tagInterracial LoveI Knew She Had Tthought About It

I Knew She Had Tthought About It


Lacy was a little pissed when I hung up with her. She had expected to be meeting me after I wrapped up with my work. It was Friday and she was ready to unwind from a long week with a few drinks and laughs at our favorite jazz lounge. When I called her, I asked her to just meet me at my place instead. I was running a little later than expected and definitely wanted to go straight home to get cleaned up and decide how I felt from there. She reluctantly agreed and step one of my plan was now in place.

Gary was a friend but a relatively new one. He came on board a project that I had been doing about five months ago. We hit off right away. He was a good associate; always professional when it really mattered yet when it didn’t we shared a similar sense of humor. He was almost as tall as I am and kept himself in good shape by playing racquetball. The biggest difference between us in style was he wore glasses and had more of that “clean-cut/all American” look that I never really went for. Prior to this week I had never really considered whether I thought he was attractive or not but, he was my final choice. Step two was now in place.

You see I knew she had thought about it… having sex with a black man that is. Lacy had never experienced any form of inter-racial sex and I knew she was curious. She had never experienced anything unconventional for that matter. We had often talked about a threesome while sharing our fantasies and I figured if we’re going to actually do this; “why not kill two birds with one stone?”

Gary had never engaged in anything like this either. He had seen a few pictures of Lacy that I had shown him and I knew he was hot for her. After sharing a particular story with him one day, about how she sucked my cock so wildly while I told her she was a “nasty slut” and how I knew “she would like to have two cocks fucking her at the same time.” It was then I knew he would “go for it” if the opportunity presented itself. I made it clear to him that this was a bit of a “crap shoot” though. It’s one thing to “talk” about it and a whole other thing to actually get naked and do it. He understood that “no meant no” and that if she started to “freak out” or anything that we would just be cool and back off. Other than that we were both incredible excited at the possibility of banging the shit out of this “would be” little cock whore.

Lacy appeared to still be pissed when I first walked into the apartment. She was watching the news on television when we arrived. Hearing me enter she jumped up and was ready to give me an earful until she saw Gary step in behind me.

“Hi love, this is Gary.” “Gary this is Lacy.”

Lacy’s expression changed to one of surprise as she approached and shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you,” she said.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too,” Gary said excitedly.

“After telling Gary what we were up to he expressed an interest in joining us so I invited him along.” “I didn’t think that you would mind.”

“No, not at all,” Lacy said, “you’re more than welcome.”

Gary continued, “I’ve heard at lot about you and I’m glad to finally meet you in person.”

“Oh really…” Lacy replied giving me a little bit of a look.

“Lacy would you mine entertaining our guest while I go freshen up a bit?”

“No problem; you go right ahead and I’ll fix us some drinks,” she said politely.

Leaving them I went to take a shower and get changed. About twenty minutes later I returned to the living room to find them sitting casually on the sofa laughing and getting along like old friends. Still not sure exactly how I wanted to proceed I said,

“So, shall we head out to the lounge?”

Lacy jumped up saying, ”I’m ready.”

“If it’s okay, I’d like to use your facilities to freshen up a bit myself before we go,” asked Gary.

I told him of course he could and showed him were everything was that he would need.

While Gary was cleaning up I took the opportunity to broach the subject of my plan with Lacy. Initially she seemed to be shocked and a little aggravated. In explaining to her, I made it clear that there was no pressure. That if this was something that she wanted to stay in the realm of fantasy, then that’s where it would stay, no problem. If she truly wanted to explore her desire, that this would be as safe an environment as possible. I told her not to answer now. We can go out have a few drinks, unwind, enjoy ourselves and if she felt so inclined that the opportunity was there for her if she wanted. And that if she didn’t bring it up, than no one else would either.

Just then Gary emerged refreshed and all ready to go. He asked,

“Are we all ready then?”

Lacy looked me right in the eye and said,

“I’m ready; are you ready?”

I looked at her and responded, “let’s go then.”

We all headed out the door and took a cab over to the lounge.

The lounge was perfect. It is dimly light with a variety of soft colored lights, lava lamps and different types of candles. It has a stylish hand crafted bar. There are an array of various seating areas; upholstered benches along one wall; big overstuffed chairs; all with little cocktail tables and votive candles to add to the relaxing seductive atmosphere. Of course we had to sit in our favorite place. Along the back wall was a section of custom made couches built right in to the wall. Each had it own cocktail table and fine natural colored curtains hung in between each section making semi-private little booths. The music was great, a nice combination of soulful-blues and contemporary jazz. One of the eclectic things that I loved about this place was that there was no dance floor but that didn’t stop people from dancing if they wanted too. People would just start dancing were ever they were, just one couple or a group, it didn’t matter. Some people were dancing at the end of the bar. Others were dancing by the tables where they were seated. Gary and I took turns dancing with Lacy right in our own little area.

We continued to have drinks, dance, laugh and enjoy some lively conversation through most of the night. Lacy was being the insatiable flirt that she naturally is which just added to the fun we were all having. I have to admit that underneath it all was this extra-added excitement of what might happen. Was she going to or not? She never gave an indication one-way or the other. Gary had gone to use the men’s room and Lacy used the moment to straddle my lap so she could give me a passionate wet kiss.

“I’m feeling so hot right now,” she said.

I reached down in between her wide spread legs to feel the warm moisture that was waiting there for some attention. She slowly undulated her hips saying,

“I think I’m in the mood for something a little strange tonight.”

I grab her hair and kissed her fervently. As she moved her hot little mouth to my neck and ear I signaled the waitress, “check please.” Lacy started whispering in my ear.

“I want to be your nasty little slut tonight.” “I want to feel two hard cocks fucking me at the same time.” “Tell me what to do baby, I’ll do anything you desire.”

Gary had returned and saw Lacy sitting on me.

“Oh, excuse me,” he stuttered.

“It’s alright,” I told him. “Lacy said that she is a little hungry, so I thought we could go back to my place and I’ll fix us a little something to nosh on.”

Lacy slid off me and threw a seductive stare at Gary.

“Sounds great,” he said. “I’m feeling a little peckish myself.”

Knowing that the ball was now in my court, I wanted everything to be truly enjoyable for everyone. I couldn’t get us back to my place fast enough.

Once inside I asked Lacy to open up a bottle of wine that was a special reserve. I had been saving it for the right occasion and this seemed to be it. That morning before I went in to work, I had gone to a gourmet store close to where I live and had them put together a custom tray. It was full of exotic fruits and cheeses coupled with rare charred filet mignon and Norwegian smoked salmon. Even if my plan didn’t happen I still wanted to have something to share with Lacy so I could express to her what a very special woman I think she is. Needless to say, I think that she already knew how I felt.

After eating and drinking I put on some music for us to enjoy and Lacy looked at me and said she still wanted to dance.

“Gary, why don’t you dance with Lacy while I finish cleaning up here?”

Gary and Lacy started to dance while I cleaned up the kitchen then sat down to watch them for a little bit. It was a slow soulful jazz number and I was enjoying watching how Lacy sensually swayed to the music while moving her hands up and down Gary’s back. Gary looked over at me sitting there drinking a glass of wine just watching them and smiled nervously,

“She’s really wonderful,” he said.

“They don’t come any better,” I responded.

Lacy looked over at me and smiled coyly. I nodded at her to “go ahead” and she looked up at Gary and started to kiss him. Still swaying to the music their kissing became more passionate as they began to feel each other all over. Lacy wasted little time in finding her way down to Gary’s growing bulge. She moaned as she felt it getting larger under the fabric of his jeans. Gary had found Lacy’s luscious breasts and was fondling them through her silk blouse making her excited nipples show through the delicate material. Enjoying the show I released my own hardening cock and began to stroke it slowly.

The disc ended and Lacy looked over to see me playing with myself. She seductively walked over to me and knelt down in between my legs taking my cock into her inviting mouth. Looking up at Gary I motioned for him to come over and sit next to me and enjoy himself as well. Gary undid his jeans and sat down and was jerking his full black cock while he took a turn to enjoy the show. Lacy’s mouth was as exquisite as ever, she could give head better than any woman I had ever known and this time it seemed even better. Her hot wet mouth was moving up and down my shaft with incredible expertise. She was stroking my cock up and down using her mouth in concert with one hand and fondling my balls with the other. Wanting to share her talents I took her hand from my balls and placed it on Gary’s cock so she could stroke it as well. Feeling Gary’s cock made Lacy moan; which made Gary moan; which made me moan. We all started moaning as our sexual desires grew.

Lacy looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and fire in her eyes. She removed her mouth from me and said,

“I want you taste Gary now.”

Her eyes widened with excitement as she moved her face from my lap to Gary’s. This being her first time with a black man she sat there for a moment stroking him while admiring the dark meat she desired. Then she leaned forward and tentatively extending her tongue to just touch the head. “Hmmm” she moaned as she put her mouth over the entire head sucking gentle. “Hmmm” Gary responded lifting his ass up off the seat encouraging her take more. It was amazing to watch Lacy have that black cock sliding in and out of her mouth. It got so wet as the saliva from her mouth was dripping down his shaft and starting to cover his balls. She was giving an A-1 blowjob.

Wanting more I suggested we move to the bedroom. I told Gary to take off his clothes and lie on the bed and said to Lacy,

“Just wait a second.”

I took off my clothes and laid down on the bed next to him. Lacy stood there with her hands on her hips as if to say, “What about me?” I looked at her with a devilish smile and said,

“Now strip!”

She looked back at me with an equally evil grin. She went over to the CD player and put on some music. Then Lacy began the most seductive striptease I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. She was slow and deliberate with each article of clothing she removed. We both lay there completely engrossed by her performance while stroking our cocks. When she finally got down to her bra and panties we were drooling with anticipation. She undid the snap in front of her bra and just as we thought we were going to be treated with the sight of her large protruding nipples; she spun around turning her back to us and threw her bra over her shoulder landing right in between us. Devilishly keeping her back to us she turned her head and said,


“Yes!” “Yes!” We yelled.

Keeping her back to us she stuck her thumbs in the side of her panties and slowly started to roll them down until they barely revealed the crack of her beautiful ass. Then she stopped looking back at us,


“Please!” “Please!”

While continuing to roll her panties down she slowly began to bend over exposing the hottest ass in town. We were going wild with excitement whistling and calling out to her.

Once she was completely naked Lacy crawled up onto the bed in between us. We took her in our arms making a sandwich of her while kissing her and telling her what a hot beautiful dancer she was and how much we loved her show. While Lacy was kissing Gary, I moved down her delicious body working my way to that hot juicy pussy that I had wanted to taste all night. She was wet! I’d never seen her this wet before. Her neatly trimmed pussy, her inner thighs, the entire crack of her ass was all covered in her erotic juice. I was in heaven! I began to eat her luscious cooch like never before. It was effortless to slide my fingers into her hot cunt while I sucked feverishly on her clit. Gary was sucking and pinching her tits and it didn’t take long for her to have her first orgasm. I held her ass as she began bucking her hips wildly on my mouth squirting even more cum from her pussy for me to eat. I saved as much of her lusty liquid in my mouth as I could. I moved up to her mouth and shared the most erotic kiss we ever experienced. Lacy greedily suck all the juice I had from my mouth and moaned wanting more.

“I’ve never seen so much cum flow from you before,” I said excitedly.

Lacy coyly responded, “I think it’s because I peed a little while you were doing me.”

I passionately kissed her again sharing my excitement.

“Now I want you to suck Gary’s cock while I fuck you from behind,” I told her.

Lacy jumped up and dove in between Gary’s legs. She engulfed his entire cock in swift move. Gary couldn’t believe it as he held on for all he was worth. Not wasting any time I moved in behind Lacy’s upturned ass and slide my entire cock into her pussy in one similar move. I started fucking her dripping cunt like never before. It was tight and swollen yet so drenched with her cum that I could fuck her like crazy with no struggle. It was heaven! As I continued to fuck my white hot little cunt I leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“This is what you’ve been thinking of; isn’t it?” “You’ve wanted to be a nasty little cock whore that would take two cocks at the same time.”

She moaned as she continued to fuck and suck us with abandon.

“Don’t let him cum yet,” I told her. “I’ve got just the thing in mind for a wicked slut like you.”

Pulling out of her pussy made her whine with disappointment. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth off of Gary to pull it up to mine. Tasting the bits of pre-cum from Gary’s cock in her mouth we shared a feverish kiss.

“Now sit on Gary’s cock with your back to him and fuck him like a nasty whore,” I told her.

The lust in Lacy’s eyes was incredible as she straddled Gary’s hips and lowered herself onto his erect pole; taking him inside of her one deft move. Lacy began bouncing up and down on his hard black cock while Gary was moaning loudly.

“Don’t cum in her yet,” I said to Gary, “we’re going to give this hot little bitch just what she needs.”

While Lacy rode Gary I stood at the end of the bed and fed Lacy my dick.

“Lick all that cunt juice off my cock bitch, lick it clean.”

Lacy’s tongue lathered my hard cock licking every bit of wetness from every inch around my cock and balls while never losing her rhythm riding her new black toy.

When she was finished cleaning me I stepped off the bed and went over to the dresser to get some anal lube. I brought it back to Lacy and had her put out her hand to me. Squeezing some onto her fingers I said,

“I want you to finger your ass so Gary can see you fingering your hot, dark, little hole.” Lacy reached behind herself to apply the lube to her quivering ass. Carefully greasing the entrance she inserted first one than two fingers, little by little opening up her butt hole to Gary’s view. This was making me crazy with lust as I returned to feed her mouth with my aching cock. Gary’s eyes were wide open with astonishment as he watched Lacy finger her own tight little ass. She was moaning loudly as I gave her plenty of time to adjust.

“Are you ready now baby?” I asked. “Are you ready for what you know is coming?”

Lacy nodded her head whimpering with my cock still in her mouth.

“Then turn around and face him now so he can keep that beautiful black cock deep into your willing cunt.”

Lacy was trembling with desire as she got up and turned to face Gary sitting back down on his thrusting manhood. I moved in behind her pushing her down on Gary’s chest and opening that wet hot ass to me. After putting a little more lube on my cock I positioned the head at the entrance of her puckered little hole. Lacy slowed her movements and tried to relax as she felt me enter her backdoor. We had engaged in anal sex before and it had become something of a special desire for Lacy but now; this was something completely new. She had never experienced double penetration and I could feel her entire body trembling with fear and desire.

As I slowly entered her tight ass she began to make a whimpering moan. Working my cock in further she changed to a more vocal moan.

“Oh… oh… oh, yeah, push it in,” she cried. “I feel so full.”

As lacy adjusted to the stretching of both her holes she slowly began to rock back and forth on our hard penetrating cocks.

“Oh, I can’t believe it,” she cried. “Give me your cocks!” “I want them both to fuck me good.”

As Lacy’s movements began to develop with her lust, Gary and I started riding her in earnest. In and out of lustful wet holes we moved in tandem. Lacy began shaking and trembling uncontrollably. She started screaming in ecstasy like I’d never heard her before.

“Fuck me!” “Fuck me!” “Fuck me!”

She kept yelling until her voice melted into an incoherent sound of utter lust. She began to convulse wildly only interrupting herself where she would freeze her motion completely then suddenly convulse again. By the forth or fifth time this happened she couldn’t take any more pulling away and collapsing on the bed next to us.

Lacy could only lay there completely drained. I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Rest, I’m going to go clean up a little.”

She managed a slight smile in response but was unable to move.

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