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I Just Found Out


I've just found out that my wife is an office slut. What is more, this has been going on for over a year.

It seems it all started about 18 months ago when she took a job in a local estate agents office in a small town just outside London where we live, Just for a bit of extra cash. Little did I know that it was for some extra COCK!

It's not that our sex life is bad, far from it. It's actually great. I have had fantasies about wanting to watch her getting fucked for a long time. I tried and tried to persuade her but she flatly refused although as a source of fantasy and dirty pillow talk it did spice up our sex life quite a bit. Often as I was about to enter her she would say something like -- "Oh I was a naughty girl today, the boss, (or the milkman or the delivery man or whoever...), wanted me and wouldn't take no for an answer" She would continue, "I am very sticky, I tried to make him use a condom, but he wouldn't." Just the idea would almost send me over the edge in about ten seconds flat, but try as I might, and I did, she still would not entertain the idea of any third party involvement.

Frequently, and especially more recently, she did seem extra wet inside, but it never occurred to me that it was anything other than natural juices because not only was she always so ready for it, but she became progressively more assertive. She often told me that she had seen a mystery lover that fucked her silly and how she would make me lick her clean next time her lover had filled her up. This only spurred me on and I would respond by encouraging her to surprise me with a lover when I came home from work. She would then, usually just as I was about to orgasm, ask if it was what I really wanted and I would usually respond with an enthusiastic "yes please!".

My wife is every man's dream fuck, a slim and compact size 10 with short brown hair and breasts that are barely large enough to notice. This is a real advantage when she is bouncing around on our bed during our energetic lovemaking sessions because her breasts don't bounce around too much and long hair does not get in the way.

Anyway, she had been working at this estate agents for a few months and I noticed that she was taking quite a while to get ready for work, spending quite a while putting on her make up and choosing clothing that showed off her slim, almost boyish figure.

The other friday night when she was working late thought I'd surprise her by meeting her and maybe taking her to dinner. When I got to the shop most of the lights were off but I could see one of the guys working so I tapped on the window and he let me in. Knowing that she worked upstairs I walked up into her office but found it empty and in darkness. I could hear voices from the owners office at the end of the hall so I just went down and looked through the glass side panel. I hadn't wanted to just walk in but although a light was on I could not see anything.

I knocked lightly on the door and pushed it open. I could hardly believe my eyes - my wife and her boss were fucking!!! Her skirt was off and her white blouse was completely unbuttoned. She was laid on the large black leather couch in the corner of the office. Her eyes were closed and he was on top of her shagging her for all his worth.

They obviously didn't even know I was their until another guy sat in the corner said to me " have you come to fuck her as well?" Her eyes flew open and she saw me. "sit down and watch" she yelled. I was so taken back sat back onto the chair and watched while she carried on as if I was not there.

The boss ignored me and carried on fucking her and whilst I must admit to having the fantasy I had never thought the day would come where I was sat in my wife's workplace watching her getting fucked by the office staff.

Finally with a great groan and gasp her boss came and as he withdrew I was stunned to see that he was not wearing a condom. The other guy that spoke to me previously walked over and as he passed me just sneeringly said "You must be the husband?" With that he shoved his cock into her cum soaked fanny and carried on fucking her where the boss had just left off.

She looked over his shoulder at me and said "Well it's what you wanted and I hope you like it, as normally I'll have 4 guys waiting to fuck me" and with that she turned towards the boss and sucked his cock clean whilst the other fucked her, he was doing her for at least 10 minutes before pulling his dick out and shooting his spunk, and there was a lot of it, all over her chest and face.

Her boss and the other guy both left the office and my wife stood up and pulled on her knickers. Then she found hankie and wiped her face and chest.

"Well, was that what you wanted to see?" she demanded as she grabbed her skirt and pulled it on.

I was still stunned. I could only nod meekly.

"Good, because the other two are running late. I'll call them and they can come round and fuck me in our bed at home". She turned her back on me, picked up the phone and dialled. "Yes, it's me. No that's fine, no no don't worry it's ok, you can come round to my place. He knows, yes I am sure, it's ok really, he knows and he is fine with it. Yes it's 23 Vicarage Close. I'll have him tie a couple of balloons to the front gate. OK sweetie, I'll see you in about an hour and I'll be ready for you both. Byee."

We drove home and when we got there she glared at me. "Upstairs!" She pushed me through the bedroom doorway and ripped off her clothes. Throwing herself on the bed she grabbed me. "Lick it clean, they will be here in about 30 minutes". Pulling my head down onto her crotch I had no choice other than to lick the cum out of her pussy. I licked her to orgasm and as she came a load more spunk oozed from her pussy. My cock was rock hard and after I had licked her I tried to fuck her but she pushed me away and went downstairs, dragging me by the hand. She found a couple of balloons in the sideboard and gave them to me to inflate and tie to the gate like she had said earlier. No sooner had I tied the balloons to the gate and got back to the front door than I saw car headlights coming along our road. I went inside and closed the front door.

I found my wife in the lounge, where she was pulling the curtains. She saw the car and turned to me. "This is your fantasy and you have wanted it for a long time. I take it that you are not going to change your mind now?"

Sheepishly I said that I agreed that it was my fantasy but I hadn't expected it to happen quite like this.

"Well my darling, as much as I love you and want to be with you, I love my life the way it is now and I am at long last getting enough sex so now that we are both getting what we want I think that life will be really great from now on. Oh and be an angel and let our friends in please."

I was on autopilot. I had certainly enjoyed watching her fuck and I was not about to start a fight now so I opened to door. Two large black guys walked straight in.

"You must be the husband" one of them said. I just nodded and showed them into the lounge, where my wife greeted them by kissing and hugging them both.

"Steve will you please get the boys a drink?" she said to me sweetly, "they will be staying the night so when you've got the drinks you had better order a takeaway and then get their cases from the car and take then up to our bedroom."

Our bedroom. I was still sleepwalking into this. In hindsight I can see that she was not giving me any chance to even slow this train down a little. She was keeping going full speed. I served drinks, rang a Pizza place and then dutifully went out and got the cases and took them upstairs.

It seemed bizarre that we all sat down in our dining room and ate Pizza together. Kay chatted with them about work things, from which I gathered that they also worked at the Estate Agents and after a while she announced, "Steve, we are going to bed now, you can tidy up, do the dishes and when it's all done you can come up and join us, provided that you sit quietly in the corned and watch, OK?"

I nodded.

"Right, let's go." And she grabbed both men by the hand and led them up the stairs to our bedroom.

I busied myself in the kitchen and listened intently to the squeals and giggles that came from upstairs. After about 30 minutes I tentatively climbed the stairs and peered into our room. She was laid on the bed on her back with one of them humping into her as energetically as he could. She was panting and gasping with pleasure and rapidly approaching orgasm. "Oh god, I love your great big black cock, Yes Yes I want your cum in me pleeeeese aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh". I love the sounds she makes when she orgasms. The way she contorts her face is an absolute picture. This time she seemed to keep on cumming. "oh yes yes I can feel it oh yes oh yes it's so warm mmmm lovely lovely mmmm" She was panting as he grunted with the effort of pushing as much cum as he could deep inside my wife. After four or five loud grunts he fell on her chest and they both giggled in what seemed like a very intense experience.

It was then that I noticed the other guy. He was sitting on a chair on the other side of the room. He was naked and completely flaccid. I presumed that he had already fucked her, because he was smiling broadly.

The one that had just fucked her then withdrew. I watched closely. Bloody hell, no fucking wonder! He slowly pulled out 10 inches of cock from my wife's cunt. No wonder she had cum so much and no wonder she felt his spunk run warm inside her. There must have been loads of it.

"Er I think I need a tissue" said Kay. "In fact I think I need quite a few tissues someone please."

I ran to the bathroom and brought back a box of tissues. "Thank you darling" she said. This was the sweetest tone she had used to me since she first saw me watching her in her bosses office, and she grabbed a wad on tissues and wedged them around her cunt, which I could see was oozing a lot of spunk.

"I'll be back in a minute" she said and tiptoed out to the bathroom, keeping her knees as close together as she could.

I felt awkward in the silence with the three of us so I just said "Anyone fancy another drink?"

One of them held out his hand. "I feel awkward about this, but I am Earle and this is Jerome. We are very pleased to meet you. " I took his hand and shook it. "Your wife is a lovely lady. We are very lucky." He smiled and I found myself smiling back.

"If you would like to come down I will find you another drink, what would you like?"

Earle produced a bottle of Southern Comfort from his case. "Allow me -- lot's of ice in mine" I took the bottle and went downstairs. A couple of minutes later I heard feet on the stairs and Kay, Earle and Jerome came into the lounge. I held out a tray with four glasses each containing Southern Comfort and ice. Kay took hers and suggested we all sit down. I sat in a chair and Kay came and sat on my lap with her arm around my shoulder. She kissed me and whispered "I love you".

Earle raised his glass. "Here is to Kay, thank you honey and also to Steve, thank you for your kindness and generosity." It was surreal. Two men who had just fucked my wife in my bed were drinking my health. We chatted for an hour or so and then Kay said it was time for bed and led us all upstairs, where we all took turns with my lovely wife.

In the morning Kay made us all a cooked breakfast and the guys left. Strangely it felt like saying goodbye to old friends. I knew that life would be very different from now on.

We now regularly meet her friends from work and we now know and trust them all completely. Two, three or four guys regularly fuck her while I watch and play host. On a Friday night I never know whether she is going to get home late or bring someone home. Often I'm made to lick her fanny clean, but at least after the guys have gone she reverts back to my sexy little wife and we fuck like rabbits.

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