tagInterracial LoveI Hate Fat Chicks with Attitudes

I Hate Fat Chicks with Attitudes


We all have someone that we can't stand. Doesn't matter the reason why. I hate fat white chicks. There, I said it. I especially hate the ones who like to put on airs. Acting like they're all that. Bitches, you're not all that! You're simply pathetic. Like Rachel, the chubby redhead from downtown Ottawa, Province of Ontario. Around five-foot-seven, 250-pounds of mean, overweight white heifer. My name is Stephen and I approve this message. If you're into hot interracial action and like to see fat white sluts get the humiliation they deserve, then this is the story for you. If not, do yourself a favour and get to stepping. Alright? Cool.

I smacked Rachel and spanked her fat white ass. I also wrote the word C.U.N.T. on her forehead with lipstick. Why did I do that? Because the damn bitch made me wait at the bus station before I could come up so we could hook up. Like a lot of Black men in this miserable little city, I'm besieged by fat white women everywhere I go. That really sucks, man. These fat white bitches are getting really aggressive these days. They seem to think all Black men want their fat white asses. As if. And Rachel is the worst of them all. I beat her ass squarely with my belt. That's what she gets for being a damn fat white slut. I don't know why these miserable bitches think they're all that. Seriously. They're not.

I hate fat white sluts, plain and simple. And I will constantly remind them of their inferiority. I made Rachel kneel before me and I smacked her hard across the face. I love slapping fat bitches like her. Makes a nice sound, a solid backhand against their meat. Rachel looked at me with tear-filled eyes. I grasped her chubby face in my hand and took one of her tears in my fingers. I simply love watching a fat chick cry. I don't know why. It turns me on just thinking about it. I slapped her face again, this time with my thick Black cock. Then I ordered her to suck it and she obeyed me like the submissive fat white slut that she is. I smiled smugly to myself.

Rachel began sucking my thick Black cock with gusto. That's one thing about fat white chicks that is positive. Their appetite for anything is greater than normal. They eat more food. They suck more cock. They crave more sex. Unfortunately, they can be more unpleasant than skinny chicks because of their moodiness and their countless damn insecurities. After making Rachel suck me real good, I made sure I came all over her face. I love shooting my hot cum all over a fat white slut's face. It's the only thing they're good for. That and making sure we don't have a surplus of unused food in the continent of North America. Must be why donations to the United Nations fund for famine in the Horn of Africa have run dry. We got no extra food!

The funny thing is that Rachel is actually trying to make a living as an escort. She charges one hundred dollars per hour because she knows most men won't pay extra for her fat white ass. Most of the other working girls of Ottawa charge one hundred and twenty dollars for a half hour of pleasure and around two hundred for the full hour. Rachel asks one hundred and sixty for the full hour. Well, that's when the fat white slut can muster up the courage to actually try to meet clients. She's short and fat, and not exactly pretty in the face. For those of you who are wondering why I bother with her, the answer is in the question itself. A hole is a hole. Fat white chicks will spread their legs for anybody. Why not take advantage of that?

Anyhow, let the fun begin. I watched Rachel suck my long and thick Black cock dry, I put her on all fours. Her big white ass stared at me. I beat it a little bit with my black leather belt, loving the sound of the belt hitting Rachel surplus flesh. It left some nice red marks on her fat white ass. I try not to think of how many fools have tapped that ass. Rachel lives near the inter provincial bus station in downtown Ottawa, in a seedy neighbourhood near the social services department. And she's almost always open for business, though sometimes she gets all shy/nervous and shit and she cancels appointments without warning. Is it me or are women dumb? Anyhow, time to get to the actual fucking. I think we've wasted enough time, don't you?

I spread Rachel's fat white ass cheeks wide open, and spat on her asshole. Then I rubbed my dick against it. At the last moment, I stopped myself. Not out of concern for her, mind you. I always fuck my fat sluts in the ass with spittle as the only form of lubricant. Nah, I don't fuck them without a condom, though. No way in hell. There are a lot of sluts in the town of Ottawa, Ontario. Even an ugly fat white slut like Rachel gets around because most of the men in this town got no standards. I put on my Durex condom, and rub my cock against Rachel's asshole. I push it inside none too gently. I eased my cock deep inside Rachel's asshole. Even with spit as the only lubricant I went in easily enough. Does that surprise you? It really shouldn't. Rachel sleeps with a lot of guys, mainly because it's how she pays her rent in her squally little apartment near the bus station in Ottawa. And also because she's a slut, let's not forget.

I hammered Rachel's ass with powerful thrusts, sinking my cock deep inside her asshole. I fucked her good, and then pulled my cock out of her now gaping asshole. Afterwards, I made her suck my cock. Then I left. I'm going back to campus. I've got to take a shower and wash that fat white chick's lousy scent off me, man. I'm a proper gentleman with bigger and better things to do. You feel me? Cool. I hope you enjoyed this story. Know that it is one hundred percent true. I paid the whore the hundred dollars she asked for thirty minutes of her time, then left. I'm cool like that.

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