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I Just Had to Know


This story is based on a true experience told to me by a friend represented by the Kelly character and how she was set up by an older woman with a huge black guy. I was always fascinated by the motivation for her to do so, hence the angle I have come at it from. I like to give the characters some background so stick with it until the naughty bits later on. How much I have enhanced for your pleasure,I'll leave you to decide. Enjoy...


The minute I saw him my stomach somersaulted. It sounds like a cliché from a girly romantic novel, but it is the only way to describe what I felt as this gorgeous man entered the room for a contract meeting with me.

He was dressed immaculately in a beautiful suit and tie, crisp white shirt to perfect contrast to his dark black skin. I had never really seen black guys as particularly my thing, but Joseph was different. He was in his late 30's, educated, well spoken, smiling and confident, not arrogant or flashy at all.

This was a different animal to the black guys my husband and I had encountered in London or on holiday in the sunny places we visited. I'm just not turned on by a six pack and a bad attitude. Joseph, or Joe as he asked me to call him had the six pack, that was obvious even under the threads, but he also had the intelligence I wanted from any man I was to take seriously.

That he stood at over six foot, clearly had a superb physique and sculpted features that gave him almost a perfect classical look may have been secondary, but having passed through my acceptance criteria in the first minute, I found myself drinking in these attributes as we went through our business.

Me? Despite my schoolgirl 'crush', he was never going to be mine - for a start I am married to Ian, a lovely man a couple of years younger than me. He is my second husband, a regular looking middle aged man with a decent job and a good companion and friend. Whilst not thrilling, it's a good relationship and one I enjoyed and valued..

I'm also 53 years old. I have a good career and my job demands propriety. I've been a 'good girl' most of my life, doing what was expected of me and getting on. Sure, I am probably what you would call attractive for my age, a typical English Rose with delicate features, average sized breasts and a slim almost boyish figure and still blonde, even if there is a little grey mixed in with it. Not an obvious vamp, but pretty for sure.

As for my sex life, it had been ok. Two husbands kept satisfied, though increasingly rarely nowadays and a few other boyfriends when not wed. I'm certainly not a missionary only girl, but hardly a porn star either. I guess this all sums up why I just couldn't imagine being with a man like Joe in any sense of the word. Mind you, it didn't stop me looking and dreaming.

Over the course of our long meeting I found Joe a really interesting and articulate man. After the deal was concluded he offered to take me for lunch to say thanks for the deal. The couple of hours in the restaurant ended with us laughing and talking like old friends, me less the starstruck teen and back to the confident business woman I am. We parted with a promise to keep in touch and chat again. The ongoing contract would ensure we did. Our future meetings were always followed by lunch or dinner and a great chat - we had become good friends.

Shortly before I had met Joe, Ian and I had been on holiday in one of those all inclusive resort places in the Caribbean, a couple of weeks of sun and not much else. It was a little out of season, so the place was pretty quiet. After a week of starring into each others eyes, Ian and I were glad to make friends with a younger couple, Kelly and Andy.

He was a pretty dull guy for someone in his 30's, a civil servant, liked a bit of golf, and seemingly not much else. He dressed well and was decent looking, which may have accounted for the pretty girl on his arm, but really other than that was an unremarkable man.

On the other hand she was dynamite - at first glance this thin blonde was nothing but a pinhead bimbo, every wife's worst nightmare of the other woman. It was easy to see why my husband had been drawn into a conversation with her that lead to the drink that led to us sitting having fun at the bar. However, within the time it took us to down that first cocktail those first impressions had been totally overcome.

Kelly was a doctor who now specialised in minor plastic surgery. She swore blind she hadn't done any herself, so despite being 35 years old, that figure, and my what a figure it was, was all her own. Boy could she talk, but it was interesting and fun. She had done stuff and had opinions she could back up. And all this in a package that stood on the most awesome slender legs to 5'2", probably no more than a hundred pounds and with a fantastic and proudly displayed 34D rack pushing out that tiny bikini top. Being a woman I couldn't help but notice how 'buffed' smooth she was and that seemed to continue to the bikini bottoms which rode smoothly over her pubic mound.

I could see Ian trying to sneak odd glances when he thought I wasn't looking, but hey, no harm was being done. Andy was paying her no attention, happy to watch the big screen over my shoulder, so I don't think Kelly really minded. She seemed more than able to cope. She clearly had no designs on Ian, her bar clearly set much higher physically judging from her own sly glances at the ripped and shorts clad waiters that buzzed back and forth with refreshments.

After the week we were firm friends and good to her word, Kelly kept in touch afterwards. As we got closer, she confided in me and I in her. It was great having such a young 'gal pal' to have fun with. She and Andy came to visit just a few weeks later and it was obvious from the word go all was not right with them.

It transpired that the holiday had been a bit of a make or break for them and it looked like it was broken. She asked my opinion and I tried to diplomatically tell her that she seemed to deserve something a bit better from her relationship.

The next time she visited, it was on her own. The confident Kelly bristled with energy and fun. When Ian had gone out and left us with the bottle of white wine and a ton of gossip to get through she told me so much about herself I felt like I was just getting to know her properly now.

Sure enough, they had split. She said the final straw had been when he caught her masturbating and had told her to stop as 'it was disgusting'. I was pretty shocked at this - me and my other women friends never talked like this. I'm sure, like me, they all did do it, but to confess to it so bluntly was unheard of.

She conferred to me that sex was a big thing for her and that she needed to cum almost every day, so if sex wasn't on offer, masturbation with fingers, pink rabbit's and anything else she wanted was essential. Since the break up, Kelly admitted she had fucked a couple of guys on one night stands and begun what seemed a very promising friendship with benefits with an older married man she had known for years and trusted not to get clingy.

This was probably the most frank conversation I had ever had with another woman. She kept looking to me for acknowledgement that I understood, which I did, but not necessarily from the point of view of feeling the same way. Needless to say our conversation was getting naughtier and naughtier, before turning to the things which turned us on most.

The first thing she confessed to was enjoying porn. I was pretty prudish about it in reality, the thought of top shelf magazines and seedy shops not my thing.

'Don't be silly Maggie, it's not like that now. It's all online, so with the odd safeguard so Ian doesn't know what you have been looking at, it is all here in the comfort of your own home. And it's not all pictures of teens with perfect figures. I love the video's and the stories too. Look I'll show you' and off she went to fetch her iPad.

Next thing I know she has shown me the Literotica.com site and all of the categories. Then she got up a couple of sites with videos of every type of sex imaginable and many I had never even considered. There was a massive number that catered for guys who liked mature women and it struck me that there must be guys out there that perhaps looked at me that way. Did Joe have those thoughts?

Joe? Why had I thought of Joe at that moment? Was it because I was so utterly turned on now listening to this fabulous young woman describe her sex life? It was probably a bit of both as Kelly had just said her favourite was the videos of the big black guys fucking innocent white girls and Joe was really the only black guy I knew.

'Have you ever, well, been with a black guy?' I asked Kelly rather timidly.

'Oh yeah - have a ever. There was a couple of guys I fucked on my last holiday to the Caribbean and I had an Asian boyfriend for a year or so. The black guys are so primal when they fuck. I'm not keen on their attitude out of bed, but you don't need a brain to fuck, just a nice big hard cock and plenty of stamina!' she laughed.

It was now it came to me. I couldn't fuck Joe, but Kelly could. She would then almost certainly tell all. I needed this to happen as I couldn't imagine any other way of experiencing that beautiful man myself.

'Would you like to try it again with a black guy?' I asked her.

'Are you kidding? I'm single and not looking for love, just lust and big black cock would be perfect to sort that out' came the rather predictable answer.

'Well, Aunty Maggie might just be able to help there. How about a date tomorrow night? Trust me he is gorgeous. I'll tell you all about him in a minute. I'll call him now, it's not too late.' And with that I called Joe to invite him for dinner to make up a foursome with Kelly the next night.

I didn't really need to give her the big sell. It was clear the slut in her was well and truly awake and looking forward to meeting Joe, especially after I had laid on his qualities so thickly. I just had to hatch my own plan alongside the 'date'.

A text to Joe later to say that he was welcome to stay if he wanted to have a drink gave him the flexibility to hang around and it would raise no suspicion with Ian as it was clearly Kelly being set up by me and anyway, he was used to me inviting work related people round at the drop of a hat. He loved hosting and it was always an excuse for a good drink.

As soon as Joe walked in, I could see that Kelly was putty in his hands. He maintained his usual calm and she went into a slightly flirty mode that all girls recognise when they see someone snaring a mate. Ian had met Joe briefly once before and knew he was good company, so soon the wine was opened and the conversation flowed.

A great night was winding up and I suggested to Ian that we knocked it on the head. He was a little tipsy and ready for it, but Kelly and Joe said that they would stay up a while if we didn't mind. I knew my plan was working. Soon Ian was out cold in bed and having said I might use the spare room as I had a slight headache starting, he was left alone in our room.

The small spare was on the other side of the house, away from our master bedroom where they thought I was, right between Kelly's room and Joe's room. I crept in quietly and waited not wanting them to know I was in there. Sure enough, about half an hour later they came upstairs and both went into Kelly's room.

'Are you sure they won't mind us doing this Kelly? Maggie keeps a good house...' I heard Joe say. The reply shocked me to the core.

'Listen Joe, Maggie wasn't born yesterday. She knows how the world turns and that people fuck. Now why do you think she invited you over? To try a new Shiraz or to fuck her friend? So are you going to fuck me or what...?

There was a slight pause and a change in the tone of Joe's voice that was unmistakable. 'Sweetheart, I ain't going to just fuck you, I'm gonna turn you inside out...'

And so it began. It sounded like the soundtracks to the porn clips we had watched the night before, gasps and slurps and grunts and mostly from Kelly the vocabulary of the harlot being fucked. So many 'Oh God's, 'Fuck me's and 'So big's that I lost count.

My imagination was going wild. I was lying on the bed, desperately trying to control my breathing so as not to be heard, one finger on my clit keeping me on the edge of an orgasm the whole time they were at it. When was I last so wet? I couldn't remember.

The images going through my mind shocked me. The totally overwhelmed Kelly being torn open by Joe and his massive black cock, she a mere rag doll on his huge black weapon, cumming again and again as he brutalised her for her willingness and confidence in taking him on.

It was well over and hour before things went a bit quieter. The end of their fucking, and it sounded like he had really fucked her like she had demanded. I let my own orgasm slip out, a final sodden release. I couldn't wait until the morning to hear all of her details that Kelly would surely confide. Then Joe's voice.

'That's it, roll over. Nearly done. I'm going to use the bathroom and then I'll be back for round two eh? You up for that little girl?' A faint sound from Kelly seemed to acknowledge his words.

I heard him leave and head for the master bathroom on the floor below. I hadn't heard the door to her room close and suddenly I was a passenger to my curiosity. I slipped on the short satin number I had gone to the room in and crept out of the door to peek into Kelly's room. I needn't have been so cautious as there she was face down and spread-eagled on the bed, tied with silks on each corner. More striking though was her pussy, at which I was staring. It was gaping open and cum was lewdly sliding from it - my God how big was Joe if he left her like this?

I nearly jumped out of my skin at what happened next. A big hand went across my mouth and the other under my satin and onto my pussy, in an instant one then two fingers hard up inside me. At the same time I was guided back to my room without almost a sound. 'Joe?' I heard Kelly say under her breath.

It was Joe and now he looked at me in a way no man has ever looked at me. 'Enjoy the show did we Maggie?' he said in a voice barely more than a whisper. 'I knew you were in here, listening to me fuck the shit out of your mate. So now we have a decision to make don't we?'

My eyes questioned him, but no sound emerged from me, just the breathing and the heartbeat of a woman in the midst of the highest sexual peak of her life. He took his fingers out of my pussy and rammed them into my mouth forcing me to taste my own cum. He was so in control now.

'I'm going to go back in there and fuck that slut up the ass. That's right, her tiny hole is going to accept this...' at which point my head was yanked forward to stare down at the glistening black cock that had been giving Kelly such pleasure '...but before it gets all covered in her shit, how about you do what you know you really want to do and try some of my big black cock for yourself?'

He knew the answer, and in reality so did I - him pushing me to my knees to begin just added to the thrill. It was hanging down between his legs, a gentle curve shape and as I raised my hands to it, both could not cover it's length. It musty have been 10" flaccid and with width to match. It was magnificent and my mouth just had to take it in. It tasted and smelt of sex, hard wet sex. I stopped for moment as I realised what I was doing...

'That's right Maggie, suck your friend's cum right off Joe's cock. Doesn't she taste so fine? Perhaps I'll get you to try it direct later...' he smiled at me and pushed it a little harder into my mouth. I'd never thought of fucking another woman before but here I was being told it might happen and I knew if he wanted me to, I would.

In a minute he was hard and pulled my hands above my head, lifting me up in the process. My satin was pulled off over my head and those two massive black hands began to wander across my body, my breasts, my arse and my pussy, testing, prodding and feeling as if weighing up whether to buy me or not.

'Not bad at all Maggie, not bad. I've fucked some older white women before, but none as sweet as you.' and with that he pushed me back onto the bed, spread my legs and lined up his huge cock at the entrance to my pussy. I was so wet from earlier that the first couple of inches were easy. Then I began to feel the girth and the size of his cock push more earnestly. His body weighed down on me, his mouth covering mine to suck the very breath from my body as we kissed. I was totally his.

Then the fucking began. Physically I was beyond ecstasy, mentally images flashed through my mind of his cock in me, his cock spewing it's cum inside Kelly, of me with her, of us powerless to resist this man's powerful sex taking us again and again. My first cum was almost instant, the second close behind.

'Maggie?' came the quiet voice. It was Ian. Shit. He was stood there bewildered and naked but with an erection sticking out as he watched his wife being impaled on this huge black man.

Joe was quick to react. 'I'm fucking your wife, but look next door and there is a little something you can use to get rid of that. In fact, do me a favour and fuck her up the ass for me to loosen her up before I come in there to finish off - now fuck off and let us finish...in fact no, we'll come and join you'. His voice went from commending to conciliatory in no time.

Ian's curiosity piqued, he looked in the door of the adjoining bedroom and saw his 'present'. 'Go on honey, I don't mind if Kelly doesn't' I said.

It struck me that in an instant Joe had figured the solution to the whole situation and what would have to be talked about in the morning, but for now I wanted to fuck him and well, why shouldn't he try something new too? Both equally guilty meant both still equal.

As Joe and I walked in to the room, Ian was already tentatively touching Kelly's pussy. She starred at me not knowing what I was going to say. I smiled and nodded gently at her giving permission that all was fine here. Her eyes closed again as she focussed on the fact she was required to fuck again.

Ian was being so reserved. Barely touching her you could see he was wracked with the decision he had to make. Joe made it for him, grabbing him by the cock with one hand and the other pushing him towards Kelly's spread shaven cunt, for it was certainly that now, puffed up and stringy with cum. With one push Ian was in her.

'Fuck her man, she wants it, needs it. Cover that cock of yours in my cum then do her ass' barked Joe. Ian had never fucked a woman in the ass before, not even me, but here I was looking forward to watching him do it, covered in the cum of my black lover and having just had another man ram his cock into that ruined pussy.

Kelly's head tossed back at he entry of another cock to her and no doubt the prediction of what was about to happen to her. I was picked up by Joe and skewered on his cock while he was stood up. At the same time he gripped my ass hard with both hands and let one of his forefingers snake into my ass. I couldn't believe how easy he did it, but I was so wet there was no resistance, but the feeling- wow it was amazing. His finger was tracing his own cock inside me and in my mind I was suddenly being fucked by two men at once and I loved it.

My head was pitched on his shoulder, holding on for the ride. I could see and hear Ian pounding Kelly's pussy. He was like a man possessed. 'Are we going to try your ass too?' Joe whispered teasingly in my ear as I held on. That was enough to send me over the edge again, the very thought of my virgin ass being violated by this enormous black tool was just too much for me, and as if to force the point home a second finger entered my rectum stretching me still further.

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