tagLesbian SexI Know Who You Did...Ch.1

I Know Who You Did...Ch.1


I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch.1

I guess I should bring you upto speed so that everything explains itself into the situation that I now find myself in. It all began last summer, the summer that I graduated High School near Sioux Falls, and looked forward to heading off to college in Moorhead, Minnesota. Oh, by the way, my name is Elisa, and I'm now 19.

I hadn't planned to get a job last summer. I didn't need to, I had money saved already, and my parents are fairly well off so as to support me financially, so I figured I'd just hang out all summer long with my friends, maybe head off somewhere on a vacation. But nothing got arranged as my friends were busy working to save up some money before college, so I let several weeks pass before I got bored of t.v., reading and masturbation. I decided to get a job, only something part time to keep the horny young mind of a teenage girl at bay for a few hours. I found a shop in town who offered me a job no problem, it was a photo shop, one where people bring in their films and expect them to be ready in an instant, well an hour was our fastest time. It was fairly boring most of the time, just serving the customers and talking amongst those of us that worked there, there was me, Ariel, who was a few years older than me and had been a few years ahead of me in High School, and Melisande, the owner of the shop who was only around thirty but had managed to sweet talk a bank manager a few years earlier so she could open the shop.

Anyway, as the summer progressed we all became good friends and I ended up working almost full time, and often worked the late closing twice a week to get the overtime. It was one such night when Melisande, the shop owner, and I were idly talking whilst we closed up the shop and processed the photos that needed to be ready for the following day. Anyway, talk got around to boyfriends and Mel was telling me about some guy she'd pulled one night the other weekend and how good he was in bed and then she asked me if I had a man. I hadn't so I said so, not since the last jerk at the start of the senior year. Then Mel asked if I got frustrated and I said no 'cause I had my digits and a vibrator I'd bought a year ago. I felt no shame as I told her this, I'm sure many women have such a special toy, most of my friends did. Then Mel confessed she had the same, only she'd had it left at her house in order for her to remember the time that she and an ex-employee had, rather drunkenly, had sex together.

I was shocked I had to admit as Mel told me this, but at the same time I was intrigued, though I don't know why because many people have sex with colleagues from work. However, the intriguing part was that her comment was gender neutral, and it was more the look on Mel's face that said that the ex-employee had been a female. There were rumours in High School that several girls had had sex with other girls just to say that they'd experimented, though I'd never really believed them. "What was it like?" I asked, my intrigue getting the better of me.

"Great," Melisande replied. "I've had good sex, amazing sex, but this was by far the most amazing experience I've ever had and probably never to be topped." A warm glow emanated around her face as she openly discussed her lesbian experience, and her face seemed to be indicating that her mind was reliving the occasion as she remembered it.

"Didn't you feel...... You know?" "What, a little dirty?" she second guessed me.

"Kinda, but more of what people would think if they knew? Sometimes people can be funny if they know you are a lesbian."

"Not really, I knew nobody would ever find out. Samantha, the other girl left and moved away a few weeks after our little sessions. She got married, we slept together on her shower night, and she moved down to Oklahoma. She enjoyed it, one last fling and all, said she was glad that it happened before she became devoted to her husband and I was the same. Besides I'm not what you'd call a fully blown lesbian, I do like a good hard screwing, but I also like the feeling of the ultimate intimacy that you get with another woman."

"Oh...." Was all I could say, or not say. A thousand questions were running hastily through my mind, as well as numerous images of Mel and Samantha, a girl I didn't even know, yet I could picture them both in my mind as they made out together. A little shiver emanated throughout my body as the image became clearer and as it began to have an effect in my panties.

"Don't worry I'm not gonna jump you Ellie. We both wanted it, so we followed through on what we wanted, just as if it were me and another guy. Sure the alcohol made things easier but I'd never swap it for anything."

"Would you do it again?" I asked, though I don't know why. I didn't fancy Mel, or so I thought, I guess I was just intrigued at the thought of lesbian sex. I was speaking to someone who had actually experience it rather than it being just rumoured. I was merely asking the questions that had intrigued me back in High School.

"What, with Samantha, or with someone else?"


"Come and I'll show you!" Said Mel, a little devilous smile appearing on her face, her eyebrow raised a little in such a suggestive manner.

I thought she was serious, well kind of, but without even thinking I somehow shuffled a little closer to Mel as she sat across at the development machine. I think that maybe there was something inside of me that was kinda wanting something to happen, and yet another part of me was still shocked.

"I'm joking," she smiled, "but it seems like you weren't?"

I didn't know where to look, or what to do, so Mel made the decision for me. I think I fell into my own trap even though I hadn't even meant to be serious in my movements, but either way, things, it seemed, were going in only one direction. Mel got up from where she sat and moved across the shop towards me. I chose to stay where I stood, though I can remember trying to say something about not here in the shop but Mel put a finger across my lips.

"It's okay, the lights are off, and there's no one around, besides we can drop down under the counter, if things go as I hope?"

Again I went to say something but this time it was Mel's lips on mine that stopped my words. I thought about what I was gonna say before letting it fly and responded to the kissing. At first it was slow, almost sensuous. We stood at the same height so it just felt so natural for our lips to meet, and now they felt like they were almost stuck together, our lips parting only ever so slightly as we kissed, yet at the same time it was a new erotic feeling. Every so often our breathing would hasten and our bodies and kissing become heated. Our tongues played with each other like dancing flames whilst our lips carried on touching, moving, gently brushing against each other. Our hands were all over each others bodies, one hand of Mel's gently running through my curly, blonde hair and forcing our lips even closer together, whilst her other hand travelled down along the length of my back, down my t-shirt and over my ass to the hem of my short skirt and then back up underneath the fabric, caressing the back of my thigh, causing an almost electric feeling in my spine as my boss did this to me. My hands followed a similar suit, first caressing only her long black hair, but as my confidence grew and my awkwardness subsided my hands began to explore her body some more until I began to really feel her ass through her flimsy ankle length skirt.

It was my legs that began to give way first and slowly, our lips still together, we moved down to the floor, where Mel seemed to jump on my whole body, her weight pressing down on top of me, gently pinning my body to the floor which was turning me on in itself. The thought of Mel on top of me, leading me in these new directions and new heated actions merely forced a greater patch of wetness to form in my damp crotch. She pulled back, sitting up on top of me so that if I were a guy my cock would've been right in her pussy. She began to slowly undo the buttons on her white cotton blouse, and my temperature began to rise as I realised that I'd be seeing her breasts, my own pretty bosses' breasts.

"How do you feel?" She asked as she discarded with her blouse somewhere across the floor. I lay there on the floor looking up at Mel, glancing from her bra-encased breasts to her lust-filled eyes. Mel bent forward and grabbed hold of my hands, bringing them up to the white lace bra that was now on show to me and me only. I began to moved my thumbs across her still hidden nipples. I could feel how hard they had become, and even as I ran my thumbs across them a little moan escaped from Mel.

"Excited," I replied. Mel began to rub my hands over her breasts even more before I broke her grip and reached around her and unclasped her bra. I pulled Mel down on top of me and kissed her hard, our eyes staring deeply into each other as I did so. Mel broke the kiss, raised her upper body up and let her bra fall loose and so letting her breasts fall free.

Mel brought each one of her breasts down into my mouth in turn and as she did so I admired each of her perfect breasts, at least a 36 C, slightly bigger than mine. I slowly used my tongue to lick around each nipple before flicking and gently nibbling each nipple as I felt each respond to it's treatment and become hard in my mouth.

"You sure you haven't done this before?" said Mel, breathlessly, giving me an indication that my actions were turning her on.

"Quite, only I know how this feels and what turns me on, so it must be doing wonders for you."

"Really?" said Mel, a mischievous look on her face. She stood up, reached behind her and released the buttons that held up her skirt. It immediately fell to the floor and I couldn't control the gasp that escaped from my mouth. Melisande knelt down again, this time placing her pussy up close to my face so I could stare lovingly at her pussy and inhale the smell of her sweet juices, but I couldn't help but be surprised. As she did so I simply stared at what she had reveal beneath her skirt. A pair of white suspenders held up with a white lace garter belt, but it was the absence of any panties that took me aback.

"I bet you didn't know that I often don't wear panties.....?"

"No," I gasped.

".....and that I often come to work with one of my little helpers tucked inside my pussy or over my clit to make the day pass a little happier?"

"I couldn't even have guessed, but now your little secret is out," I said, slightly teasingly.

With that Mel reached down and opened her pussy lips with one hand, before using the other to gently rub her own clit, causing a few gasps of arousal to escape her mouth. I could see how wet she was and inside I was dying to touch had and really feel how wet she was. Mel inserted a few fingers into her pussy and pulled out what looked like two silver, metallic balls, things I'd read about in girly magazines and proceeded to place one of them in my readily open mouth. I poked out my tongue and welcomed the ball into my mouth, tasting Mel's wetness for the first time, a taste that I'd not expected to be so sweet, yet such a turn on as well, knowing that it had been up my boss the whole day. I looked upwards at Mel as I greedily sucked on her little toy. Her face was one of pleasure, knowing that I was tasting her sweet juices. By this point my own pussy was nearly exploding and yet I was still fully dressed, and I hadn't even had my tits or pussy played with.

As if by some weird telepathic coincidence Mel stopped playing with her own clit and moved her fingers upto her mouth, tasting her own wetness before she began to slide down my body. My breathing seemed to go even more frantic as I knew what was going to come, and yet not quite knowing what it would feel like. All I knew was that it was making me so horny that I would never have believed. Mel's eyes remained focused on my eyes, and I didn't realise her fingers as they moved up to my mouth and withdrew the two balls. Instantly Mel raised herself slightly up and moved her hands down across my body, lifted my skirt slightly and found my mound through my panties. Her fingers gently moved the material to one side and slowly inserted the two balls inside of my now aching pussy. I knew Mel would have felt my wetness but her face didn't show it. Her face looked full of mischief as she slid my panties back across my mound, trapping the two balls inside my pussy. I could feel them inside of me and I used my muscles to grip tightly around.

Mel moved her hands back up my body, and under my t-shirt, until within seconds she had the t-shirt off me and flying off in the same direction as her blouse. My bra didn't last much longer and instantly Mel proceeded to lick all around my breasts, ignoring my nipples as they stood erect. Instead her tongue raced gently around them, passing closer and closer each time and I'm sure she could tell how much her actions were affecting me by my escaping moans. Eventually she took each nipple into my mouth and I nearly came as the feelings of such electricity passed over my body, reaching down into my ball-filled pussy. After what seemed like an eternity Mel stood up from my body and pulled me up so that I stood. She moved my hands so that they both rested flat on the counter and told me not to move. As I stood there I could feel the full effect of the two balls in my pussy, I could feel them moving ever so slightly and each time they did it set off little mini explosions within my panties and I knew that when I came it would be a ecstasy.

Mel fell back to the floor, and as she did so her kissed returned to my breasts, and then further south to my bare stomach and then I felt her hands reach around my waist and unzip my skirt. It fell to the floor and as it did so I felt a pair of hands trace around my panties and over the wet patch emanating from my pussy. Mel used her hands skilfully to really tease me by just running them over my mound, gently stroking my pussy lips. My moans began to grow ever louder but just as I began to enjoy the sensation Mel quickly reached up and pulled my panties down, encouraging me to step out of them and my skirt. I did so but remained standing there against the counter.

Mel's lips once again met my skin, moving from my stomach and heading in the direction of my burning pussy. Her hands gently spread my legs so that her mouth could gain better access and for the first time in my young life I felt the lips of another woman kiss my pussy lips. Initially Mel just licked the wetness from my pubes, tasting me for the first time, and this in itself felt so good. Her hands moved up the inside the sensitive skin on my inner thighs and came to rest upon my lips. I glanced down and Mel looked up into my eyes. There were lust in both our eyes and no words were needed. My eyes closed and homed in on the feelings. Mel used to fingers to part my lips and her mouth clamped around my clit, and I felt as though I would cum instantly.

She began to slowly lick upwards against my clit, then changed her movements so that her tongue would flick across, along, up, down and around my clit, each touch creating huge waves of pleasure to run through me. I knew that I was gonna cum soon.

"Mel, I can't believe how good this feels, I swear I'm gonna cum so hard and so soon," I said, barely audible through my heavy breathing and slow groaning.

Mel either didn't hear or she knew already and wanted that to happen. I could begin to feel my orgasm building deep inside me and when I can feel that, really deep I know it's gonna be one of gigantic proportions. Mel could read my mind I swear, for she moved one hand and began to tease a finger inside of my pussy, easing it inside the balls that were fully doing their job. Mel teased my entrance with two of her fingers but then she moved them lower and I realised that she was heading in one place. I felt one of her fingers begin to tease my ass, and this only encouraged my orgasm even more. A finger tip was pushed inside by her, already wet through my own juices. Her licked seemed to grow in intensity and I knew this was it.

I was never one to make huge amounts of noise when I came, instead my breathing began to become so erratic it seemed to almost stop as the feelings within me came to the point of no return. Each lick on my clit was like a firework and each movement caused the balls to move inside of me and I knew this was it.

With a loud rush of exhaled air I came, my whole body beginning to shake, my eyes closed in concentration, and I nearly collapsed. The feelings ran through every part of my body and my pussy gripped tightly round the two balls inside it, and Mel continued to lick my clit, driving my orgasm onwards, making it last for what seemed liked an age. As I stood, grabbing frantically onto the counter for support, Mel slowly began to run her tongue up my slit, drinking in all my cum, savouring the taste. My ass released her finger tip and she gave my pussy one final kiss.

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