tagInterracial LoveI Got Needs Ch. 02

I Got Needs Ch. 02


It had been two weeks since the young high school band director Suzanne Baines was blackmailed into having sex with her boss, Principal Randy "Bull" Jefferson. He had acquired some pictures from a security camera of a student kissing her, even though she had pushed the boy away and discouraged his advances.

In the two weeks, Suzanne had hoped that perhaps Bull had forgotten about the "deal" he had made with her: that if she made herself available to him whenever he e-mailed her with "I.G.N." in the subject line (for "I Got Needs"), he would not release the photos to the public. Suzanne had also just ended her menstruation cycle, which was a major relief to her. It meant that Bull was more than likely telling her the truth when he told her he had had a vasectomy, and could not get her pregnant.

Suzanne had also not had intimate relations with her husband Tom for over two months, and it was really starting to bother him. He kept pestering her for sex, but she was just not interested. And how could she be? Even though she almost hated her principal, there was no way her husband could satisfy her sexually the way Bull had that night. Besides that, she felt guilty about what had happened, which made her feel that it would also be "wrong" of her to give herself to her husband, now that she had had sex with another man. It was all so confusing!

Still, she took some comfort that her tormented soul was "healing," as she had not heard from Bull in two weeks. Perhaps she was a disappointment to him sexually. That was fine with her! She thought that, maybe, if given some time away from sex altogether, she might be able to be intimate with her husband again.

When Suzanne arrived at work, she went into her large empty classroom and turned on the lights, then made her way over to her separate office room where she put her purse and lunchbox down next to her desk. She sat at the chair and turned on her computer. Once it had booted up, she brought up her e-mail program as she did nearly every day as part of her before-school routine. As the new e-mail messages loaded into her inbox, she saw one from her husband. It was an apology for the fight they had had that morning about his low-paying job situation. She appreciated his apology, but was still frustrated that he did not offer to look for a job with better pay and benefits. She would have to calmly explain her frustration to him tonight. Then another e-mail came. It was from RJefferson, and it simply read, "I.G.N." in the subject line. There was no additional text in the body of the e-mail. Suzanne's heart just sank. She just stared at it for a long time, trying to decide what she was going to do. If she went to the authorities to complain of sexual harassment, he would proudly state that they had consensual sex that night, or he would release the photos, or both. Her life would be ruined. She just wanted to cry. Suddenly, the bell rang, signaling the time when students were to begin entering classrooms. In seven minutes, her first period class would begin. She grabbed a tissue, dabbed at her eyes and blew her nose to compose herself, then got up and smiled as some of the "early bird" students began to arrive with their instruments.


At lunch time, Suzanne finally had the room to herself again, and she was hungry. She went back into her office, sat down, and opened up her lunchbox on her desk. As she took her first bite of ham sandwich, she checked her e-mails, as she always did at lunchtime. She had forgotten about this morning's e-mail from Bull until she saw it again, almost jumping out at her.

She sighed in her seat and leaned against the back of the chair. "What am I going to do?" she asked herself out loud. She remembered that Bull had told her that whenever she got an e-mail like that, she was to reply with a time that she could make it over to his office across campus and perform her "duty" with him. She resigned herself to the fact that, most likely by the time she went home today, she will have had sex with her boss again. As she sat with that thought on her mind, she began to try to "psyche herself up for it." She feared that if she wallowed in her personal misery over this, she could really get psychologically messed up.

So Suzanne began to reflect on that night two weeks ago. She shuddered at the memories of walking into his office, not knowing exactly what to expect. But then she remembered how he did take the time to stimulate her orally, even to the point of her own orgasm! She knew that technically, that didn't necessarily indicate that he "cared" for her feelings. She knew that some men, like her husband, loved spending "face-time" down there. Though she didn't understand the male fascination with the female sex organs, it was usually a good thing for the woman, if the man knew what he was doing! Nevertheless, she knew that Bull could have just "dry-humped" her, which would have gotten his rocks off but would have been miserable for her. The fact that he took the time to get her slick and wet before penetrating her with his large penis definitely helped a lot that night, as she also recalled the tremendous, unexpected SECOND orgasm she had—a simple result of the sheer length and girth of Bull's organ.

Suzanne pondered what had physically caused her to have such a mind-blowing orgasm, since she had never experienced that during sex with her husband. She assumed it had something to do with Bull's penis size, but what did it have to do with her own anatomy? Then she remembered how some of her college girlfriends used to talk about "g-spots," an area supposedly deep within a woman's vagina, that if contacted, would help bring a woman to orgasm more quickly. She had always assumed it was a myth, but perhaps there was something to it after all. Perhaps her husband's penis just wasn't long enough to reach her "g-spot."

Strangely, she was beginning to get butterflies in her stomach. It was much more of a "nervous," even "excited" feeling rather than "pit-in-your-stomach" upset. Why was she feeling this way? Whenever she thought of Bull as a person, she just wanted to vomit. But now that she was thinking of him as an object which could bring her extreme pleasures, she warmed up to the idea of having sex with him again. She smiled as she realized that this is exactly what women complain about in men—that they view women as "objects" and not real people. But since Bull obviously didn't really "love" her, and she had no desire for him to, she decided that if her thinking of him as an "object" could get her through these little trysts with him, then by golly that's what she was going to do. She suddenly felt empowered and more in control than she had two weeks ago! She had finished most of her lunch when the bell rang to end lunchtime. She hurriedly threw away her trash and zipped up her lunchbox, replacing it on the floor as students began trickling in once again.


Two hours later, the last bell of the day rang, indicating the end of the instructional day. As her students began putting their instruments away, Suzanne reminded them of the academic responsibility they have to practice an hour per night, and that she wasn't sure many of them were doing so.

Jose walked up to her as other students were leaving. He was the boy who had made a pass at her two weeks ago, getting her in this whole blackmail mess in the first place. Still, she was flattered that he found her attractive, as she was about eleven years older than he. "Hey, Mrs. Baines," he began nervously. "I made you this CD mix," he said as he handed her a home computer CD. "I know we've been talking about Metal lately, and I wanted to give you a sampling of some of my favorite bands," he finished.

"Well, Jose, that was very sweet of you," she smiled. "I'll give it a listen and tell you what I think."

"Th-thanks," Jose smiled. Then he got closer and quieter, more serious: "And I'm sorry about what happened."

He had already apologized for that, Suzanne thought. Why was he bringing it up now? "Just don't do it again," she reprimanded. "It could get me in a lot of trouble," she said, thinking of how she almost already was!

Jose smiled and turned to walk out of the classroom as Mr. Jefferson walked in. "Oh, hey, Mr. Jefferson," he greeted as they passed each other in the door. Suzanne cursed herself for forgetting to reply to Bull's e-mail this morning.

Bull said nothing to Jose, but turned to watch him walk around the corner of the hallway. When Jose was out of sight, he turned to face Suzanne. He walked into the room, closing the door behind him.

"Still spending some after-school time with Mr. Rodriguez, are we?" he taunted.

"Please stop that," she grimaced as she walked across the room to pick up a stray piece of music on the floor. "I told you that it was nothing, and that I pushed him away and told him to never do that again."

Bull waited a moment before replying. "Hm. You're probably right," he said as he leaned against the door and folded his arms. "Too bad those pictures don't show that," she smiled.

"Yeah, too bad," Suzanne retorted sarcastically, knowing full well Bull could have printed THOSE pictures from the security camera as well, but obviously didn't since they would be "evidence" supporting her claim and destroying his blackmail.

"Did you get my e-mail this morning?" he asked.

"Yes. I'm sorry I didn't respond to it right away. The truth is, I was busy all day and forgot to reply," she explained as she filed the stray music in a cabinet before turning to face him.

"Likely story," he said. She didn't know what to make of that comment, but he seemed to not mean anything nasty about it. He continued before she could respond. "Well," he said as he walked away from the wall towards her, arms still crossed. "I was in the neighborhood anyway."

"You mean...you want to do it in HERE?" Suzanne asked in amazement.

"Sure," he shrugged. "Why not?"

"Well," she began as she tried to think of a good excuse, "For one thing, a student could walk in on us!"

Bull shook his head as he moved closer to her. "Door's locked. Any other excuse?" he asked as he unzipped his trousers.

The butterflies were going crazy suddenly! "Well..." she trailed off, desperate for a better excuse.

"Tell ya what," Bull said as he moved just inches from her, "While you're thinking about that, I'm going to pull my dick outta my boxers and fly, and you're going to suck on it."

Suzanne was shocked for the moment at his crudeness, but couldn't think of anything else to do but look down as he fumbled with his penis. Gosh, it sure was a monster—even before it was erect! She just stared at it, dangling out of his fly. She really hadn't gotten a good look at it last time. The facts that it was very dark and large were about all she could notice about it.

"Get on your knees," Bull quietly ordered.

Suzanne froze again. She rarely—only on very special occasions—performed oral sex on her husband. She just didn't like the way it smelled or tasted. But here she was, stuck in a blackmail situation in which if she did not comply with this request, he could call off the deal and release those photos. "What have I got to lose?" she asked herself as she lowered herself down on her knees, face-to-face with the behemoth that would later be the source of her own bliss.

"Have you ever sucked on a black cock before?" Bull asked nastily.

She shook her head. "I normally don't even put my husband's in my mouth," she replied, looking up at Bull.

He laughed. "Well, your tits, pussy and ass belongs to me now, anyway. So let's just make add your mouth to my collection, OK?"

She pursed her lips at that crude sentiment. "Great," she thought sarcastically to herself as she reached up to take his swelling penis in her left hand. She lifted the head up to her mouth as she opened her lips to take it in. Her mouth felt very warm, almost hot, as it slowly slid its way over the head. She noticed as she got closer to Bull's body that he must have put some sort of cologne on down here. She could only faintly smell the sweaty odor from his crotch, though she could taste the saltiness on his penis.

"Mmm," Bull voiced as she moved her mouth up and down the crown of his penis and just beyond that. That was as far as she could go without gagging. Her jaw was opened wide, and she hoped it didn't lock in this position. She looked up at him, and his eyes were closed and his breathing was picking up.

"That's it, baby," he said quietly. "Suck on my big, black cock." As it hardened, Suzanne could barely get her fingers around it. She looked at her hand as she grasped his manhood, and noticed her wedding band on her ring finger catching some of the fluorescent lights overhead. It reminded her of her unfaithfulness. The only thing she could do to comply with Bull's blackmail and not overwhelm herself with guilt was to close her own eyes as she continued the oral stimulation.

Suzanne was not really enjoying this, but she hoped that if he were to ejaculate now, she might be excused from anything else this afternoon. Then she wondered if she would be able to tell he was going to ejaculate before he did so. She definitely was not a "swallower"!

"Ah, that's it, baby," Bull breathed. "Your mouth is so hot and wet!"

She tried to pick up the pace a little, hoping to hurry him along.

Suddenly, Bull pushed her head away. "OK, that's enough, baby. That's enough. I'm hard enough and I'm ready to go. Now let's just get you ready..." he said.

Happy to be finished with that part of foreplay, but sad that the ordeal would not be over soon, she stood up and turned away from him as she wiped some saliva off of her chin, not knowing what to expect next.

Bull embraced her from behind and moved her long brown hair away from her neck so he could kiss, lick, and nibble on it.

As he kissed her neck, he reached with his right hand under her tan, flowy skirt and began to tug at her panties while he groped a breast over her brown sweater with his left hand. Not knowing what else to do, she helped him get her light blue cotton panties to the floor.

Suddenly, Suzanne remembered that she hadn't had a chance to clean herself, as she usually liked to do before any sexual activity. "I...I probably should go clean up first," she said quietly.

"Did you take a shower this morning?" Bull asked.

"I took a bath. I always take a bath," she replied.

"That's good enough for me. I like the natural smell of a pussy," Bull whispered huskily in her ear.

Bull then put his hands on both shoulders and began to turn her around to face him. She couldn't look him in the eye. He understood and started to kiss her cheeks, then down to her neck, still manipulating her breast with one hand and now squeezing her buttocks over her skirt with his other hand. It was all so surreal to her!

Bull tugged at the bottom of Suzanne's sweater and pulled it up over her head. Then he began to unbutton her blouse. As he did, he breathed, "I gotta suck on them luscious titties o' yours." He helped her out of her bra, so that all she was wearing was her brown flowy skirt. No top, no panties, and now, no bra.

Bull massaged her breasts with his hands, and then bent down to lick, then nibble, then suck on her right breast. Then he alternated to the left one, then back to the right one. Suzanne's breath increased. This was definitely arousing!

She decided right there and then that she was going to make him please her body. She wanted to feel his pulsating penis deep inside her, touching that special spot it had two weeks ago. She reared her head back and closed her eyes.

Then Bull said, "Let's go into your office."


Jose had left the building and started to walk home when he decided he really needed to see Mrs. Baines again. His crush on her was overwhelming him, and he sensed that she was attracted to him, too. As he wrestled with his feelings, he concluded that he was just going to go back there and tell her how he felt, damn the world for making such a relationship taboo! He turned around and headed back to the school.

When Jose arrived, he found that the performing arts building was already locked. He was disappointed, but he knew that Mrs. Baines was still in her room because he could see the classroom lights on through the window above her office.

It was quiet around the campus, and getting dark. Jose decided it would be safe to climb the tree outside the window and try to get Mrs. Baines' attention through it.

Once he had climbed high enough to look into the window, Jose could not believe what he was seeing. He looked down onto Mrs. Baines' desk, only to see her lying on it, on her back, nearly fully-clothed except for her long skirt bunched up to her waist, her legs spread wide, and a black man burying his face in her panty-free crotch.

Jose immediately ducked in embarrassment and fear that one of them had spotted him. But while he began to rage with jealousy, he also had to see more. This was a chance he might never get again—to see his lovely music teacher engaged in sex! He peeked his eyes over the window once more and saw the couple again. Mrs. Baines' head was resting on her desk, but turned to the left with her eyes closed. Jose was relieved they hadn't seen him!

As he watched, he felt blood rush into his dick as it hardened under his pants. It was a little uncomfortable as his penis was not able to rise straight up, but he could not adjust himself as he needed both hands to steady himself on the tree branches he was sprawling over. He decided to ignore that issue and continue watching the free sex show.

Jose studied the man. He knew it wasn't Mrs. Baines' husband, as he had met Mr. Baines at one of the band concerts last year. The thought that Mrs. Baines would be willing to cheat on her husband gave him a little hope for his own ambitions with her. But who was this guy?

Then Jose saw Mrs. Baines' head raise to look at her partner's head between her legs. She still hadn't seem him. She then grabbed under both her knees, and he could see her body begin to shake. "So this is what a female orgasm looks like," he thought to himself, completely turned on. He wished he could keep this vision in his memory forever!

All of a sudden, Jose's cell phone began to ring. He almost lost his balance in the tree by trying to grab it so fast so as to not attract any attention. When he saw that it was his mother calling, he hit the "Ignore" button and looked around, relieved that no one seemed to be around to hear the commotion.

As Jose closed his phone, he saw the black lens on its cover. He had forgotten that he had a camera phone with him! Maybe he could take some pictures, without the flash, and save them in his phone. They would be cherished treasures! He could even show them to some of his friends, like Hector, his cousin who also thought Mrs. Baines' body "rocked." He reached into his pocket as carefully as he could without losing his balance, and was relieved he was able to retrieve the device. He opened it, set it for camera, aimed it down to the desk, and snapped the picture. It worked! He could see her entire body, legs spread, and faintly he could make out the head of the man. "Cool," Jose smiled to himself.

Jose looked through the window again. Now Mrs. Baines' shaking had subsided. The man stood up but continued to look down at her, so he did not see Jose in the window. Then Jose was shocked as he identified Mrs. Baines' lover—it was Mr. Jefferson, his principal! "Naughty, naughty lady," Jose thought to himself. Wow...Mrs. Baines was having an affair with Mr. Jefferson! What a piece of gossip he had! But Jose stopped that line of thinking. If he truly had feelings for Mrs. Baines, why would he want to hurt her in that way?

Still, he had to have pictures! He aimed his camera phone again and snapped another picture. This one more clearly showed Mr. Jefferson. Then Jose looked down to see Mr. Jefferson aim his dick—and what a monster that was—at Mrs. Baines' pussy. "Man, that pussy must be wet," Jose thought.

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