tagLoving WivesI Give My Wife Away

I Give My Wife Away


She was laying on our bed, a man between her legs. He was pumping in and out hard. Her breath was coming in gasps as he drove into her. Her arms were around him, grabbing and holding his ass cheeks. Her legs were up and wide open.

"YES! YES! Oh GOD YES! Fuck me harder, I want it harder!"

My wife was almost shouting. I was hidden in our closet watching this spectacle of sex. My wife was reacting to this man like a porn star. He had a large cock and while his style left a lot to be desired in my book, his cock was more than making up for it.

Cindy, my wife, was in the throws of her orgasm when he pulled out. Callously he started to get dressed.

"It was great babe. You are one hot piece of ass. I can't believe that you picked me out in the bar for this fantastic fuck. See ya around. Gotta go, the old lady is waiting for me at home."

Cindy was beside herself. I could see that she hadn't gotten all the way off, and he had just selfishly got his nut off and left her hanging. What an arrogant prick! Cindy had rolled over on her side and curled up into a little ball. I could hear her crying.

"I hope you are happy now Charles. He left me high and dry. He's married too, the prick!"

Her sobs tore my heart out. I had so wanted him to be 'the one'. The one who made her forget she was married and help her to cut loose the ties that bound her sexuality up in that little ball.

Knowing that she was mad at me, and that I could get no sleep with her like this on this night, I went to bed in the guest bedroom. In the morning She was dressed and on the way out the door for work before I could tell her anything about my feelings for her.

All day I thought about Cindy and our problem. I had to get her to 'loosen' up. I knew that she needed the release from those bonds of matrimony that had held her down for so long. I hadn't ignored her she hadn't ignored me. We still loved each other dearly.

I decided to try and find another man, one perhaps more like me. There was a danger there though. I didn't want her to fall in love with this new man and forget about me, her husband of ten years. I still needed to be important in her life. I finally decided that I would have to take that chance. I was losing her as it was anyway.

I began my search. For three weeks I looked, listened and watched. I would check coffeshops and even where I worked. I was like a man possessed. I would find 'the man' for Cindy. I would find the right man and give him to her.

I had been staying in the guest bedroom these three weeks, afraid of seeing Cindy. I couldn't take her longing look at me. Her needs were so much greater than I could provide for her.

She had started to masturbate on an almost daily basis. I had gotten her some 'toys' at one time, and now she was in the process of wearing them out. She had become insatiable, and there was nothing I could do or say to help her in this sexual relief she sought.

One night I heard her crying. My mind was made up; I was going to get her together with Rick. I hated him, mainly because he was like me in so many ways that I was sure to lose Cindy to him. He did have more of a confidence in him than I had, and he was on the way up in the corporation. I was less confident and was on the way down the corporation.

My only hope in this mess was that Cindy would still remember that I was her husband and not let me go, or worse, force me from her. She was my one true love and I could not take it if she left me in such a manner. I was after all, doing this for her.

I set up the meeting in a restaurant. I had a difficult time getting Cindy to go there. It took everything I had to get her up, dressed and out the door. I was a nervous wreck by the time we got there. I let her drive I was so wasted from my cajoling and shoving and begging.

Arriving there, we sat down at the little table, set up for two. He was just across from her at a similar table. He was ignoring her. That pissed me off so much. What a S.O.B., to think that I wanted to get them together, and he was being such a jerk.

I finally went up behind him and gave him a nudge. He looked at me then over by Cindy and finally saw her. 'GOOD, asshole!' I thought to myself. 'You do have a brain of some kind.' He now was paying attention to my wife like I wanted him to.

"Hello there! Do I know you? You seem so familiar to me for some reason."

Yeah, that's it pour on the charm. I still thought he was a jerk though.

Cindy looked over at him and recognition dawned in her eyes. She briefly looked up at me then started to look around, shyly.

"I...I don't know. You may have worked with my husband at some time. I have seen you at his company Christmas parties. I am Cindy. Cindy Johnson."

He looked at her sharply. His face softened and then he invited her to dine with him.

"Please, sit with me and eat. You look so lovely sitting there. I am sure that Chuck won't mind if you eat dinner with me."

Fuck, this guy was an asshole too. He presumed way too much about me. I also hated to be called Chuck. That really pissed me off. This was a mistake. I needed to stop this now.

Then I saw the look in Cindy's face. I knew that I was too late, and she would eat with him. I had already begun to lose her. She was going to fall in love with him and I was going to be left out in the cold. Not wanting to cause a 'ruckus' in the restaurant, I decided to leave.

Was I giving up by leaving? No, I had a plan that would bring Cindy around and back to me if necessary. I didn't want to use that plan, but I would if I felt it to be a prudent thing to do to keep my wife.

I waited at home for hours. Around midnight Cindy got home. I slipped out into the yard watching them as he walked her to the door. He leaned in and kissed her. His arms went around her body and pulled her in close to him. She responded to his kiss with one of her own. They broke apart, and he said goodnight. GOODNIGHT! What the hell?

Cindy waved to him as he got into his car and watched him as he drove away. I was beside myself. They were supposed to fuck. She was supposed to come home, bring him in, and fuck his eyeballs out. NOT act like this was a 'date' or something. Here was my wife, wandering around the house like a lovesick kid. In love with her date, Rick the prick.

I went in and went directly to the guest bedroom. I was so pissed off. She was going to fall for this guy and leave me. He was going to work her up slowly and take her away from me. This was supposed to be about sex, not LOVE. She was supposed to LOVE ME, not him.

The tears running down my face left their mark. I was losing my wife to this man. Why did I have such a need to do this to her. Just because I was going on this trip? It was going to be a longer one, for sure, but GOD DAMNIT, she was MY WIFE.

I wanted to see her happy, and I was sure that if she had sex while I was gone she would be happy. Then, when we got together, after the trip, we could be one again. The happy couple. The people in love that everyone had talked so much about.

I know that the couple so much talked about was from the past. It had been quite some time since we had been so loving towards each other. That was one of the reasons that I was pushing her to find a lover. Maybe, if she had a lover, we could find our way back to each other. I could only hope.

I heard her in the bedroom, changing into her nightie. She had always worn babydoll lingerie' to bed, since our wedding. It had been a choice for her. She always wore them to let me know that she was there for me, anytime. It had become a habit that unfortunately, I had started to overlook as of late.

I slipped in after a bit and watched her. I thought at first that she was asleep, and then I realized that she was masturbating. I had to get closer, to see this. She would always stop me from watching her do this, but tonight, well tonight she was going to let me watch it seemed. Her panties were off, thrown to the side of the bed.

As I watched her fingers stroking herself I decided that I needed to help her. I knelt on the bed at her feet. I crawled up between her legs. When I put my hands on her thighs, gently pulling them apart, spreading her wider, she gasped.

"Charles, Oh Charles. Don't be angry with me please. I still love you honey. I really do."

I pressed her legs wider and began to lick up them, alternating from left to right. My tongue was lightly flicking then broadly stroking up, up, farther up. Relentlessly I slipped my tongue up her legs heading for the inviting target spread before me.

She was so wet; her juices were literally running out of her. I hadn't seen her this hot for a very long time. What had this man done for her? Why was she so worked up over a single kiss? I didn't understand. At least she still loved me, she said so anyway.

Soon I was licking her soft, hot and soaked center. I longed to stay there, but I had other places to visit before this night was over. I moved up, my legs becoming entangled with hers. She kept her legs spread wide apart and held her arms up and out to me.

"Charlie, take me. I want you to take me. Fuck me! I want you to fuck me like you used to. Please, for me Charlie? Give me your hard cock. FUCK ME."

I was hard and ready to go. This hadn't happened for a long time. I moved up between her legs and started to gently slip into her hot tightness. Cindy was having none of that. She grabbed my hips and impaled herself on my rigid pole.

I was stunned. Her animal ferocity was shocking to me. Her need overwhelmed me and passionately I drove into her. I fucked her hard as that man had three weeks ago. That prick had rammed her and rammed her. He hadn't loved her like I loved her. I was ramming her, hard, but I loved her too.

Her orgasm ran through her like an electric charge. Her body tensed, and rigidly she rolled into one orgasm after another. This was new to our lovemaking. I had never had her so worked up before. I had never caused such an orgasm to hit her like this before.

I watched her face, contorted as she went on and on. Soon she collapsed on the bed.

"OH GOD! Charlie, that was the hardest yet. You make me cum so wickedly baby. I love you. Don't leave me Charlie, stay with me always. I love you so much."

I laid in her arms and hugged her. My cock never got soft. I left it in her wet warmth, basking in the glory of a beautiful night of sex from my loving wife. The best night of sex I could recall.

Later, as I began to pull out, Cindy woke up. Her arms reaching for me trying to keep me in her body. I moved down, and when my head was at her pussy, I began again to bring her the pleasure she so richly deserved.

As my tongue explored her wetness, she began to rock her hips up to meet it. I let it slip in and then deeply drove it into her. Her eyes opened for a moment, looking up at the ceiling as my tongue fucked her pussy.

"Oh god Charles, you are so good. I really have missed having you fuck me. I want you to make me remember this forever. You have always been the best lover I have ever had. I am your Charles. Always."

Her words inflamed my need to please her. My lips stroked her clit as my tongue delved deeply into her body. My fingers began to slip around and down, playing with her tender rosebud just underneath her tight pussy. I had never had her analy. I had however, had my fingers in there quite a bit. She seemed to like it.

I moved around and gently encouraged her to roll onto her side. Lifting her top leg up and holding it I began to work her pussy and ass with my tongue and fingers. Soon I had three fingers in her ass. Her moans were getting louder. I positioned my cock at her nether hole. As I began to push it into that tight, hot hole, she stiffened.

"Please be gentle Charlie. I want you there, but be gentle please."

I became less intent on my needs and began to watch her face for signs of discomfort. Eventually, after many pauses and light fondling of her pussy on my part, I had all of my hardness in her very tight hole. This was a first. I had never fucked Cindy in the ass. I had always wanted to, this was the first time, ever.

She soon began to move up against my thrusts. She was responding to my thrusts and pushing back against my cock. Her passion was so intense. The look on her face showed me that she was lost in a world of her own. My fingers were stroking her pussy. It was running with wetness. I could feel her insides getting tighter and closer to orgasm.

Suddenly her moans turned into little low screams. Her orgasm shot through her and as it did, her pussy opened up and my whole hand slipped into her. This caused her orgasm to get even more intense. I held still, afraid that I had hurt her. She began to call out, worried that I was quitting on her or something.

"Charles, don't stop now. Keep on fucking me! I love you in my ass; I love you in my pussy. I can feel your fingers on my spot. OhGOD I'M CUMMING. Charles, I'm cumming hard!"

I had restarted my stroking in both of her orifices. I had to keep her in that orgasm as long as possible. It was my duty as loving husband to help her achieve that rare nirvana of lust and love. She was there because I had brought her to the door. She was now stepping through to go where we had never been before.

Tears of joy ran down my cheeks. I had helped my wife find that place where we were one. I had helped her realize that I still loved her. She had shown her love for me. I decided that Rick would be the one. Yes, I would approve of Rick. Only because I knew now that my wife Cindy would always love me.

They dated several time over the next months, and soon became close. I watched from a distance when I could, the time for my trip was drawing close. I hoped and prayed that Rick would be careful of her feelings, and not press her too hard to do things she was not ready to do yet. They hadn't as of yet had sex and that was going to make or break this whole thing. My time was getting short and I would soon not have time to find another for her.

One night, after a date, Cindy finally invited Rick in. I watched with relief as they cuddled in the living room for a bit. They talked and laughed for a bit, then, Rick finally made his move. Hiding in the corner, unseen by either, I watched as he took my wife into his arms and their lips met in a hot wet kiss. Soon they were struggling to get undressed as they were still kissing. I moved into the bedroom and hid in the closet.

They came in and Cindy was naked. Her shaved pussy was moist and her hand was on Rick's rather large member. She led him into the room and guided him to the edge of our bed. Pushing him so that he had to sit or fall, he sat down. Cindy, My Cindy, knelt before him and began to kiss and lick his now hard cock. Soon she had it in her mouth and was sucking it all into her throat. She had always been good at giving head and I had enjoyed some spectacular blowjobs from that very talented mouth. I knew that Rick was being given a real treat with the deepthroating going on here tonight.

He soon warned her that he was close to cumming. She looked up into his eyes and just kept up her full strokes. As he shot off I could see her eyes. She had a look that haunted me at first, and then I realized that I was o.k. with it. I had to let her enjoy this, even if it killed me inside. I was going to be gone for quite some time on this trip and she would need this release while I was gone.

After Rick had finished in her mouth, she continued sucking him. He regained his hardness and as soon as Cindy was sure of it, she slipped up and impaled herself on his mast. Her movements were slow at first, then faster. Soon she was bouncing up and down so hard her breasts were slapping around. Rick grabbed them and began to suck on each one back and forth.

"Oh, you are so much bigger than Charles, Rick. I love your cock. It is hitting me in places that have never been touched. Fuck me hard. Harder. Yes, I love this cock of yours Rick, and I love you too. I LOVE YOU RICK!"

"I love you to babe. Cindy you have the tightest pussy I have ever had. God Charles lucked out when he got you."

"I think he will be o.k. with this Rick. I think that he likes you. At least he likes you more than the other two men I have had lately. Charles has always been first with me you know."

They finished up and were lying together in the bliss after really great sex. Rick had a hand on Cindy's shaved pussy, just resting there. Lightly stroking from time to time. Cindy had her hand on his strong chest. I could see her wedding band and diamond glittering in the low light streaming through the window. I so loved her.

"When Chuckie found you he found the most beautiful woman on the whole planet."

"Rick, don't refer to Charles as Chuck or Chuckie. I won't stand for that. I have always called him Charles or Charlie. I won't let you refer to him otherwise."

Cindy sounded a bit mad. Rick was astonished at first, and then he shrugged.

"Cindy honey, I will call him what ever you want me to. I love you so much. I want you to be happy."

"I am happy Rick. I have you, I have Charlie, and I have the love of both of you guys. What more could a woman want?"

Rick eventually drifted off into slumber. Cindy got up and came into the guest bedroom where I was waiting for her.

"Charles, I hope that you are O.K. with Rick and me. I think that he loves me quite a bit, don't you? Remember Charles I will always love you. I will never forget you. You were my first love and will always be in my heart. Forever, Charles, forever."

I stood there knowing that Cindy had just given herself to Rick. Her love for him was different than her love for me, I knew, but still I hurt a bit at the loss. However small that loss was, I knew that I had less of my wife now than before. I guess, in the scheme of things, I could live with that. He would take care of her needs, and love her, that was all I could ask for anyway.

I brushed her lips with mine. Her eyes closed and I could feel her love for me reach out and touch me.

"I will always love you Charlie. Thank you for bringing Rick to me. He will be good to me I am sure. I love you Charlie."

I could see a light over her shoulder. I was drawn to it like my life depended on it. I knew that it was time to go now. I had found
Cindy the man to help her and love her for now. When we met again we could remember our love and enjoy each other so much better. I had fulfilled my duty as a husband I could now go on.

"Goodbye Cindy, I will always watch over you and love you. Someday we will be together. Someday I will be able to show you so much more. I will always love you Cindy, always. Goodbye."

The last thing I saw was Cindy looking out the window, tears running down her face. She knew. She knew that I had been there for her. She had felt me and she still loved me. As I faded away I heard her softly say.

"Goodbye Charlie. I will always love you too baby. Always."

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I missing something or did he just die?

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Minor Point

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