tagIncest/TabooI Give Daddy a Pie

I Give Daddy a Pie


This story involves a teenager giving her Daddy a fresh cream pie. If incestuous sexual contact bothers you, then please do not continue to read this story. Likewise if you find cream pie eating offensive then stop reading now and go and find something that does turn you on!

My name is Chloe, and I am nineteen years old. At the moment I am studying Business studies in my first year at University, and only come home during the vacations when term has finished. I do not have any brothers or sisters and still live at home with my Daddy. I have lived with Daddy since my Mum walked out and left us to go and live with another woman when I was only five. She hasn't bothered to contact me since then.

Since I was fifteen I have had an on and off relationship with a local lad called Steve. However since I started at University I have begun to enjoy life and I suppose that I have become a bit of a slut! I have enjoyed sleeping around having one night stands. I have even discovered the pleasure of eating pussy when my best friend and I at University got drunk and spent the night together! My boyfriend at home or my Daddy knows nothing of my sexual antics when I am away during term time at university.

It is now the summer holidays and I am at home for nearly two months. I spend my days getting up late, chilling out, meeting with old school friends and seeing my boyfriend, Steve. Most nights I go out into town for a few drinks with friends, or spend some time with Steve. About half way through the summer break I thought that it would be useful if I did some preparatory work for next term, so I started writing some notes and researching some articles on the internet using my own laptop. I had not been working for long when I had a problem with my computer. I got the dreaded 'blue screen', and error messages informing me that my hard disk was corrupt. (I laughed to myself that the disk wasn't the only thing that was corrupt)! In order to carry on with the work that I was doing which was quite interesting I decided to use the computer in Daddy's study, as I'm sure that he would not mind as he was out at work.

I had been working on Daddy's computer for a while when I took a coffee break. I don't know why but out of curiosity I right clicked and started to explore files on the hard disk. I was bored looking through files, such as 'household accounts', and 'work spreadsheets'. I was just about to return to my own work when I stumbled across a folder hidden within another folder. The folder was large and was cryptically called 'personal preferences'. I opened it to find many subfolders of text, images and movies.

I know that I should have closed down Daddy's computer there and then but the feeling to explore was too strong. Firstly I opened a text folder and found many stories listed. The titles were weird such as: A pie from the Mother, My secretary gives me a cream pie, and a creamy surprise. I picked a story from the list at random and read about a man who found himself in a situation where his neighbour was sitting on his face making him eat her husband's sperm out from within her freshly fucked pussy. As I read I felt my nipples stiffen and my pussy start to tingle as I became aroused.

After I read a couple more of the stories which followed the same theme of a man eating sperm from a pussy I realised that the term used for such a thing was 'creampie eating'. Next I opened another folder which contained hundreds of JPEG images. I opened the first one in the list and an image filled the screen on Daddy's computer. The image was of a young woman straddling a mans head and a drop of white sticky come was slowly dripping from her open shaved pussy lips into his waiting mouth. I looked at another picture where a woman was laying back on a bed with her shaved pussy parted with sperm dribbling out from her open hole. As I looked at the images I realised that my own pussy was responding and becoming very wet. I slipped a hand inside my knickers and felt the slippery wetness between my thick rubbery lips.

After looking at more of the images I closed the folder down and opened the one containing movie files and clips. This folder was the most interesting. I sat back on Daddy's leather swivel chair in front of the computer and opened a movie clip at random. Windows movie player opened and a movie file filled the computer screen. I watched as a young blonde woman with large implanted breasts was being fucked on a king-size bed. There was another man sitting in a chair watching. The woman was fucked in all manner of positions and was very vocal grunting and moaning as a large cock plunged into her. When the man finally came he pulled out of her and left her on the bed with her pussy gaping lewdly open. I watched as the man that was sitting down quickly moved into position between the woman's thighs and plunged his tongue deep into her smooth shaved pussy. He lapped at all of the mess that was seeping out from her. I watched as he swallowed it all down while she thrashed around on the bed as she had another huge orgasm.

As I watched the film I was becoming extremely aroused and I pulled my dress up to allow my fingers easier access to my sopping wet pussy. I pulled my panties to the side and buried two of my fingers deep inside myself. As my fingers passed my well lubricated lips and slipped inside me I felt the sexual tension that had built up in me start to ease as I thrust them in and out. As I masturbated myself I opened another movie file on Daddies computer. This short movie clip showed a woman sitting on a mans face. The camera zoomed in and in great detailed close up I watched as the man scooped up with his tongue globules of sticky sperm from between the woman's puffy pussy lips. My fingers were making rude squelching noises now as I plunged them in and out of my own sticky shaved pussy. I rubbed my thumb over my clit as I watched the man suck all of the dirty mess out from inside the woman. All the time the woman was rubbing her pussy on the mans mouth and calling him a cumslut and creampie eater. I think that as the woman on the screen had her orgasm, my own ripped through me as my fingers plunged deeply in and out of my own sticky pussy.

As my breathing returned to normal I reclined back in Daddies chair. Daddies study now had that musky woman smell. My fingers were sticky from my pussy and I wiped them on a tissue. I couldn't believe how turned on I had become watching the movies of cream pie eating.

I closed down Daddies computer and as the day passed I constantly thought about what I had seen and read. The whole idea of messy, dirty sperm filled pussies and creampies really turned me on. It also seemed to turn Daddy on after all the things that I had seen on his computer. The more that I thought about it the more turned on I became and gradually a thought of how I could please Daddy came into my mind. The more that I thought about it the more real it became and I decided that when Daddy came in from work I was going to put my plan into action.

When Daddy came home from work at tea time he asked me how my day had gone as usual. I told him that I had had a great day watching and reading about creampies on his computer. Daddy seemed very embarrassed about this but before he could try and cover up and make excuses I carried on. I told him that I was grateful for all that he had done for me since Mum left us and that I really loved him. I told him that if creampies really turned him on as much as they had affected me, then I could help him. I don't think that Daddy understood what I meant to start with. I went on to tell him that this evening I was going round to Steve's house as his parents were out for the evening. I told Daddy that if he wanted to he could wait up for me to come home later, and that I would give him what he wanted. If he had not stayed up and had gone to bed when I got home I knew that he was not interested and I told him that I would never mention creampies again.


I was a little shocked when I came in from work and asked Chloe what she had been doing all day. When she told me that she had used the computer in my study and had accidentally stumbled across my creampie collection of pornography I was very embarrassed. Chloe and I had always had a close relationship since her Mum left us, however discussing my fetish for creampies with her was not the type of conversation that you usually had with your only daughter.

Chloe told me that watching my creampie videos had really turned her on. Hearing my own grown up daughter talking to me about creampies was certainly very strange, yet at the same time very arousing. As Chloe and I talked I realised that she was offering to come home later from her evening out with her boyfriend with a cream pie for me. She got ready to go out with Steve, and as she left she told me that the decision was all mine, and that if I waited up for her I would get what I wanted. However if I was not waiting up when she returned home she would know that I was not interested and would never mention the subject of creampies again.

As the evening flew by I did not know what to do. In the back of my mind I knew that it was wrong to have any sexual contact with my daughter. We had always been close, but I had never had any sexual thoughts about her before. As I thought about her proposition I realised that I was very aroused. Cream pies always turned me on and to be honest it had been years since I had eaten one. I had to rely on my fetish being satisfied by my collection of stories, images and video's on my computer. The more I thought about Chloe being out with Steve the more aroused I became. In fact my daughter was probably making love with her boyfriend right now. I had to decide what I was going to do...should I wait up for her, or should I just go to bed and forget about the whole matter? What would you do if you were in my situation?

I wrestled with my conscience and thought carefully about the matter. Why was it wrong to have sexual contact with my daughter? What harm would it do? In the end I decided that my daughter was old enough to make her own decisions in life and if she wanted to please me then so be it. So, I had made my mind up. I was going to wait for my daughter to come home from her boyfriend's house and see what she would bring me. I left the front door open and pulled the curtains in the living room. I turned the main lights off and put on the wall lights so that he lighting was not so harsh. I sat on the settee and waited for Chloe to come home.

Just after eleven o'clock I heard Steve's car pull upside outside our house. A few minutes later I heard Chloe come in through the front door. She pushed open the living room door and saw me sitting on the settee.

"Oh Daddy, I'm so glad that you waited up for me. I've been feeling so horny all the time that Steve was driving me home". She said.

I watched as Chloe sat down in the large armchair opposite me and made herself comfortable.

"Guess what me and Steve were doing about half an hour ago Daddy?" Chloe said.

"I think that I can probably imagine," I replied. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes I did and I've brought home a special present for you Daddy," Chloe said, smiling at me.

I watched as Chloe pulled her small black skirt up around her waist. She was wearing a pair of tight skimpy yellow panties. I noticed that there was a wet spot on the front of them and that they were nearly transparent.

"Oh Daddy, Steve's sperm is starting to leak out from inside me," Chloe said in a voice that was no more than a whisper.

I looked across at her sitting in the armchair opposite me and she seductively ran a finger over the front of her panties tracing her pussy lips through the wet material. I watched a Chloe lifted her bottom from the chair and pulled off her skimpy knickers revealing her young teenage shaved pussy.

"Come here Daddy and clean me up." Chloe said as she opened her legs wide and placed one of them over the arm of the chair.

As she opened her legs I moved from the settee and made my way over towards the chair where she was sitting. I placed my self on the floor in front of her between her open thighs. As Chloe had placed one of her legs over the arm of the chair this had parted her legs and opened her pussy up to my full view. I could see her crinkly love lips pulled apart to reveal the pinkness of her smooth gaping hole within. I could see the sticky wetness inside her and knew that she was full of sperm. I could smell the musky scent of her arousal on the air, as well as a faint bleachy smell which was obviously the aroma of Steve's sperm.

"Eat me Daddy," Chloe said in a voice that was a cross between a whisper and a moan.

I leaned forward until my mouth was only a few inches from my daughter's smooth shaven pussy. Without hesitation I plunged my tongue between the soft folds of her puffy love lips and probed deeply inside her pussy. Chloe moaned loudly. Immediately I tasted the unmistakeable taste of fresh sperm. The thick salty liquid coated my tongue and I swallowed the thick mixture down. As I licked at her pussy Chloe placed her hand behind my head and pulled me in closer to her. She moaned loudly as she ground her young pussy on my lips and mouth. As Chloe pushed her soft pussy against my mouth I opened my mouth wide to let her juices flow onto my tongue. I could taste her musky pussy juice mixed with the salty sperm of her boyfriend. She tasted great.

I licked at Chloe's pussy and lapped all of her juices up. I then concentrated my efforts on using my tongue to stimulate her clit. As I did so I noticed that she pinched her own stiff little nipples through the thin fabric of her 'T' shirt. It was not long before Chloe let out a long moan and I felt her pussy spasm and contract on my tongue as she had a huge orgasm. As she came her thighs tightened against the sides of my head and I was trapped against her wet pussy.

"God, that was fantastic Daddy. Did I taste OK?" Chloe asked.

I assured her that she tasted absolutely fantastic. It was probably one of the best fresh cream pies that I had ever had.

We both seemed a little uneasy with each other with what had just taken place which was un natural for us. Chloe quickly pulled her skirt back down from around her waist and smoothed it over her pussy to cover herself up. She got up from her chair and kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Thank you Daddy. I'm going to bed now. Perhaps we can talk in the morning about how I can help you again and what else I can do for you." Chloe said as she left the room.

I remained in the living room and thought about what had taken place still with the after taste of my daughter's pussy and her boyfriend's sperm in my mouth. I wondered what else Chloe could do for me...

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