tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Give Directions to Kelly Bundy

I Give Directions to Kelly Bundy


One day, quite a while ago, I was sitting at home by myself when my doorbell rang. When I answered the door, there was a young, beautiful blonde there, and I recognized her right away. "Hi," she said. "My name is Kelly." The introduction was unnecessary because all red-blooded men could easily recognize the beautiful Kelly Bundy. I especially remembered the show a few weeks ago when she celebrated her eighteenth birthday, and how horny I got thinking she was legal now.

"Come in," I said, eagerly. "My name is George. What can I do for you, and I hope I know what the answer is?"

"Hi, George. You seem really sweet. I'm trying to find my friend's house and her address is a lot like yours. This is it here." She showed me an envelope where the return address indicated the house would be across the street. Kelly has never been known for her brains and she was apparently not aware that odd numbered addresses were usually on one side of the street and even numbers were on the other.

I, however, was very aware of her soft, long blonde hair, beautiful face, succulent cleavage under her partially unbuttoned blouse, and long, gorgeous legs and curvaceous ass under her short skirt. "Come in and sit down, Kelly, I told her. "I will try to figure out where your friend's place is, but it won't be easy, from just this information."

"Gee, George, you really are sweet. I've gotten all hot and sweaty from looking for her address. Do you mine if I take this off?" She was referring to her blouse, and I could see that she was not wearing a bra under it.

"I don't mind. Why don't you really relax and take off that hot skirt, too?"

"That's a good idea, George. You really are sweet, and smart too. I could just kiss you."

Seconds later, wearing just her bikini panties, Kelly was holding out her arms for me, and I was not slow to respond. Although Kelly was really gorgeous, with her big, firm breasts with their pretty pink nipples, her flat but soft belly and her long, shapely legs, she was equally good at kissing as she was at looking good. We both had our mouths open and our tongues were practically fucking between our mouths. When we finally came up for air, Kelly said "George, you are just about the sweetest guy I have ever known, helping out a stranger like this. I would really like to have sex with you, to show my appreciation."

"Well, Kelly, if you really want to, I guess it would be all right. I'm not really all that busy and I think I can spare the time." As I was being Joe Cool, my cock was trying to burst out of my pants. "The bedroom is down here," and I attempted to lead this brainless beauty down the hallway.

As I started down the hallway, Kelly stopped me. "Isn't that your car in the driveway? Why don't we go out and get into the back seat?"

"We can't use the car, Kelly. I have a flat tire and I have to call Triple-A to come and fix it."

"Gee, George. How can we have sex if we can't use the car?"

"I'm not sure, Kelly, but maybe we can find a place down the hallway here." This time I held her hand tightly as I led her down the hall and Kelly followed me until we reached my bedroom. The door was open so I put my arm around her, partly out of affection and partly so she wouldn't walk away, and walked in with her.

"You have a nice, big bed," Kelly told me. "Do you think we can have sex there. When my daddy is in bed with my mother, I think they have sex sometimes but he never seems to like it very much. She complains a lot too, and says daddy is too fast. I know he played football in high school; do you think that's what she means when she says he's too fast?"

"Well, Kelly, that must be what she means. Since I didn't play football in high school, I didn't score a lot of touchdowns like your daddy did, four in one game once, and I won't be fast. So, that means you are going to like having sex in this bed, and even if I don't like it very much, I want you to enjoy it.

"Okay, George. You sure are sweet, being so nice to me, and you don't even know me." Kelly sat on the edge of the bed, wearing only her bikini panties, and reached for my belt buckle. "Don't you have to take down your pants, though?"

While Kelly was unbuckling my belt and opening my fly, I unbuttoned my shirt and started to remove it. "Are you hot, too?," she asked, as she pulled down my pants.

"No, I just like to take off my shirt"

Still wearing my shorts, I climbed onto the bed by Kelly, placed one hand under one of her gorgeous globes and started licking her pretty, pink nipple. "That feels funny," she said. "But what are you doing? Don't you want to put your thing into my peepee hole and have sex? That was when I realized that Kelly, for all her experience, had probably never made love, although she had sex many times, usually in the back seat of a car or on the beach or other casual places, never even in a bed. I also realized that all her boyfriends were dumb jocks or doltish clods who probably didn't even know about foreplay. Since Kelly was too dumb to know the difference, she had possibly never had an orgasm. In a manner of speaking, I might have a chance to cop her cherry.

"Kelly, I know you have had sex with a lot of guys but have you ever cum with them?"

Of course, Silly. I've come with them to the movies or the beach or a dance, and then we go and have sex."

"Do you like it when you have sex with guys?"

"It's okay. Most guys want to have sex with me. Why don't you?"

"I want to, Kelly, but I want to do it different than most guys. When I was licking you up there, did you like it? Did it feel good?" As I asked her this, I was fondling the lovely titty I had just been licking.

"Yes. Funny, but good. Really good. Do you want to do it some more?"

"Yes, I do. I like to lick you there, and then some other places, and when I do, it will feel better and better to you. I don't just have sex, I make love. You will really like it, I promise you. Have I ever lied to you"

"No, I guess not. I know you're smart and you're sweet, and it felt good before, so let me know what you want me to do. Do you want me to take off my panties?"

"No, I'll do that when I am ready. Just relax because you are really going to enjoy this." And with that, I cupped one hand under either of her incredible mounds and started licking one of her adorable nipples.

My tongue painted the pink nipple with broad strokes, and then I started probing the side of the nipple with short thrusts of my tongue. After spending a few minutes on one of Kelly's marvelous titties, I started licking the nipple of the other one. "Oooo," she cooed. "That feels so good. Funny, but really, really good. Mmmm, keep doing it. I like it."

Kelly continued cooing her pleasure as I licked and probed the other nipple, and switched back and forth between the beautiful twins. After just licking, I clamped my lips on one of the lovely globes and started sucking on it, while continuing to caress Kelly's nipple with my tongue.

"Oooo, that feels wonderful. I love it. I love it. Oooo. Suck on my boobie." Kelly was squirming on the bed and thrusting her beautiful titty into my mouth, probably the first time anybody had ever sucked on it, which was a terrible waste because it is so splendid. Her other titty is equally splendid, and I switched my attentions to that one, sucking on it, with my lips forming a seal while my tongue caressed the precious nipple, which was fully erect now, and the areola. As I sucked on the second of the lovely twins, my hand fondled the first one, and Kelly was bouncing on the bed, thrusting her lovely globes into my mouth and my hand, telling me how much she liked what I was doing and begging me to keep doing it. Although I was enjoying it also, there were other, even more delightful pleasures that lay ahead for both of us.

When I glanced toward Kelly's pussy, I could see that the crotch of her panties was wet, and her pussy was also squirming and eager for my attentions. With some regret, I left Kelly's beautiful twin treasures and licked my way to her pussy. Just before I got there, I hooked my fingers under the waistband of her wet and fragrant bikini panties, and pulled them off. Ever since I started watching Kelly Bundy on television and fantasized about making love to her, I had wondered about her natural hair color and now I learned that it is a soft, natural blonde. I licked my way through her downy pubic hair until I reached her mons, and I stopped there, got up, went around and got back on the bed. After I slid a pillow under ass, I removed my own undershorts and knelt between Kelly's beautiful spread legs.

"That's what most guys do when they have sex with me, but are you going to suck on my boobies some more? Nobody ever did that before and it was really, really nice. Why are you doing that? Aren't you going to get on top of me?"

Those last two questions came after I placed my shoulders against Kelly's lovely thighs and looped my arms under her so my fingers were in her soft pubic hair and my face was inches from her gorgeous pussy. "I'll get on top of you later," I told her. "I want to make love to you, not just have sex, because it's more fun for me, and a lot more fun for you, and I want you to enjoy it as much as I do. You really, really liked what I did so far and you'll like this next part even more."

"Okay, George. You are really sweet to want me to have so much fun when you hardly even know me. Already it's been better than any time I ever had sex."

Before I started eating Kelly's gorgeous pussy, I admired its beauty, with the soft, blonde hair, the pink lips that were now spread and waiting for me and the love hole itself, which was now dripping wet with some of the most delectable smelling juices I had ever been this close to. They tasted even better than they smelled, because Kelly had been sweating and this enhanced the naturally delicious tast of the juices. I sucked all of them out and then wiggled my tongue into Kelly's pink love hole to enjoy its texture and taste.

"Oooo, George, that feels really good. Keep doing that. Nobody ever did that before."

I felt a small amount of sympathy for Kelly's legion of boyfriends and sex partners that they had missed out on such an incredible experience, but mostly I felt contempt for their stupidity because they had missed the opportunity. Certainly, I would not miss the opportunity to eat this delectable pussy, and I started probing my tongue against the lower edge of her pink hole. Kelly's pussy started slowly humping against my face, probably an involuntary movement on her part, but one I enjoyed immensely.

After I had probed under Kelly's love hole, I started licking the outside surface of one of her outer pussy lips. This is not a really sensitive place but I enjoyed licking her there because I could feel her soft pubic hair against my tongue. When the pubic hair is as soft and fine as Kelly's, it feels even better to my tongue than clean-shaven or waxed skin. I licked to her mons and then sucked and licked her there. This was enjoyable for me but I had not been licking a sensitive part of Kelly's pussy, and it was not so great for her.

"That's nice, George but it felt better when you were sucking on my boobies. Are you going to do that some more?"

For an answer, I brought my tongue back to lick on the inner surface of that same pussy lip and when I reached the point where the inner lip was near, I probed between the two lips and licked both surfaces. Kelly liked this a lot better and she let me know.

"Ooo, yeah, George. That's a lot better. Oooo, keep doing that. I love it. Why am I twitching like that. It feels good but it feels funny."

The twitching she referred to was the slow humping of her pussy into my face, which she had started again. I continued licking and probing between the inner and outer pussy lips until I reached the place where the inner lip ends by joining with the other inner lip to form the clit hood. Then I paused very briefly to say "You're twitching like that because you are enjoying what I am doing so much. I like it too, and it's going to get even better for both of us."

"Oooo, George, it's already better than anything I ever felt before. I really... Oh! Oh! Oh, yes! Yes!"

That last explanation came about when I caressed the top of Kelly's clit hood with my tongue. Even though I hadn't actually touched her clit yet, her pussy was now fucking into my face and when she wasn't talking, she was moaning with pleasure. Both the talking and the moaning were very enjoyable to me and I felt like I was teaching Kelly how to make love instead of just having sex. After I licked the fresh juices out of her pussy I started licking the inner surface of her other outer pussy lip. These lips got the same treatment as her other pussy lips had, and when I reached the end of the outer lip, I massaged the top of Kelly's clit hood again.

"Oooo, George, that's wonderful. I love it. It feels so good. I love it. Keep doing that," was the response from Kelly at this second contact with her clit hood.

I did keep doing that but only for a few seconds because there were even better things to come yet, better for Kelly and better for me. Two of the better things were that her pussy was fucking into my face even harder and the delicious juices were running freely in her pussy. After I sucked out and relished a mouthful, I started probing my tongue under the lower edge of Kelly's delightful pink love hole again and then up along the sides. Most women at this point would be begging me to suck their clits because they wanted to cum but Kelly, despite her multitude of sex partners, had never experienced what I was doing and had never had an orgasm. Based on my experiences with other women, I had to bring Kelly to her first climax, and make it as pleasurable for her as I could, which would make it that much more enjoyable for me.

So far, I had to admit, I was doing very well. Kelly's pussy was fucking strongly into my face and the juices were running freely. She was moaning, almost ecstatically, and was thrashing around on the bed, very close to being ready to cum. When she interrupted her moaning, it was to beg me to keep doing what I was doing and not stop. I had no intention of stopping except to do things that would give both of us even more pleasure. Usually, the inner surfaces of a woman's pussy lips are very sensitive, second only to her clit. The time had arrived, to lick Kelly there, just prior to sucking on her clit.

First, I licked the fresh juices out of her adorable love hole and then I started probing gently with my tongue under her pussy lips. As I had expected, this brought forth more of her wonderful juices and her pussy started fucking my face even harder. I continued to lick her inner lips, probing under them, then licking, moving my tongue from one side of her luscious pink hole to the other. Kelly was whimpering now, and whatever words she was trying to say were incoherent. That was when her thigh muscles turned out, presenting her pussy to me even more fully than it had already been. The time was right, I decided, to start sucking her clit.

First, I probed my tongue into the small area between Kelly's love hole and her clit, indirectly stimulating the underside of her precious love button. That was when her hips started swiveling, thrusting her legs over my shoulders and back. From there, I moved my tongue back under Kelly's clit hood and started probing the charming little love button that was sheltered there. Her pussy started fucking into my face even more vigorously, while her upper body thrashed about on the bed. I knew it was time for Kelly to cum for the first time in her life.

I clamped my lips over her charming clit amd started sucking on it, with my lips forming seal. While I sucked, my tongue gently caressed the sides and top of Kelly's charming love button. For just over a minute, I continued, until Kelly started to cum. "Oh, my God. It's wonderful. What's happening. It's wonderful!" was Kelly's joyous cry as her legs squeezed my temples and her hands grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face into her pussy, which was already being rammed into my mouth as her ass bounced off the bed, she was cumming so strongly. Kelly's whole body thrashed around on the bed and she continued to babble while her hands and legs kept my face a prisoner in the place where it dearly loved being. As I continued to suck on her clit and caress it with my tongue, I noted that the hands on my head and the legs squeezing my head were apparently a reflex action, rather than something learned.

For a long time, Kelly continued cumming, partially making up for all the inconsiderate and stupid men who had used her body without giving her anything. When she finally climaxed, her body curled momentarily into a fetal position, then burst out, with a great thrust of her pussy into my face. After that, Kelly relaxed, her arms sprawled at her sides and her legs, limp and without strength, on my shoulders. I still held to her thighs to keep her in place and devoured some of her cum juices. I left some in her love hole to fulfill their natural function because my cock was stiff and ready to penetrate Kelly's lovely pussy when she was ready for it. My shirt was nearby so I picked it up and wiped Kelly's leftover pussy juice off my face because I expected to be kissing her later, and that is ettiquette.

"George, what happened? I have never felt anything so wonderful. I'm weak but I feel wonderful, but I don't know why. What did you do?" Totally relaxed, with a blissful on her beautiful face, Kelly marveled over her first climax, over what she should have been feeling every time she "had sex."

"That's called cumming, or having an orgasm or climaxing, Kelly, and it's what happens when you make love with someone who cares for you. It doesn't usually happen if all you do is have sex, although that's fun too, sometimes."

"I've never felt anything like that before. Can we do it again? Do you mean all my boyfriends are supposed to make me feel like that? None of then ever have."

"When you are ready, we can do it again, but in a different way. All of your boyfriends should try to make you feel that way and if they don't they are not really boyfriends; they are just guys who are fucking you. You are sweet enough and beautiful enough that you deserve better than that." After I said that, Kelly looked down and saw how stiff and ready my cock was, and spread her legs and opened her arms.

"I'm ready to make love some more. Right now, you look like all my boyfriends, or the guys who said they were my boyfriends."

Kelly's ass was still resting on the pillow. After I put on my condom, I moved forward on my knees and prepared to accept Kelly's invitation and enter her exquisite pussy. "Do you have any oil or anything like that?," she asked me. "Most guys say they need to put some on before they do what you are getting ready to do."

"I don't need any oil, Kelly. Your sweet pussy is wet enough. Nobody should ever need any oil because they should never do this until you are wet like you are now."

As Kelly leaned back, a big smile on her face, I guided the tip of my cock into her lovely pussy. With the tip in, I moved forward, weight on my hands until I was over Kelly, whose beautiful face was still smiling. With a few short strokes, my cock was all the way in her wet pussy, and I curled my arms under hers and rested the weight of my upper body on my elbows. Seemingly by reflex, her arms went around my shoulders and I started very slowly stroking my cock in and out.

"Ooo, George, that feels really good. Most guys are a lot faster but you are nice and slow, and it feels sooo goooood. Maybe that's what Mom means when she says Daddy is too fast."

"Most guys are a lot faster because they are just fucking you, or having sex, not making love. That's probably part of what your Mom means when she says your Daddy is too fast." I continued slowly stroking my cock in and out of Kelly's lovely pussy and I felt her lubricating some more. Some of the advantages of the missionary position we were using are the intimacy of the full body contact and the fact that Kelly and I would be able to kiss and say intimate things to each other. Kelly looked up at me, seemingly read my thoughts about kissing and puckered up her beautiful lips, so I kisssed her hard. I kissed her several times and continued stroking my cock slowly in and out of her pussy.

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