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I Know How To Play


I have never had luck with men my entire life and most of the white men I tried to be with thinking back aren't worth my time. I tried to pick up a Spanish guy one night and we talked and laughed and actually drank so much that we went into the back of his van and had crazy wild sex. I took his number and he took mine, but I really didn't feel that he was worth my efforts, so I gave him the wrong phone number. I didn't even know if the number he gave me was on the up and up either. I was never going back to that seedy joint again and I would never see him again so I lied.

I started a new job about a year ago and I work with some really great people. The bosses are a husband and wife and except for 1 other girl who only works 2 days a week, all my co-workers are men. They range in age from 21 to 65 and are from all different backgrounds. I set my eyes on this very muscular and very sexy black guy. I could feel myself getting moist and wet when I'm around him. I actually find myself going the extra mile for him without thinking about it. One lunchtime he was on his cell and I overheard him tell the person on the other end that he would love to meet for some "brews" after work but had to check his funds and get back to them. I figured it was one of his buddies and was either low on funds or just blowing the person off.

Wanting to make myself look good in his eyes, I saw him sit by one of the tables and put his head in his bands and shake. I don't think he saw me so I approached the table and asked if he was ok and if it would be all right to sit with him. He raised his head and actually had a smile on his face and did welcome me to join him.

I started off by telling him that I overheard his conversation and didn't want him to think I was being nosy and if I was out of line that he could tell me to mind my own business. I told him that I heard him say that he didn't know how his funds were to meet for some "brews" after work. I asked him if I gave him the money, would he go and he said that I wasn't out of line asking him that and said that he knows he really wants to go but didn't tell his buddy that he really didn't have the cash to go out for a while because he needed his truck repaired 4 times this years for different things and the last repair was quite costly. He would love to get a new vehicle, but he just can't swing it. I told him I would give him the money and to enjoy the night out with the guys. I went into my wallet and pulled out a $100 bill and handed it too him. His dark eyes looked up at me and they actually appeared to be teary.

The first thing that Jim told me was that $100 was way too much for him to take from me and wouldn't feel right taking it as he wasn't sure how long it will be before he could pay me back. I told him that he didn't have to pay me back if he couldn't and he wasn't sure how to take my generosity. I was hoping that he may see it as a way of us getting closer, but I didn't know if at this point he had any interest in me like I did with him.

Jim accepted the money and told me that he "owed" me and would find out a way of repaying me. I know it hasn't been easy for him to save money lately; I know that he did have all those repairs done and it couldn't have been cheap. He got up from his chair and offered to hug me and thank me this way and what a bear hug it was. We broke th hug and he looked me as if he wanted more and he did. He kissed me and it wasn't just a little peck on the lips and they felt so good against mine. He then apologized for doing that and I told him I didn't mind it and that I liked it. He sat back down and we started to talk.

I knew that Jim had just recently gotten divorced from his wife and he had alimony to pay and child support; he has two daughters and one of them just needed to get braces and the other is applying to colleges and he is trying to get a loan. He really has no money most of the time because of this and he does have to gas up his truck and sometimes I've noticed that he skips lunch because he didn't have any money. I've wanted to approach him a few times, but I didn't want to be interfering where I shouldn't be.

We got up and he told me that the next day that he wanted to take a ride to the park to just clear his head and asked me to join him and I told him I would love to. Again he thanked me for the money and called his buddy on the phone I could hear how excited his friend was that he was going to join them as I heard him say that he was glad he was coming because it's been a while.

Went back to work and all I could do was think about that kiss and daydreamed that it was more and I could feel myself getting wet and also my hand started to wander down to my pants as I unzipped and put my hand down my pants to get a very wet hand and I could feel my body shaking. Jim had to come into my office and he smile at me and he winked at me and I swear that he had a semi-hard on. I kept thinking about getting him into a position that we could fuck and I could suck his cock and then he could toss off and I could catch it in my mouth or have him cum all over my 42DD titties.

We said good night and once again he thanked me and he came over to my car and when everyone was gone from the spaces near our vehicles he gave me another great kiss and this time I slipped my tongue into his mouth and he did the same. I told him to have a good time and to have a drink for me. He asked if if I would like to come and join him and his buddies and I thought it would be nice, but thought I would have tomorrow at the park, so I politely passed and told him that I would go the next time.

He got into his truck and I sat in my car thinking about what will happen at the park tomorrow and I knew probably nothing as it is a public place and people still frown on white women with black men and visa versaa but I didn't care. I got home that night after picking up some take out instead of cooking so I would have time to play with myself and pretend and day dream it was Jim.

The next morning I took my usual shower and I shaved and then continued by shaving my pussy bald and made sure I rubbed in a nice layer of cocoa butter because that always smelled good and that it made my skin so soft. As I rubbed it into my chest and into my titties I could feel my nipples start to harden because I was thinking about Jim. My pussy was so soft and smooth and all I could think about was his black cock entering my pussy with force and fucking me hard and long.

I drove to work and on my way in I stopped at the local deli and they had just made a fresh batch of fried chicken so I got us some for lunch with some potato salad and a couple of cokes. I wanted to get him and I a few beers for lunch, but it was too early in the day for them to be selling it. I got us a few sodas instead and I also grabbed some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that I know he likes because I bake them twice a month and bring them in and he usually eats a good portion of what I bring in so I always bring extra.

Pulled into my parking space and I saw Jim outside speaking to one of our vendors and I walked past to say hello and Jim told me not to forget about lunch and I said I didn't and showed him I had lunch for us in the bag and he wanted to see but I told him it was a surprise. I heard him tell the vendor that I was very good at my job and keeps him on his toes.

Later on as the morning went on, Jim came into my office and asked me if I was excited about having lunch and I told him I was and he said he's been thinking about it since yesterday. Maybe he does feel something for me but I could be just hoping and thinking that he wants me as much as I want him.

Lunchtime came and Jim came to my office to get me and I told him that I just had to get the lunch out of the refrigerator and then we were on our way to his truck. The park was just a few blocks from our office so we got there in record time. I got the lunch out of the back seat where I placed it and I saw Jim go in the back seat and got a blanket. We found a space to place the blanket and I started to take the food out of the bag as he grabbed my hand and told me that I looked so beautiful and I always too. I again started to get wet and I actual saw his pants developing a bulge.

I took out the chicken and salads and they gave me plates, napkins and utensils at the deli and he was surprised with the feast I had gotten for us. I was so nervous and he must has seen it in my eyes and he told me that I could relax and that he wasn't going to hurt me and I told him I knew he wouldn't. We each had a piece of chicken and a little salad and then he took my head in his hands and kissed me and I kissed him back.

We started to make out and we lucked out that it wasn't busy and no one saw us. He asked if I would be upset if we stopped eating and went back into is truck and I said no. We packed up the blanket and the food and put it all in the back on the truck. Before I got into the passenger's seat, Jim came around and I thought he was going to open my door but he put his arms around me and gave me a great big hug and started to kiss me.

He told me that he was going to ask me out after he got divorced but didn't know if I dated divorced men and or black men and was a little shy asking me. I told him that I have found him attractive since my first day there and actually had a crush on him and he was happy. We made a date to have dinner and I told him that I wanted to make him a homemade dinner of his choice and would like him to come to my place on Saturday night. He thought that was nice of me and accepted my invitation.

The week seemed to go very slow as we had plans and it seemed like it would never happen. The week usually flies by but not this week. I found out that he loves steak, and chicken so I made that my dinner choice, along with sweet potatoes and corn on the cob which I found out he loves. I know he loves chocolate cake so I would make one from scratch. I would pick up our favorite beer and some JD to do some shots.

Saturday I was crazy busy getting everything in order and I got myself all shaved and put on a new outfit I bought several weeks ago and haven't worn it yet. He arrived a little early but I was ready. Maybe he was as excited as me and I was just like a kid. He brought me flowers from his mom's garden because he would bring some into work for me and place them on my desk - the yellow roses that I loved.

We had a few shots and beers and were making out out the couch and then we stopped to have dinner and would wait to have dessert later on. As we walked to the living room he took my hand and lead me to my bedroom where he sat me down and kissed me all over my neck, my arms, forehead, cheeks and lips and I was loving every minute of it. He reached out for my titties and I let him touch and I started to slowly remove my top and reveal my tits to him. I was large but firm and did not sag and his eyes were open wide as he saw them for the first time. He squeezed and suck and my nipples were like rocks. I saw this pants bulge again and he started undress and undo his pants and then his slipped everything off and we were then both naked.

I asked him if he liked blow jobs and he said he did. As soon as I heard yes, I was down on his cock like flies on shit. I took his whole cock in my mouth and played with is balls and I was getting wet and he was getting harder and harder and he stopped me and gently laid me across my king size bed and started to gently enter me and then we were fucking like animals. We did it vaginally and then doggy style and then he flipped me over and fucked me in the ass. He started slow and then banged me hard and I was in heaven.

Jim whispered that he had to cum and he rolled me back over as he squirted his hot load all over my face, titties and into my mouth. He told me he was falling in love with me and I admitted that I was falling for him.

I got what I wanted and I guess he got what he wanted too. We've been together for over 2 years now and living together and loving each other every chance we get. We had thoughts of getting married, but we are happy just the way we are...... to be continued....

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