I Hate Liars

bySean Renaud©

Nikki stared up at the grey ceiling of her prison cell and frowned. It had been almost a week since she'd received a letter from Sean and longer than that since anybody had come to visit her. One by one they had abandoned her to her fate. The only person left who cared about her at all was Officer Garcia and he owned her. Along with her children it was Officer Garcia that gave her a reason to live.

Her orange prison uniform half undone, the arms tied around her waist accentuating her sweet hips. A plain white shirt clung to her breasts and in the right lighting the dark areola surround her nipples could be seen through the fabric. The thin fabric actually did little to conceal her cinnamon colored skin. Her hair was cut short, it barely brushed her shoulders when she sat up.

"You ready Bitch?" Garcia asked. The Hispanic prison guard was standing in the doorway to Nikki's cell in his black uniform.

Nikki felt the corners of her mouth twitching with the beginnings of a smile which she quickly suppressed. She didn't want him to know that he made her happy. That she actually looked forward to his visits no matter what he did to her or made her do. "Yes Officer Garcia." She sat up and looked over at him.

"Good." Garcia responded. "I'll be back at around ten o'clock. I expect you to be ready." He looked her over for a moment then stepped into the cell closing the door behind him. "Actually get over here I want a quickie." Nikki walked over and sank to her knees. It only took her a few minutes to get Officer Garcia to flood her mouth with his salty cum. Like always he made her show him what he'd given her before she was allowed to swallow it. She sucked and squeezed untils she was certain she'd gotten everything out of him and then pulled his pants back up and he left without saying anything more to her.

Nikki reached down beneath her bed and slid a small crate out from beneath it. It was mostly filed with letters from Sean, but a few photos of her children and letters from other people populated the box. There was also a book. She pulled the book out of it and started to read. She spent the rest of her afternoon reading, except for writing a letter to Sean in the hopes that he hadn't forgotten her.

The door to her cell opened at exactly ten o'clock. Officer Garcia was always prompt, years in the military had trained him well in that and many other regards. Immediate unquestioned obedience to orders was one of the values it had imbued in him as a young man. Those were the same values that he was imparting on her as his Bitch. That was why she was prepared when he opened the door. She'd shaved and stripped. Nikki was on her knees looking up at him. As soon as he stopped in the door way she leaned down and pressed her lips to each shoe. "Good Bitch." She hated herself for enjoying that praise but she did. Her heart fluttered at his approval. Nikki felt her chest swell with pride when he leaned down and latched a leather dog collar around her throat. It even had a pair of dog tags hanging from the front an a leash in the back. It had taken her over a month to earn the right to wear his collar. "Come on."

Nikki crawled beside Officer Garcia out into the meeting room and then down the halls of the prison to what was supposed to pass as a gym. She looked up at him wondering why he'd taken her there of all rooms. She started to open her mouth ask but then stopped herself. She knew better than to speak out of turn. Garcia lead her to the pull up bar. "Up girl." She stood up. Garcia took two pair of handcuffs from his belt and fastened each of her wrists to the pull up bar forcing her up onto the tips of her toes.

"You know I heard something interesting today from Tara. She told me that you haven't been very nice to your fellow inmates lately. That you haven't been taking care of your chores." He said. "So instead of going for a walk tonight we are going to discipline you."

"I have been taking care of my chores Officer Garcia! I swear!" She shrieked. She yanked at the cuffs, of course she knew she couldn't break the, that there would be no escape until he allowed it but she still tried. "Please don't beat me! I'll do whatever you say."

"I already said what I wanted done. I wanted you to keep the girls from cell block foxtrot happy." Garcia said. "Sweet young girl like you could easily keep the prisoners very happy. Happy prisoners don't cause problems. Which means I can enjoy a nice orderly prison without having to throw in tear gas every few hours. So why aren't you doing what I told you to do?"

"I am! I am! I do everything that's asked of me!" She screamed.

"So you're calling Tara a liar?" Garcia asked. She heard the hiss of his belt being pulled out of his pants well enough. It shocked her blood cold. "Is that what you're doing?"

Nikki hesitated as she considered her answer. She knew the risk of calling the cell leader a liar. "Yes. I do everything I'm told."

"That's your final answer? There is still time to change if you want. You know how much I hate fucking liars." Garcia ran the leather belt down her shoulder and over her hip.

"Yes that's my final answer Officer Garcia." She whispered.

"Ok. We're going to ten, keep count." Garcia spat.

"Please no don't!" Nikki screamed but it didn't stop the leather from coming down on across her shoulders. "I'm telli-" The second word dissolved into a scream as the belt kissed her flesh a second time. She could feel the welts rising on her skin already. The cuffs dug into her wrists as she twisted and pulled trying to escape the lashings. The next lash came across her buttocks. "One!" She shouted. Garcia was enjoying himself, he always did enjoy beating her. He varied the strokes expertly keeping her from being able to tense up at all. Her back was on fire by the fourth stroke. By the she felt the same flames licking her rump. By the tenth stroke even her thighs felt like someone was holding a torch to them. It took a few moments passed and then the warmth spread between her legs. The warmth quickly became hunger and wetness greasing the insides of her thighs.

"I'm going to get Tara now and we'll see what she has to say about all of this." Nikki heard Garcia walk out of the room. The sound of his footsteps fading as he left her with the dull throb. It felt her heart was right above her ass, her entire backside seemed to swell slightly every time it beat. The pain was just starting to fade when she heard them returning. She knew his footfalls anywhere, and then the unmistakable crumple of paper shoes belonged to Tara.

"She says you're a liar. Or would you like to take that back?" Garcia spoke.

"I do everything that I'm told Officer Garcia." She whispered.

"She remains in her cell all day. She doesn't show me the proper respect. She doesn't eat all the girl's pussies every day." Tara said. Nikki couldn't see her but she knew the bitch had one hand on her hip and the other pointed at her and that her beady brown eyes were narrowed to a glare.

"That's what I thought. She's all yours Tara, whatever you think is appropriate punishment." Officer Garcia said. Nikki heard him set something down.

"Officer Garcia I swear on my life I'm not lying! Don't leave me with her!" She shrieked.

"Don't make it any worse than it already is. I hate liars. Worse than liars I hate liars who don't know when they've been caught in the act. They could just man up, take responsibility and it would all be over." Garcia said. "If they dig their own graves I can't stop them from climbing in." Nikki considered confessing. She was innocent but if he wanted to punish her it usually meant just a lot of anal. It was better than Tara getting a chance to torture her. She wouldn't confess to something she didn't do. Never again. So she remained silent as Garcia walked out of the room.

"You fucking bitch. I can't believe you would tell him I lied." Tara walked around so she could look into Nikki's face and then spit in it.

"You are a liar!" Nikki screamed back. Tara reached way back and slapped Nikki so hard she saw stars flashing in her eyes.

"I don't think I want to hear your mouth this whole night." Nikki only had a second to protest the metal bit thrust between her teeth and fastened around the back of her head. She could feel her teeth clicking against the steel. "That should keep you quiet." Nikki groaned around it. It only took a few minutes for her saliva to start oozing down her neck and down to her tits. "I think we're going to start by torturing those tits of yours." Tara hissed.

Nikki's eyes filled with terror as she saw that Tara intended to use. She was holding a pair of nipple clamps and smiling wickedly. A garbled scream tried to escape Nikki's lips when the clamps were locked into place on her nipples. "You like that?" Good, I'm glad." Tara cooed as she pulled several more from the briefcase Garcia had left. "If you kick me this will get much worse. Now spread your legs like a good girl." Nikki could only spread her legs a few inches, she was already hanging by her handcuffs. She clenched her thigh when another clamp was snapped onto her pussy lips. Tara added eight in all stretching her cunt open.

"Wow. You're a good girl. I really thought you were going to kick me." Tara smiled up at Nikki. Tears were running down Nikki's cheeks and pained whimpers escaped at the same time. "But we aren't finished yet, not unless you're going to tell Officer Garcia that you're the one who lied. Are you gonna tell him you're a liar?" Nikki angrily shook her head. "Suit yourself." Tara dragged a bench over to Nikki and pulled her up onto it so Nikki was leaned over. Zip ties were used to tie keep her from climbing down.

The next thing Tara decided to use was a dildo, eight inches of smooth stainless steel. "Can you guess what I'm going to do to you now?" Nikki nodded her head. "Good." Nikki's hole was so wet it only took one thrust to get the entire length of the dildo in. "You fucking slut, you're enjoying this aren't you!" Nikki blushed. "Well lets see how much you can handle." Tara reached for a second dildo and started pushing it into Nikki.

It felt like she was being split in two but Tara was managing it. Nikki's twat stretched painfully but slowly the second phallus was forced into abused hole. It took Tara almost ten minutes but she managed to wedge both dildos inside Nikki. With those in place Tara grabbed a third and pushed it against Nikki's asshole. Nikki knew it was impossible. There was no way that she could take three dildos at once. She'd be split in two. Tara was going to prove her wrong though. It was painful but there was enough room in Nikki for four dildos. Each hole could handle two. She wanted to add a fifth but Nikki's body wouldn't stretch that far. "Are you ready to admit that you're the fucking liar?" Tara asked.

Tears were streaming out of Nikki's eyes now. Still she shook her head. "You know sooner or later your going to break. Why not just let me stop now?" Tara asked. Nikki was asking herself the exact same question. There was no good reason to keep letting Tara torture her. There wasn't much left they could do to her anyway. She was already a prison whore.

"Fine." Tara pulled a riding crop from the briefcase and brought it down across Nikki's tits instantly raising a bright red welt. She wasn't timing them the way Officer Garcia had on her back, she was just flailing against Nikki. Nikki howled into her bit. Pain clouded her mind and then it happened.

Nikki felt something inside her snap and all the pain, all the hotness rushed down to her cunt and she came. Her hips quivered and shook. The spasms got stronger with each blow Tara rained down on her breasts. It was like nothing Nikki had ever experienced and then she passed out.

"Nikki? Wake up Nikki." She fluttered here eyes open to find Officer Garcia standing over her. "You okay?" Nikki threw her arms around him and sobbed nodding her head. He smoothed her hair back from her head. "I need to ask you one thing Nikki. Did you confess to lying."

"No. I didn't lie." Nikki responded.

"Good. Starting tomorrow, you're the leader in your block and Tara is the bitch. I knew you were telling the truth."

"Then why?"

"Because I had to give her one last chance to get her shit straight. And I suspected you were a pain whore, you loved what happened to you didn't you?"

"I didn't love it." Nikki groaned slightly. Her entire body ached, especially her stretched out holes.

"You came so hard you passed out. Means you and me. We got some new games to play." Garcia said.

"Officer Garcia can I ask for something?"

"Yes Nikki you can."

"Fuck me." Garcia smiled and dropped his pants.

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