tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 03

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 03


I rolled over and yawned as I looked at my digital clock next to my bed. It was eleven thirty already so I managed to pull myself from my bed. As I walked to the shower I couldn't help but to replay last nights events in my head. As I walked towards the bathroom my cock sprang to full attention as I thought about how I just fucked my teacher again. I quickly showered and returned to my room. I dressed and flipped on my computer.

I sat there staring at the screen while the system booted up. I went online and checked my e mail before logging into this one particular web site I found yesterday. I couldn't believe the pictures I saw. Just the mere thought of Mrs. Graph in a similar setting caused my cock to twitch and quiver. I couldn't believe how many different ways you could tie up a woman and make her submit to you. Even images of Brad's mom being forced to submit like this began to creep into my mind.

I saw an icon for clubs so I clicked on it. Another set of icons appeared for each state so I clicked on my state. There was a real short list of clubs and I almost passed out when I saw that there was one right here in the same city as mine. Actually, it was only a few blocks from my house. Instantly I clicked on it and all that popped up was an address. I quickly wrote down the address and decided I would check it out today.

As I sat there I reached over and picked up my teachers business card. I read it and began to smile as I now had a new way to control her. I still hadn't forgot about her calling the cops so I decided to e mail her. I brought up a web site and created an e mail account. I filled all the required screens with bogus information so it couldn't be traced to me. I brought up my new e mail screen and began to write her a letter.

"Dear Mrs. Graph. By now I am probably sure that you realize that you don't have your wedding ring. Don't worry, I have it. If your husband asks you where it is at you will tell him you took it to the jewelry shop for repairs and cleaning. You will get it back...eventually! So how did you like it last night Mrs. Graph? How did you like your honeymoon that you always dreamed of? Are you finding yourself missing me and thinking of me? I bet you are. I bet you even wish I was there fucking you right now don't you Mrs. Graph? You will respond to this e mail as soon as you read it or I will blow the whistle. Your 'Master'."

I clicked on the send button and sent the letter to my teacher. I went off line and decided to go ride my bike past the address of this club. As I rode towards the address that was written on the tiny piece of paper all sorts of thoughts began racing through my head. Thoughts of my teacher being tied up and possibly even Brad's mother. What kinds of stuff went on at this club? What kind of people hung out at this club? While I was pondering these questions I realized that the address of the club was right before me.

I hopped off of my bike and leaned it against the telephone pole. I scanned the outside of the building as it was part of a strip of stores. The old sandstone facade had large windows decorated with a patriotic display. Something had to be wrong because this address was a twenty four hour restaurant. The smell of bacon was evident as I walked up and down the small strip looking to see if the club was in a different part of the strip. The longer I stayed the hungrier I became. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary as there were people of all ages walking around. I walked back to the restaurant and peered in through the window. There were several people eating and the employees were in uniform. I turned around and walked back to my bike. I couldn't figure out why the web site said there was a club at this address if there really wasn't. I knew that it wasn't there previously as this restaurant was in that same building since before I was born.

I pedaled back home and went back to my computer. I checked my e mail and there was no reply yet from my teacher. I went back to the web site that I was at earlier and reviewed the list of clubs again. As I looked at the list it still said the same address. I looked at the piece of paper I had previously written the address on and they matched up. I logged off and decided to go down and wait for my parents to get home.

I turned on the television and began watching Springer. In no time my mom and dad were home from work. Mom quickly changed out of her office attire before preparing dinner for us. "How was your day today mom" I asked? "Oh all right I guess" she replied as she continued to prepare our dinner. "How was your day" she asked back? "I slept in a little too late" I replied. I took out three plates and set the table while my mom put the finishing touches on the pepper steak she was preparing. I set the silverware before walking to the refrigerator to get two beers and a coke. I opened all three cans before sitting down to eat.

Dinner was great and in no time I was itching to get back to my computer. I was excused from cleaning up the mess because I helped set the table. I went back to my computer and logged on to check my e mail. Still no response from Mrs. Graph. I logged off and decided to go over to Brad's house. "I'm going over to Brad's for a while" I said as I walked past my parents in the kitchen. "Don't be out too late" my dad said as I walked out the side door.

I rode over to Brad's as the sun was nearly set. As I rode towards his house I noticed that his mother's car was gone. My heart started to pound as I thought there might be a chance that she was over her lover's house. I quickly pedaled down the next street and raced over to where I thought she might be. It seemed like an eternity before I got there. I became disappointed as I realized that her car was not there. As I turned around to head back to Brad's I saw a set of headlights coming towards me. As I coasted down the street I realized that it was Brad's mom. She didn't even acknowledge me as she flew past. I turned down the next street to act like I was gone. I stopped and looked with excitement as I saw her car pull into her lover's driveway.

I watched her get out of her car and walk up onto the porch. My heart nearly skipped a beat as she used her own key to let herself in. I couldn't believe she was leading this other secret life. I began heading for home. When I was half way there, I came up with a brilliant idea. I raced the rest of the way home. I jumped off of my bike and ran in the house. There was a note from my parents letting me know that they went out for the evening. I ran up to my room and searched for my digital camera. I finally found it buried under a bunch of junk on the floor next to my computer desk. I quickly checked to make sure that the memory card was empty. I ran back down to my bike as I put the carry strap around my neck. I jumped on my bike and raced over to where Stephani was. As I pedaled I came up with all sorts of ideas and thoughts. As I raced to her lover's house I couldn't help but to get an erection.

I slowed down and turned the corner. I was now only four houses away from where I needed to go. I didn't see anyone so I got off of my bike and walked it up the driveway, hiding it in between the houses. The bright light on the front of the house caused it to be nearly impossible to see in between the houses. My heart was pounding as I stood there for a moment trying to catch my breath. I quickly checked the back yards looking for any sign of anyone who might see me. I saw my teacher's house. There were lights on in her house so I knew she was probably home. That meant that there was a good possibility that there might be an e mail waiting for me when I got home.

There was no sign of anyone watching me so I crept through the shadows along the back of the house. The curtains were wide open in front of the kitchen table so I very carefully peered inside. From my vantage point I could see the kitchen and the living room. There was nobody there. I moved down to the next window but it was dark. I knew that this window was the bathroom so I continued down to the next window. The bedroom windows were higher and I couldn't see through it. I found a milk crate behind the house so I went and brought it to the window I wanted to see.

I placed the crate at the foot of the window and stepped up onto it. Very carefully I slowly looked in the window. The curtains were closed but there was a tiny part in them. There was nobody in this room either. I looked through the doorway and into the bedroom directly across the hallway and I almost fell off of the milk crate. I could only see a part of what was going on but it was enough. I could see Brad's mom laying on her back on a bed. I could see her from her stomach to her head. She was topless and thrashing her head back and forth. I raised my camera up to try to take a picture but the screen in the window wasn't going to allow me to take a decent picture.

I jumped off of the milk crate and went back to the side of the garage. There was a small entrance door leading into the garage. My hand began to tremble as I reached for the knob, squeezed, and then turned. I slowly pushed the door inward and stepped into the garage. My heart was pounding and I had sweat dripping down my brow. I walked around the car that was parked in the garage and could see that the door leading into the house was open. I made my way to the screen door and quietly I opened it. "Please God don't let there be a dog in this house" I said to myself as I silently stepped inside. I shut the door behind me without making a noise and very carefully looked around the corner.

The coast was clear so I began to silently tip toe across the kitchen towards the bedroom. I saw a stack of business cards on the counter so I took one and stuffed it in my pocket. I made my way to the entrance of the living room. I slowly looked around the corner to make sure I was alone. I felt a huge relief when I found nobody else in the house. The music coming from the bedroom was loud enough to mask any sounds I could possibly make. I slowly tip toed across the entrance of the living room and began to make my way down the hallway leading to the bedroom.

I now stood just around the corner where my best friends mother was in the process of getting fucked by someone other than her husband. The moans coming from the room caused my cock to stiffen in my pants. Ever so slowly I looked around the corner. "Oh my God" I thought to myself as I saw this stranger with his mouth plastered on Stephani's cunt. I slowly raised my camera up to make sure the flash was turned off. I carefully looked through the view finder and centered the action. I pressed the button and snapped a picture. The music was loud enough and it drowned out the sound of the button as I pushed it. I kept the camera in place and when Brad's mother arched her back and squeezed her breasts, I snapped another picture.

As Stephani came I snapped a third picture of her lover with his tongue flicking her cunt. Suddenly Brad's mom got up on all fours and pushed her lover onto his back. She gave me the most beautiful angle I could ask for as she knelt on the bed in front of me. Just as her mouth opened and her lover's cock was about to slide into her mouth I snapped another picture. Using the zoom I took an extremely close up picture of her lips tightly wrapped around her lover's cock. I backed the zoom off slightly and centered both people on the camera. I paused for a moment but when her lover reached between her legs and slid a finger inside of her I snapped another picture.

While I stood there hiding around the corner I couldn't believe what I was watching. Suddenly the guy pulled Brad's mother up on top of him. I quickly snapped another picture as her leg was swinging over him. I zoomed the camera in and centered the camera on his cock as it slipped into her slippery cunt. As Stephani threw her head back and arched her back I snapped yet another picture.

Ever so quickly Brad's mother pulled herself off of his thrusting cock and got on all fours. She looked so incredibly hot as she knelt there with her hands on her ass spreading her cheeks open for her lover. I snapped another as he crawled between her white stocking clad legs. I snapped another picture as he slipped the tip of his cock into her cunt again. Stephani Continued to open her ass cheeks apart while her face remained flat on the pillow. The only problem was that she was now looking directly in my direction.

I continued to snap picture after picture. I only had enough room on the memory card for a couple more pictures. "Fuck my ass!" Brad's mom hissed. I nearly came in my pants when I saw this guy pull his cock out of Stephani's cunt and press it against her tightly closed sphincter. While the tip of his cock pressed on her ass hole I snapped a close up. As I snapped the picture, the head of his cock began to stretch her ass hole open and slide in.

I continued to watch for a moment and when her lover raised his hand and smacked her ass I snapped another picture. It was then that I realized that I was out of room on the memory card. Very slowly I backed away from the bedroom door and walked across the kitchen. I quickly went into the garage before slipping out of the entrance door where my bike was.

I jumped on my bike and raced towards home. I quickly raced up my driveway and pulled my bike into the garage. I went up to my room and closed the door. I immediately began to print out the pictures that I just took. I used the nice glossy paper to enhance the pictures even further. As I printed each picture out I couldn't help but to pull down my pants. I began stroking myself as I gazed into Brad's mothers eyes in the picture. When I changed pictures and saw how she bit on her bottom lip like my teacher I began to cum. I pulled out a tissue and came into the soft disposable cloth. I tossed my jizz soaked towel into the trash and continued to print pictures.

Finally I had them all done. I examined my finished product and began formulating another blackmail scheme. I decided to check my e mail. When I clicked on the inbox I almost jumped out of my chair as there was a reply from Mrs. Graph. My heart began to race as I clicked on her e mail.

"Who in the fuck are you? Who in the fuck do you think you are? You no good son of a bitch I swear I'm going to get you. Give me my wedding ring back or I swear to God I will call the cops. How dare you come into my home like that. Give me my ring back or else!"

I had a grin on my face as I clicked on the reply icon. I paused for a moment before typing. "My oh my Mrs. Graph, what vile language for an educator. Who am I? I am the one that has taken you to the next level! I am the one that has shown you what life is all about! I am the one that fulfills your destiny! To you Mrs. Graph I will be known as your 'Master'. From now on you will call me 'Master', do you understand Mrs. Graph? If you fail to do so you will be punished! You will do everything I tell you to do or you will be punished! You aren't going to call the police as I hold the upper hand in this situation. You will reply immediately, or I will blow the whistle!"

I clicked on the send button and sent her the e mail. I typed in the name of the web site that I was looking at earlier. Again I was looking at the address of where there was supposed to be a club. I decided to read the detailed writing on the bottom of the screen but it didn't make sense. "Order a Boston cream pie" I said to myself as I read the same thing over and over. I again checked the address to make sure that I had written it down correctly earlier. I had to check that diner out again, maybe there would be a clue there. Maybe at night there would be some activity there that would lead me to the club. Maybe it is secretive and Boston cream pie is the password or something.

Just as I was about to go off line I saw I had a new e mail message. I opened my e mail account and surprisingly I had an e mail from Mrs. Graph. I opened the e mail and began to read. "FUCK YOU ASS HOLE! Give me my ring back now you bastard! Just who in the fuck do you think you are anyway? How can you live with yourself after what you have done to me? I hate you! I hate your guts!!! Just give me my ring back and I will be willing to forget all about this. Please, I am begging you to stop this and give me my wedding ring back."

Again a wicked grin crept across my face. I clicked on the reply icon and began to type. "I have to admit that you have been a good student until now Mrs. Graph. However, you failed to follow one of my instructions. Therefore you must be punished and taught a lesson for your lack of discipline. I already know that tomorrow your husband will return home from his business trip. That is when you will be punished by your Master. After you and your husband go to bed and he falls asleep you will carefully get out of bed. You will wear a robe, stockings and garters, and a pair of high heels. You will quietly come down to your living room, unlock the front door, and turn on the lamp next to the front window. You will blindfold yourself and you will turn around and wait for me. I am dead serious about this. Don't even think about not fulfilling this request. I know this is exciting to you. I bet the thought of your master's cock sliding in and out of you while your husband is sleeping just a few feet away drives you crazy. I bet you are soaking wet just from reading this message. Reply ASAP! Signed, 'Your Master'.

I sent my teacher the e mail and logged off. I went down and went out into the garage. My parents were watching television as I quietly walked my bike out of the small entrance door. I hopped on my bike and began pedaling towards the restaurant. I was determined to find this club as long as it existed. I raced towards the location trying not to work up too much of a sweat. I turned around the last corner and then sped up into the parking lot of the restaurant. I parked my bike and leaned it up against a light pole before walking up to the door. I peered inside and noticed several people eating a late night meal. I pulled on the door and entered.

My heart began pounding while I waited to be seated. A moment later a lovely waitress came up to me. "Party of one" she asked. I nodded my head and she motioned for me to follow her. I walked behind her as she led me to a small secluded corner booth. She sat a menu down and said she would be right back. All kinds of thoughts began racing through my head. Before I had a chance to dwell on any of them the waitress returned.

"What would you like to order" she asked. I hesitated for a moment hoping that I wasn't about to make a stupid mistake. "I would like a Boston cream pie." The waitress looked into my eyes as her eyes shot wide open. "I'll be right back" she said as she turned and walked away. As she walked away I watched her turn away from the kitchen and go into a small office. Moments later she exited the office and went to go seat another customer.

I sat there wondering what was going on. It seemed like an eternity as I watched the waitress seat several other people and then serve them. Suddenly the office door opened. I couldn't believe what I saw. A tall brunette wearing the sexiest latex dress walked towards my table. She had on this incredibly sexy pair of high heels that would make any man drool. She reached the edge of my table and extended her hand to me. "Come with me" she said as she slid her fingers into my hand.

I squeezed my hand around her soft sexy fingers and stood up. She released my hand and turned around. "Follow me" she said as she walked back towards her office. My heart was racing as I followed behind this lovely creature. As I walked I knew for sure I was on to something. I knew that there was some kind of club hidden in here. Maybe in the back room there was a private club, I wasn't sure. We walked into her office and she closed the door behind us. "Sit down" she said softly as she walked around to the front of the desk and sat down.

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