tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 02

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 02


My eyes remained glued to my television set as I continued to stroke my cock. I was so close to cumming as I watched the tape of myself fucking my teacher in her own class room. Just then Mrs. Graph raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist. I held the tissue up as I stroked myself even faster. I saw her toes begin to curl in her heels and that was it. I felt my load of cum race up my shaft and shoot out into the tissue. I watched for a moment longer until she placed another check on the dry erase board before I pressed stop on the VCR remote. I took a couple of deep breaths before getting up off of my bed. I went to the rest room and tossed my jizz soaked tissue into the toilet. I took a quick piss and flushed my genetic material away.

The phone began to ring so I went and answered it. "Hello" I said after I raised the hand piece to my mouth and ear. "It's me Brad" the shaky voice on the phone said. "What's up" I replied as I could sense that there was something wrong in his voice. "Man, did the cops stop at your place yet" Brad asked? "No, why" I asked? "Something must have happened down at the school the other day because the cops were here asking me questions like where I was at the day before graduation after class." I paused for a moment as I felt my heart rate begin to climb. I felt my nerves tense up as I knew what Brad was talking about. "They said that they are talking to everyone in our class" Brad said. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Brad I have to go, someone is knocking on the front door." I hung up the phone and walked into the living room.

I unlocked and opened the front door and I almost swallowed my tongue as there were two police officers standing there. "Are you Justin Smith" the female cop asked? "Yes I am, what can I do for you" I asked. "We need to ask you a few questions for an investigation we are handling." I nodded my head acknowledging that I was a willing participant. "When school let out the day before graduation where were you at the female cop asked?" Without pausing I blurted out "I jumped on my bike and rode home." "Did you see anyone around the school that didn't belong there" the male cop asked? I thought hard for a second. "No, I don't remember seeing anything out of the ordinary that day" I said.

"Can I ask you what happened" I said? There was an incident at the school the other day and we are doing an investigation" the female cop said. The female cop again looked down at her small pocket sized notepad. "Do you know of any students who may have been upset with any of the teachers" she asked. "Not to my best knowledge" I said as I shifted my weight from my left leg to my right. "Everyone was just happy because school was finally over with" I said. "Did one of the teachers get hurt" I asked with a sunken look on my face. "We can't elaborate on that right now" the male cop said. Again the female cop looked down at her note pad. She jotted something down and then looked up into my eyes. I was praying that she didn't see right through me. "Did you hear anything at all about Mrs. Graph being sexually assaulted by a student the day before graduation" the lady cop asked? When I swallowed I swear the whole world heard me swallow. "No, I didn't know anything about it" I said as natural as I could. She jotted something down in her notepad again. "We may be back again to ask you more questions" the male cop said as they both slowly turned around and began to walk down the driveway towards their patrol car.

I stood in the doorway watching them and even waved in order to give them the appearance that I had nothing to do with what happened. They drove away and I turned around and shut the door. I walked to my room and shut the door behind me. I sat down at my computer in a state of shock as I never expected her to involve the cops. "That fucking bitch" I said to myself softly. I sat there for the longest time in order to calm my nerves. I flipped my computer on and watched it boot up. "Why did she call the police" I asked myself as my computer was now ready. "That just means I'm going to have to teach her another lesson then" I said softly as I pulled the word processor up onto the screen. I thought for a moment and then began to type a letter to Mrs. Graph.

"So you couldn't leave well enough alone, could you Mrs. Graph. You had to involve the cops didn't you? What in the hell were you thinking? Didn't you understand that I could ruin your life, and I still can? All you had to do was take what I did to you and cherish those memories and you would have never heard from me again. But you didn't, or couldn't. Well Mrs. Graph, today is your lucky day. Since you couldn't leave well enough alone, you will be taught another lesson. I know for a fact that Friday night your husband will be out of town on business. Do you know what that means Mrs. Graph? That means that I will pay you a little visit. In your own home! Yes Mrs. Graph, in you own home! There better not be any police involved or I swear to God I will spill your little secret. I don't think you want your husband to find out about the student you fucked on vacation last summer. And I know for a fact you don't want the school board to know about it either. You will receive another letter tomorrow, the day before I pay you a visit. You will follow both letters exactly or I will ruin you. You don't want me to mail a video tape of us to your husband at his office do you? Tonight at 9:00pm you will turn on your porch light to signal that you fully understand this letter. If your light is not on then I make a couple of phone calls and I know you don't want me to do that. P.S. Congratulations on winning the Teacher of the Year award. It's kind of ironic, now it seems like I'm the teacher and you are the student."

I proofed the letter and printed it out. Next I printed out an envelope label with Mrs. Graph's address on it. I peeled the label from the sheet and placed it on the large envelope. I folded the letter and slid it into the envelope. I went to the bathroom and wet my finger with water and wet the seal on the envelope. I sealed it and then went back to my room. I put my shoes on and a sly grin crept across my face as I knew it was only a matter of days until I fucked my teacher again.

I ran out of the house with my envelope and jumped on my bike. I pedaled like crazy all the way to the post office. I went inside and handed the envelope to the clerk. I paid her and she posted the envelope before tossing it onto the pile of out going mail. I left and rode my bike back home.

When I got home I went to my room to think up a deranged plan of attack. I asked myself what I could do to really turn her on like never before. I knew she was a ball of fire as she came eleven times with me the other day. I had to come up with something that would send her over the edge. Something that would be so wild and taboo that it would cause her to climax repeatedly. As I laid on my bed thinking I began to smile from ear to ear as I came up with my ultimate plan.

I went down and watched television. The hours seemed to drag on by as I waited for my parents to come home. Finally I heard my mom pull into the garage. She walked into the kitchen and I greeted her with a hug. She brought a pizza home with her and said that we were eating light tonight. "I'm going to my room to change, your father will be home any minute" my mom said as she disappeared into her room. Moments later I heard my dad pull into the garage and then walk into the kitchen. He too went into the bedroom with my mother to change. I set the pizza box on the table and pulled out three paper plates. I set napkins by their plates before getting three sodas out of the refrigerator.

Mom and dad came into the kitchen and sat down and we all began to eat. We made small talk but it was mostly my mom and dad talking about their day at work. I cleaned up the small mess as I knew that my parents had a long day at work. They went and sprawled out on the sofa and I went to my room. I laid down on my bed and turned my stereo on softly. I couldn't wait to go past Mrs. Graph's house tomorrow night.

Morning came and it was like most other's. The only difference was that I slept in as it was killing me to wait so long to see the light on Mrs. Graph's porch. I figured if I slept half the day then I wouldn't have to wait so long for 9:00pm to come. I got up and took a shower before going online to check my e-mail. When I got online I realized that Brad was online too. We began instant messaging each other about the cops from yesterday. While we were chatting I checked my mail. Nothing important, just a lot of electronic junk mail.

Brad and I chatted for a long time and before I knew it my parents were pulling into the garage. I signed off and went down to meet them. They brought home Chinese food for dinner. Chinese wasn't my favorite so I opted to just eat the yellow rice. Again being the nice son that I am I cleaned up the mess while my parents went to the living room. I went and watched television with them as I waited for 9:00pm to arrive.

Finally the show ended and it was 9:00pm I went and put my shoes on and went out into the garage. I didn't want my parents to know I left so I pulled my bike out of the garage through the smaller entrance door. I jumped on my bike and began pedaling. I knew where Mrs. Graph lived so I headed in that direction. Instead of going down her street I went down the next street over. While I rode my bike slowly I looked between the houses. My heart was pounding as I knew that my teacher's house was going to be the next house I saw. As I slowly coasted down the street I looked at the front of Mrs. Graph's house. Suddenly I saw the porch light turn on as I continued to roll down the street. I began pedaling like crazy in case the cops were in the area. I turned down another street and rode towards home.

I quietly pulled my bike through the entrance door and put it back where I got it. I walked back into the house like nothing had ever happened. "I'm going to bed" I said as I walked past the living room and went up to my bedroom. I shut the door and sat down at my computer. I pulled my word processor up on the screen and I felt my heart begin to pound out of control as I was about to write my next letter to my teacher. The thought alone of how I was going to fuck her sent chills down my spine. I knew that this letter would do the same to my teacher as well.

"I see you follow directions quite well Mrs. Graph. I guess that makes you a good student. I am so glad that you want to keep your life intact. Plus, you have to admit to yourself that you liked how I made you feel last time. Also I think your a little curious about how good I am going to make you feel this time. Here is the deal. You will wear a white thong and white stockings and garters. You will wear white stiletto heels, the kind that show your toes. You will not wear a bra. Are you ready for the next part Mrs. Graph? Is the suspense killing you Mrs. Graph? Next you will put on your wedding gown! That's right Mrs. Graph, your wedding gown. The same dress you said "I do" in with your husband. Only this time I am going to give you the honeymoon that you always dreamed of. Not the lame honeymoon your husband gave you but a real hot and wild honeymoon. At 9:00pm you will turn the light on in the living room and unlock your front door. You will walk back up to your room and blindfold yourself before putting your vail on. You will wait for me and if there is any funny stuff then I will make a couple of phone calls. Also, if you try anything funny and I am not home by a certain time my computer is programmed to send out an e-mail to your husband and the school board. Do you understand? See you tomorrow night Mrs. Graph."

Again I printed out an envelope label with my teacher's address on it. This time I folded the letter and fit it into a smaller sized envelope. I used water on my finger to moisten the glue and then sealed the envelope. I laid the envelope on my desk and reached for the television remote. I pressed play on the VCR remote and I began watching the video of when I nailed her last time. I paid great attention to her facial expressions as I continued to fuck her brains out. I saw the pure joy and ecstasy on her face. Every time she came there was an intense smile on her face that caused her to bite her bottom lip. I watched how her fingers clenched into fists as she came and how her toes curled with each and every climax.

Since I was still a couple days away from fucking her I sat up on my bed. I pulled my pants off and immediately began to slide my fingers up and down the length of my shaft. I slid my fingers through my pre cum and soon realized that I was on the verge of cumming. I was at the part where Mrs. Graph was standing and I was eating her pussy. I concentrated on Mrs. Graph's facial expression as I stroked myself faster. I saw that smile where she bit her lower lip. I glanced down at her feet and saw her toes begin to curl as she stood there. That was all I needed. I held up a tissue and suddenly pumped a wad of cum high into the air. I managed to catch it in the tissue along with the other spurts that shot out of my trembling cock.

I pressed stop on the VCR and shut the TV off. I quietly and quickly went to the bathroom to clean myself off. I returned to my room and crawled into bed. I couldn't wait to get up in the morning to go to the post office. Before I realized it I was fast asleep.

Morning came and I quickly went through my usual routine. I showered and ate before running out of the house on my bike. With letter in hand I pedaled my way down the road to the post office. When I got inside I was surprised that there were a lot of people in line ahead of me. I waited patiently but it seemed to take forever for the line to move. All the while I was waiting in line I continued to go over in my mind what I was going to do Saturday night. Finally I made it to the clerk behind the desk. I handed him my letter and he posted it and tossed it on the pile of outgoing mail. I turned around and walked out of the post office and walked over to my bike.

I rode home stopping along the way at Brad's house. Brad was in the garage working on a car I have never seen before. "Like it" Brad said as I got off of my bike and checked out this car. "My parents bought it for me for a graduation present" Brad said with a smile from ear to ear. As I walked around it I was impressed as it was a newer model Chevy Camero. It was black with sweet tires and rims. "Brad reached in and jacked up the stereo. I saw him mouth "check it out" to me but I couldn't hear him over the sound of the music. He turned the radio down and I looked inside. It was plush with leather seats and had a really nice interior.

"Pull the hood lever" Brad said. I pulled the lever and watched the hood pop up. Brad lifted the hood and when I looked under the hood I was totally amazed. I looked up at Brad. "I can't believe your parents bought you a car with a monster engine in it like this. "Yeah I know, isn't it cool" Brad responded as he began to chuckle. "Dude, we got a chick car now" Brad said as he slammed the hood back down. "We can double date and get laid now" Brad said as he opened the glove box revealing a box of condoms. "Want to go out Saturday night to pick up chicks" Brad asked? "I can't" I said quickly as he reminded me of the fun I was going to have on Saturday night with my teacher. "Now what the fuck do you have to do Saturday night that is more important than picking up chicks" Brad asked? Quickly I replied "I have to go somewhere with my dad to help him." Brad had this real skeptical look on his face. "Your loss" he replied.

Brad reached into the refrigerator behind him and tossed me a soda. We just sat in his new car and listened to the radio all the while we talked about being free from school. During our conversation the subject of the cops came up and Brad appeared a little nervous. Suddenly and blatantly Brad blurted out "you didn't do anything did you?" I looked at Brad and began laughing hysterically. "Brad," I said, "what would ever give you that idea" I asked? "Well, I know you have the hots for Mrs. Graph and I was just wondering if you acted on your impulse" Brad said. "God I just wanted to tell him " I said to myself but I wasn't sure if I was ready for that. "I was just as surprised as you were about it too" I said as we sat there listening to the music.

I spent the whole day at Brads house. It was getting late and Brad's mother came home from work. I was at a loss for words when I watched her get out of her car. She was dressed totally professionally but she still looked hot. She wore a skirt that came down just above her knee and these heels that would make any grown man drool. The top she was wearing showed off just a touch of cleavage as her breasts bounced as she walked towards us. I always thought she was good looking but I never knew she was this damned hot. She stopped to talk to us for a few moments before going into the house. "Man, your mom looks fine today" I said after she went into the house. "Dude, that's my mom, knock it off" Brad said with a stern look on his face before breaking out into a chuckle. "You and those older women" Brad said as he continued to chuckle. "Do you think they are going to teach you how to fuck or something" Brad said as we both laughed.

I knew my parents were now home as I looked at the clock in the garage above the work bench. "I have to get going Brad" I said as I walked over to my bike. "Take it easy" Brad hollered as I pedaled down his driveway. It wasn't that far of a ride to get home and the whole ride there I wondered if I could ever do to Brad's mom what I am doing to Mrs. Graph. I was so turned on when I watched Stephanie get out of her car in that outfit. God if Brad only saw these lustful thoughts I was having about his mom, he would kill me.

I stashed my bike in the garage and went into the house. Mom had the table set and was setting the food onto the table. We ate and talked about the day's events before cleaning up the mess. Everyone went their own separate ways after we finished cleaning up. I went to my room and went online to see if Brad was on. He wasn't so I decided to surf the web. Eventually I wandered into some pretty good porn sites. There were a lot of people in these rooms chatting about their various fetishes. I didn't interact with any of them, I only observed. I became bored with that so I went to a couple of picture sites.

I checked out this one bondage site. There were pictures of these women dressed in sexy outfits in various stages of being tied up. I couldn't help but to become aroused as I imagined Mrs. Graph in a dungeon like this being tied up and forced to submit. There were thousands upon thousands of pictures. Everyone I looked at I imagined Mrs. Graph as the woman in the picture. Just the thought of her being blindfolded and her wrists tied over her head caused my balls to throb. There was another picture with three guys fucking this woman as she was tied to a table.

I couldn't stand it any more. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. I began stroking my twitching cock as I looked at picture after picture. Suddenly I came across this one unforgettable picture. Two women standing back to back bound together by a rope. I began pumping furiously as I imagined the two hot ladies to be Mrs. Graph and Stephanie, Brad's mom. I clicked on the next picture and there were two guys pouring candle wax on the women's breasts. I closed my eyes half way and suddenly felt my balls begin to contract. I felt electric shocks race up and down my body from my head to my toes. I grunted as I shot a wad of cum up onto the keyboard. I reached for a tissue to catch the rest of my cum but I wasn't fast enough for the second spurt which flew out of my cock like a bullet and landed on the computer screen. I managed to wrap the tissues around my twitching cock before I made a serious mess.

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