tagRomanceI Hope You Dance Ch. 05

I Hope You Dance Ch. 05


Another couple of months went by and Chantal made more progress. She could navigate Silverglen's campus without her cane and became a regular visitor in the children's dorms, spending time practicing her Braille skills and reading aloud to them. Martin often came by and watched quietly, falling more and more in love with her as he witnessed the changes in her. He heard the beauty of sunlight in her voice now and watched her walk with her head held high.

She was perfect, even though she was blind. The only problem seemed to be Jean-Claude. Since his first visit, he had become a constant in her life again. Only Martin knew his modus operandi. Jean-Claude would arrive at 2:00 and would visit with Chantal for an hour. He would then head down to the cafeteria and chat up staff workers. He'd fucked a few in his car but most of the time, he chose to use the janitor's closet beneath the stairs. He always sent them away with hush money and returned to Chantal's side the next day, none the wiser.

What tore Martin's heart apart was that now, instead of whispering his name before she came, she would whisper Jean-Claude's instead. He told himself that she didn't mean anything to him and that she had never made any promises. He knew that it was true but he felt such a connection with her, something that tingled when his fingers touched hers. He knew that she felt it, too, but she had ditched something possible for something concrete and honestly, in her situation, he couldn't fault her for that.

"So, who are you taking to the dance?" Lisa's question caught him off-guard and she laughed at his sputtering. "Haven't asked her yet, have you?"

"Why should I bother? You know she's going to go with Jean-Claude."

"Maybe. Maybe not." Lisa loaded his hands with files that she needed to have taken to the archives. "Maybe she would like to go with a friend instead of someone who's always pressuring her for sex." She had a point but he wasn't convinced that she'd give up a magical night with her fiancé. "At least try, Martin. Ask her and see what she says."

He was beginning to regret his decision when he heard footsteps. This was Chantal's favorite route back to the bench where she always waited for Jean-Claude. But two people were coming. He moved behind the stairs and crouched in the darkness, practically holding his breath when he saw the two pairs of legs come towards him, then stop in the corner. The sounds of heavy breathing and passionate kissing filled the air, followed by the sound of a zipper.

"Oh, yeah, take it all, baby." Jean-Claude's voice floated over the girl's noisy sucking and he murmured words of encouragement to her as he hurtled toward his release. The woman gagged a few times, then he gasped, panting as he filled her mouth with cum. "That was great, baby. You have to promise that you'll do that for me after the baby comes."


"I don't know. I might be too tired ... "

"I'll hire a nanny for you. Don't worry." More smacking sounds. "Chantal doesn't know anything about the money. Once we're married, I'll be able to run everything. The bitch is blind. She won't know a thing."

"I love you, Jean-Claude."

"And I love your pussy, Katie. I've got to go. Meet me tomorrow, same time."


Martin remained in his hiding place, his head swirling with the conversation he'd just heard. He listened as the footsteps went separate ways, then crept out into the hallway, nearly colliding with Chantal.

"Chantal! Oh, I'm sorry!"

"That's okay, Martin!" She laughed, clutching his arms to steady herself. "What are you doing creeping around in the stairwell?"

"Uh, I was waiting for you."

"For me? Are you going to escort me to Jean-Claude?"

Martin bit his tongue, not wanting to hurt her. "Not really." His hesitation brought a smile to her lips. "I just wanted to ask you a question."

"Ask away."

"Would you go to the dance with me?"

Chantal forgot to breathe for a moment. "The dance?"

"Yes, the May Dance. I thought that since you were going to be married soon, that you might consider going with me, just this once."

"Martin, I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm blind."

"Is that so?" He grinned. "Are you deaf also?"


"And your legs work?"

Chantal laughed. "Yes. They did the last time I tried."

"Then you have all the faculties you need to dance."

She stepped closer to him. "Then all I need is a date."


She pressed her lips to his cheek. "I shall ask Jean-Claude and if he gives his blessing, then I will go with you."

Martin released her and watched her go, his heart wrestling between sinking and flight. Should I tell her or should I just let her go?

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