I Kissed A Girl


It was another night, another meaningless party. So many people were already drunk and making fools of themselves out on the dance floor.

The music was blasting loud. Anita stood by the french doors holding a drink and watching the people dancing. Her best friend had forced her to this party in New York. Anita had just broken up with her boyfriend Nick and Ray had dragged her out in hopes of Anita getting laid.

The room was so hot with so many people that Anita had slipped away to stand outside by the doors to get some air. Reaching for her purse, Anita drew her favorite cherry flavored chap stick out. The lip gloss that Ray had made her wear had already worn out and Anita didn't believe that it would make her lips bigger so she put the chap stick to her lips covering them with a coat.

"Excuse me?" A soft girl's voice asked behind her.

Anita turned around and was stunned. Nicole Richie was standing behind her also holding a drink.

"Sorry, was I in your way?" Anita asked flustered.

Nicole Richie was one of Anita's favorite celebrities. It even went as far that Anita had a slight girl crush on her and Paris.

"No, you were fine I just didn't wanna run into you, I was walking sorta fast." Nicole smiled.

Anita smiled back. Nicole was 5'2 and wearing heels where as Anita was 5'0 and wearing ballet flats with her skinny jeans so Nicole had a couple of inches on her. She had on a yellow dress that ended at mid-thigh and looked quite sexy on her.

"So, don't think I'm rude or anything but, I noticed how extremely round and firm your breasts look, are they real?" Nicole asked staring at Anita's chest.

Anita looked down at her B-cup breasts.

"Actually my boobs are real but they aren't this big or round. I'm wearing a push up bra."

"Oh wow. They look great." Nicole said.

Anita blushed. With her ballet flats and skinny jeans, Anita also wore a tight pink top that showed just a hint of the cleavage that the bra created for her A cups.

Nicole and Anita continued to watch the other people dancing standing side by side.

"So, have you?" Nicole asked randomly.

Anita looked at her.

"Have I what?"

Nicole smirked at her.

"Kissed a girl?" She asked as the song had been playing.

Anita shook her head.

"Why have you?"

"Just Paris one time for this thing with the Simple Life."

Anita leaned on the door frame.

"What was it like?"

"Do you want to see?"

Anita glanced around nervous.


Nicole laughed again.

"We can go to my room if you want."

Anita looked around one more time then stood up straight.


"Right. Follow me." Nicole said turning and leaving.

Putting down her drink, Anita followed Nicole out to a cab.

"Not too far from here." Nicole said as they got in.

Anita slid in beside her and they leaned back on the seats a bit tired. It was nearing 3 am and they had been out for hours.

"So what brings you out?" Nicole asked her breaking the silence.

Anita looked at her and sighed.

"My boyfriend and I just broke up a couple of weeks ago. Things just weren't working out anymore and my best friend brought me out to try and get me laid."

Nicole laughed.

"Nice friend!"

"So what about you?"

Nicole shrugged.

"Joel gave me a break from motherhood for the night. Harlow is at home with daddy and mommy gets to have fun and time to relax."

The cab pulled up to the curb and the girls got out, Nicole paying and she led Anita in.

Anita looked around taking everything in. She hadn't been to New York before and was trying to get the full experience.

"Are you nervous?" Nicole asked her as they got to the elevators.

"A bit. I mean first of all I've never kissed a girl, second, you are Nicole Richie, one of my girl crushes of Hollywood!" Anita said.

"Well, this should make it so much better." Nicole said as they stepped into the elevator.

Anita breathed out leaning on the wall after Nicole hit the floor number.

"Aw baby don't be scared." Nicole giggled and slid her hand down into Anita's.

"I'm ok." Anita said locking eyes with her.

Anita's breath caught in her throat but before either of them could make a move, they got to Nicole's floor.

Holding hands, the girls stepped out and walked to the huge suite Nicole was staying in. Nicole opened the door and they stepped in with Nicole turning on a dim light.

"Ok, there is no turning back after this." Nicole warned her.

"I don't want to turn back." Anita said in a calm voice but her heart racing.

Nicole faced her sliding her arms around Anita's waist. Anita in turn reached up just a bit to put her arms around Nicole's neck. Their breathing was hallow and it was silent as they slowly stepped closer. Their thighs met first, followed by their bellies and their chests. Nicole tilted her head a bit and very lightly brushed Anita's lips.

She pulled back to check if Anita was doing ok. Anita tightened her grip on Nicole so Nicole leaned in and firmly pressed her lips to Anita's. Anita moaned softly with pleasure as they kissed. She slowly let her lips part under Nicole's and Nicole's tongue peeked out teasing Anita's mouth.

Gripping her even tighter, Anita met Nicole's tongue eagerly and the kiss deepened between the two women. Nicole slid her hand down to Anita's ass. She had a bubble shaped ass and Nicole wanted it badly. Anita in turn slowly, and a bit shyly, began to feel up Nicole's full tits.

"Let's go to the bedroom." Nicole gasped breaking the kiss.

Holding hands again, the girls made their way back into the bedroom. Nicole closing the door to the bedroom behind them and pulling Anita to bed.

"I wanna have sex with you." Nicole said bluntly.

Anita hesitated then kissed her slowly.

"I wanna have sex with you too." She whispered into Nicole's ear.

Nicole slid her hands down Anita's side gripping the hem of her shirt. She slowly slid Anita's shirt up her body, Anita raising her arms to help Nicole. Nicole leaned in kissing the fluffy flesh the bra pushed up. Anita groaned panting a bit.

"Mmm honey wait." Nicole said kissing the hallow of Anita's throat as her hands slid down, undoing Anita's jeans.

Nicole knelt down sliding them off of Anita's hips, revealing her red lace boy shorts. Anita stepped out of her ballet flats and out of her jeans as Nicole gently traced the lines of the boy shorts near her womanhood.

Nicole could smell the juice coming from between Anita's legs.

"I wanna eat you, get onto the bed."

Anita crawled into the king sized bed and lay against the pillows. Her legs up and open. Nicole climbed up and reached over gently and slowly peeling Anita's panties from her body exposing Anita's wet, pink, hairless mound.

"Fuck." Anita whispered.

"No just yet." Nicole answered with a grin lifting Anita's right leg to slip the panties off.

Nicole held them up to her face sucking on the wet crotch her eyes locked on Anita's. Then she tossed them aside and lay belly down looking at the pretty wetness in front of her face.

Slowly, almost as if she wanted to torture Anita, Nicole moved in and placed a butterfly light kiss on her slit.

"FUCK IT NICOLE I WANT YOU TO EAT ME!" Anita cried out. She had never been so horny before.

Nicole giggled softly but obeyed moving in but stopped right before.

"What the fuck?" Anita asked panting.

"I want a sweet taste of your ass first." Nicole shrugged.

Anita looked at her for a minute about to cry but slowly turned onto her stomach exposing her ass.

"Damn baby, you idol J-Lo much?" Nicole asked stroking the pale flesh of Anita's bare ass.

"I have Latin blood in me, all the weight I gain goes straight to the ass." Anita said over her shoulder.

Nicole gently peeled apart the ass cheeks revealing Anita's pink puckered hole. Nicole hacked back a bit and spit on it before suddenly darting her tongue out right to the center of the hole.

"NICOLE FUCK!" Anita cried with a jerk.

Nicole wrapped her arms around Anita's thighs laying on her legs and buried her face into Anita's ass. She circled the hole lightly with her tongue then opened her mouth sucking hard against the hole.

Anita tried to buck against her face but Nicole's hold was too tight on her. Nicole moaned as she open mouth sucked on Anita's ass hole. She licked lower, almost to her slit then back up and around the hole slipping her tongue in.

Anita clutched the pillows hissing out her pussy on fire as Nicole raiding her ass. Finally Nicole flipped Anita back onto her back and pushed her legs up. Anita reached down grabbing at Nicole's long hair. She watched Nicole and began to put strands of Nicole's hair into her pussy, wetting the hair with her juice.

Nicole slid her hands along Anita's thighs opening her up and lowered her mouth to Anita's ragging center.

"Uh Nicole!" Anita gasped holding onto Nicole's head, raising her hips trying to get more of her.

Nicole held her hips and licked along Anita's wet slit. Her tongue tip teased Anita's clit. Anita's arms fell back above her head gripping the headboard. Her body twisted with pleasure as moans of passion erupted from her lips. Her eyes fluttered shut pressing her body close to Nicole's teasing mouth.

Nicole glanced up at her, circling Anita's clit with her tongue. With a low growl, Nicole bit gently down on the hard clit tugging on it. Anita arched her back muttering, begging Nicole to make her cum.

"That's it baby mmmm it's so good isn't it? Your sweet little pussy tastes so good." Nicole cooed to her tracing the wet slit.

Anita's body felt is if it were on fire, one hand held the beds headboard the other slid down to the back of Nicole's head.

"I love how this feels Nicole. It's so fuckin amazing!" Anita moaned.

"It's all gonna get so much better." Nicole whispered as she slowly slid her third finger into Anita's pussy hole.

"Fuck!" Anita cried out as Nicole began to penetrate her pussy with her finger and continued to assault her clit with her mouth and teeth.

Nicole stroked the inner walls of Anita's cunt feeling her close to her climax. She pushed her middle finger in all the way pressing Anita's G-spot.

"NICOLE OH FUCK NICOLE I'M CUMMING!" Anita cried out pushing down against Nicole's finger and she came shuddering.

Nicole lapped at Anita's cunt drinking the sweet honey.

Anita lay still panting. Nicole gave her quivering clit one more kiss and kissed up her belly, kissing her bra covered tits, her neck and finally her lips. Anita moaned holding Nicole on top of her as they gently kissed just relaxing.

"Do you want to do more?" Nicole asked softly.

"Mmm, yes I wanna continue having sex the rest of the night." Anita answered.

Nicole grinned and removed Anita's bra and then her own dress and panties. Both girls naked now, Nicole lay in Anita's arms waiting for her to come down from the orgasm.

Nicole turned her head taking Anita's small nipple into her mouth gently sucking on her breasts. Anita moaned softly cradling Nicole like a baby to her.

"I wanna suck on your tits." Anita whispered.

Nicole rolled onto her back and opened her arms to cradle Anita in them. Anita moved between Nicole's slim legs and lay in her arms. She reached for her right tit guiding it to her mouth.

"Here baby, let me help you." Nicole cooed taking her tit and placing it into Anita's mouth.

Anita let out a little happy moan and settled sucking. Nicole began to massage the breast that was in Anita's mouth and squirted a warm, sweet stream of milk into her mouth.

Anita squealed out and looked up at Nicole.

"Shh baby, let mama feed you." Nicole whispered kissing Anita's forehead.

Moaning Anita began to suck on the tit, drinking the milk from her. Nicole let out moans of pleasure stroking Anita's sweet small tits. She shifted Anita to her left side and again Anita drank from her until Nicole was out of milk.

Anita lay on her belly over Nicole and they kissed. Nicole's tongue sought out some left over sweet milk from Anita's mouth and holding her face they began to tongue gently.

"Hey, I'll be right back" Anita whispered.

Nicole sat up a bit as Anita stood up.

"Where are you going?"

"I have to pee like a mother." Anita said.

Nicole grabbed Anita. Anita looked at her confused watching Nicole smirk.

"Pee here." Nicole said.

Anita rose her eyebrow.

"Pee here?"

"Yeah. Pee in my mouth. You got something sweet to drink, it's my turn. I wanna taste your sweet piss." Nicole said using her finger to circle Anita's throbbing clit.

"Ok, how do we do this?"

Nicole lay down at the side of the bed, half off of it and pulled Anita's hips.

"Straddle my face standing and squat."

Anita moved to where Nicole instructed she leaned forward to hold the mattress behind Nicole's head and squatted over her face.

"Now pee." Nicole whispered.

Anita shuddered a bit feeling Nicole's breath on her sweet center. She began to relax and slowly pee trickled out from her.

Nicole opened her mouth wide and the warm, pale yellow pee flowed into her mouth. Nicole filled her mouth before swallowing and kept repeating it as Anita pissed. The pee was slightly sweet and Nicole was loving it.

The trickle of pee started to slow, Nicole reached up bouncing Anita to get every last drop out before Nicole pulled Anita roughly down to her licking her dirty cunt to clean her up. Anita began moaning loudly again, rocking her hips on Nicole's face.

When Nicole had cleaned her up and sensing Anita was about to cum again she pulled away.

"Nicole!" Anita cried out looking down to see what happened.

"Get back onto the center of the bed."

Scrambling up horny, Anita got back to where Nicole wanted.

"It's time." Nicole whispered crawling on top of Anita.

Slowly, with their eyes locked, Nicole lowered her body to Anita's.

"Ooohh mmm Nicole." Anita moaned as their clit's met. Her arms wrapped tightly around Nicole's body.

Nicole crushed her lips against Anita's as they began to hump. Anita's hands slid down to Nicole's ass, grinding her closer. Their slick cunt's rubbing, clits grinding.

"Oh baby this is so good." Nicole whispered placing love bites on Anita's neck.

Anita let out a little whimper. She wanted more, she needed more. She lifted her legs around Nicole's, pulling her legs open a bit more and began to fuck Nicole's mouth with her tongue as they pussy fucked.

"I'm gonna cum." Nicole whispered humping her harder.

Anita threw back her head and arched, gripping Nicole's ass as they bounced on the bed having one of the hottest fucks of their lives.

"BABY I'M CUMMING!" Nicole screamed as pressed down.

Anita groaned holding Nicole tightly feeling Nicole's cum slip into her slit. Anita began to cum herself.

"I want more." Anita said right away as they finished their orgasm. "I wanna get inside you." She murmured against Nicole's lips.

Nicole reached into the drawer and drew out a double headed dildo. She spit on one end lubing it up then began to rub it in her pussy. Nicole groaned as she began to slid the thick fake cock into her hole. Anita watched her until it was half way inside of her.

"Ready?" Nicole asked.

"Yeah, but can I please be on top?" Anita asked moving over her.

Nicole lay on her back and held the dildo for Anita to sit on. Anita squatted and began to lower herself down onto the dildo. Anita groaned as her walls were stretched. She bounced to get it in her pushing it deeper and deeper inside. Finally, Anita sat on top of Nicole, the fake dick all the way in both of them.

Anita began to rock slowly pushing into Nicole who raised up to push it back into her. Anita began to bounce and moan. Having sex with Nicole was the best sex she'd ever had in her entire life.

"This is so hot." Nicole gasped squeezing Anita's thighs.

"I've never had such great sex before Nicole. You are the best fuck I have EVER had." Anita shivered and bounced harder.

"Come on baby, make us cum." Nicole whispered.

Anita pushed her hips forward slamming against Nicole and they began to fuck hard no longer holding back. Anita felt her breasts bouncing and reached out squeezing Nicole's. Leaning down she sucked as they fucked. More milk had formed and Anita drank from her roughly as they slammed their cock filled cunts against each other.


Anita fucked Nicole as hard as she could both girls shaking nearing the most intense orgasm of their lives.

Nicole sat up gripping Anita, the bed bouncing hard against the wall their mouths open as they panted.

Nicole went stiff as her orgasm began to wash over her. Thrashing under Anita, Nicole gripped her and bounced up thrusting the dildo against herself as she began to cum. Anita groaned and hotly kissed Nicole opened mouthed and let her self start to orgasm.

Anita collapsed against Nicole breathing hard. Their small bodies covered with sweat as they held each other coming down from their high.

"Do you want to spend the night?" Nicole asked her when she had caught her breath again.

Anita nodded. She was too worn out to leave the soft bed and she wasn't ready to leave Nicole.

Nicole hesitated then asked.

"What is your name by the way?" She blushed.

Anita burst out laughing.

"I'm Anita." She answered once she stopped laughing.

Nicole smiled and kissed her gently.

"Pleasure meeting you." She said softly.

"Same to you." Anita whispered.

Holding each other close, they kissed softly until they fell asleep.

Possible to be continued....

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