tagIncest/TabooI Got Caught in Girls Underclothes Ch. 08

I Got Caught in Girls Underclothes Ch. 08


All characters in this story are over the age of 18 and are consenting young adults.

By now, Sis had pretty much covered all the standard stuff. The lessons are done.

A lot of good things had happened to me, but the next few days were a reminder that the bumper sticker is right. Shit happens! But not everything was bad.


The last thing Sis said as I was leaving, "Promise me you'll get them to give back the letter jacket and dump these assholes."

"I'll do my best." If it was important to Sis, it was important to me. In this case, we both felt the same way.

When I arrived, Carol greeted me at the door, "Hi. We're really glad you came." As I got an eyeful of Carol, so was I.

Carol and I had reached a comfort level, so I wasn't shy about checking her out. She was wearing a super tight stretchy shirt and no bra. It may have covered her breast, but it didn't hide them at all. I could see her nipples just barely poking through the material. It was difficult, but I pulled my eyes from her breasts.

She had a short dress that didn't make it to mid-thigh, revealing most of the legs that I'd seen before. When I returned to her face, she had a smile that made her all the more exciting. I had a comfort level with Carol.

"If you're through staring at me, come on in. Bonnie's waiting." She didn't seem to mind being checked out.

She took my hand and led me into their living room where Bonnie stood dressed identically to Carol. Bonnie was a couple inches taller than Carol, but the striking difference was their breasts. Carols were ample. Larger than Sis's. Bonnie's were larger than Carol's. It looked like the two girls had dressed in the same size outfits. Where Carol had shown a lot of skin, Bonnie's hemline must have hung just below her crotch. But what really stood out was the top. Actually it was her nipples which seemed to be standing up and the fabric was stretched so tight that I could see the dark circle around each and the small follicles surrounding them.

Bonnie and I had never really met. As close as I had gotten was the visits to first aid earlier in the week. I was so captivated by her breasts that I stared. I usually try be less obvious. When I caught myself, I tore my gaze from her breasts and looked at her face.

The look on Bonnie's face said I was busted. I turned a bright red. Both girls were enjoying my discomfort. I wasn't.

Carol was first to speak, and she didn't help my situation, "I told you he'd like your tits."

It was embarrassing to get caught blatantly staring at her breasts. They were laughing at me. I took a step backwards. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to," and I couldn't help but compound the situation by glancing down once more. I stammered, "I'll go. I need to go." I was three years younger reliving the episode from earlier as if it was just happening. Sis had been right. I wasn't ready.

As I started backing toward the door, Carol positioned herself between me and the door, and pleaded, "You can't go. What's wrong? What did we do?"

I could have pushed my way past Carol, but it was Bonnie who made me stay. I'd seen the look before, just not on her. She was clouding up to cry, "Please don't go. I still need to talk to you," and the first tears slid down her cheeks. Her chest heaved and more tears flowed.

"Oh God!" slipped from my dry lips. The tears are what got me. Three years ago there hadn't been any tears, just smirks as they watched me squirm. Whatever was happening now, it wasn't the same as it had been before.

Bonnie stepped forward inside my personal space. Her hands hung at her side, "Please don't go, not this way." She stood within an inch of me staring up at me. Tears were now running down her cheeks.

I found my arms reaching to embrace her, "Its ok. I can stay. You... you just..." I was trying to find a way to say what had just happened. I couldn't bring myself to say it to them. Finally the only thing I could get out, "Please stop crying. I can't take that."

Bonnie looked up at me, "I'll be ok," and she sobbed as her chest heaved. "Can you hold me until I calm down? I really do need to talk to you."

Carol joined in, "Make it a group hug," and wrapped her arms as far around the two of as she could. Bonnie and I followed suit and the three of us stood embracing.

Bonnie looked at Carol and a small smile brightened her face, "You were right. He is sweet," as she squeezed me tighter.

After several minutes, Carol broke the silence, "This is the way it was supposed to be."

Bonnie pulled at my shirt and wiped her eyes, leaving black smudges underneath her eyes and matching ones on my t-shirt, "Thanks for not running away. I couldn't have stood that again."

Bonnie's last words brought me back, "Why do guys need to talk to me? I know it's about our freshman year, but Carol has already apologized and I'm good with that." Looking at Bonnie, "Why do you need to talk to me?"

Bonnie's face saddened, "Carol didn't tell you everything," and she glanced over at Carol before continuing. Carol gave her a nod, and Bonnie continued.

"Carol was going to take all the blame," and she paused briefly. Her eyes closed and her chest heaved against my stomach again. She marshalled her courage, "But it wasn't just her. It was... it was all of us, all the new girls on the team." With this much out, she forced herself on, "We... uh... we picked you out. We had decided what we'd do to you, and we just did it."

Bonnie's words shocked me, but it was surprising how little it actually hurt. Carol's apology which I knew was heartfelt, had blunted most of my emotions about the episode. My reaction the past few minutes was proof that I still had issues.

"We've all had nightmares about that day for three years."

"Me too." I'd spent three years hiding and feeling sorry for myself. Now I found myself feeling sorry this group of girls, not just the two holding me.

Bonnie looked up at me forlornly, "I need what you gave Carol."

She caught me off guard, "Are you talking about sex?"

"No. I can do without that. What I can't do without is forgiveness."

I looked down at her, "Is that why the two of you are dressed the way you are? Trying to buy forgiveness?"

Bonnie frowned, "I know you can't buy forgiveness, but you can try pay your debts. Carol told us... what we owed you."

I had wanted to punish Carol earlier. If I had known about the other girls I would have wanted to pay them back too, but this week I'd thought about how things might have been if that day had never happened. It had set me on a course that led to this week.

"All of you need to quit punishing yourselves. Thanks to you, I've just had the best week of my life. I met someone amazing." I'd known her all my life, but I couldn't tell them that.

"This week wouldn't have happened, and I might have ended up being one of the guys on the football team and part of the stupid blowjob thing, a real asshole. If I could change it I wouldn't. Maybe I should thank you."

Bonnie looked up at me in disbelief, "So, you forgive me... forgive all of us?"

"All of you. Seems like you've punished yourselves enough." Last week my answer would have been very different.

Bonnie arms shot around my neck and she pulled herself up until our lips met. With her lips against mine, "Thank you." Then she looked to Carol, "You were right about him."

Bonnie proceeded to give me a wet open mouthed kiss. It had a predictable effect on me. I was hard. It was one of those things I didn't seem to have any control over.

When she finished, she mouthed a silent 'thank you' as she slid back to the floor. I looked down and could see that the kiss must have affected her too. Her nipples were practically poking holes in her shirt. They were twice as large as they had been. She caught me staring again.

"You wore these outfits for me?" I looked from Bonnie to Carol.

Carol was first to speak, "I told you he'd like the outfits, especially that rack of yours."

Bonnie responded, "He checked you out too! And I could tell he liked something," as she glanced down at my crotch. My shirt wasn't tucked, so it wasn't too obvious.

Bonnie looked at me knowingly, "It'd be hard to miss that thing while you were hugging me like that." This was getting a little embarrassing, but Bonnie was sweet.

Carol divulged one more piece of information, "I told you my size would be a good blouse size for you."

"Are you girls always plotting things? A guy like me doesn't stand a chance." This elicited raised eyebrows and smiles from both girls.

"Carol, did you tell Bonnie everything? I mean... everything. The truck ride home and all." I'd been pretty forward.

A guilty smirk crossed Carol's face, "She's my best friend. I tell her pretty much everything. So, if you wondering, she knows what a bad boy you can be," and she looked over at Bonnie, "and she knows how good you can be too."

All this talk had done nothing to help my condition. It was obvious sex had been on their agenda. I wasn't opposed, but I wasn't sure I was ready for it to be a spectator sport. Nor was I sure how it would go if I had to pick someone to stay downstairs while I took the other upstairs to Carol's bedroom. It might be awkward for them just sitting around waiting a turn. An idea was forming.

"Carol, do you have something I can use as a blindfold? I need two of them."

Perplexed, "Sure. I think I can find something. I'll be back in a minute. What do you have in mind? I hope it's not hide and seek."

"I'll explain when you get back and I promise, no hide and seek."

While Carol was gone, curiosity got the better of Bonnie. She put on a sweet innocent face. "What are you going to do to us?"

Staring at the shirt stretched over her breasts, I wasn't buying innocent. "You'll see when Carol gets back." I was staring again.

A couple of minutes later Carol came back carrying a couple of dark knee length soccer socks, "Will these do?"

I held them over my eyes. It wasn't that I didn't trust Carol, but I didn't trust Carol, at least not in this situation. The socks seemed to work just fine.

"Do you two think you could follow some instructions? I'd like to try a game. You both know how poorly I do around girls." I wasn't very smooth, but both girls seemed willing to play along.

The girls looked from me to each other and back. Bonnie shrugged, "Ok. What do you want us to do?"

I blindfolded both girls.

"Take my arms ladies." I stuck an arm out for each girl. "Let's go upstairs." We locked arms and moved to the stairs.

"Close your eyes and don't open them no matter what," and I began leading them up the stairs like a Seeing Eye dog. "Careful. We're at the steps," and I paused to allow them to feel for the first step. I held their arms securely as we slowly edged our way up the steps one at a time. Both girls hung on nervously as we went up the steps relying on me to make sure they didn't fall.

When we got to the top, it was easier as we walked to Carol's bedroom, "We're going to play a little game. There are only a few rules. One, the two of you will stand holding hands until I tell you not to. Two, you will be blindfolded so you will not know what I'm doing to the other person. And three, you are not to make a sound. You are to do your best to not give any hint of what's happening to you, no sound and no movement. Remember, your holding someone's hand so try remain absolutely motionless. Oh, and maybe the most important rule. If you aren't having fun, or just don't want to play, all you have to do is say so, and the game is over. I won't hold it against you, you're already forgiven. If you are willing to give it a try, nod your heads."

"Bonnie?" Bonnie nodded her head, and I let her know I'd seen by giving her a peck on the lips.

"Carol?" Carol nodded, and I acknowledged her in the same way.

Both girls had flinched as I kissed them, then moved forward for more. But I had already moved. It was fun to watch them. Being teased this way seemed new to them. It was new for me too.

"Bonnie, you're going to be first. Carol, I'll get back to you soon. Bonnie, hang on to Carol's hand," and I slid their hands together, "wouldn't want anyone wandering off. And remember, absolutely no peeking and no sound."

I had my iPod in my pocket. In case the no sound rule proved to be difficult, it could be useful.

"Carol. I need to speak with Bonnie so I'm going to put my ear buds in your ears. Nod if that's ok."

Carol nodded and a few seconds later she was listening to White Wedding.

I moved beside Bonnie and spoke softly in her ear, "Remember, no talking. Not one word and absolutely no peeking. I'm going to do something to you. I promise it won't be too bad. If you don't like it, we can stop. It'll be fine, but I'm hoping you'll be ok with it. Nod if you're ok for me to continue."

Bonnie nodded and I could see excitement on her face, "Ok, one last thing. Don't let go of Carol's hand and don't let her know anything is going on."

I spoke to her softly, "Ok, I'm starting. And you know you can stop anytime." Bonnie nodded. She appeared to be tense but excited as I took the bottom of her shirt and began sliding it up over her breast. She flinched in surprise and took in a deep breath. I watched her face ready to stop if she was no longer into the game. Her face registered surprise, but she was also smiling.

"You still ok?" and Bonnie gave me a nervous nod.

"Good," as I tugged her shirt over her nipples. The shirt was tight and her nipples must have been sensitive. She grunted and her body jerked slightly as the tail of her shirt flipped up past her nipples and hung mounded on top of her large breasts. They were awesome.

To make sure Bonnie was doing ok, I went back to her ear, "Ok, I'm not done, and it's going to get personal now. By the way, your breasts are beautiful. Carol was right about the shirt." Bonnie's smile broadened, definitely a green light.

I leaned down and mouthed one of Bonnie's nipples. This brought a definite reaction. She squealed.

I had to keep her quiet, "Ok Bonnie. You need to be quiet. It's going to get worse so I'm going to need all of your self-control. I'm sure you can do it. Besides, you're probably scaring Carol." I doubted this. I was pretty sure Carol trusted me completely even if she had no idea what I was doing. "Nod if you're ok." Bonnie nodded.

I gave her one last instruction, "I may get rough. I want you to put your hand on my face. If I hurt you, pinch me and I'll ease up."

I moved back to her breasts and alternated between them several times sucking forcefully. She was riding an edge between pain and arousal. With a hand on my cheek, she whimpered in response, and caressed but never pinched. I could feel her tremble as I worked on her breasts.

I could hear the small moans that Bonnie was struggling to suppress. Her face said it was requiring considerable effort.

"You're doing great. Now, I've left Carol alone and blindfolded long enough. I have a special treat for you. Since you already know how this game goes, I'm going to let you watch but whatever you do, you can't let Carol know. She's been listening to my IPod so she doesn't know anything and she'll keep her blindfold on."

Sucking on breasts wasn't the only thing this game involved. To make this point, I slid my fingers up Bonnie's thigh. Not all the way, but far enough to leave little doubt what I was interested in. As the hand slid up her thigh I whispered, "When I finish with Carol, if you want to continue, you'll advance to the second round. You still with me?"

The nervousness had been replaced with a fresh look, lust. Bonnie enjoyed being teased.

I slid Bonnie's blind fold up. She looked down where my hand still touched her thigh. Her face said that if she didn't finish the game with me, she'd finish in the bathroom later. If the girls bailed on me, I'd be in the bathroom myself. I was aching, but this was exciting.

To Carol I whispered, "Ok, you've been really patient. I'm going to take the ear buds and give them to Bonnie. We wouldn't want her to know what we're doing."

Bonnie had a thrilled look on her face. I think she was enjoying my dirty little game. Especially the prospect of watching Carol secretly. I removed the ear buds from Carol's ears and handed them to Bonnie. She started to pull her blouse down, but I shook my head. She paused a second and had a better idea. The next thing I knew, she was working with one handed to slide it over her head. It ended up looped over the shoulder next to Carol and she was topless. There was no way to take it off while holding hands. I gave one nipple a quick suck to let her know how much I appreciated the view.

I repeated my instructions to Carol as I had given them to Bonnie. Carol nodded, and I began working her blouse up over her breasts. Soon I had her breasts exposed.

Since I knew where this was going, I whispered in Carol's ear, "I'm just going to go ahead and take your top off." Now there were two blouses draped between the two girls and four beautiful breasts to admire. They were different but beautiful.

Bonnie was enjoying secretly watching her friend. I had had no idea this game was going to be so exciting, and not just for me.

"Ok Carol. I'm going to get started. Remember, no noise. We don't want Bonnie to know what's happening." When I finished, I leaned down and bit one of Carol's nipples. It was intentionally hard enough to create a small amount of pain without really hurting her. Carol grunted in surprise as my teeth nipped at her nipple.

"Shhh. We don't want Bonnie to hear. You can do it!"

I looked over at Bonnie. The problem wasn't going to be Carol. It was going to be Bonnie who was about to choke trying not to laugh. I shook my head and mouthed 'no'. Bonnie shut her eyes and took in a breath, but did not laugh. I nodded approval. Another deep breath and Bonnie was under control.

I worked Carol's breasts over with ferocity. Occasionally, it was necessary to caution her not to make a sound.

The two girl's breasts were totally different, but it would have been hard to choose between them. Fortunately, I didn't have to.

I decided to add a wrinkle to the game just for Bonnie. I whispered in her ear, "Hey, do you want to have some fun with her? I'm going to do something I didn't do with you. Let's see if she can follow instructions under some real pressure. Sound good?" Bonnie was eager to see what I had in mind and shook her head vigorously.

I went back to Carol's ear, "Ok, I'm going to give you something special. Bonnie didn't get this, but you have to be really quiet. We don't want her to know." Carol was excited and Bonnie was getting into this game.

Bonnie eyes were huge as she watched as my hand got to Carol's thigh and slid up to her crotch.

Carols was straining to remain silent. From between clenched teeth came a low moan, "Oh God."

Without the ear buds, Bonnie was hearing everything and loving every little sigh and moan her friend was straining to contain.

I whispered a few words to make sure Carol was comfortable, "Remember, Bonnie is blindfolded, so it's really just you and me. I'll crank up her music a little and you won't have to worry so much about making noises. Is that ok?" Carol nodded, and I backed off and came back after an appropriate delay, "Ok. She can't hear a thing now. Nothing but Billy Idol."

I looked at Bonnie and winked. She mouthed something silently back. It looked like, 'this is awesome'.

My fingers, which had rested on Carol's crotch, now worked their way under the opening of her panties on their way to Carol's sensitive little button. Carol trembled and free of worries about being overheard, let out a heated moan.

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