tagLoving WivesI Got My Husband His Promotion

I Got My Husband His Promotion


This story is true even though I am not at all proud of what I did for Robert. He and I had been married for only 4 years when he changed jobs. He was very satisfied in his last position as a department manager for his firm. He knew there was just no hope of promotion within that firm because of two things - 1, The old boy network where the very best friends of the boss got all of the good jobs and 2. He didn't get on very well with the boss anyway.

When he applied for this new position 3 months ago he was really excited at the prospects of a totally different work ethic and just knew he would soon be manager of his department without having to suck up to his boss. Once he was established in his position and was proving to be a great success the time came up for his 3 month review of service and it was dependent on this review whether he got the promotion.

I had never met his boss. He was the owner of this very large business and from what I had heard he was very easy to work for. Robert often came home from work telling me how good his boss was and how the other managers were praising him. They all told Robert the same thing - do your work well and the boss will reward you!

Robert came home on Monday evening and told me we had been invited to his boss's home for dinner next Friday evening. He told me it wouldn't be a very formal dinner as his boss preferred to get to know his staff in a relaxed situation rather than a stiff and formal situation. He also told me to go out and buy myself an absolutely stunning new dress for the occasion - no expense spared. I was, of course, thrilled.

Much to my amazement Robert suggested he accompany me to the shops to help me select my new dress. Robert never takes an interest in buying my dresses and is quite content to accept what I buy - he says I look good in anything.

We looked at dozens of dresses but the one he suggested was one I probably wouldn't have chosen without Robert being present. It was a delightful pretty dark blue dress in two parts. It had the skirt which was rather short compared with what I normally wear and the top was separate. The top was a sleeveless blouse sort of thing with three buttons down the front. The material wasn't really very thin in fact it was a little thicker than I would have chosen. The dress certainly looked really nice on me when I tried it on in the shop. The only reservation I had about it was that if I lifted my arms up above my head I showed about 5" of my bare belly. I don't usually wear any dresses which expose my belly button! I am not in the least ashamed with my body in fact I am very pleased with the way I look but I don't exactly like baring my skin to others.

Anyway, this was the one Robert chose and this was the one we bought. He also insisted on buying me some new underwear. This finally consisted of a very tiny bra really only a quarter cup on which my breasts sat completely exposing the top half and my nipples. The other part was a very tiny thong which I was almost too ashamed to be seen in. It was a very thin belt of elastic around my middle with what appeared to be a piece of string which went between my bum cheeks and only about 1" wide where it was supposed to cover my pussy. I have always trimmed the edges of my pubic hair so that it won't show outside my bikini bottom but this was ridiculous because even pulling the edges as far as they would go didn't go anywhere near covering my pussy and certainly not my remaining pubic hair.

Robert insisted on my complete outfit and so that was what we bought. When we reached home he asked me to model the outfit. I stripped completely naked and then strapped the bra around under my breasts and dropped my breasts onto the platform which was supposed to support them. The straps were very tiny and really went from under my arms in the front, over my shoulders, to back near my underarms at the back. There wasn't much of this bra even though Robert had paid a lot of money for it. When I came to pull up my new panties I was in for a shock. It was the first time I had worn anything like this and with just the string between my cheeks it felt as if it was cutting me. Then with the front being so narrow I was amazed just how much of me it showed in the mirror. I told Robert I would have to shave my pubic hair completely if he expected me to wear these panties. He told me not to shave it all off but to let him trim it back so that it didn't show too much. He told me he would shave me just before we went to the dinner.

Friday came around all too quickly and I was getting excited at the prospect of meeting his powerful boss. Robert took me into the bathroom, stripped me completely naked and then told me to put my thong on. When I had done that he picked up a pair of scissors and began trimming my pubic hair so that it didn't protrude too much past the edge of my tiny panties. Once he had finished with the scissors he told me to take the thong off and then he got down to shaving me where he had trimmed with the scissors. I was left with a narrow strip of hair no more than an inch wide running right from my clitoris to about 4 inches below my belly button. My pubic hair isn't really dark but it isn't fair either. I am a blonde elsewhere and my hair is cut short and really suits my face. I became very aroused when Robert was shaving me and I asked him to fuck me but he told me to wait and I would be able to celebrate later on this evening. I realized he would probably be told about his promotion at the dinner and would want to fuck me as soon as we arrived home. I curbed my excitement although I was rather wet. I had my shower and then began dressing.

To my horror I found, when I pulled my thong up, that it had cut into my cunt lips and they were exposed outside the narrow band of material. Robert had shaved all of the hair on either side of my lips but now the lips themselves were showing. Robert loved this and told me I looked very slutty - something I wasn't impressed about.

My bra was so small it was almost a juggling act to keep my breasts on the cup - it really wasn't a cup but more like a ledge. My breasts are not very big but they are firm otherwise I wouldn't have been able to keep them in place at all. Fortunately my nipples are not very big but can become longer when I am really excited but most of the time they are rather flat. Next I donned my skirt and my top and was very relieved to see that nothing was visible through the material and nobody would know I was wearing this silly underwear. I realized I had to humor Robert because this was to be his big night. He dressed in a very casual but totally smart shirt and slacks and looked really good. I was looking forward to this night.

About an hour before we were due to leave for the dinner the phone rang and I answered it. It was Sue, the wife of one of the other department managers. I had got to know Sue better than any of the other manager's wives I had met and she was really nice. She wished me all the best for the dinner party and hoped everything would go well but added a very cautious "Take care!" before she hung up. This concerned me as to why she would suggest I had to take care. I asked Robert what she could have meant and he told me he didn't know but he knew some of the other managers had said something about not knowing what would happen at these parties! I was a little perturbed but decided to dismiss any doubts and have a good time.

We arrived at the boss's home - a very spacious good looking home in the very best part of the city - and were surprised to see there were other guests there as well as us. When I met Robert's boss I was very impressed. He was a tall handsome man, well built and he had gray hair (even though he was only 49 years old) and a short bristly moustache. His name was Patrick and he greeted us both very warmly. He shook my hand firmly and held on to is just a little bit longer than I would have expected. We were introduced to the rest of the guests - they were all business associates of Patrick - and everyone seemed to be very friendly. Patrick's wife, Jane, was a delightful person - very open and friendly - and she made us feel very welcome in their home.

The dinner progressed very smoothly and we all had sumptuous food and plenty to drink although I kept my alcohol intake to a minimum. Patrick's home was built for entertaining and at the other end of the huge dining room where we had eaten was a staircase leading to the upper floor. We moved away from the table after everyone was finished and we stood around talking amongst ourselves. Robert soon moved away from me to talk to some of Patrick's associates and Jane came over to keep me company. She asked me if I would like to look around their home and of course I jumped at the chance. We had only just reached the head of the stairs when Patrick came bounding up behind us and told Jane she was needed in the kitchen. He then told me he would show me around the house. He took my arm near my elbow and tucked it under his arm and pulled me to him. We chatted as we looked at several of the rooms and then he took me into what was the den. This was set up as an office and had his personal papers everywhere.

As soon as we were in the den, he closed the door behind us and turned to me and said, "Jenny, I know you and Robert are very anxious to learn if he is to get his promotion which he is looking forward to so eagerly. I can tell you, confidentially, that he is just about a certainty to get the promotion but there is just one little item which has to be sorted out first. I always like my staff to do everything I want of them and that includes their wives. I wouldn't want any man working for me if he didn't have a wife behind him who would also do everything I wanted from her. You will understand that every manager working for me has a wife who will do anything for me as well as her husband. Do you understand what I am saying? Well, I like a woman who is totally loyal not only to her husband but to me and my company. If you don't feel you would fit that requirement then you and Robert will be disappointed when he doesn't get his promotion. Do I make myself clear, Jenny?"

I was staggered by his speech - he was obviously wanting me to be at his beck and call as well as Robert - did he want me to do work for his company as well at Robert or was he meaning something more sinister? I could only assume Robert wouldn't get his promotion if is didn't agree with Patrick so I said I would do anything necessary for Robert to get his promotion!

Patrick turned me to face him and then took both of my hands in his. He pulled me to him and told me he was glad I understood and he would love to announce Robert's promotion this evening if I was prepared to do some things for him right now. I was beginning to get worried thinking back to what Sue had said. But I knew Robert dearly wanted this promotion so I would have to do whatever Patrick wanted.

He took me closely into his arms and began kissing me. He was an attractive man but I didn't want him to kiss me but I simply put up with it for Robert's sake. Next he held me at arms length and then released my hands and immediately began unbuttoning my dress top. I moved to stop him but he just took his hands away, held them up in front of me and said, "Well, Jenny, I respect your wishes - I guess Robert's promotion isn't all that important!" And with that he turned to leave the room. I was horrified that I had blown Roberts one chance of his new job.

I apologized to Patrick and said I had been a bit silly and didn't mean to stop him! He then continued undoing the buttons and soon had the top down off my shoulders and off my body altogether. He began feeling my breasts which looked so silly sitting there on this stupid little bra! He spun me around and then undid the catch on the bra and pulled it off my body. Now I was standing naked to the waist in front of Robert's boss. He grinned at me and said, "Nice body" and began caressing my breasts and nipples making me feel very embarrassed. He then slipped his hands down to my waist and pulled me to him so that he could take my nipples in his mouth. He sucked on my nipples for several minutes and I could feel some stirring in between my legs - I was beginning to enjoy what he was doing to me. But this is all wrong! I kept telling myself I was only allowing this because of Robert's promotion but I couldn't help getting aroused!

There had been a number of boys before I met Robert who had bared my breasts and sucked my nipples and quite a few of them had gone further and taken my panties off and not only played with me but had fucked me as well. I had been fucked lots of times before I met Robert and when I had told him about some of my sexual experiences he just shrugged and said he certainly didn't expect me to be a virgin when he married me. It was probably because this man wasn't my husband that I was getting so turned on and I kept remembering how I had felt when different boys had played with me and sometimes fucked me.

Patrick then undid my skirt and let it drop to the floor. Somewhat in a daze I stepped out of my skirt and stood there in front of him wearing just my shoes and my obscene thong. He squatted down in front of me and looked at what the thong didn't hide. My lips were showing on either side of the thong and I suddenly felt very vulnerable.

Patrick then slipped his fingers under the thong and touched my cunt lips. I stepped back, more from instinct than because I didn't want him to do that, but he immediately stood up and walked towards the door. I called him back and apologized and so he then slipped his fingers in the band of my thong and pulled it down my legs. Now, apart from my shoes, I was totally naked in front of a man I had only met a couple of hours before. He pulled me to him, kissed me again but very deeply this time, and caressed my breast and nipple at the same time he moved his hand between my legs and inserted one finger inside my cunt! I was shocked but remembered what he had said before and didn't move away. He played with my cunt inserting more fingers and then he began stroking my clit. This always turns me on totally and I knew I was starting to cum!

Patrick then moved me back from him, unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants onto the floor. These were followed by his underpants leaving a long and hard cock jutting out in front of his body. He pressed my shoulders down and I knew instantly I had to suck his cock! Robert wasn't very keen on having me suck his cock although I must admit I had sucked lots and lots of cocks before I met Robert.

I licked his cock and then moving my tongue around the head of his cock I knew I was just wasting time so I slipped my mouth over his cock and took it into my mouth about 4 inches. I kept it there and sucked quite hard on it. His cock was probably about 8 inches long and he just continued pushing it into my mouth until I had it all and my nose was in his pubic hair. I was nearly gagging but somehow I managed to pass his cock down into my throat with some comfort provided I pulled it out every now and again to get my breath. At last I could feel his pumping in my mouth changing pace and he quickened the strokes as I knew he was about to cum in my mouth. I didn't dislike the taste of cum in my mouth but I had never sucked a cock on a man of this age before. Anyway I managed to pull his cock out until there was only about 2 inches in my mouth as he came. He squirted a lot of cum into my mouth and as he was holding my head I just had to swallow the lot. He kept his cock in my mouth after he had finished shooting his cum and I continued to suck him knowing he wanted his cock hard again. He was hard as a rock in no time at all.

By now I realized what was going to happen next. He pushed me back onto the desk until I was lying on it; he then spread my legs wide apart and exposed my bare cunt to him. He then thrust his cock into me and continued to push it in firmly until he was totally inside me! Then he began fucking me in earnest! I kept telling myself I was only doing this for Robert but at the same time I knew I wanted this man to fuck me. It seemed ages since I had had another man's cock in me as I had grown used to having Robert's cock all the time. This felt so wonderful I really began to realize just how excited I was. Right now I could feel the strong waves of passion beginning somewhere in the pit of my stomach and extending down to my clit. I was having an unbelievable orgasm with this man who wasn't my husband. I am committing adultery but just now I couldn't care less - I just wanted to be fucked.

I came with a tremendous, violent spasm and these spasms kept rolling through my body for several minutes as Patrick was shooting his cum deep into my cunt! I had just fucked another man and I did it so my husband would receive his promotion. Patrick pulled his somewhat limp cock out of my body but my spasms hadn't yet ceased and I was in a state of breathless shock. Patrick leant over and kissed me deeply and told me Robert's promotion was almost certain now but I still had one more thing to do for him. I was almost too wound up with my own orgasm to fully understand what Patrick was saying to me.

Patrick stood up and pulled me up with him. He made me stand in front of him still naked but now with some of his cum running out of my cunt and down the inside of my legs. I felt a real slut but consoled myself, as I realized that despite the gravity of the situation, I had only done this terrible thing for Robert.

Patrick kept me standing there watching the cum running down my legs and obviously he was very delighted at his conquest. He picked up my panties and my tiny bra and thrust them into a drawer in his desk. He told me he would keep them for a souvenir and they would remind him every time he saw them of the wonderful time we spent together this evening. Then he said, "I am sending Robert away on a business trip for a week in a few days time. He will be eagerly looking forward to this trip because it will be the first he will conduct as the new manager of his department. While he is away I will come and live with you for the week and we will spend the whole time together. I am arranging to take leave that week and you are to do the same. You will not tell your husband what you are doing for this week while he is away but you can tell him about tonight if you wish because he will know you are making sure of his promotion like all of the other managers have done before. I will leave that up to you but you must be ready for me when he goes away!"

I was almost too shocked to comprehend his words. Now I understood what Sue had been warning me about - obviously she had been fucked too to ensure her husband's promotion. Fortunately there were no other managers at the dinner only Patrick's associates otherwise the manager's wives would have known I had been fucked to get his promotion.

Gathering up my short skirt and top I dressed quickly but now I was completely naked under my dress. I was conscious of the cum running down the insides of my legs and asked Patrick where I could go to clean up. He told me he didn't want me to clean up but to just return to the party looking like I am. I told him his guests would see the cum running down my legs and would know he had sex with me but he just grinned and said, "You do want Robert to get his promotion, don't you?" I knew I was beaten and so I walked back into the main room with Patrick at my side. He must have shot a huge load of cum into me because the amount of cum running down my legs was now well past my knees and totally visible as my skirt was very short and at least 7" above my knees. I felt everyone was watching me but, hopefully, perhaps some were not aware of my predicament.

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