I told her honestly if not a little shyly "I am yours, I don't want this to stop."

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by Anonymous

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by spankfunfor03/01/18

Sexy D/s!

Great Writing! Could See April Getting Into Her Role! More Of This Story!

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by Anonymous12/15/17

Definitely want more

This is been a very good story would like to read more i think they should move in together to keep this going and more out side fun and more people get to see her and make her do more fun things!

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by Anonymous10/31/17

What will April do

Well what did she do to poor happy Nikki later on? I would love to read more.

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