tagRomanceI Hope You Dance Ch. 06

I Hope You Dance Ch. 06


Jean-Claude was livid.

"He what?"

"He asked me to the dance. I told him that I'd ask you but you said you couldn't go anyway." Chantal turned her head toward him. "What's the big deal?"

"What's the big deal? The big deal is that my fiancée is going to a dance with another man!"

"Really, Jean, you get upset about the most stupid things!"

Jean-Claude regarded the beautiful woman for a moment. "You think it's stupid?"

"Yes! Martin is just a friend!"

"I don't care. I don't want you to go."

His tone of voice upset her and she just sat back, completely astonished at his anger. Suddenly, she wasn't sure if marrying him was the right thing to do. His advent into her life had been pretty quick and she realized that many of the things that she had done before had been cut off. Her time with the children became less, she hardly saw Martin and she missed the morning tea breaks that she had with Lisa. Jean-Claude seemed to control everything. Was that what she wanted?

"I'm going."

"What? Chantal ... "

"No. Martin is my friend and I'm going to go with him."

Jean-Claude took her hands in his. "Darling, it wouldn't look good if you showed up at this dance with someone who wasn't your fiancée."

"Well, that's the great part about it, Jean. Most of us are blind so we won't be 'looking' any way." She stood, her anger quickly building. She didn't like to be manipulated and didn't think that he had been doing that ... had he? Suddenly, her mind was spinning with questions and she stood quickly, wanting some space. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"You're leaving already?"

She left him and decided that she wanted to see Martin and tell him the good news. He had really been such a good friend to her and she knew that his kind words and companionship would help to get her over her relationship problems. What she heard when she ventured toward his room was not what she expected.

"Oh, Chantal."

The sound of his voice made goosebumps break out across her skin and she was acutely aware of her nipples drawing up and hardening. It was so ... sexy. No wonder he had stayed to listen to her when she was masturbating. She leaned against the wall, wondering if he had done the same outside her door and let her hand drift over her breasts, tweaking the nubs through the fabric. A deep shiver ran through her as her body responded to her touch and her mind to the passion in his voice.

Martin closed his eyes, alternating between applying a light touch or hard stroke to his sensitive cock, his thoughts deeply wrapped around Chantal and imagining that her hand was in place of his. He let his fingers roam over the veined flesh, sliding along the hot stalk and gently encircling the ridge around the fat head before he squeezed it, making a fat drop of pre-cum ooze from the slit. He scooped it up with the palm of his hand and distributed it over the head and coated the length.

"Chantal ... "

"Yes, Martin?"

The breath caught in his throat at the sound of his voice and he tried to cover himself up, surprised to find her hands holding his down. He relaxed and she released him, moving her hands up to his face. Her mouth was sweet and tasted of the butterscotch candies she favored and Martin had never tasted anything as wonderful. Her tongue shyly touched his lips, asking for permission and he granted her access with a whimper. He looped his hands through her luxuriant hair, pushing her mouth harder onto his and letting her control the kiss. She surprised him by pulling back, bending to whisper in his ear.

"I know your secret, Martin. I've heard you outside my door."

Chantal bit his ear lob as her searching hand found what it was looking for, closing around his hard rod and giving it a long, firm stroke. Martin gasped and trembled in her grasp. She gave him one more kiss before she climbed onto him, releasing him for a moment so that she could take his hand and put it where she wanted it: inside her panties with one finger inside her moist slit. She moaned, rubbing against his hand and shuddered as a small but powerful orgasm moved through her.

Martin heard the catch in her breath and turned her over, capturing her mouth with his and spreading her legs apart. The skirt rode up, exposing her wet pink panties and he pushed his own pants down, a large wet circle on the front of his underwear. She suddenly tensed up, aware of his disrobing and tried to push him off.

"No, please."

"I know you're still a virgin, Chantal. Trust me."

Her heart pounding like a drum, Chantal gave a quick shake and settled back onto the bed, hoping that her feelings were right. She felt him push the skirt farther up until it was around her waist and cool air met her hot pussy as his fingers pulled the wet gusset aside and then the heat of his breath as he bent to taste her. The first touch of his tongue made her shiver and the second made her shake uncontrollably. He was so gentle and so passionate at the same time that she felt as if she was an exposed nerve, being scraped every few seconds.

Martin knew she was cumming before she did and held her hips tightly as she thrashed about, gasping and whimpering through her orgasm. He licked every inch of her throbbing flesh, swallowing her pearly juices, then sat up, pressing his lips against her so that she could taste herself. Her soft tongue snaked out and cleaned his upper lip and he moaned into her mouth, aroused beyond belief. He moved a little farther between her legs, pushing her knees up and out and laid his cloth-covered prick against her cloth-covered pussy.

He settled his mouth against her as he settled his body onto her, making sure to match their mouths together as his prick found the center of her folds. Rocking his hips forward, he ground against her trembling as the material caressed his cock and the heat of her answering pussy surrounded it. She quivered as well, moving against him and raising her legs more until her ankles were locked around his back and her arms around his neck.

She fell into his steady rhythm, thrusting against him on the upstroke and whimpering each time his thick muscle pressed against her. The added pressure of his fat head on her clit made her feel like shouting but she could only groan into his mouth, fully giving herself over to the pleasure he was creating in her. He began to move faster and she matched him, stroke for stroke, gasping at the small twinges until she could finally breathe no more and she was tripping over the edge with him.

He pushed hard against her, panting as his cock exploded, sending a wet pool of cum into his underwear and felt heat scorch his face as he realized that she had cum with him. His head dropped to her shoulder and the lovers panted for air, their bodies still vibrating and reaching out to each other. He couldn't see the beatific smile on Chantal's lovely face nor could he see how her heart was leaping for joy. She knew what to do now.

Martin moved aside as she got up, helping her re-arrange her clothing and straightening her mussed hair. His heart was in his throat because she hadn't spoken a word and he was afraid that he'd gone too far. His worries were swept away by her gentle kiss on his cheek. "Pick me up at my room at seven."

"At seven? But the dance doesn't start until ... "

"I know." She picked up her cane and walked over to the door, imagining the look on his face. "Oh, and I hope you dance."

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