tagInterracial LoveI Keep Giving Him Everything Pt. 02

I Keep Giving Him Everything Pt. 02


The day that Jim and his family returned from vacation, I received a text message from him that he was back and would try and see if he could sneak out to meet me the next day. I was very excited to hear that because I really needed to talk with him. I didn't let on that I had to talk to him, but I think that our conversation will go well. He told me he would let me know by lunch hour and where we could meet and for how long.

At night I was lying in bed and thinking over the conversation that I would be having with Jim and I hope he will be able to come clean with me and tell me his true feelings. I have let me feelings for him be known the first day I met him face to face for the first time. I was head over heels in love with him and told him that his family was so lucky to have him. I have grown so much in love with him that if I didn't have him in my life, I know my life would be empty. I slept pretty well considering I was worried a bit that he may get upset with me confronting him with my questions, but I felt that it was time we laid our cards on the table so to speak.

The next morning about 9:00 I got a text and he told me that he would be able to meet me for a few hours because he had to take his wife to her mother's because she had no way of getting there because her car was still being worked on. I asked him if I should make a reservation at "our" hotel and he said yes. He also shocked me by telling me that he would be picking up the tab, bringing us lunch and actually brought me back a gift from his trip. These are things that never had happened before and I was delighted and concerned that something may be wrong.

After making our reservations, I jumped into the shower and shaved everywhere and I was bald except for eyebrows and hair on my head. I took a nice hot shower and then creamed myself with coco butter because Jim loves the way it makes me smell and feel. I picked out a new top that I had bought for our next meeting that was all summer colors with a pair of white shorts and had on a new pair of white panties and didn't sport a bra that day. I let "the girls" as we referred to them just be comfortable. I left a little earlier to head to the hotel so I could just go over it in my head again what I wanted to say and ask and I had a good gut feeling today.

I pulled into the parking lot and as soon as I turned off the car, I saw Jim pull up. He was sure a sight for sore eyes as I could feel those little white panties getting damp. I opened my door and Jim opened his and I ran into his arms and he gave me a hug bear hug and a very passionate kiss. I didn't want to let him go but I didn't want to waste another minute without being with him in our room. He made his way to the back of his truck where he took out some bags with our lunch and goodies in it as I asked if I could help carry anything. I carried in the lunch while he got the beers and JD and also had a small bag which he held onto.

We went up to the desk clerk who knows us by now and she handed me the key and it was to "our room" - Room 105. We got there in record time and opened the door and put everything away and started to hug and kiss again and I broke the kiss and told Jim that I needed to talk with him and get some answers and he said he would be happy to. I told him I wanted to talk before we had our oral and then made love and he was completely fine with that.

I started off asking him to sit down and relax as I handed him a bottle of beer. I opened one for myself and I began my questioning. I told him that I was very much in love with him and it grows with every day that passes and that I think about him and us all the time. I asked him to be completely honest with me and even if it meant the possibility of hurting my feelings, I wanted him to answer all my questions.

The first question was if he missed me and he said of course. I asked him if he had a nice time with his family and he said he did. I told him that I wanted to know if he can finally tell me exactly what he feels about me and why he comes back to me time after time. I was blown away by his answers and they went as follows:

"Joan, you know that I told you many years back that I am not a mushy kind of guy and I don't go around saying I love you as freely as you do and others. I told you that when I care and love someone, I show it in my actions and I hope that you get my message when we make love to each other, hold each other and kiss each other. As for my feelings for you, I care very deeply for you and there have been times I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid that you would hold me to what I was saying and ask me to leave my family for you. Then I know you told me that you would never ask me to leave them, I guess I was just being too careful.

I thought about the time you asked me if I would marry you and I told you that I wouldn't marry again - not just you, but anyone. I do love you and worry and care about you. I thought about how you always bail my black ass out of trouble with helping me with some money, lots of money, buy me things that I want and can't afford to get for myself and meet me when you can and understand when I can't meet you."

I was touched by his words and honesty and then he asked me why I asked him to tell me. Here is my response:

"Jim I know that you care for me and you do show me in everything we do. I thought that maybe you were just in love with my money and for all that I do for you, but not me as a person. I see know that you do and I would never question your feelings again. I just want to know how were you able to afford to buy all this for us today. I hope you didn't spend all your money."

Jim took me in his arms and told me that he was saving up for this day because he knew that being away from each other would make us want to be with each other. With that he handed me the little bag he was carrying and told me to look at what he brought me. When I opened the bag, there was a tiny box, like jewelry comes in and I was shaking like a leaf. I took the beautiful wrapping paper carefully off the box and opened it and there was a gold necklace with a number 5 pendant hanging from the chain. I began to cry as I threw my arms around him and he had to dry me tears. The number 5 was the month and date that we first met each other in person and 5 has been a lucky number for both of us since that first meeting. I put it around my neck and vowed to never take it off. I thought that if anyone asks me why I wear a 5 around my neck, I could say that was the month my deceased mother was born, which was the truth and who would question that...no one!!

We made love for over an hour, showered and had our lunch before Jim had to go pick up his wife. I know that Jim and I will never part but I told him that if he ever felt that he no longer wanted to see me that I would be very upset, but would respect his wishes.

Our story continues...who knows, there may still be another chapter for you all to read...

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