I Got Needs Ch. 02


He watched as Mr. Jefferson slowly slid his dick into Mrs. Baines. She put her head back, which made Jose instinctively duck again, in fear that she would see him. But when he peeked again, he saw her with her eyes closed. "That must really feel good to her," he thought.

He snapped another picture. He was getting some great amateur shots! Maybe he could figure out a way to post these on the internet or something, he thought.

Jose watched Mr. Jefferson screw Mrs. Baines on her desk for a few minutes until it was obvious that Mr. Jefferson was cumming in her. Mr. Jefferson stopped his thrusting and just pushed his dick deep into her while his body shook. Jose snapped two more pictures. The scene was such a tremendous turn-on to a kid who had only gotten to grope various girls at parties as he made out with them—though nobody would know that that's as far as Jose had ever gotten. He had the reputation of a stud around campus. He never really knew why, but he played on it.

A moment later, Mr. Jefferson pulled his dick out of Mrs. Baines' cunt and fell back into a guest chair in front of Mrs. Baines' desk. Then Mrs. Baines sat up on the desk and grabbed a couple tissues from a box next to her and quickly pressed it to her crotch. "What's she doing there?" Jose wondered to himself. Then it hit him: she was stopping his cum from dripping onto the desk and floor. "Hot," he smiled.

Jose realized he'd better get down and get home quickly. His mind was racing with the visions of what he had witnessed while he climbed down the tree. On one hand, he was extremely turned on, and wished he could be a peeping tom on them some other time. But on the other hand, he was upset that Mrs. Baines was fucking Mr. Jefferson and not him. Then he thought about her totally oblivious husband. What an idiot he must be!

It was very dark now, and Jose started the four-block walk home, viewing the pictures on his cell phone.


Suzanne got down from the desk a little awkwardly to put on her clothes. Bull was buttoning his shirt.

"If I didn't know any better," Bull started, "I'd say you were enjoying yourself there, Suzanne."

Suzanne didn't know what to say. The fact was, she HAD enjoyed it more this time. She couldn't put her finger on why that was, but she suspected it was all about her attitude. This time, she had decided that HE was going to please HER. She didn't really care if he got his kicks out of it or not (though she knew men could never fake orgasms). She just wanted to use his tool to bring her sexual bliss, and it did.

She shrugged, "Maybe I did like it." She pulled her panties up snugly and continued, "But it's not right, Bull, and you know it. We could get in a lot of trouble over this if anyone found out."

"I still got it," Bull smiled, as if he didn't hear a word Suzanne had just said. "I gots the goods to make a woman moan and groan with delight," he gloated.

Suzanne had put on her bra and had just put on her blouse but hadn't buttoned it yet when she stopped and looked at him. "I just want to know: How many times is it going to take of me giving myself to you, cheating on my husband, before we can call it 'even'?" she asked.

Bull didn't respond immediately while he slipped his shoes on. He was contemplating the situation. He knew she had a point. Besides, he could always find himself another white woman to further fulfill his fantasies. Finally, he said, "Tell ya what. Let's pick a night where the two of us can spend the night together. It'll be a date. I'll take you out to a nice restaurant, maybe do some dancing...then we can get a room, take a nice hot shower together, I'll give you one of my world-famous massages, and then we can spend the rest of the night enjoying each other in bed. What do you say?"

Suzanne paused while finishing buttoning up her blouse. "Would that be the end of it?" she asked.

"That would be the end of it," Bull responded.

"And you'll give me the pictures to destroy?" she asked.

Bull thought for a moment, then smiled, "They'd be yours, and I won't make copies, and I won't release them to the public."

"Then it's a deal. When should we do this?" she quizzed.

Bull's face lighted up. "Well, I have a conference I have to attend up in San Francisco on the weekend of May 23rd. You busy?"

Suzanne picked up her day planner from her desk and flipped to May 23. It was a month away, and there was nothing written down in those spaces.

"As it turns out, I am available," she said as she closed the book and placed it back on her desk.

"What are you gonna tell your husband about going away that weekend?" he asked with a wry smile.

Suzanne sighed, "Well...I guess I'll just tell him that I am going to a conference, too."

"It's a date," Bull said. He walked over and kissed Suzanne on top of her head, then moved his hands down to her shoulders. "For what it's worth," he continued, "you really make a great lover." Then he picked up his jacket and walked out.

Suzanne wasn't fully clothed yet, and just stared blankly as the classroom door shut and all was quiet.


Suzanne left the school that night at 6:30. It wasn't so late that her husband would be "suspicious" of anything. She had come home that late before. But she did dial "Home" on her cell phone to tell him everything was OK and she was coming home.

After speaking briefly with him, she found Jose's CD sampler in her purse. She put it in her car stereo, and the song "Eat You Alive" by Limp Bizkit began blaring through her speakers. She listened intently to the lyrics and could not believe them. She also could not believe Jose's bravery at putting that song on this CD. What was he trying to tell her?

She shook that from her head and started to enjoy the song as she drove home.


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