tagInterracial LoveI Guest I Am Not An Innocent Wife!

I Guest I Am Not An Innocent Wife!


I would like to start off by telling you that my story is true and not a fictional one like I have read here.

A little about myself, I am a young married woman of 23 years old. I first met my husband at my first job. I was 19 and he was 33 years old, I have never planed marrying someone that much older than me it just happened that way. Like I have mentioned I met him at work, and the first time I noticed him staring at me I felt very uncomfortable because he was in a management position and I was a clerical worker and also because of his age difference.

But after several weeks of small talk, I found him easy to talk to and outgoing. And then he asked me out to diner and I accepted. That evening he brought me to an incredible restaurant that I could never afford with my salary, and it was fantastic. When he dropped me off, he was a complete gentleman. I felt good going out with him, because I was so nervous from previous dates. I was still a virgin at 19 and every guy that I did go out with before tried to get into my panties, So when he asked me out again I did accept, gradually after several dates, we would French kiss and he was slow with me and I guest looking back he knew how I was and that I was still a virgin, so he took his time and slowly seduced me after several months I lost my virginity to him. I remember how incredible I felt being penetrated, except that first poke in, that burning sensation, the pain, feeling my cherry being popped, and the blood stain sheets, but then how much I got wet and thinking to myself I should have lost my virginity long ago. On New Years Eve, he proposed to me and six months later in June we were married, I just turned 20 in May and he was then 34. The first thing he wanted me to do was quit my job, he did not want me working and he wanted to start a family, he had an apartment, but we were out just about every weekend looking for to buy a home. He wanted a duplex or triplex, somewhere where we could live but also have some revenue, he always thought about making money. I said nothing but I would have preferred a detached home. Finally, he called at the apartment to tell me he found one and it was a great deal because the couple was getting a divorce.

He made an offer with conditional to an inspection approval, and the next day we found out it was ours!

It was a triplex, were the previous owners had the main floor, and the apartment on the second floor was rented, and part of the basement was converted into a studio apartment and also rented. That's when my husband told me that the above was rented to an older couple, and the basement was rented to the couple's wife brother and both just signed leases that July for another year. Like I mentioned my husband wanted revenue so he was delighted.

When we got to meet our tenants, I was a little taken back because they were both black, I was always very nervous around black people, but mostly from our new tenant in the basement because he was single, and I felt very intimidated when I first met him, he was tall maybe around 6'4" and very muscular and I guest from my upbringing, my father was racist. And while my husband small talked to him, I even felt he was also intimidated and with my husband talking to him he stared at me, and I felt he was undressing me with his eyes. I did not like this arrangement and made my husband aware afterwards when we went up to our flat.

We soon found out also that because they were related that they had the apartment take up about ¾ of the basement with a quarter for our storage and a shared laundry room due the size of the studio there was not enough space for a washer & dryer. That made me feel very uncomfortable but my husband re-assured me that when his lease would be up that we would convert the basement back to our recreational room. So I felt that I would have to live with this arrangement for only another year.

One thing that I did not mentioned previously was after we got married and I moved in my husband apartment until we could find our own home, I quickly discovered that my husband was big time into porn, being home alone while he was at work I found his collection of porn movies, and most were of the interracial kind, and I mentioned to him one evening while having diner, but his re-action was every couple are into it to spice up their marriages, and that he was also a bachelor when he bought them. I told him that we were newlyweds and we did not need any spicing up. So my first thoughts were also about having a black guy living under us and the shared laundry room.

We moved in and I kept busy decorating our new home while he was at work, I would soon discover that our tenant below did not work days and would get up around noon, that is when the music would start, he drove me crazy cause I would hear it clearly, and it was rap, or hip hop I guest you would call it. Another thing that I noticed when we first met him in his studio while my husband chatted with him was the posters on his wall were all nude girls, and my eyes wondering noticed that he also had a wall unit filled with porn movies, so while his music blared it would make me think about that time in his apartment and I had those images in my mind of the nude white girls and porn movies and what he was thinking of with me there and when I was in my apartment.

We were now settled in our new home, and when I had to do the laundry I would listen with the upstairs door open before going down in the basement just trying not being alone with him in the laundry room. I would go down if it was quit, and what made feel also uncomfortable was that I go to get our dried clothes or do a switch from washer to drier, and I would find our clothes on top of the drier while his was in it. So he was taking our dried clothes out to put his in, so I knew he had to see and touch and my bras and panties.

I was always shy about my figure, because I did not like getting the looks. I am a natural blond with blue eyes and I am 5'4" and about 120 pounds, and I have fairly large breast. I wear a size 34D cup bra, and my waist is 23" and my hips 34". But sooner or latter I knew I would run into him down in our own basement that we had to give access to him.

And that day came and I was so nervous and shivering, and he tried to get me into a conversation with him and he always referred to has Babe, and it made even more uncomfortable because he was undressing me with his eyes again. I guest he was trying to figure me out under my baggy track suites I wore, after seeing my bras and panties, he knew I must have big boobs and a slim body. I tried to ignore him but did want to seem rude, but after several times he made a comment that I did not have to be bitchy and I did not know how to respond and I was not telling my husband to avoid conflict.

I started to figured out what our downstairs tenant was doing for a living, he had a Hummer and he would head out just about when we had dinner, and he would be back then out, this all night long, and he would always have at least one girl with him which I thought was a girlfriend, but then I'd notice they were not the same, and then he have two, and sometimes three girls with him. I would noticed that he was constantly on his cell phone, and then it dawned on me that he had to be a Pimp!

How could I find if I was right by my assumption, I was curious, so I opened up the Yellow Pages and looked in the Escort section, and they were 5 pages of what looked like agencies. I thought what if I blocked our number and called each one and if he would answer. I waited until 5 PM and nervously dialed when I knew he was home downstairs and could hear faintly the ring sound from his cell phone, some answered and I would hang up then when I was on the 4th page and dialed King's Maids and with one ear on my phone and the other listening for a ring downstairs, I could hear his familiars ring tone and I shook and wanted to hang up quickly, and he answered "Good Evening King's Maids with his deep voice and I shivered and hung up, and my instinct were right, he was a Pimp, I was wondering what should I do, tell my husband, stay quiet, I knew he looked mean and we would probably have problems with him if I made a fuss about it, so I would keep it my secret.

During the week, my husband usually went to bed around 10 PM because he had to be gone before 6:30 AM to avoid traffic to get to work on time. So our love making was always on weekends, and like I mentioned before my husband love having a porn movie on while we be at it, if I'd complain about not needing porn to get intimated, he would get upset and when he turn it off, he wouldn't stay hard, so it frustrated him, so after I would let him watch it while we had intercourse. I would wonder why interracial, was he fantasizing about others, was he fantasizing about me with a Blackman, then he would start telling me how I'd look beautiful riding a big black cock in my white blond pussy, and I'd shake my head no, oh but my mind would wonder off then thinking about our downstairs tenant, while I rode my husband and it made me feel guilty. This was our usual love making every weekend, and the more he talked about it the more I was getting wet with incredible orgasms.

During the week, I would usually stay up until after the 11 PM news, one night I remember I had forgotten to switch over my husband shirt to the drier, and I had to iron it in the morning before he left. It was about 11:30 PM, and my husband by now was deep asleep, so I tiptoed downstairs, not wanting to wake him up or alert my black tenant that I was down there if he was home. I leaned over the washer retrieving our wet clothes when suddenly arms rapped around my waist and I froze! In my ear his deep voice whispered "Ho Babe" and he knew my husband pattern and why I was down there and that my husband was most likely asleep upstairs. I couldn't move or say anything, I was that memorized of fear, relax Babe he whispered again, he could feel me shaking and shivering, when I felt his very big hand on my back while the other one was still around my waist from behind, he then slid his hand under my baggy cotton sweatshirt on my bare back and that's when it dawn on me that I was braless, and in no times he was bringing that hand and arm around my waist but underneath by sweatshirt and cupped my large firm breast, I was shivering he felt the goose bumps, but continued and found a very engrossed protruding hard nipple, and worked his fingers on it teasing and pitching it, then his first hand on my waist slid down under my sweatpants and found I had panties on and I felt his fingers lifting the elastic of my panties waistband until he had his hand now in my panties, I tried to keep my legs tight together but felt his stronger legs behind me trying to ply them open and within minutes I did not have the strength to keep them close and his foot pushed one leg out while my belly still leaned on the washer, and then I felt his other foot pushed my left leg out so I was now spread eagle leaning forward while he continued to play with both breast. He now had a foot on the inside of each of my feet to keep me spread wide, and I was trapped between the washer and him with my legs apart and I could not move when I felt his hand now sliding down on my pussy and he knew how to play with my clit and I was already wet like I've never been before with my husband and I turned around and looked at him I told him to stop that I am married but it was in an aroused voice and he knew he had me, back and forth he would rub my clit and fingered my tight hole, his finger actually felt the same size of my husbands penis, and his other had now slid down my sweatpants and his hand was now on my bare bum, and he worked it down between my bum cheeks onto my protruding pussy lips from behind of me so he had one hand rubbing my clit and the one on my bum cheeks with a finger going in and out like my husband would say sloppy wet pussy.

I felt him working on undoing his pants while he kept me on the verge of exploding a wild orgasm, and the I felt a hard object like it was a baseball bat and then realize that it was his penis, and he rubbed it up and down my wet pussy lips and teasing my clit from behind, then suddenly in a quick hump I felt a sharp brutal force of pain driving deep in me his manhood that I knew then that I have never felt in my life, nothing like the first time with my husband when I thought it could not get better, but I was so wrong.

He humped and humped me from behind with speed, going so deep that I felt that I was a virgin again and with brutal force. I could hear my bum cheeks slapping against him with his hands now on each side of my waist, and felt my big boobs bounced like never before, it was like now I was with a man and not a boy. His head was now next to mine and he was trying to get me to kiss him and his tongue made it to my lips and forcing them open until his tongue met mine and it was a normal reaction of deep kissing each other while I felt I was having the orgasm of my life and at that same moment I felt him hardening up and with an injection that felt like someone was using a power washer in my pussy with jet streams of sperm being pumped into my white womb when it dawn on me that my husband and I was trying to have our first child and I was fertile but I did not care and pumped back to his rhythm until we both collapsed on the basement floor.

It took about 20 minutes before my legs stop shaking and I had the strength to get up, he kept hugging me and kissing me, and telling how beautiful and hot I was, and with sexy clothes on nobody would resist me.

Soon, when I got back upstairs and in the shower, I soon realized what just happened and how I felt incredible guilty, while his semen just poured out of me, it just seemed not to stop while I took my shower. I was drying myself and it was still dripping out, and I still felt how lubed I was, and smelt his cum aroma.

For days, I avoided going down, but finally when I did I confronted him and told him that it was a big mistake and it would never happen again. He approached me and I told him to no, but he put his arms around me and his deep voice in my ear again sent shivers down my belly and he began to kiss my neck and I soon realize he was lifting my top off and had his mouth suckling on my hard nipple while this time he picked me up and carried me into his studio were his sofa bed was already drawn out and laid me down with ease while his big body just shadowed over me. In no time I was fucking him again like the first time but now he had me in his bed and I was lying on my back with my legs wide open while he pilled drove me and basted another load of Black African seeds in me. I was so sore afterwards but so satisfied!

It began a regular routine when my husband left for work, I would walk downstairs, he kept his door unlocked for me, and I would get in bed with him and he had me wake him up by giving him a blow job. I got so good at it and he would tell me how hot I was and you could not get a better view seeing a sexy blond bobbling up and down on his 11" uncircumcised blackcock, I got this incredible appetite for the taste of his sperm, I never liked my husband salty taste, his was more creamy, and the aroma had me creaming my panties. Even though we fucked at least 4 times a week and sometimes more. He still wanted me to fuck my husband, but I am sure he knew that I would never be satisfied by my husband small white penis, because he knew I was so tight that first few times that he stretched me and when I did have sex with my husband I felt that something was missing and I felt empty.

I knew this day would come when I missed my period, it sent shivers over me, and I really did not know what to do, but at the same time I felt like a naughty girl, a real tramp, a slut, but also satisfied by being breed by a Blackman and having a Negro child in me. Now I will have to deal with my husband and racist father!

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I loved this..

Bravo! Super hot thank you!!

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