I Give Directions to Kelly Bundy


Most of my weight was on my elbows and knees so Kelly was free to move her hips or legs or or any other part of her gorgeous body in response to my motions or even to take the initiative. She had been passive until now, but with the next stroke of my cock into her beautiful, wet pussy, I felt Kelly thrusting back to meet me. As I continued plunging my cock into Kelly, her pussy continued meeting it. "That's great, Kelly," I told her. "Keep doing that and it will be better for both of us."

"Keep doing what? I really love what you are doing and it feels wonderful but you are the one doing it. Nobody and nothing has ever made me feel this good. What do you want me to do?"

"Just enjoy yourself and do what is natural. Making love is giving and getting but not taking, and the more you give, the more you get."

"Well, you are giving me the greatest time I ever had. And I'm getting the most pleasure I ever got."

That pleasure could and would be increased, I knew. So far, I had been stroking in and out, with Kelly's pussy meeting me partway, with a minimum of contact with the underside of her clit because I wanted to make love for a long time. To increase that contact, I moved my body a little forward so I was still stroking in and out, but also more up and down. Right away, I could feel more of Kelly's clit against the top of my cock, especially as I stroked out, increasing my pleasure and hers.

"Ooooo. Oooooo! That's even better. That's wonderful," Kelly enthused as my the entire length of my cock massaged her clit. Her lovely pussy, already dripping wet, produced more lubrication and her arms, reflexively, hugged my back more tightly while her beautiful, long legs squeezed my thighs. Wanting to bring maximum pleasure to both of us, I continued slowly stroking my cock into Kelly's lovely pussy. Eventually both of us would cum but I wanted us to enjoy making love for a long time before that.

And, for a long time, I continued stroking my cock into Kelly's wonderful, wet pussy, while she squeezed my legs with her legs and fucked instinctively back to meet me. Kelly had her arms pleasantly around my back and was moaning and sighing to express her pleasure, and telling me how wonderful this was and how she was going to make other guys do this too. "George, I think I'm going to do what I did before that was so wonderful. What did you call it? Cumming, or organing or something?"

"Cumming, Kelly. You're going to start cumming or having an orgasm. This one will be even better than the first one." So we would have maximum contact between my cock and her clit, I shifted my weight forward a little and started stroking faster into Kelly's lovely pussy to make her orgasm even better. My own climax had been building for some time but I wanted Kelly to experience cumming for the second time in her young but active life before cumming myself.

"Oooo. Ooooo. Oooo, it's getting better. Oooo, George. George, I'm cumming? Cumming, yes, I'm cumming!" Kelly's smooth legs wrapped around my hips and her arms squeezed around my back. I could feel her fingernails digging into me but the pleasure her pussy was giving to my cock was so much greater than the pain in my back that I hardly noticed it. Kelly's pussy continued jamming back to meet my cock, and I continued ramming my cock into her pussy. She took a long but wonderful time to climax again, and her body thrashed around on the bed again, because I was careful to let her move freely under me. "Oh, yes. Yes, George, it's wonderful. Oooooo!" That last exclamation was just before she climaxed, squeezing me with her arms and legs, as if trying to curl into a fetal position, and thrusting her pussy back against me for the last time. After Kelly had finished cumming, I continued to stroke my cock into her until I ejaculated into my condom.

Kelly totally relaxed on the bed, her arms and legs sprawled in sweet abandon. On her face was a smile, even more blissful that the previous one. I lay on top of her, enjoying the afterglow of Kelly's second climax. As my cock, still inside her, softened, I could feel the juice running out of her pussy and there was so much of it, I thought I could hear it too. Knowing how young Kelly is, barely eighteen years old, and how fresh and delicious her cum juices are, I couldn't resist. I got off her and knelt between her legs and sucked all the juice from her pussy. It was even more delicious that I had expected it to me.

After finishing my feast, I lay down beside Kelly. Apparently instinctively again, she cuddled up next to me, looked up and gave me a loving smile, and fell into sweet, peaceful sleep, her head with its fetchingly tousled blonde hair resting on my chest. I was also relaxed and tired and drifted off to sleep, both of us totally naked, the way people should be when they have been making love.

When Kelly woke up, her stirring around also woke me up. She smiled prettily at me, apparently unconcerned about her messy hair, which was more beautiful in its disarray than the most expensive beauty parlor treatment. "George, this has been most wonderful day of my life but I have to find my friend's house. Have you figured out where it is, yet. I'm going to remember what you said about what I should have my boy friends do, too."

"You do that, Kelly. Like I told you, you are sweet enough and beautiful enough that they should do what I said. If they don't want to, dump them, because there are plenty of guys who will do what you tell them." I was sure of myself there because when I was Kelly's age, I would have done almost anything to score with someone as lovely as she is. There were no guilty feelings about possibly making Kelly dissatisfied with her men either. If they didn't try to help Kelly enjoy the relationship, they were inconsiderate clods who deserved to get dumped. If they did what Kelly told them, both they and Kelly would get vastly more out of the relationship.

After Kelly and I got dressed and she comber her hair and restored her makeup - she is so beautiful, naturally that she doesn't need much - we walked together to the front room and I opened the door and pointed across the street. "I think that's it over there," I told her.

Kelly looked at the house and then at the return address. "You're right, it is. You are so smart and so sweet." We kissed goodbye then, and Kelly crossed the street to her friend's house.

I really enjoyed making love with Kelly that day, and so did she, and I think I did something for her. Besides giving her directions across the street, I think I gave her some much more valuable directions.

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